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Pooch Ponderings – I met my vet today

Mom says I have to tell you about my vet visit because she needs to get out of her own head and if she writes it like a human, she’ll get too serious and start crying again.

I got sooo sick, like, icky sick. Like, both ends sick. It started yesterday afternoon when I went on the tile floor and stunk the house up. Mom cleaned it up and seemed a little worried. That morning I didn’t really want to eat. She had to urge me to and finally I gave in. But after I stank up the house I wanted to eat. Then later I did it again. She took me outside and more came out. And I just didn’t feel good. But I still played a little and wagged my tail.

We did our normal night thing but mom didn’t put me in my kennel and I was all confused. She took me out again and then she let me go in my kennel. Then after everything was quiet and the humans and cats were sleeping, I stank up my kennel. Mom heard it and got up and took me outside and the guy human took my fleece out. Then I threw up and I felt sooo much better I was wiggling and wagging everywhere. Mom stayed up for a bit with me and then she had me lay on a towel right by her bed, not in my kennel.

A couple hours later I had to stink up the house again so I got up and ran to the tile. Mom heard and came out and took me out and cleaned up. She stayed up after that and that gurgling thing made it’s noise and gave her the dark stuff.

She got on the white thing and asked people if she should feed me. Don’t worry, I thought, I wasn’t hungry anyway. Then she was on the phone cancelling our ride and then the guy got up and they both touched me but I was on the floor and didn’t want to move. He left and mom was on the phone a lot, first talking to someone about me and then calling around asking for rides. She started crying when she wasn’t reaching anyone and finally called a cab.

We got to the vet and I knew it was a vet because my raiser’s mom worked at a vet. I got all excited. A cat lived there! But then I got tired again and I lay down while mom talked to the lady.

We sat there for a little bit. I’m glad the person on that Bookface thing said to go there. It wasn’t a very long ride in the cab.

We went back and the vet came in and he started rubbing me and he pressed on my belly and I barfed up a lot, but it didn’t come up very easy. Mom was getting worried and then the vet was worried and he stuck some things up my bum while mom and the nice lady talked to me.

Then the vet said he wanted to take xrays because he was worried I got something stuck in me. He said he wasn’t worried about the stinking up the house if I wasn’t barfing but since I was and I did when he touched me, he was worried. Mom called Carol when the vet left and then she put her head on me and cried a lot. The nice lady came back to take me for my pictures and they took me away from mom. I’m not used to being away from her.

When I got back she was on the floor ready for me and I ran to her and then met Carol. They had gotten the yummy brown stuff that mom loves.

We waited awhile and the doc came and told mom he was taking my pictures to have someone look at them and then he came back and my pictures were all good. Duh, I take good pictures. Mom was very happy and the vet gave her stuff for me and she paid them and we came home.

Oh yeah, but before we came home, I got a shot and it hurt so I whimpered.

Mom tried giving me this mushy food stuff but I didn’t want it. I was laying by the door. So she put it in her hands and gave it to me. Ah, that was the life. So I ate that and then she stuck a pill in my throat. Blech.

Mom is so exhausted. It’s a good thing she can’t see herself, cuz she looks awful. She keeps telling me to just rest. She moves really slow until she hears me move and then she jumps up and takes me outside where I stink up the rocks.

Mom is all worried because she’s been out of sorts so she’s afraid she made me out of sorts. The doc told her I ate something that came out and upset me. Why did he have to tell on me?

I guess we’ll be resting the next few days while I eat my special food and take my pills. Mom said she’ll get caught up on the autism posts, she promises. She also has a lesson to write for her class.

I feel pretty icky. I’m on the couch by mom now. I think it’s ok to be away from the tile for now. Being sick sure is no fun and man, is it stinky.


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Pooch Ponderings – Hard work

Man everything got confusing again. Just when I was getting used to relaxing a lot except for the mailbox every day or sometimes getting in the truck and going to that place real close, this dude started showing up. I don’t know about dude. He’s like those other humans at that place we’ve been to twice now. They don’t talk to me or pet me. Dude doesn’t either. And he talks to my person all the time; why doesn’t he talk to me? All those people at that place talk about me but never to me, and yesterday I had to lay around while my person played with all these machine things. I just ignored all the people cuz they’re boring anyway. There was another dog like me too, but I ignored him even though he told his person he wanted to play. But it was all really easy. It was fun riding the bus and when we got home I hurried my person to the door cuz she allways gives me lots of treats there and talks all happy and loves me.

So today, dude came again. Oh wait but before that my person was really boring. She kept making me sit while she stood at the counter drinking her coffee. If I stood up she said to sit again and told me to stay. If I stayed awhile, I got treats. Then she moved me to the other counter and made me sit awhile for treats. Then again at the door. When dude showed up she made him stand outside while she made me sit. Jeez. Is she his person too? Then we went outside and she made me sit again. This is so boring! Gah. Finally I got to work. She had me go do the mailbox way, but then she told me to heel and she held on to dude. This was all different and cool. We went this long way down a hill towards the cars. I kept wanting to sniff but she kept giving me corrections. Then we walked some more and went to the place we’ve been with the guy in the truck. Cool I know this place! But we didn’t go in. We turned around and started walking back and I was dragging so she took my harness off in this dirt and told me to do my business but I didn’t need to so I just sniffed. So she put the harness back on and kept heeling me and giving me corrections. Dude walked her back to the mailbox spot and then she worked me again back home. We came inside but only so she could do her business and then we went back outside.

She told me to go and we went to the mailbox place but not all the way and she told me forward. Are you sure? We got lost doing this before, remember? But she said it again and flicked my leash so I went. Ok, here’s a curb. Then she told me right. Are you sure? I don’t think you want to go this way. She kept flicking the leash. I’d go but I didn’t think that’s really what she wanted. I kept stopping and she kept saying forward and dude was talking to her from behind us.

Then she got out that leader thing that she sticks on my face. Uh oh. She’s not happy. Then I still didn’t want to go. I thought she was crazy. The mail is the other way! So is our house! We don’t go this way! Finally dude walked her down a ways to this funny crossing thing. I thought I should follow the curb to these cool gates but she wanted to go forward to this funny curby island thing. Fine. Let’s go. I walked around the curb thing and then she told me to find this other curb thing. But she wanted to stay on the black and not go up. What??? But, there’s a sidewalk there. Are you sure you want to stay on the black? What the heck kind of place is this??? I wouldn’t budge. I didn’t want her on the black when there’s a sidewalk there. Dude came and walked her some more and then I saw the sidewalk disappear. Oh. Weird. Ok, lets walk in the dirt then. No? You still want to stay on the black? What the heck? Fine. I finally start walking but I still don’t think it’s right. She halts me and does a left and I think ok finally, no more black. But she just wants to see if we’re next to the dirt. She gives me kibble and tells me right and I think fine, we’ll do this. I started pulling more and she told me good boy. Finally we got down to the cars and she had me find the ramp and then we crossed the black. But we didn’t keep going to the place where the guy in the truck took us. She told me right and this meant going back towards home. Sweet.

This time I stayed on the black and just walked because I knew we were going back home. She kept checking but the dirt was right there. Dude didn’t talk much. We got up the hill more and there was a curb so I showed her and got kibble. Then she kept saying hop up hop up hop up in a really excited kind of way that made me excited so I pulled her along the curb really fast and she kept telling me good boy. Weird. She’s never done that before, but it was fun. Now I see home yay! We cross from one curb to another and yeah, we’re approaching the mail sidewalk. So I show her and she says good boy but says we’re not going there, let’s go home. Alright, this I know she really wants. So I take her to her door and I know I’m getting my jackpot and she’s really happy and I want that leader thing off so she takes it off and then I just rubbed all over her so excited and she’s laughing and telling dude I’ve never done that before and dude is saying I’m excited and I’m like duh! That crazy thing is over, yeah I’m glad to be home.

I don’t know what that was about, but I was happy to get inside and sleep on the couch. I enjoy all that especially the treats and my person all happy but it sure came out of the blue. So other dogs like me, don’t get to used to being lazy. If your person is like mine, it’s all gonna change. Phew! Ok, where’s my Nylabone?


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Pooch Ponderings – What’s going on?

Man a dog can get confused. I don’t know what is going on lately. First a long long time ago my people put me on a truck and I went away. Then I went to this big place with lots of other dogs and we all got to sleep together and play together and I could do my business anytime I wanted. And I really liked the people there. Then I started learning how to wear that harness and my new person covered his eyes. I worked every day with the person witth the covered eyes. Then I got a bath one day and they took me to see another person and this one didn’t have her eyes covered. They told her about me and then she took me. She had my leash and she moved really slow and she always touched the walls. I was with her all the time. Then she put the harness on me and she started walking me but she didn’t have her eyes covered. She cried a lot. Sometimes it was happy like when we were alone but when she got around those other people, the ones telling her what to do, she cried and it didn’t seem fun. And we went to that room with the whooshie thing a lot. She made me sit and then she sat and then whoosh. She must like that place because we’re there a lot.

So this went on for awhile and then all of the sudden when I thought she must be my person now because she feeds me and plays with me and brushes me and tells me what to do, all my old people were there! Wow!! Old people!!! It’s been so long!!!! But wait, am I going with them? I like the crying girl. I’m used to her. Am I leaving? Oh look at all the other dogs and look at all the people and my old people are taking me away from my new person and I’m sitting with them and she’s up there. Oh we’re moving again. My old person gives me back to my new person. What the? Alrighty then. Then we all were in a room and there were more people but I stayed with my person and then the old people left and we were alone again. What???

Then she started putting everything in big bags and she seemed really happy. She kept saying we’re going home. This isn’t home? Then we got up really early and she forgot to feed me!! She forgot!!! She kept giving me kibble but it was just an appetizer. I was tired. We didn’t work. She hung on to people and I walked next to her but I didn’t work. Lots of people. Then we went through that thing again and I got a big pet and so did she. She is really still when she gets a pet. She doesn’t get a pet ever so why isn’t she excited? Wait, where are her shoes?

Then we got on this weird thing like the bus. Must be a different bus. All these ladies were talking about me and I got to stretch out on the floor. Then we got off and waited for another bus thing and she kept giving me more kibble. Then we got on a small bus thing but it still wasn’t like the other bus and a girl with a funny accent sat by us so I curled up on my person’s feet. Is she my person?

Then she hangs on to more people and then she’s all excited to see this one person and then she tells me to sit and he says hi to me so I lick him. Then he’s carrying those big bags and I finally get to work. We work out of this big building and it’s cold and windy out. Guess we didn’t go far. I got my person around all these poles. Is she my person?

We get to this new place after riding in this tiny bus thing where I have to curl up and it’s raining and my person is saying words I’ve never heard her say before.

Then we get to this new place and she lets me do my business on rocks. Rocks? What the?

We go inside this place and cats!!! Cats!!!! Oh I want to play with that black and white one so I lunge at him but my person says NO and I know she means no and she gives me a correction and makes me sit. Oops. Guess I can’t play with that cat.

Then she gets my bed out of the bag. Yay by bed! She makes a place like the one at school but it’s more comfy because it’s not on a hard place. She keeps saying how happy she is. The other person is talking to the cats and then my person is taking stuff back out of the bags. Oh this stuff looks familiar. Why did she put it all in the bags? Then she’s all happy cuz she’s got that coffee stuff she drank at school all the time. But she doesn’t have to leave me forever to go get it. She just goes right over there to get it.

Finally she remembers to feed me. Oh please don’t forget again, please please.

Then we spent a day just laying around. Ah relaxing. She kept asking me if I’m ok. Duh. I’m chilling with my bone why wouldn’t I be? She seemed all worried. But she finally relaxed and played with that little thing that talks.

Then today I don’t know what the heck was going on. It was like yesterday. She took me to the rocks to do my business and she was all happy I did it fast. Then she had me lay by the white thing that she sits on and she talked on the phone and drank the coffee. Then she got my harness out, yay! She took me to the rocks and then she put my harness on.

Hmmm. Where are we? She told me forward and I went. I showed her the black stuff. Then we went left. I showed her the rocks. Then we went right and I showed her the black stuff. Then forward and I showed her the curb. Then she helped me find this big metal thing that smells. Then we played the clicker game. I like that game. Lots of kibble. Click click click kibble kibble kibble and then she was saying trash. We went to go back and two people stopped her so I had to sit. Then I finally took her back to the sidewalk by the black stuff and she told me what to do but I think she lost where we were and I don’t know this place so she got out that white stick and had me heel. Finally we found our way again and we came inside.

Man, I want to go back to that place with all the people and smells and cars because I know that place so I could show off. I don’t know where I am here, but my person seems to know. Is she my person?

She talked to me when we came back and she said we traded places, because I used to know what was up and she didn’t and now she knows whats up and I don’t. We didn’t do much, but I’m tired. She lets me up on that blue thing she sits on but only when she tells me I can. I’m still not sure I can until she touches my leg and then I can and I hop up and it’s so comfy next to her.

So, Is she my person forever now? Am I gonna leave again? I hope not. I like her and this place and she seems so happy and I like the other person too. He only says hi really quick and then he walks away. I wonder if I’ll ever play with him?

She said we’d go out again and this time she’d walk me and use that stick so I can get a feel for things. I guess it’ll be like how it was at that other place before she used the harness much. I miss hearing her say “day room” or “dining hall” and knowing right where to take her because she got so happy. I just want her to show me what’s up now. And I want to stay here.

Ok I’m gonna go ask if I can lay on the blue thing she sits on now.

~Jayden the confused one


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Doggy Countdown – Pooch Ponderings

I am such a good dog. Know how I know? Cuz all the trainers tell me so, that’s how I know. I’m so good at everything they’ve taught me. I’ve learned how to guide my trainers all over the place when they have that thing over their eyes. We did that obstacle course and then we started doing stuff on sidewalks with those big cars I used to ride in all the time. They try to fool me with one that’s quiet, but I’m too good for that. Then we even did those road things with no sidewalks, and those funny moving stairs and inside places with shiny floors. It’s just like all the places I used to go with the raiser people but now I have to really work. Before, I wore that vest thing and got a lot of how cutes and tons of pets from people. I had to learn how to be a really good dog, and I had to learn obedience and commands and all kinds of things. I finally got all that down pat, and then I went away and started riding in big car things with other dogs and had to keep being good in places and practice obedience and then learn even more! Now I wear this harness thing. That took some getting used to. It feels different. And people hold it. I have to wear the harness thing and the leash. Sheesh, I guess now that I’m bigger they have to use 2 things to hang onto me. It’s cuz I’m so strong. And I’m allowed to pull people when I have that harness thing on. I was never allowed to pull with the leash. No pulling. They kept saying I had to make a J. Hmmm. Whatever. I get to pull with that harness and it’s sooo fun! And I get kibbles and good dogs all the time when I do something good. It’s not all a cake walk though. They are showing me some hard stuff. And it kinda freaks me out when they have their eyes covered. But, my person won’t have eyes. At least they won’t have eyes that work, so I’m practicing for my person. I think I’m getting my person soon. I can feel it. I just know it! My very own person! Wow! I hope I get to see my raisers again though. They were such great people and they showed me soooo much so when I got to school I could learn all this hard stuff. Yeah. Raisers rock! They loved me so much and gave me so much affection and I always knew when I was a good dog. They were sooo good! I’ll be sooo ready for my person. I wonder who my person is? I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl? Young or old? Short or tall? I wonder where I’ll go live. I wonder if there will be more dogs, or those weird cat things. I wonder I wonder I wonder. I’m gonna be so happy to be with my person. I can’t wait! Ok, gotta get back to showing off now, so I can get more good dogs and kibbles and pets!

(35 days until this dog’s person goes to school


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