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Pooch Ponderings – Sandy go?

Hi guys! It’s been like forever since I got a post all to myself huh? Anyway, something is going on and I don’t know what. It sounds like we’re going to a place called Sandy or something. Mom keeps saying Sandy go. So I guess we’re going somewhere. Maybe it’s just a sandy place? Does anyone know? It’s kinda sandy here though. Well not kinda, really. It’s more like dirt though. And no grass.

Today she started getting out the things she took when we left the school place and came here. She hasn’t gotten those things out since we came here. My other person has and he’s left before with those things but Mom never gets those things out and we’ve never gone with my other person. He’s not getting stuff out though. Does that mean he’s not going?

Today we went to the big place with other dogs where usually we come home and I get new things to chew on. I didn’t get anything new to chew on though! Mom touched a bunch of things and finally put one on the floor for me and asked if I wanted it. I can’t chew that. Whatever. Mom talked to a lady about my feet and clipping. Ooooh noooo I thought, leave my feet alone! They messed with my feet there once before long ago with Dude and that one lady in the big van messed with my feet not that long ago. But I guess the lady told mom something she didn’t like because we left and that’s when she asked if I wanted the flat thing. We took it when we left and then we stopped somewhere and my other person left and came back with yummy smelling things then we stopped at another place and mom got that smelly brown stuff she loves to drink so much.

We got home and Mom put the flat thing on the floor and Timmy went crazy running on it and jumping on it but I didn’t so Mom took me outside and then put the flat thing where my other flat thing is and put my chew bones on it and I lay on it and she told my other person it’ll be perfect for the hotel and even the car. Hotel?

Then she cut up one of the yummy smelling things and made noises like she was happy and she talked about Gamma a lot. Gamma? We haven’t seen Gamma in a long time. She said it was weird to be getting stuff ready to take to Gamma when we used to always bring stuff home from Gamma’s. Maybe we’re taking yummy stuff to Gamma? She used to always give me bananas and now Mom does.

So it was a strange day and I wonder what this Sandy go thing is she keeps talking about. I hope it’s fun though. Will there be other dogs? Does anyone know what Sandy go is?


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Doggy Diaries – Pooch Ponderings – The Couch

Mom gave me a couch when I moved here. For a long time I didn’t know it was my couch and I wouldn’t get on it until she said it was ok and she had the towel down but soon it was always ok and it was mine. She used to be on it all the time too when the white thing was near it so I’d have to curl up on one side and I couldn’t stretch out on my back but then she moved the white thing and most of the time it was all mine and sometimes she’d ask me to move over so she could sit with me and use that silver thing that’s small but makes the white thing talk or she’d have that string stuff that turned into a big thing.

You guys, yesterday she moved my couch. She’s been moving a lot of things and using that loud thing a lot so at first when she moved the other couch I didn’t care but then she moved my couch all the way across the house and it was where my mat usually is. I stood there and looked at it. Am I still allowed on it? My towel is there. But I don’t want to get told no so I just looked at so she sat on it and told me ok and I got on my couch while she used the loud thing over where my couch had been.

Then Carol came over! But she had two dude guys with her and mom put my leash on me! In the house with the leash? What?!?! Huh!?!?

I couldn’t say hi to the dude guys even though I tried and they carried in this HUGE thing you guys. It was huge. I was stuck in the kitchen with mom on the leash looking at the dude guys with the huge thing. Where did it go? Then they went in the cats’ room where I don’t go and they brought out a big thing from in there and carried it outside. Then I was allowed to say hi to them.

Then, they put my couch in the cats’ room! Are you bloody kidding me? The CATS get my couch? What!?!? Huh!?!?

They took the door off the room after they had my couch on it’s side twisting it and hurting it. Then it was gone. My couch was gone.

Then mom let me off my leash and I went into where my couch had been The big thing was there and one of the dude guys was putting its winter coat on. He said it was coffee. Mom asked if it was coffee with cream and he said yes. I sniffed him and before he left he gave me a big old pet.

Then Carol and mom sat on the big thing and mom sounded happy. Of course she was; she loves coffee, you know, that black stuff.

I stood there and looked at them and mom invited me up. Oh, I’m on this thing with mom *and*Carol? Told you it was big. Apparently it’s also a couch. The coffee couch?

Mom and Carol did some work out of a book and I got on the couch. It doesn’t have a towel, just the winter coat.

After Carol left mom got on the couch with me and then we went to the place where mom lays on the bed for awhile and I nap. We came home and dad was home and I got on the couch again and didn’t get off till mom took me outside to pee.

We went to bed and mom gave me my snack and I didn’t get on my bed. When she changed clothes I went to the door but it wasn’t open all the way. She got in bed and I walked to her but didn’t lay down. Then I walked to the door. She stayed in bed. I walked to her. She pet me and asked why I was restless. She. Just. Didn’t. Get. It. I went back to the door. I went back to her. I went back to the door. Finally she got up and opened the door and I ran to the coffee couch. She asked dad if I was on the couch and he said yup and they laughed.

I never went to my bed in mom’s room last night. I love my coffee couch. The cats can *have* that other one.

Mom’s on the couch with me. We had a fun day. Guess what I got? A Rudy! Mom says she has videos for you, but she’s too tired to put them on what is it? Ooboo? Whatever. We’ll tell you about my Rudy tomorrow. Right now we’re just on the coffee couch and mom is drinking it.

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Pooch Ponderings – Can we keep him?

Last night mom looked for Timmy so I could pee. Dad said we were both by the door. I love the door. Not the one that blocks but the one I can see through. Dad went over and got Timmy and put him in the room with my bed. Mom put my leash on and I was wiggling and wagging and couldn’t wait to go outside. There was a new friend out there!!!!! Let me see him mom let me smell him and play pleeeeeese!!!!

Mom told dad something must be out there cuz I was so excited. She opened the door and I tried to pull her down the sidewalk but she’s too strong darnit. Dad came to the door and mom told him she heard something but didn’t know if it was a person or not so dad came outside and then he said to get back inside and mom was gathering in my leash and holding it close and I couldn’t dilly dally like I usually do when she wants to go inside because oh man did she sound scared and I could feel her all tense and stuff through my stupid leash and she was pulling hard. I just wanted to meet my new friend. Oh well.

We came inside and mom and dad were giggling really funny and she hung on to him and asked what it was and dad just kept saying piggy. Piggy piggy down by my car. Mom kinda melted like I did on the bus thing at the school place and she was on the floor breathing hard and giggling and said where there’s one there’s twenty, oh boy twenty piggies, twenty friends!!! Dad knelt down and kept saying piggy and I looked out at Piggy. Weird name. Then Spinelli came to the door and Fi too and dad asked them if they saw the piggy.

A little while later I had lost interest but my stupid leash was on and mom was still on the floor asking dad how I was gonna pee so dad went outside for a bit and came back and said it looked clear. Mom said he had better go out with us so he did but I just stood on the sidewalk wondering where Piggy was. Also dad was right there and I hate to pee if anyone’s there. Dad walked down the sidewalk so I finally peed and then dad came back and mom kept saying her legs were jello whatever that means.

We came back in and mom took off my leash and closed the blocker door. Oh well. I guess Piggy isn’t my new friend.

Mom and dad were both still giggling and mom kept making funny noises and dad asked if she could smell it and she said no and I’m like what??? Piggy smelled awesome! Then mom said, “this time it really was a monster.” So was my friend’s name Piggy or Monster? Mom calles Timmy the monster sometimes. I’m so confused.


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Pooch Ponderings – Follow me, human

Mom just asked me if I’d like to write a blog post and then she said my fans would like to hear from me. I have fans? Alrighty then.

So Yeah, I would like to write a blog and tell you all how silly my person was yesterday. Yes, I called her my person. When she doesn’t trust me, she’s being silly and I call her my person. When she trust me, it’s awesome and I call her mom.

See where this is going?

So the day before yesterday, I heard the laundry cart in our room. Oh boy oh boy the laundry cart. I ran into our room and she was on the floor sorting the human fur. I like to lay on the floor next to her and smell the cart when she’s putting the human fur in. I don’t know why. But I’m learning that just because she gets it out, doesn’t mean I get to work. She puts all the stuff in it, grabs this box from the closet, counts out the klinky silver things, and puts the cart by the dresser in our room. Then she sits back down. At least she hasn’t kicked the thing in awhile. I hate the noise she makes when she kicks it.

So then yesterday, she pulled the cart out of our room and put the klinky silver things in her pocket. Ooooh, I think we’re going out soon, are we? Then she strapped my treat holder purse thing on her. Oh yeah, we’re going out. Finally she asked if she could put my harness on. Duh. Let’s go.

I’m always extra careful when she pulls the cart. Sometimes her balance is off when she pulls it, and when we get to the curb, I have to stop right after I show it to her so she can pull the cart over it. She doesn’t even have to tell me where to go anymore, but she does anyway. I don’t care if I have to walk through fire; I’m getting us to the mail so I get a kibble.

She always tells me to find the door. I know, human, I know. We go inside and she puts on the loud thing that blows air. I guess the laundry room has fans too.

It’s nice when we only do one load because she leaves the cart there and we can go fast. So we went back home for a bit before leaving again.

This is where she did the thing that makes me call her person. We were walking and there was a big truck in a really strange place. Not where cars usually are. So I stop and show her. She tells me left and I start taking her around it. She says hi to the human nearby then just makes a right turn. I didn’t make a right turn. Why the heck did she make a right turn? The human says careful and she stopped and felt the truck. She was about to hit the shiny thing on the side.

This makes me look bad, folks. I was going straight. I would have turned right to get back to my curb, because when I follow that curb, there is an opening. At that opening, we go through. About half the times I show her the opening, she gives me a kibble.

Remember what I said about walking through fire to get to the mail? That opening gets us there. That opening sometimes means a kibble. Did she really think I wouldn’t get us around that truck to my beloved curb that leads to the opening? Seriously, human, use your brain.

Luckily, she told the guy something like, oops I wasn’t following my dog. Thanks. At least now he knows she was the silly one and not me. Geez. Human, only turn when I turn, got it?

Ok, back to calling her mom now. She’s still pretty great, even when she doesn’t follow me. I always, always, always, get a frozen Kong after work. I can forgive any human for her silliness if she gives me frozen Kongs.


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Pooch Ponderings – They *do* have it here!

Oh my God you guys guess what I saw on Tuesday????? Grass! Grass grass grass!!! I haven’t seen grass since we left California! I thought there was a ban on grass here or something. But there’s grass!!!

Dude came and picked us up and we were in the car for what felt like forever. Then we got out at this place I’ve never been before. There were big buildings everywhere and we got on this sidewalk that twisted and turned and went all over the place and then I saw it.

Could it be? It’s green. It looks fluffy. We get closer. Oh my God oh my God oh my God it is!!! Grass!!!

I had to do my job though and not go on the grass. I had to stay on the sidewalk but oh man oh man oh man. Then mom took my harness off and made a long leash and let me go on the grass!!!

Oh it’s fluffy moist green goodness. Oh grass grass grass. I did my business right away. So much nicer than standing on those darned rocks. The grass beneath my feet felt like a blanket of green heaven. Oh grass, how I love thee!

She let me sniff for awhile and then Dude ratted on me and told her I was eating grass. Darn him. My harness went back on and I had to get back on the sidewalk.

Then we came to this road we had to cross and guess what was on the other side??? A whole huge sea of grass!!! Oh my God, were we going that way??? We were! We crossed the street and I showed her the curb and then we stepped onto the sea of grassss and I got to pull mom across it. Wag wag wag sooooo happy. Then we came to another road and there was no grass. 🙁

We went across and up and around and looped and looped and then we went into a human relieving circle that was hot hot hot. Then we went into this big open room that echos a lot and Dude showed mom the water fountain and the place where I’ll stay. She felt the floor and freaked out, saying she doesn’t have anything for me to lay on.

We played in there a bit and then left but there was this yellow tape blocking the way we’ll have to go so we looped and looped and up and around and then we were crossing the road with the grass again. Yay the sea of grass!!! We crossed the other road and there was a dog but I was good.

There was more grass and she took my harness off again and let Dude say hi. I got all crazy and ran around and arond and mom was laughing holding my leash. Why couldn’t I come off the leash? Then it was back to work again.

I was on the sidewalk but this time the grass was on my side and I couldn’t resist. I forgot my work. I stepped on the grass and mom said no and told me forward but again it called to me and I stepped on the grass and she said no again and I got on the sidewalk but then I forgot again and stepped on the grass and ooooops oh man don’t do that, don’t get the mom voice, oh no the mom voice, NO! and the leash correction. Ooops. Ok. I won’t forget my work again. I stayed on the sidewalk after that.

Then off in the distance, Dude’s car beeped. So I turned in that direction and mom and Dude were all impressed. Duh. You’re making the car beep so I know where it is. Of course I’ll go that way. Humans.

I hope we go back to that place. It looks a lot more like California. I think we are since mom freaked out about nothing for me to lay on and she started making something she keeps telling me is mine. It’s awfully bright. And there’s pink. Do you think it’s ok for a guy dog to have a pink mat?

I’d rather lay on the grass!! Grass grass grass!


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Pooch Ponderings – Weirdness over?

My other human had told me to look after mom and he got all sad and then he left. That’s how it started.

Wow I think things are back to normal. My other human was gone for awhile and mom did a lot of leaking. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a human leak so much. Things were just weird around here. Every time I heard a honk honk honk outside I ran to the door but it was never him. Where did he go? None of the cats left. Timmy gave mom a lot of trouble. She has to put him in the bedroom every time we go out and there were a few times she couldn’t find him. The cats were all confused too and tit seemed like there was always one on mom’s lap.

And mom spent a lot of time in the kitchen making stuff that smelled really good but I never got any of it. Thank God I always seemed to be able to make her laugh when she was leaking. Yummmm salty water all over her face. Tasty.

The only people we saw were Dude and the people at the place with the other guide dogs and the torture machines. Dude helped mom a lot to make sure she had enough supplies after she was mad at the white thing one day. I guess she was gonna have supplies delivered but something was wrong with something in the white thing so Dude took us to the store.

Then oh man. You’ll never guess what happened. That thing that makes the black stuff broke. Uh oh. Water went everywhere and it only made some of the black stuff and it was really bad but she drank it anyway. Luckily Dude was coming over that day to work on the route to the store so she got another black stuff making machine. But it’s all weird and Dude had to show her how to use it and she doesn’t like it, but it gives her the black stuff. After Dude left that day mom had a my grain or something and lay in bed for awhile. She felt better luckily.

Oh and then we went to the indoor walk place. Not the boring empty one but a new one I hadn’t seen before. But mom was all happy because she remembered where stuff was so she kept saying she could actually show me better. I guess that other indoor walk place is too big for her. It has two levels and lots of turns. This one was cool. I was walking really fast because I knew mom was confident about the place. Dude was telling her all the places we passed and when he said Old Navy mom got all excited so I turned us right in there. And guess what was there??? A dog!!! There’s never dogs in the indoor place unless it’s that indoor place with the scale. But this dog didn’t move and didn’t have a smell. It just stood there. It was the weirdest dog ever.

We walked all over the place and then mom knew just how to go to get back out. It was great and I was wagging wagging wagging. Dude said we did great. Mom was all happy because in the book store there’s a bar that has the black stuff and there’s a big place with lots of yummy smelling human food. There was a place that did nails. My nails? Or hers? And a place for hair. Do humans buy hair? Anyway, she was all excited because we can go there and she can get everything but supplies so I guess we’ll keep going to the store for that.

Other than that, we didn’t do much. Well laundry and mail and I finally got to go to the trash a bunch of times. I guess the other human usually does that. And she would disappear into the room where only the cats are allowed and come out wrinkling her nose and washing her hands and we would go to the trash right away. I think it was maybe the cats’ business. They are allowed to do it in the house whenever they want, as long as it’s in the right place. Lucky cats. They can eat when they want too. I got soooooo jealous when she filled up their containers up on the table. Man those cats are lucky.

We took the bus thing to Gamma Banana’s house. I kept thinking I heard my other human and running to the door, but he never came so we took the bus thing back home.

Finally he came back the other night. Man that night was weird. Mom kept saying she had to find out if he was driving before she took me out early. Huh? Then she found out he was driving so she took me out a little early. Ok, so it’s dark out, I do my business, she had stuffed my Kong and put it in the cold box. So now my collar should come off and we should go to bed where I get my good night kibble. Let’s go. Let’s go to bed. Why are you back on the white thing? What’s going on? Then a little while later she opened the door. Are we leaving? No? Then I heard his car!!! He came back!!! I started jumping up and down and mom held my collar so he could bring stuff in and I pulled on it and gagged myself. Then she let me go and he said hi and they hugged and hugged. Then he left again. Again?? But he just came back with more stuff. Then it was crazy. He walked all over putting stuff away and bags were everywhere and the cats were going nuts. Finally we got to go to bed. Man I was tired.

Yesterday they watched pictures on the tv and they leaked while music played and he described the pictures. So I lay down at their feet and then licked the salty stuff off mom’s face.

Things seem back to normal now. I keep going into our room to check and he’s still in the bed. I hope he doesn’t leave again and if he does I hope we go with him.


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Pooch Ponderings – Where’s Saturday?

I have no idea what day it is. I’m so confused. Ok. So Saturdays are my day off right? Mom always says things like, today is Saturday, I know it’s boring blah blah. Boring? I don’t mind a day off. I get to lay around and cuddle with mom and we usually play hide and seek. All the other days, I work. Who doesn’t like a day off? But, is today Saturday? And the other day, was that Saturday? There weren’t enough days in between to be Saturday. And the day I thought was Saturday, I worked. I got to go meet a ton of people at this new house. Mom knew the place but I didn’t. It was fun. She gave me ice. And there was this big pool and people were in it but I didn’t get to go in it. And there was grass! Do you know I haven’t seen grass since we left California? But I didn’t get to go on the grass. Something about since I don’t get to see grass, I can’t get used to it. So I still had to go on dirt. Oh well.

But ok, back to the missing Saturday. Is today Saturday? Mom keeps mentioning that we can’t do the laundry, that maybe we’ll do it tomorrow. She hasn’t felt well all week. And yesterday it got bad. She kept moaning and holding her belly and running to the human relieving circle. Hmmm. We still worked a couple days and she did those torture machines. But we didn’t go with Dude in between. Where was Dude? Then I saw him yesterday at the torture place but he didn’t take us anywhere. Instead, mom did the torture machines and I got to snooze on my mat. Have I told you about the mat? It’s sooo comfy. Mom doesn’t even tell me down anymore because I get comfy right away.

Oh and I ignore everyone and stay laying down everywhere until these two guys come around. Well it used to just be one guy and he’d come in and I’d pop up and wag wag wag. He can’t see either, like mom. And then yesterday there was a new guy that can’t see and I got all excited. Why do the humans seem surprised that I like the people who can’t see? I mean, my job is to help people who can’t see right? Duh. Mom and everyone laughs when I get excited to see the guys. I just want to know if they need help.

Ok but really, what day is it? Usually after the second torture machine day, we do laundry and pull the cart. But we’re not. Tomorrow is usually Dude day. And then will it be Saturday?

Oh and two mornings this week I made harfing noises in my kennel and mom woke up and let me out and I wag wag wag. Ok, time to eat? Usually when I come out she gives me food. But it was still dark out. And she pet me and felt around in my kennel and then she lay back down but she didn’t put me to bed. So I curled up next to her bed and let her sleep some more. It’s weird not being in my kennel but when I’ve already been in there and then come out, I like to lay next to her bed. But sometimes she tries to go to bed without closing the door to the kennel and it’s weird and I get all confused. Is she trying to tell me I don’t have to sleep in there? But I’m used to sleeping in there. When she doesn’t have me go in, I walk around like, where do I go? Then she says ok you can go inside and I do and curl up. Isn’t that where I’m supposed to sleep? Hmmm. But when I make harfing noises, I come out and I can lay by her and she puts her hand on me and it’s nice. Ok, maybe I’ll give that a try next time she tells me I don’t have to go in there.

I don’t know guys, it’s kinda weird when things change. I hope mom feels better and I hope I know when it’s Saturday cuz the next day will be Gamma banana and ice day. For now I’ll just curl up with mom and then laugh at Timmy when he has to go in the room when I pee bwah ha ha!


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Pooch Ponderings and Kitty Tales collide

Hey everyone. Timmy and I have a story to tell you. First I have to start by saying that I got to go to the mall with Mom and Dude and it was fun. They showed me where the human relieving circle was and then went back to the door and when mom told me forward I took her right to it and got a kibble. She was all impressed that I took her to the big stall. Duh, we always use the big stall. Anyway so then we walked around some and a little human was petting me while I walked and I ignored him and Dude made us stop and mom made me sit and then she talked to the little human and then an old human came and got the little one and we could walk again. We went to a store and mom got something but I’m not allowed to say what. I guess a friend of hers is graduating college. Will she be a guide person? Hmmm. But I can’t say what mom got in case the human reads but we don’t think she reads. Anyway so that was fun. Then we left and Dude was telling mom all the stuff I did like going around people without bumping them and blocking mom by the weird hall so I could look and make sure nothing was coming out to get her.

So we get home and she takes off my harness and asks if I have to go outside and here’s where I’ll let Timmy tell you the rest.

Ok, so at first I didn’t like the dog thing. But he’s pretty cool. I’ve been telling him that he has to help me escape. So I came up with a plan and we were just waiting for the right time. So mom tells the dog that he needs to go outside and I hoped he’d activate the plan and sure thing, he did. Mom opened the big door and then the screen door and the dog usually walks right outside, then mom closes the big door because if she closes the screen, it’s easy for me to run out. But man, the dog did things perfectly. I had told him to divert and confuse mom, and he did just that. Instead of walking outside, he looked into the kitchen. That’s when I snuck by them. Mom started to close the door but then the dog decided to go outside so they came outside. I meowed, but I changed my voice a bit so mom wouldn’t be sure it was me, but I wanted to thank the dog. At this point, since he’s freakin cool, I’ll call him by name.

So Jayden is staring at me and not doing his business and mom is calling my name and asking Jayden if I got out. Like he’s gonna tell her, we’re partners now. I stare back at Jayden and then he finally goes and pees and they go back inside. Mom leaves the big door open and I can hear her calling for me in the house. I went and rolled around and around and got all dirty but damn it was hot, so I went back to the door. Jayden was laying there and I started meowing. Mom heard me and opened the door a crack and then Spinelli tried to copy me, damn copy cat. Mom pushed her back and reached for me but I escaped, so she came out and closed the door and I went to her cuz it was just too hot out. She dusted me off and told me I’m a bad cat and took me inside, then she had to make sure Spinelli didn’t get out so she felt her and grabbed Spinelli and Spinelli got mad.

Ok, I’m sick of typing, here’s Jayden.

Hahahaha so yeah, mom was not happy with Timmy. I was prancing around panting while mom was on the floor making sure all the cats were in the place. Then mom called Gamma and told her I aided and abetted the escape of timmy. Oops! But I want to stay in with Timmy cuz he plays with me. Mom’s all tired now cuz she’s been really tired this week and our little trick didn’t help. Sorry mom. I’ll cuddle next to you now and I won’t help Timmy next time. But it was sure fun to see him get in trouble hehehehe!


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Pooch Ponderings – Gamma Banana

I loooooove Gamma’s house. I love it! Do you know what I got there the last two Sundays? BANANA!!! Yay!! Gamma kept saying she felt bad cuz she couldn’t give me anything so finally last week mom told her that my raiser’s said I like bananas. So I got some yummmmm. And then I got more today. And do you know what else? Gamma was at that big thing with the food in it and she had a glass and she put the glass to the door and it rumbled and then an ice cube fell on the floor and I grabbed it and chomp chomp chomp it went. Gamma said she needed me there every time she dropped an ice dube. Then she was gonna make crushed ice but couldn’t figure out the buttons so she put ice in a bag and wham wham wham on it and the back ripped and another ice cube went flying and I chomped it. Then mom had the pieces and she made me sit stay and then backed up and she tossed a little piece and I caught it and Gamma squeeled and clapped and called me a good boy. Then it was all windy and it started raining and Gamma and mom went to the back door and they were saying it smelled so good and they were so happy that I started spinning around and around and around and they laughed and laughed. It was soooooo much fun! Then when we got home mom told the guy that my work was flawless today and then she fed me dinner and aaaaaah. What a great day. And they are leaving the door that I can’t see through open so I can see through the other one and Timmy keeps laying with me at the door and even on the couch. I like Timmy. Ooooooh where’s my nylabone? Or my goughnut, yeah I think I want the goughnut.


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Pooch Ponderings – I love her but…

Ok I really love my person. Ever since I was sick, I love her even more. I mean, gah, guys I felt horrible when I was sick. I didn’t even want food! So you know how bad it must have been. But my person didn’t even shower for days to make sure I was ok, and she took me to the vet and made me all better. She even made those pills fun, so when I heard the bottle, I sat before she told me too and licked my chops. Her hands are tasty yum.

She is sooooo fun to play with, especially when I throw the goughnut at her and she throws it away so I can chase it, or when I drop a Nylabone at her feet and she holds it for me. Or when I just drop on the floor and do my goof thing, she loves it! She hears me on the floor making my goof noises and she drops to the floor with me and grabs my legs while I’m on my back and I twist around with my mouth open and make funny noises. She just giggles and giggles and it’s so fun.

I love her so much I started doing these little nibbles on her hands and she just giggles even more and then I give her face a bath. I don’t know man, when a person makes sure you feel better, you just have to love them more.

But. I have a complaint. She won’t feed me right now. It feels like it should be time. I’m soooo hungry. Isn’t it time? I follow her around and do my goof thing and she laughs and pets me. Then when she’s on the couch I hop up and throw my head on her lap and give her my puppy eyes because I forget she can’t see them. Then if she gets up, I jump off the couch and start doing my happy dance. But she tells me it’s not time yet.

Then, she moved and she used her excited voice! The one she uses when she asks if I’m hungry and that always means she goes into the kitchen for my bowl. So I sat up but then she said oops because she didn’t mean to use her excited voice. So I followed her and did the happy dance because if I’m cute, she’ll feed me, right? Nope. Gah!

You know, that square thing next to the white thing hasn’t said anything…usually when it talks, it’s when I get food. Oh when’s it gonna talk when’s it gonna talk!!??

I guess I’ll just put my head on her leg and keep being cute. She’ll feed me soon, I hope.

Oh, she says to say, “Go Rays!”


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