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You’re punishing me because I live in AZ??

I am seething right now. I don’t know if anyone will find this little post, anyone of those people who think that the ENTIRE FREAKING STATE of AZ are nothing but bad racist people. If you found this, and you’re one of those people, screw you.

For everyone else, I’m sorry but I have got to rant.

This is ridiculous. Bands are cancelling shows in AZ, people are boycotting Diomondbacks games, companies are cancelling conferences here, all because of the terrible immigration law.

Let me tell you something, bands. You’re punishing your fans??? Because they live here??? And to everyone else, you’re gonna kill our economy, making our taxes raise, so the little guy gets screwed. Guess what? Politicians aren’t gonna get hurt. It’s people like me who are gonna get hurt. And guess what? A lot of those immigrants actually use social security numbers and PAY TAXES. So by you doing this to our state, you’re screwing the people you’re thinking about here. Or those citizens who are getting pulled over because they look like they could be illegal? THEY PAY TAXES. They might even like your stupid band, or be Diomondbacks fans.

It is so freakin backward to screw the entire state because of what the politicians are doing. I can’t even believe this. It was the last straw when I found out bands are cancelling shows. Wow. Yeah, cuz it’s all the fans’ fault.

You know, where I went to school, I was one of the few caucasian kids. It was “reverse racism”, it was “f*cking white bitch” every time I turned a corner. I know what racism is. And I still stayed in this state.

I’m livid. If you are boycotting AZ and you’re reading this, THINK. Ok?

Oh yeah, and Arizona iced tea? NOT BREWED HERE. So you’re boycotting it for no reason.

Gah!!!! This country is gonna fall apart in the next ten years and I have to say it won’t be all the politicians’ faults.

Think, Americans. This is stupid. Don’t punish me because I live in AZ.


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Better have your birth certificate if you’re not white in Arizona

meI was gonna title this something like, I better keep my birth certificate on me, since I live in Arizona, but I’m white so I won’t have the problem this truck driver did.

I’m embarassed to call myself an Arizonan. This is ridiculous.

This man was stopped at a weighing center and asked to provide his birth certificate, after officials found out his mom lives in Mexico. Like any smart person, he keeps that at home. His wife had to come with his documents, proving he was born in Fresno, CA and she brought hers just in case. Hearing the anguish in her voice made me so sad.

I agree that something needs to be done, but racial profiling is not the answer. How bout cracking down on the companies who hire illegals to save money?


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The internet is not enough

I haven’t left the house since Wednesday. My Friday O & M lesson was rescheduled for last Wednesday, and I didn’t go to Gamma’s on Sunday as usual, because B had been sick and I’ve been under the weather, but couldn’t tell if it was sick or spoons.

I felt like a mack truck hit me (the motorized kind, not the Apple kind, weak attempt at a joke there, but it didn’t work) this morning, and wanted to take the computer into bed, B stayed home, and was still sleeping.

then he got up and remembered that we needed to look at the renewal notice for my medical benefits.

I’m on Arizona’sversion of Medicaid. They send out renewal notices like every 6 months, to try and catch people abusing the system. I think this is rediculous to do for those of us on disability, who are only using this insurance while we wait for Medicare. My income hasn’t changed. There are no cost of living increases in the works, so why do they need proof of income? If I were making under the table money, which I’m not, I could just as easily lie about it, even with the 6 month renewal, which I wouldn’t do because I’m too damned honest. This came off as a rant, and I am completely getting off my first point of this post, but this whole thing leads to that.


B looked at it and said I need proof of income. Social Security sends out a letter once a year. I don’t have a current letter, because I had to use it to do my taxes. I never thought to get the paper back. Note to future self, keep that paper and guard it with your life.

I called my friend who did my taxes to see if she still had it, because I couldn’t remember if I had had it for my last renewal. Anyway, I had snapped at B and called my friend and before I even asked how she was doing I went in to asking about the form.

I was in full panic mode. Tears were threatening. I have till Friday to get the info in, and B and I had forgotten the stupid thing because he was sick as a dog all weekend, and most everything out of sight out of mind for me. I absolutely have to develop some kind of system. In my sighted days, I would put this stuff in a certain place so I would see it. I need to do something. Blinks, any suggestions?

So I’m talking to my friend, oh hell I’ve said her name here before and its a common name so enough innuendo. I’m talking to Carol and she’s been through all this herself, so she tells me to calm down, , we can take care of it all this week at the local offices. Ok. deep breath. Calming down. Its so nice to hear Carol’s voice. A human voice. Not Alex, no matter how human he sounds.

We had just started chatting about a photo in a magazine of a woman with really hairy legs when my Grandma called. And then she called again. Oh no. She’s calling twice in a row. what happened. I answer. She called about this restaurant she had called about Thanksgiving dinner. I told her I was worried because she called twice in a row. She said I didn’t answer and my voicemail didn’t come on. So we talked about Thanksgiving and I told her about the stupid paperwork and then B came in and gave me a hug and was gonna go check the mail and I said I was calling Carol back.

Long explanation just to get to the point of calling Carol. But I felt like I needed to explain why I called, because if it hadn’t been for the stupid paperwork, I wouldn’t have called her, or anyone.

My friend Nancy warned me, way back before I had my computer, to make sure once I got my computer, to not dissolve into it. she said she’d seen that. Blinks getting computers and then never leaving the house, because really, you kinda don’t have to, and the last 5 days have proven that to me.

I didn’t stay home and isolate on purpose, like I sometimes do when the spoons are low, or I’m feeling blue. It just happened.

In fact I had gotten so busy, that I welcomed the break, but I’ve changed in the last month and a half. I used to love not leaving the house for a week. But then I made the decision to get a guide dog, and I started changing my lifestyle accordingly.

I’ve been doing Saavi 3 days a week, and then catching up on spoons and chores on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So when the schedule got messed up and I was suddenly home, I think it shocked my system.

I’ve learned that I have less bad MS days the more active I am, as long as I’m only active for a few hours here and there, and not every day. And when I sit on the computer for 5 days straight, and only talk to people through a synthesized voice, I forget how nice it is to laugh and hear another laugh.

Don’t get me wrong. The fellowship I am building on blogger is one of the best things to happen to me since going blind. I will never ever quit this. But if I don’t leave the house every other day or so, and if I retreat into the computer like this on a repeated basis, I’m going to slip right back in to the depression I was in when I first went blind.

Thats one of things I like about eventually having a guide dog. Having a reason to get up and out and get fresh air and sunshine. I must be lacking Vitamin D something awful, and that is the cheery vitamin, after all.

So if you notice I’m not blogging about anything outside the house, please give me a cyber slap across the forehead.

Back to life tomorrow. Hoping I’m not sick, so I can go to choir. And maybe to get the paperwork done. And maybe a meeting. My friend Kevin is in town and we had tentative plans to hit a meeting tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

I need to commit to more phone time, and more face time, with friends, female friends and not just B, even though he’s a great guy, I need my girls.


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I always felt safe on base

I have a feeling this post will lead to a rant and really show my views on politics, even though I hadn’t planned on talking about that much.

Yesterday at Fort Hood, a member of the military went on a shooting rampage.

Carol called to tell me about it. Months ago I quit listening to talk radio because I couldn’t get out of my depression. I listened to Harry Potter over and over to get out of that funk. I rarely know whats going on in the world anymore. Its all bad bad and more bad. Usually I hear about news when someone posts on Facebook and then I go look up the story.

I never would have known about it since no one is posting about it on Facebook, which shocks me. I was so tempted to write a status update saying; “Want to take bets on how quickly someone posts that this is all Obama’s fault?” Because sometimes there’s updates like that. But I learned after the last time I posted on someone’s update that the crazy opinions from others just pissed me off, so I stayed silent.

But I just can’t on here. I will say right now that I don’t know many details. I heard snippets on msnbc about how maybe it was a terrorist act blah blah blah. They also said the shooter was dead, but he’s not.

the shooter is a psychiatrist trained in helping the guys with their ptsd when they come back from this useless and stupid and pointless war that started over the so-called weapons of mass destruction. The war that was started during the 8 year reign of the president that ran this country into the ground.

Those are my personal opinions. I will not debate on here. I am writing this because this is what I am feeling, and feel free to state your opinions, but I’m not engaging in a debate. Not saying any of you will want to engage in debate, but I’m just sayin. Thats not the purpose of my post.

I never agreed with this war. I worked on the air force base here as the war was started. I was a civilian contractor doing all the pre deployment blood draws for the troops. When the attcks first started, everyone watched on the computers and hooted and hollered. I didn’t know what to think. The military people never said what their personal views were, but I could tell some didn’t like it, yet they still cheered when something was blown up.

I always felt like I had the safest job in the world.

There is a a contract that Saavi has with the base here, where blind people work at a call center, and connect the troops with their family members by phone. I thought, wow what an amazing job. And it is. And I’m interested for down the road when I have a dog. But will it be safe?

I know the shooting yesterday has nothing to do with all military bases. But I understand why he did it.

I don’t condone it, but I understand it.

This guy has listened to horror stories for how long? His job is to try and help these guys when they come back from the war. He has heard horrid tales of guys seeing death, watching friends get blown up, and God only knows what else.

He doesn’t want to go over there. He’s terrified. He knows what its like, having heard it from countless men and women who have experienced it first hand.

Then he gets a deployment notice.

I have to wonder, what would I do? I would hope to god I wouldn’t go on a shooting rampage, but what would I do?

They keep making sure we know he is a U.S. citizen of Jordanian descent, and his last name is Hasan. So of course its terrorism right? Yeah. Because he’s of Jordanian decent and his last name is Hasan. Nevermind that he and his family were born in Virginia.

Just like, oh if we elect Obama, he’ll bring the terrorist here. What?? Oooooh….and you wonder why I quit listening to the talking heads.

Even if I only listen to the radio shows that share my views, I still have to hear this other stuff.

I read somewhere that Hasan shouted some kind of war cry before he started shooting. Right.

I think he snapped. I think he just snapped. And again I have to ask myself what I would do if for years I heard first hand war stories and then was told I had to go over there. Now, I’m not enlisted. I don’t understand the committment. I completely respect it. I completely respect the troops. But I can’t possibly relate to the vow taken as someone joining the military. I know they know what might be in store. But are they ever prepared for when it actually is right in front of them?

Not to mention the complete lack of mental health care in this country. Its hard enough for an average person with a mental illness to get the help they need, now we’re adding service men and women with war induced mental illness and who is helping them? And who is helping the people who are helping them? Did this psychiatrist have someone to help HIM with all this horror?

I’m not sympathizing with what he did. I don’t think there is justified murder. But I can empathize with why he snapped.

This whole thing makes me sick. the families of the dead and wounded. They think their loved one is safe here in the states, and a member of their own military is responsible for killing or maiming them.

I am scared. I am scared for the future of the world. I am scared for my country’s e economy and security. I’m just scared.

I purposely avoid current events for my own mental health. I face it when I have to, and this is one of those times.

Ignorance is bliss? Well, yeah, except when you always still know whats really going on out there, no matter how much you try to avoid it.

I have no main point. I just had to write. I love my country. I support the president. I absolutely love admire and respect the troops. I am sad.
Ok, gonna have to get back to puppies and cats and guide dogs and nothings. Ugh.


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ACB: Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act Update

I don’t have the original Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act information, but it has to do with making quiet cars make noise, and other pedestrian safety concerns. This email contained a list of the representatives on board, and ACB is asking that the people not yet on board be contacted. I wish I had more information, but I’m pretty sure the legislation can be found online if searched for, and might even be somehwere on


I am quite pleased to share with all of you the updated cosponsorship list for the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act. There are 147 cosponsors in the House and 13 in the Senate. The full list is beneath this message.

If you haven’t done so already, please call or write your member to thank him-her for signing on. For those members who have not yet climbed aboard, Rep. Towns staff is impressed with the continued interest in this issue by other House and Senate staff. This is largely due to ACB’s tireless advocacy on this issue.
Keep it up!

Cosponsors H.R. 734
Cosponsors S. 841

H.R. 734, the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act of 2009
147 Cosponsors
111th Congress
October 21, 2009

Rep Neil Abercrombie – Hawaii
Rep Rodney Alexander – Louisiana
Rep Roscoe G. Bartlett – Maryland
Rep Shelley Berkley – Nevada
Rep Howard L. Berman – California
Rep Marion Berry – Arkansas
Rep Judy Biggert – Illinois
Rep Gus M. Bilirakis – Florida
Rep Rob Bishop – Utah
Rep Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. – Georgia
Rep Earl Blumenauer – Oregon
Rep Roy Blunt – Missouri
Rep John Boozman – Arizona
Rep Madeleine Z. Bordallo – Guam
Rep Dan Boren – Oklahoma
Rep Leonard L. Boswell – Iowa
Rep Robert A. Brady – Pennsylvania
Rep Bruce L. Braley – Iowa
Rep Corrine Brown – Florida
Rep Anh “Joseph” Cao – Louisiana
Rep Lois Capps – California
Rep Michael E. Capuano – Massachusetts
Rep Russ Carnahan – Missouri
Rep Christopher P. Carney – Pennsylvania
Rep Andre Carson – Indiana
Rep Yvette D. Clarke – New York
Rep Steve Cohen – Tennessee
Rep Gerald E. “Gerry” Connolly – Virginia
Rep John Conyers Jr. – Michigan
Rep Jerry Costello – Illinois
Rep Joe Courtney – Connecticut
Rep Ander Crenshaw – Florida
Rep Elijah Cummings – Maryland
Rep Kathleen Dahlkemper – Pennsylvania
Rep Danny K. Davis – Illinois
Rep Peter A. DeFazio – Oregon
Rep William D. Delahunt – Massachusetts
Rep Michael F. Doyle – Pennsylvania
Rep Steve Driehaus – Ohio
Rep Donna Edwards – Maryland
Rep Keith Ellison – Minnesota
Rep Brad Ellsworth – Indiana
Rep Jo Ann Emerson – Missouri
Rep Chaka Fattah – Pennsylvania
Rep Bob Filner – California
Rep Bill Foster – Illinois
Rep Sam Graves – Missouri
Rep Al Greene – Texas
Rep Gene Green – Texas
Rep Raul M. Grijalva – Arizona
Rep Luis V. Gutierrez – Illinois
Rep Phil Hare – Illinois
Rep Jane Harman – California
Rep Alcee L. Hastings – Florida
Rep Martin Heinrich – New Mexico
Rep Stephanie Sandlin Herseth – South Dakota
Rep Maurice D. Hinchey – New York
Rep Mazie K. Hirono – Hawaii
Rep Tim Holden – Pennsylvania
Rep Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. – Illinois
Rep Henry C. “Hank,” Johnson Jr. – Georgia
Rep Walter B. Jones, Jr. – North Carolina
Rep Paul E. Kanjorski – Pennsylvania
Rep Marcy Kaptur – Ohio
Rep Patrick J. Kennedy – Rhode Island
Rep Steve King – Iowa
Rep Larry Kissell – North Carolina
Rep Frank Kratovil, Jr. – Maryland
Rep Leonard Lance – New Jersey
Rep Tom Latham – Iowa
Rep Steven C. LaTourette – Ohio
Rep Barbara Lee – California
Rep John Lewis – Georgia
Rep Daniel Lipinski – Illinois
Rep David Loebsack – Iowa
Rep Nita M. Lowey – New York
Rep Daniel E. Lungren – California
Rep Carolyn B. Maloney – New York
Rep Donald A. Manzullo – Illinois
Rep Edward J. Markey – Massachusetts
Rep Doris O. Matsui – California
Rep Betty McCollum – Minnesota
Rep Jim McDermott – Washington
Rep James P. McGovern – Massachusetts
Rep Mike McIntyre – North Carolina
Rep Charlie Melancon – Louisiana
Rep John L. Mica – Florida
Rep Michael H. Michaud – Maine
Rep Brad Miller – North Carolina
Rep Jeff Miller – Florida
Rep Walter Minnick – Idaho
Rep Alan B. Mollohan – West Virginia
Rep Gwen Moore – Wisconsin
Rep James P. Moran – Virginia
Rep Jerrold Nadler – New York
Rep Richard E. Neal – Massachusetts
Rep Randy Neugebauer – Texas
Rep Eleanor Holmes Norton – Washington, DC
Rep James L. Oberstar – Minnesota
Rep Ed Pastor – Arizona
Rep Donald Payne – New Jersey
Rep Collin C. Peterson – Minnesota
Rep Thomas E. Petri – Wisconsin
Rep Pedro R. Pierluisi – Puerto Rico
Rep Chellie Pingree – Maine
Rep Todd Russell Platts – Pennsylvania
Rep Earl Pomeroy – North Dakota
Rep David E. Price – North Carolina
Rep Nick J. Rahall., II – West Virginia
Rep Charles B. Rangel– New York
Rep David P. Roe – Tennessee
Rep Dana Rohrabacher – California
Rep lleana Ros-Lehtinen – Florida
Rep Peter J. Roskam – Illinois
Rep Steven R. Rothman – New Jersey
Rep C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger – Maryland
Rep Tim Ryan – Ohio
Rep Linda T. Sanchez – California
Rep John P. Sarbanes – Maryland
Rep Janice D. Schakowsky – Illinois
Rep Adam B. Schiff – California
Rep Jose E. Serrano – New York
Rep Pete Sessions – Texas
Rep Joe Sestak – Pennsylvania
Rep Carol Shea-Porter – New Hampshire
Rep Heath Shuler – North Carolina
Rep Albio Sires – New Jersey
Rep Pete Fortney Stark – California
Rep Cliff Stearns – Florida
Rep Betty Sutton – Ohio
Rep Ellen O. Tauscher – California
Rep Gene Taylor – Mississippi
Rep Harry Teague – New Mexico
Rep Lee Terry – Nebraska
Rep Glen Thompson – Pennsylvania
Rep John F. Tierney – Massachusetts
Rep Dina Titus – Nevada
Rep Chris Van Hollen – Maryland
Rep Timothy J. Walz – Minnesota
Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz – Florida
Rep Maxine Waters – California
Rep Peter Welch – Vermont
Rep Robert Wexler – Florida
Rep Charles A. Wilson – Ohio
Rep Robert J. Wittman – Virginia
Rep David Wu – Oregon
Rep Don Young – Alaska

S. 841 13 Cosponsors
October 20, 2009

Sen. Evan Bayh – Indiana
Sen. Robert F. Bennett – Utah
Sen. Richard Burr – North Carolina
Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin – Maryland
Sen. Richard Durbin – Illinois
Sen. Orrin G. Hatch – Utah
Sen. Edward Kennedy – Massachusetts
Sen. Barbara Mikulski – Maryland
Sen. Arlen Specter – Pennsylvania
Sen. David Vitter – Louisiana
Sen. Roger Wicker – Mississippi
Sen. Susan Collins – Maine
Sen. Sam Brow

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ACB: Hate crimes bill includes persons with disabilities

Shows how ignorant I’ve been, to not even realize hate crimes were committed against persons with disabilities, until I learned that we are now included in the hate crimes bill.


Below is a press release from the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights regarding the passage of hate crimes legislation. This legislation that was attached to the 2010 Defense Authorization, protects individuals with disabilities.

Senate Sends Landmark Hate Crimes Bill to President Obama

October 22, 2009 – Posted by Tyler Lewis

Today, the Senate gave final congressional approval 68-29 to the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which expands the definition
of federal hate crimes and removes unnecessary obstacles to federal prosecution.

With President Obama likely to sign the Act into law soon, civil rights groups are celebrating a historic achievement following more than a decade of advocacy.

“We applaud lawmakers for recognizing the fundamental right of all Americans to be protected from violence because of their race, the way they worship,
their sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability status. Congress’ decision to pass this bill sends a clear message to these victims of violence
and their families – individuals like Stephen Tyrone Johns of Washington, D.C., Sean Kennedy of South Carolina, Angie Zapata of Colorado, Luis Ramirez
of Pennsylvania, and Matthew Shepard of Wyoming – that we value every American’s basic civil and human right to be safe and free from physical harm,”
Wade Henderson
, president and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, said.

The Act authorizes the federal government to investigate and prosecute bias-motivated crimes based on the victim’s actual or perceived sexual orientation,
gender, gender identity, or disability. Currently, the Department of Justice can only investigate hate crimes motivated by the victim’s race, color, religion,
and national origin when the victim is engaged in a federally protected activity, such as serving on a jury

The bill also gives the federal government jurisdiction over prosecuting hate crimes in states where the current law is inadequate or when local authorities
are unwilling or do not have the resources to do so themselves. Local authorities would also receive additional resources to combat hate crimes.

A version of the Act was introduced 12 years ago, and the House of Representatives and the Senate have passed some version of it at various times since
then. A diverse coalition of more than 300 civil rights, professional, civic, educational, and religious groups, 26 state attorneys general, U.S. Attorney
General Eric Holder, former U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh, and virtually every major national law enforcement organizations in America rallied
in support of the Act over the years, recognizing that

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Nothing, nothing, tra la la

I don’t even know why I’m blogging. I think I’ve been so busy on the computer today that now that everything is caught up, I don’t know what to do with myself.

I joined a new email list last night, and when I woke up today, I had quite a few emails on there, and quite a few new blog posts to comment on. Then I went to Grandma’s for 3 hours, came home, and had 65 new messages! Oh and there’s the email ding again!

wow. When it was all caught up I decided to blog. But what about? B is flipping between football, which I care nothing about, and baseball, which I care immensley about, but I get really worked up in this series when I watch too closely. So when he puts the game back on, I’ll keep an ear open.

I had fun at Grandma’s today. I took my big ginormous scrap yarn blanket over to wash. Back before I went blind, I found this thing called “scrumping”, where you take all your scrap yarn and tie it all together randomly and leave half inch ends, ball it up, and make a blanket. So months ago I organized my crochet cabinet and there was a ton of scrap yarn in there. I started tieing together random lengths of random yarns, some textured, balled it all up, and started a ginormous granny ripple. I finished it about a month ago and have been told it looks just like a patchwork quilt. Its great too, because its very textured, so I can feel where things change. It covers a queen sized bed, its that big. So I took it to Grandma’s to show her and to wash it. Oh, email ding. I wonder how many will pile up while I’m blogging about nothing?

Hmm, I could crochet a pretty dog bed cover. There’s an idea. I have some baby yarn that I can scrump with, I need to dig that out. I’ve also got the last bit of charity yarn I bought. Its all bright pinks and blues and stuff, hot pink as was described to me, that I’ll offset with bright white. I’m also going to make the ripples slant. I think it’ll be great for a teenaged girl. If I ever get back to crochet.

We’re still on football…I haven’t gotten any text alerts on my phone…I get text alerts for all the Angel’s games.

Ok wow. I’m really at a loss for words. Why did i start a blog?

Oh I just realized I was supposed to review braille. I have class on Mondays now instead of Wednesdays, and I’ve been paired up with an older gentleman. Braille used to be one on one, but the government said that blind people under 55 aren’t as important.

Oh no. I feel a rant coming on.

Yep. Lovely budget constraints. Apparently, those of us under 55 don’t need as many services as people over 55, because we should be in a vocational program. Except that….there is a freeze on vocational services, so we can’t enroll in vocational services.

Saavi wasactually cut billable hours for O & M for people under 55. Its just really bad.

So, Saavi got creative. If they pair us up with people over 55, they can continue to offer us services until we can get into a voc program.

The bad thing is, some of us might not be able to work again. Take me for instance. I’m not just blind, I have multiple sclerosis. When I was first diagnosed, I was pretty sick. Disability denied me twice, and Grandma supported me for almost 2 years. Finally my dad and uncle persuaded me to go back to work, so I got hooked into vocational rehab and went back to work in medicine. 40 hours a week had to be worked so I could have medical benefits. 4 months after I started to work again, the MS flaired up and took my remaining eye.

So am I scared to try to work again? You bet your ass. If I do, it will only be part time. I refuse to do 40 hours. But will part time work affect my medical benefits? Everyone tells me the vocational people who specialize in blind know all these answers even better than the other voc people. But as was stated, there’s a freeze on services.

This rant is pretty much moot, because Saavi freakin rocks, and found a way to keep services going, so I don’t really need to get so worked up.

Except that my 20 year old friend, who is slowly going blind, is being denied some services, because he still has some decent vision. he’s trying to prepare for the inevitable, but can’t right now. Oooooooh ok I need to stop.

Crap. Text messages…Ick. Yankees up 3-1.

Wow, I started to just blog about nothing and ended up with stuff. Strange how that happens. I think I’ll edit and check the emails. Oh man, editing with a screen reader is a pain in the tush. I don’t feel like doing it. Oh well, sorry for typos 😉


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