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Happy Game 162 Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of the “wonderfully improbable” game 162. If you’re a Rays fan, that needs no explanation. I don’t think there’s a single one of us who doesn’t smile at the mention of game 162 and today kinda feels like a holiday. I started feeling it last night when the Rays were on the verge of their eighth straight win to put them two games out of the final wild card spot. It’s all so reminiscent of last year and it’s impossible not to have hope that it could happen again. When Dan Johnson, now a White Sox, came to the plate in the ninth inning last night I held my breath out of fear and respect for what that man can do in a clutch situation. Luckily he just made an out, but a scary out at that. If Matt Joyce hadn’t caught it…

This morning I ran across this highlight montage of this date last year. I had forgotten that it wasn’t just the Rays with the magical night. It was magical around the entire league! As I listened to the highlights, I started feeling emotions well up inside me at the memory and when I heard ‘Safety Dance’ begin to play the tears began to fall as I knew what moment that would be. Dan Johnson would hit a home run to tie the game, and last night I had cringed while Dan Jo, the Great Pumpkin, was at the plate against us. The clips continued and when I heard the electric violins a happy sob escaped my throat as I listened. I remembered last year, listening to the game in the bedroom since it had gone to extras, chatting with my fellow Rays fan friend JB in Boston and tweeting with all my friends in Florida. All the memories came rushing back this morning as I listened to that montage, and then I remembered I have a recording of the radio broadcast of “those six minutes”…
In those six minutes, the Red Sox lost to the Orioles, the Trop finds out and goes nuts, the Rays are tied with the Yankees, at worst the Rays would have a play-in game with the Red Sox but if they won…

And then Dave Wills says, “I’m ready to party lets go…”

Here is what Evan Longoria said about the anniversary when asked about it yesterday before the White Sox game. The way he remembers it is the way I remember it, so many feelings, a jumble of memories really. For me the memory is completely untainted. It is pure bliss. It is unlike anything I remember ever feeling and probably like nothing I will ever feel again.

Until they do it again…

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Doggy Diaries – Jayden got treats and new toys and a storm for his birthday

Jayden is four today. Four! Four. Four? How on earth did that happen? I mean really? I’ve had moments of feeling panic for some reason. Four just feels old. I’m being overly dramatic, I know haha. It’s been an emotional day. July 15th will always have a double meaning, Jayden’s birthday being happy and the other part sadness.

But, we’ll stick to happy. Jayden always gets extra love and extra spoiling on his birthday, which means a lot haha. The other day he gets extra spoiled is the anniversary of our meeting, on February 17th.

So first, he had a Kong stuffed with peanut butter and two and a half of his Iams dog biscuits. The Kong is this dental Kong thing, so both ends are open wide and the center is a bit narrow. It’s perfect for jamming biscuits in there.

When he was done with it, he showed me where it was which earned him another half biscuit. Then B went out to get groceries and dog food and I had him pick out new rubber squeaky toys for Jayden. He found a rubber squeaky bone and a rubber squeaky football. Of course I’ve forgotten the name of the brand. Just asked B, it’s JW. Anyone know anything about that brand? Anyway, I was going to put groceries away before playing but Jayden heard the squeak and came running. I cut the tag off the bone and gave it a toss and Jayden attacked, chewing and tugging with me and then when I tossed it again he ran all over the house with it, scattering the cats on his way. He came back to me huffing with no bone and B had to go find it. Jayden had dropped it in the cats’ room haha.

We played for a bit and then when I was putting groceries away, Jayden was more curious in that than the bone, so he watched me and then we shared a banana.

I cut the tags off the football, which is really cool by the way, and gave it a toss. Again Jayden ran around the house with it, but he didn’t lose that one haha!

I don’t know how long we played. The game was on, Rays and Red Sox. Looking back at last year’s birthday post, there was a Boston game on later that night. I wonder who won that one? The Rays lost today.

I put on afternoon coffee after putting the toys up and Jay and I both collapsed on the couch together for awhile. Then I gave him his Kong Wobbler. When he’s done with it he comes to me and I ask him to show me. He takes me to it and then gets a cookie. (Iams biscuit) Today he came to me in the kitchen not long after I gave it to him. I figured he got it stuck somewhere so I asked him to show me and then I put my hand on his back and followed him.

This part amazed me haha. He took me to the back of B’s couch, where there’s a space between the back of it and the wall, with a shelf thing, a small set of drawers and B’s CD racks. I felt around for a second and then Jayden shouldered past me into the little space in the corner. I crawled in after him and felt him and he was pointing his nose to my couch, which is on an L to B’s couch. I wriggled into the space and felt around, finally grazing the plastic of the Wobbler lodged under my couch. I burst out laughing and calling out lots of good boys.

I don’t remember how I taught him to find the Wobbler and Kongs and stuff for me. He just kinda picked up on it I think, from watching me time and time again feel around for his toys and such. I honestly don’t know. He finds stuff just about every time for me though and sometimes if I’m feeling around and not finding whatever it is, I can sense his frustration and he’ll go paw it or nudge it toward me haha! One time he actually picked up a Kong and tossed it at me.

The finding was the only work he did today. The rest was tons of play, cuddling and treats. He’s passed out on the floor at my feet right now as a storm rages outside.

I know he doesn’t know it’s his birthday or why he’s getting extra love, treats and new toys, but I know, and I have so much fun celebrating with him and spoiling him! I just can’t believe he’s four. He wasn’t even two when I brought him home.

My little boy is growing up! Happy birthday my mellow yell goober head, I love you sooooooo much!

I was just wrapping this up and was going to edit when the storm got nuts out of nowhere. I have to make my poor birthday boy wait to eat and relieve since this storm is insane. Frustrating! Poor boy has to wait on his birthday. B just stepped out for dinner and this freak storm hit.

Ok that was nuts. It rained solid for about two hours. I finally tried to have Jay do his business on the patio but he wasn’t having it. We got soaked even under the awning. He’s used to eating first but I thought it had been awhile since he had been outside and he was sitting by the door. Since he didn’t go I went ahead and fed him and in that short amount of time, the rain let up. We went back out and got wet but not drenched. B had forbade me to even go out on the patio to see if Jayden had to go just before all this, it was that bad.

Crazy way to end Jay’s birthday. I’m really glad he doesn’t know it’s his birthday and that he couldn’t eat or pee when he’s used to haha! I’ve lived here my whole life and can’t remember such crazy rain. Wow.

B said it looked like an alienate invasion. I wonder what the damage reports around town will be.

Anyway, happy birthday Jay! Haha, hope I did a good job of staying calm so you won’t get afraid of storms. I think I did. Felt that panic rise up a couple times, but I stomped it down. Actually, I don’t think the wind got as bad as it’s gotten before. B just exclaimed, ‘there’s the sun!”


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Doggy Diaries – We’ve Been Together Two Years!

This whole week I’ve kept reminding myself that the seventeenth was the two year anniversary of dog day, and then I forgot for the first part of today haha! It’s been a really crazy month and Jay and I have been stuck in the house because of everything going on with Gamma, not wanting to miss phone calls, stress making me sick, just crazy stuff. So today I was hell bent on getting a walk in since it was time to turn in our new lease so it was a perfect excuse to finally get the courage to not be able to answer the phone in case of updates.

I checked the weather and rain was in the forecast but there was no way to guarantee when. I put my raincoat on that I had gotten for doggy school and we set out. It was chilly and rather brisk, but dry.

Both of us had a spring in our step as we walked briskly. I love flying down the sidewalk with him. It’s so funny on our way back, he slows down. Like nooooo let’s not go hooooooome. So I asked if he wanted a banana, and he picked up his pace.

We came in and I got him all excited asking if he wanted his banana and after we shared it, I realized it was the seventeenth. We took our anniversary walk and I hadn’t even realized it! I wonder what we did last year for our year together. I’ll have to grab the post I wrote. First though, I dug up the dog day posts from school.

I didn’t have internet right away, so I wrote three posts on dog day and saved them as text documents. When I pasted them into the blog, I pasted as is, typos and all, to capture the emotions of it all.

The first post mostly goes into the day before dog day.

I think second post might be my favorite. I sat there in my dorm room typing in a text document, just waiting for them to come get me. I knew Jayden’s name and that he was a yellow lab but that was it. I’m so glad I wrote these memories! Jayden, my Jay Bay, two years already?? Wow.

Haha the third post begins to show how nuts doggy school was. In it I write that he’s eighteen inches tall, but he’s twenty-two inches tall. I also write that he was in the womb when I went blind which is wrong, but he was conceived shortly after I went blind.

Reading that post, I have to wonder if they still have the brand new teams get on the bus and keep their brand new dogs from “melting” and then do a stressful walk in San Rafael. If they do, they should stop haha. I didn’t have that awesome “first walk” with Jayden like so many handlers have talked about. I think all the first timers were drained from dog day on after that. I wonder if they’ve changed that.

Ok now to see what I wrote last year. Haha ok, it’s a pretty similar post. I had also gotten his weight wrong, that’s right. I said the second dog day post was my favorite and mentioned the first walk haha. Last year though, he got to see his friends in the office. This year, they weren’t there. Last year, insurance people came over, today no one came over. So it’s been different days, but he got spoiled just the same hehe! Today he’s had his usual treats, plus an extra biscuit and some peanut butter. Since I finally had some energy and stuff, I’ve been rather hyper and silly with him and when I was working out using my TRX, he thought it was play time which made me laugh a lot. It’s been a good day.

I can’t believe we’ve been together two years now. Where does time go? I can’t wait to go visit Gamma where she’s rehabbing her hip, since he brings her tons of joy, too.

Happy anniversary my Mellow Yellow Jayden Bailey boy!! I love you sooooooo much!


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Doggy Diaries – On this date – Birthday time crunch (TRX!!)

I’m firing off a post quickly while I have a few minutes. It’s my birthday, yay! Hehe anyway, I was on the phone with my friend Erik all day since he called this morning to wish me happy birthday. While On the phone with him I got my birthday present to myself when UPS showed up. It’s a TRX unit!!! It’s the thing I’ve been using at the gym and I’m so excited to have one at home. I hooked it up and tested it while we talked and we just hung up a few minutes ago. I’ve gotta get ready shortly for my birthday dinner, another yay!

I’m so mad at myself because I meant to blog yesterday about the twenty-ninth two years ago and I totally forgot. So I’ll link the post now. It’s about the day I found out I was accepted to guide dog school. I read through the comments this morning and I’m so happy I have those! So, here’s that post.

I’m also going to link to the post from my birthday two years ago because it was when I began the doggy countdown and started questioning everything I needed to do in preparation for doggy school.

I’m so glad I have those memories! I wonder what I blogged on my birthday last year. Haha well never mind, I just checked it out and it’s basically the same post, having forgotten to write on the twenty-ninth hahahaha! Ok, not gonna edit, crunched for time.


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On this date 2009 and 2010

As I thought about what to write today I had a few ideas but nothing that was really grabbing me. I don’t feel like writing the few heartwarming stories mulling around in my brain nor do I have energy to be silly about nothing. So I had the brilliant idea to check out December sixth for the last two years. Not sure I wrote on the sixth in 2009 yet but last year’s made me laugh. This might also test my willpower a bit. I have not eaten Cheetos for about a month now. For about the first week or so of abstinence, I was snacking on fresh veggies and cheese cubes at night while reading which was tasty but I got lazy and didn’t feel like chopping veggies anymore. Luckily I didn’t go back to the Cheetos habit, instead enjoying some sunflower seeds when I get the hand to mouth urge while reading.

I was just telling Carol today that my willpower was tested when a tweet triggered me yesterday. Someone tweeted that they craved Flamin’ Hot Cheetos but didn’t feel like driving to the store. My first thought was, it’s a good thing I *can’t* drive to the store, or I just might have gone and gotten me some Crunchy Cheetos. The obsession passed however. So what did I blog on December sixth last year?

Puffs or Crunchy?

When the Cheetos craving first began last year, it’s been a year wow, I asked B to pick me up a bag and he brought home a bag of Puffs. I had thought original Cheetos meant crunchy but no, Puffs were the original. I had taken a poll on the blog and Twitter I think, maybe even Facebook. So, two days in a row now, I’m being tested with Cheetos references. Uh oh!

2009 had three posts. One post announced that voting for the puppy pool was over, another post gives the pool results. Maddie, if you still read here, can you leave your address in a comment? I won’t publish it. I can’t access the Facebook message with it. Yes, two of the winners still have not received their prizes. Just call me slacker. Toby’s raiser, I still haven’t been able to mail it.

This is strange too, because the other post is written from the cats’ POV and I’ve been planning a Pooch Ponderings post to write about a day from Jayden’s perspective.

Unfortunately these posts don’t tell us much about what I was up to on the tenth the last two years, so maybe I’ll do another on this date post again soon. Archives are fun!

Oh, in the cats’ post, Fi asks if anyone knows how to get rid of her dreads. B started feeing the cats Fancy Feast dry cat food and her coat cleared right up.

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Doggy Diaries – Happy birthday to my Mellow Yellow!!

Jayden is three today! I can’t believe it. I found the post I wrote on his birthday last year and I think I said it all last year haha!

At the time, I thought he was in the womb the day I went blind, but he would have been conceived just shortly after. I still believe he was made just for me. We spent the day today playing and relaxing together. That is if you consider attacking my house relaxing haha! I find it rather cathartic to tackle the apartment with all the cleaning power I can muster and I’ve got a blister on my thumb to prove it.

I’ve spoiled Jayden every chance I’ve gotten during breaks from cleaning, with a Kong Wobbler every few hours and some peanut butter this morning. He got so excited this morning when I took a break from cleaning that he went on an epic run around the apartment. I’m sure he doesn’t know it’s his birthday, but he does know that he’s getting even more love, which means he’s getting a ton because he already gets lots of it. 🙂

The other night I discovered something that cracks me up. Jayden and I were having our evening snuggle and he was laying on his side. I started blowing raspberries, kind of. I put my face on his side and blew air through pursed lips. He would lay there all content and I’d do that and he’d jerk his head up as if to say, “what on God’s green earth are you doing woman???” It was like when you make a funny noise for a baby and they can’t stop laughing, so you do it over and over again. Only I was the baby. I couldn’t stop!

I did that again today during one of our snuggle sessions and the reaction was the same, seining me in to peels of laughter. It’s been a good day. He’s currently passed out on the couch, but after I post this, we’re gonna have a game of hide and seek, his favorite.

It’s been an emotional couple of weeks. Today I’m filled with joy about Jayden’s birthday, but this date also holds another significance, one of a life ending a year ago. Laughing one minute and tearful the next, depending on what song came on iTunes, sorrow and gratitude, trying to celebrate the life of a woman I only had the pleasure of knowing for a brief time, the emotional roller coaster has been a bit wild.

I can’t wait for B to get home in a bit so I can just be with him. There are just some days when it’s clear that every hour is a celebration, every touch, every whisper, every smile, is something to cherish.

Ok, now that I’ve made myself all misty, I’m gonna go play that game of hide and seek. 🙂

Oh, and the Rays play Boston tonight. How bout a win for me guys? That’d be great, thanks.


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Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 38 – He was sick last year, me this year, what’s up with the writing?

Once again I’m behind on recap posts. Luckily there weren’t many from this time last year because Jayden had gotten sick. He tells you about it here, and I follow up on it here. Non dog people beware of that one, it mentions stool a bit haha!

This one isn’t a Diaries post since I was waiting on a call from the vet to update, but it’s interesting to compare where I was then to where I’m at now. It’s also interesting because I very briefly mention Erik, and he’s coming to visit me in one week! Erik and I have been best online friends for thirteen years and never met face to face. That all changes in a week when he comes for a visit, awesome!

I think what stuck out to me most is that it was a year ago that I took an online fiction writing course and was really interested in writing. It’s kind of fallen by the wayside lately. I had fun doing the short stories here but I let that go. I really feel like my true calling right now, is writing my story. Too many people have told me to do it and going beyond friends, a baseball player/author and recently another published writer who I just happened to have a long chat with outside my apartment one day.

It’s so much more difficult to write the truth. When I write fiction, my characters take the story to places I never imagined. When I’m writing my story, I already know how the scene will end. It’s rather…boring haha!

However I really feel like that’s what I should be writing. It’s just a matter of getting bitten by the bug again.

Last year Jayden was sick, this year it was me. This whole week I’ve battled some weird stomach thing that left me absolutely drained. This coming week will hopefully be better and busy, passing the time until Erik arrives in a week. Fun stuff. Of course my life is all about baseball right now, too. =D!

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Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 37 – Jayden’s nuances, stupid road and lots of pain

Wow, last year’s post is huge. It talks a lot about learning Jayden’s little nuances, quite fun. I also talk about the country road and got several good comments about it. An update on that: we still have no mastered it. Frankly, I got too frustrated and haven’t even tried to deal with it. I need friends to just walk it with me and that’s hard to find. I no longer have lessons with Dave and we left the road unfinished because there was just nothing left for Dave to help me with. I’ve talked with Carol about it and she says it’s just not a safe road, and really, it isn’t. It can be traveled safely and I can do it with my cane, but I know I’m tense walking it and I think Jayden picks up on it. That’s why I wish I could walk it several times with friends. When B and I did it once, I practically had to drag Jayden down the road and I hate doing that. It’s been months wince we’ve tried it.

It’s a bummer because I had planned for long walks in my home area but it’s not possible since we haven’t mastered the road. However, the routes I had thought I could take, aren’t possible anyway. They’re possible, but they suck since the city doesn’t keep the sidewalks clear of bushes. Dave and I tried it a few times but Jayden has to stop every twenty feet so we can get around a bush. Some of them are so overgrown we have to practically walk into a very busy road. So…my home area isn’t as great as I thought it would be for a dog. We still have plenty of places to walk in the complex though, so it’s not awful. I just can’t easily get to the store like I thought originally.

Wow that turned into more writing than I thought I would write about last year’s post haha. Today I’m in a good amount of pain. We just had a freak winter storm pass through and as the pressure changes, I’m miserable. My joints ache so bad right now I’ve been on the verge of tears for a few hours. We went to Gamma’s today and now Jayden is curled up on the couch.

He has taken to spooning the throw pillow. It is toooooooo cute! He lays on his side, literally cuddling the throw pillow. He somehow gets it away from the back of the couch. It’s adorable.

Hopefully going to the gym tomorrow will help this pain, coupled with the pressure change getting over and done with. The fatigue started last week with the approach of the storm, but no pain so I thought I was out of the woods. Yeah, I as wrong. Not even gonna edit this. Pain numbs my brain.

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Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 36 – A massive post

I’ve had a few people lately mention the fact that I haven’t blogged. Oops. I know the recaps were going well and then I don’t even know what happened that made me stop. So I’ll throw up links to get current, then write a little and try to get back to writing daily.

March 23, 2010: Jayden wrote a post and then we got lost and found home.

March 25, 2010: Haha this is a really negative post, which tells me it must be this time of year that sucks for me or something. You should read it though; the paratransit driver described in it was just kinda pathetic.

March 26, 2010: Jayden has a helicopter tail and I get a bump to the head and Jayden goes on a run and a spin.

March 28, 2010: Jayden gets his first house freedom.

April 1, 2010: I threaten to stop blogging and then give a massive update. For all the other days here, I don’t have a present day to match. But April 1 this year was Friday and Carol came over to go hang by the pool. It was awesome! We started out with Jay laying on a damp towel between us with his water bowl, but when he got warm we moved him to a covered patio that’s kinda raised up a bit. I joked that it was like his throne. He could lay up there and watch us. We decided when we go again to immediately settle him there since it’s nice and cool there and he did fine not being right by my side. It was awesome to get some sun, the first pool day of the year.

April 2, 2010: A nice walk and Jayden sensing my fatigue among other things.

And now I’m caught up on the Doggy Diaries from last year since I didn’t write on the third. April is Autism Awareness Month and last year I wrote a post a day on Autism. Go check out the posts if you’d like to become aware like I did.

So now to the present. I’m not really sure why I stopped blogging. Part of it is because I had nothing to say, at least not anything that belongs on a public blog. You know how most people get down when winter comes? I’m the exact opposite. I’m a duck. Huh? Yep, a duck. I heard an analogy during a spring training broadcast about how a person is like a duck and I don’t even remember what it was in reference to. But basically a duck looks really graceful on the surface, gliding across the water, but it’s peddling like hell below the surface. That’s me.

I might look really graceful and polished and adjusted on the surface, but underneath I’m paddling like hell to stay afloat. Life is bloody hard. Sometimes though, I really am just simply graceful, gliding along on the current, resting my feet under the water. Then my feathers get ruffled and life’s hardships are glaringly obvious and I can’t ignore them and all of the sudden my webbed feet are pushing against that water as though life depends on it.

I’m doing ok, but just ok. Everything on the surface is ok but below the water is dark and murky and polluted. That’s life though and this too shall pass. Won’t it?

I try and live by accepting the things I cannot change. When I’m in that mode, I’m ok. But then I suddenly can’t accept those things and I need the courage to change them. The wisdom is knowing the difference. For me it’s not about knowing whether or not I can change things, and I know I have the courage to do that, the wisdom is knowing I don’t want to dive into the murky waters below to do so. So I move back into acceptance until it’s too hard and then what? I tell you if you ask. Carol knows all the right probing questions. Talking about it helps but it still doesn’t change anything. At least it takes the sting away a little.

I like a baseball analogy for this. When I don’t talk about things, I’m a pitcher in the bottom of the ninth and my team has the lead but the home team has the bases loaded and nobody out. When I begin to talk, I get a pop up and my third baseman catches it. One out. If I keep talking about it, I get a ground ball and my defense turns a double play. Game over. I can breathe again.

But I pitch again in five days and it all starts over. It’s never-ending. Life is never going to be easy. I either deal with it or I don’t.

April is bittersweet. There are anniversaries in April, some good, some not so great but one with a shining silver lining through the murk. April is the start of baseball but it means heat is around the corner. I’m just in a funk.

I will try and recap and blog daily again though, because I really was enjoying looking back, and doing it daily is a hell of a lot easier than catching up like this.

Oh yeah, My Rays are 0-3 for the season and Evan just went on the 15 day DL for a strained oblique. Baseball is my saving grace this time of year so this start has me a little bummed.

We’ll find another way, though. Go Rays!


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Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 35 – Weight loss and clicker fun

Last year was our first independent trip to Saavi. I cracked up reading it because I was all excited over losing ten pounds. Little did I know then that by this time I would have lost over twenty. I love annoying my past self. Does that even make sense?

Today has been good so far. I got plenty of sleep last night thank God. It was a bit chilly this morning since we had a rain storm last night, so we didn’t go anywhere. I was on the phone awhile and then I had lunch and we went for a walk.

I wasn’t really feeling the walk moo since I’m still a tad fatigued from the no sleep incident, so when I heard people and dogs ahead, I turned us around. I just didn’t feel like dealing with it. We checked the mail and I got a big newspaper thing. I had asked B if he keeps the spam mail and he doesn’t, so I wanted to throw it away but wasn’t sure where the recycle trash was. I asked Jayden to find the trash and he was like, huh? He showed me a wall. Yeah no. So we went and got the clicker.

It had been awhile since we’d play’d clicker. It’s so much fun! I had him targeting the bin but when we back chained and I told him to find it, he took me to the wall. A few more clicks at targeting and we tried it again and he nailed it. We backed up a few more times, then pretended we had just checked the mail. So we were facing away from the bin when I told him to find it. He nailed it. Clicker is soooo fun!

After that I groomed him. He’s back to needing daily brushings since he’s throwing his winter coat. Then I wanted to give him some off duty outside sniffy time so I unfolded the stick but he was like, what are you doing? No, I don’t want to walk when you have that thing lol! He turned and pulled me in the direction of the door and I decided not to fight it. I was feeling pretty tired.

So we came in and now I’m writing this. Nice relaxing day.

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