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Thanks for the Bone, Universe. It’s delicious.

This morning I had a house call with a nurse practitioner. This is a program my insurance participated in a couple months ago but it’s not actually new, just new here. Basically her visit was just meant to supplement my regular doctor visits and the point of the program is to try and keep people out of the hospital. I was incredibly impressed with her and the program and they’re “mission statement” if you will, keep people out of hospitals, keep people healthier, the better for all of us.

The visit was very comprehensive including the normal sort of checklist you might fill out at the doctor, but more brief. She got to know all about my medical history just by asking questions and having a conversation. She was easy to communicate with, knowledgeable about MS, not at all condescending, understanding about my choice not to get a flu shot, not distracted by my dog and ignoring her patient, not rushing, just all around a good experience.

I was impressed when she said, “I bet you’re happier than most that summer is over.” She knows!!! She gets it! When I explained that I’m on gabapentin for my pain and that I’m trying not to go the narcotic route for as long as possible, she gently but firmly explained that pain can trigger my MS just like heat so I should not live with pain. I mentioned medical pot and she told me how to go about opening up the dialogue with my doctor and what to expect about the process. We talked about how B and I are both in recovery so there’s that to contend with. She just understood it all.

When I mentioned the tooth problems and how much Advil I’ve been taking she asked if I had tried calling the insurance to speed up the process. When I explained that I had and it didn’t go well, she gave me a phone number to try and basically gave me the courage to keep trying until I found someone who could and would help. I’m going to try again tomorrow. If at first you don’t succeed and all that.

She tested my urine to check my sugar and kidneys which came back normal despite all the Advil. We talked about my vertigo and I told her I wanted to get a cane and she agreed that would be a good idea. She told me to call that same number to get assistance finding a neurologist.

Gosh, what else did we discuss? Oh she gave me a physical and everything looked good on the outside and sounded good on the inside. She checked my feet for neuropathy and even though I’m having tingling in the right one, that came back ok too. I did fail the three word test though. I could only remember two of the words. So I don’t know what that means. I also drew a clock haha!

“Can you draw the face of a clock?”

“I’m blind!”

“Do you remember what a clock looks like? Here, draw it.” Hahaha! I giggled. She said my circle was perfect. I drew the hands to the time she wanted but they were a little off since I couldn’t remember exactly where I had drawn the numbers. Good times!

I am exhausted this afternoon but it was such a good experience. She really helped. It’s like she picked up on exactly what has been a stressor and gave me solutions. Oh and we talked about therapy too, which is funny because this morning I was thinking I wanted to get back into it. She gave me a phone number for that too, a number that will help me find the right kind of help. She iterated how important it is to have that outside party that won’t judge what you say. It was like this woman was reading my mind!

So wow, maybe the universe heard me when I asked if a bone could be thrown my way. I definitely don’t feel so lost at sea now. I feel like now I can just focus on not feeling well at the time being and can just relax. I feel like she was my spotter while lifting heavy weights. Which oh man have I gained weight. We talked about that, too. About how easy it is to get out of the habit of daily exercising especially when you don’t feel well.

Anyway, yay! As I was catching up on Twitter after I had some lunch, I read the following tweet:

@BMcCarthy32 I have a painful wisdom tooth situation happening, so I apologize if I’ve been cynical and sarcastic on this website recently.

Wow, I get to have a painful wisdom tooth situation at the same time as Brandon McCarthy! How lucky am I? Wait Ro, I clicked that link, he doesn’t nor has he ever pitched for the Rays. I know, but I admire him. Dude got his head split open by a line drive, fell into a coma, came out of it and is pitching again. I’m honored to share wisdom tooth misery with him. Though something tells me he doesn’t have to wait for insurance to tell him he can have it removed.

Random Happy

If you read my review of “The Fault in Our Stars”, you know how much I adored it. If you follow me on Twitter, you know how much I like Mental Floss. So when I found out that John Green himself (author of aforementioned novel) does videos for Mental Floss, I was thrilled! That man talks so fast. Seriously.

So today, how happy was I to open a video full of outtakes from Mental Floss and John Green? It was the perfect way to unwind after the house call this morning. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time.


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If you have a bone, can you throw it my way?

Today did not start well. In fact it was steadily beginning to look ugly for anyone I might accidentally come into contact with, online, in person or over the phone so I unplugged from the internet, downloaded “11-22-63” from my Audible library and cuddled on the couch with Jayden for the rest of the day until it was time to make some dinner. I started crocheting Jayden a new mat for his spot under the breakfast bar, too.

I saw the oral surgeon back on the sixth and we came up with a plan for getting my extractions. Unfortunately, the bombshell was dropped at the end of the appointment that the insurance had to approve the procedure and that could take four to six weeks.

When I finished up with the antibiotics and discovered the soothing power of tea, it was looking like waiting wouldn’t be a problem. But the last few days the pain has begun to come back in the upper left part of my mouth because of the broken wisdom tooth there. The pain is going up into my ear and cheekbone. I’m not sure if the horrible vertigo I’ve been experiencing is all because of that or not but luckily I have my first house call tomorrow with my new nurse practitioner. Maybe she can give me some suggestions.

I called the oral surgeon’s office this morning to see if they had heard anything back from the insurance but they didn’t answer so I tried calling the insurance and by the fourth person who couldn’t help me, I was seriously close to a meltdown. I called the oral surgeon again and she checked to see if they had gotten the approval but of course not. So I asked if I can just pay to have the one tooth out that’s causing all these problems.

“Yes we can do that, not a problem.”

“Oh great!”

“Unfortunately our computers are down right now so I can’t do any scheduling or price checking. Can I call you back when they’re up?”

Deep breath.

“Of course, not a problem.”

I never heard back from her. Escaping life and dissolving into the story of the man who goes back in time to save Kennedy helped me calm down. Luckily the nurse tomorrow is taking a urine sample, which is good since I’ve been eating Advil like it’s candy. This too shall pass, right? I mean, right?

My friend Ricardo had mentioned that he wanted to reread “11-22-63” again after JFK has been all over social media and what not lately so he planted the seed. I ran across my post about it not long after and had to laugh when I read the part where I asked if the post would influence my reading the book again this year. Not sure it did, but I’m grateful for the book.

You guys, I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. Oh yeah, I need a new neurologist and the one I wanted to see doesn’t take my insurance. What next, universe?

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What’s a Newspaper?

first thing this morning I noticed the sounds of workers out behind my apartment and thought, great, I get to blindly search for dog poop in front of strangers. If only I had known that would be the least of my problems. The noise, oh the noise! The sounds of rocks thumping together, men shouting, eventually a loud machine doing God only knows what and it would have been fine if it weren’t for that meddling tooth pain that is back with a vengeance today going up into my ear hurry up insurance suits hurry up I need my ear! Thank God I’m on Lexapro, seriously. I called the apartment office to find out what the workers were doing and of course no one answered. They never answer. I called Carol. She told me the cutest story!

Friday Carol went to Starbucks with the intention of enjoying some coffee while doing a crossword before hitting the book store. There weren’t any tables available but she noticed two little girls sitting beside each other at a small table, playing on an iPad. Carol asked the two women next to the girls if they belonged to them and then asked if it would be ok if she sat on the other side to do her crossword. The older of the two girls hardly paid any attention but the younger girl was very interested in Carol. The following is what happened, told from the best of my memory of the conversation.

Carol: I only need this much space. (She drew a square around her coffee cup, making the girls giggle)

Youngest girl: What’s that?

Carol: This is a newspaper. (The younger girl came over to get a better look)

Youngest girl: What’s a newspaper?

(I groan at this point. How old do I feel?)

Carol: (Points to the iPad) It’s like that, but made out of paper. (The moms laugh)

The youngest girl is then interested in the crossword. Luckily the perfect clue presents itself.

Carol: How does every single fairy tale start?

Youngest girl: Once upon a time!

Carol: So that’s the clue for this four letter word, do you think the word is once, upon or time?

I can’t remember if she told me the rest but I just loved that story. Yes, the child not knowing what a newspaper is was a bit depressing, but the story of the interaction was happy making. I love random encounters with kids! I knew I had to share in today’s post.

There was also a funny part about the men working outside. At one point I heard a song being sung in spanish as one of the men worked. A little while later a phone rang and the ring tone was the “mine! mine! mine!” from Finding Nemo, which made me think of Tropicana Field.

It’s the little things.

Happy birthday, Ricardo!!!

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“Relic” (Pendergast, Book 1) by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child – narrated by David Colacci

***Warning***Spoilers inside. I didn’t even try to keep quiet about the plot because the plot was so obvious anyway. At least to me. So don’t read this if you don’t want spoilers.***

I’m grateful I took notes on this book because I’m not feeling well today so it should be fairly easy to paste the notes I took. They will also communicate nicely the extent of how much I disliked this book. It got good reviews at both Audible and Amazon which just goes to show exactly how subjective novels are. This book is getting my equivalent of 1 out of 5 stars. I think the narration and production are a big reason why. Good narraters tend to make you forget about plot holes and idiot characters.

Basically this book is about grisly murders that happen in a museum in New York City. Could it be the rumored museum beast or is it just a serial killer using a weapon with claws on it? Seriously, that was a theory. A weapon with claws on it.

Ok, here are all the notes I took:


funny cop during autopsy with the thoughts of baseball (The book started out so promising with that.)

i was eating lunch when the autopsy started, later I was eating an oatmeal raisin cookie and thinking about what I had planned to make for dinner when I continued with the book. I remember a friend years and years ago, upon finding out I used to want to be a coroner, saying, “it’s you! I’ve always wondered what type of person it took to do that job and now I know. It’s you!”

Several times I thought about giving up. The book feels so fragmented. I’m guessing that’s because it’s written by two people. And the random effects they put on voices are distracting. The narration isn’t great. Along the lines of William Dufris for me but not that bad.

There was one seen that got my heart racing and when Jayden barked in his sleep my heart nearly stopped. But it was only scary because the female character was an idiot and went into a restricted area even though she knows people are dying in the museum. I almost wanted her to get eaten.

Example of the continuity issue, Margo has a “carryall” for awhile and then one day she has a “purse” when she leaves her office and ends up in the restricted area. Then all of the sudden, she’s relieved to discover she didn’t loose her “carryall”. What??? I’m taking notes as I listen, that’s how much stuff is sticking out.

I swear if this turns out to be a person in a beast suit saying something about meddling kids, I’ll lose it.

Emailed the following to myself as I listened in bed:

Why can’t this guy go anywhere in his wheelchair? They said his arms are very strong. And yet he’s completely helpless? So he sends little grad student down to run his errand? And then he says, “go my dear, and Godspeed.” I am so close to giving up.?

Just read some reviews. I’ve sped the narration up trying to get through this. Lots of excellent reviews. Guess this just isn’t my cup of tea. I totally missed that Pendergast is an albino. Wow. One review says it’s worth listening all the way to the end even if you’re having a hard time sticking with it. I have 4 hours to go. Ugh.

A little over two hours to go after I couldn’t stay awake last night. I think it’s definitely a man in a monster suit, but only because he morphed into the monster like in The Fly.

Finished yesterday. Final thought I had this morning while getting my coffee: too much is revealed to the reader before the characters figure it out, which makes the characters, who are all scientists and detectives, seem slow.

Ok, those were my notes. I was right about the monster being a morphed human. If only it had mentioned meddling kids. That would have been icing on the cake. But it didn’t talk. Just looked sad in the eyes. Oh and lonely, it looked lonely. Actually reminded me of a giant javelina. And sticking around for the end? Why? So we could learn that one of the scientists turned Dr. Frankenstein and is trying to make his own monster? Yeah, needless to say I won’t be reading the rest of the books. Just not my thing obviously. Oh but there was a brief mention of a dire wolf! And I knew my next book would be a Song of Ice and Fire book so that was happy making. Oh and the science and technology discussed in the book was fun. I think it was written in 1994 so the old computers were hilarious. So at least there was that.

Rating: Dismal

“Relic” at Audible ~ “Relic” at Amazon

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Baking Blind Part 1 – Measuring

I decided to write some posts on how I bake blind. I asked on Twitter if anyone had any questions and the only response I got was from Davis:

@newspaper_man @Raynaadi yes…are you nuts? lol 🙂 i’ll think of something serious soon.

Davis is sighted and has always expressed interest when I tweet about cooking and such. Honestly, when people are impressed by something I do, it eggs me on and pushes me towards trying progressively harder things. I often think back on when I was first blind and my friend had to microwave my frozen tamales for me because my microwave wasn’t yet tactilly marked. Oh, how far I’ve come.

One of the classes I took at the blind center when I began my “blind education” as I used to refer to it, was basic cooking. We learned how to safely use a knife to cut, how to use hot things without burning ourselves, basically just how to do the things we used to do but this time without sight. We were given the recipes of the things we made in class and a friend of mine came over one day so we could make the stuffed mushrooms. Delicious! I had her put them in the oven though. I still wasn’t comfortable with that.

I think the stuffed mushrooms were probably the most complicated of the recipes. We made this awesome fruit dip, french toast, a microwave egg thing, different meats on the George Foreman grill, all with safety in mind.

When I decided a few months back to tackle baking, I combined what I knew about baking from Mom back in my sighted teenhood and added things I learned from the blind center. Practice began to make perfect and several batches (and another pant size up) later, I’ve come up with a system that works pretty well for me.

I was talking to my friend Chupa on the phone yesterday and we got around to talking about my desire to write baking posts. She laughed and said she almost suggested I write about baking when I asked for blog ideas on Twitter to help during NaBloPoMo. No one seemed to have any ideas in the Twitterverse haha. Anyway, on the phone she asked me how I measure things. So that’s what I’ll answer today.

Before I do anything, I move my coffee maker and paper towels off the largest part of my counters and wipe the entire surface down. Like a painter with a blank slate, I have to begin with a clean surface and tidy kitchen.

I had forgotten a lot of things about baking. I noticed this when I started again. I couldn’t remember if a measure of baking soda was heaping or level. Twitter helped a lot to refresh my memory, thanks bakers! It all came back to me. Baking is pretty precise in the measurements of things like baking soda/powder and flour. Those are the base ingredients that make a cookie a cookie or a cake a cake. Most recipes will call for whisking together all your dry ingredients in a bowl to be added later, which is nice because I like to measure all the dry stuff before my countertop gets wet. Measuring my flour etc first allows me to put the bowl away from the sink and any wet mess that happens.

The blind center gave us a handy tip for measuring small amounts of liquids and I’ve carried this tip over to my small amounts of dry ingredients. I use aluminum measuring spoons bent into miniature soup ladles. Wow, Voiceover can’t pronounce the plural of ladle haha!

We were taught to pour liquids into a dish so we could ladle out the proper amount. Vanilla extract for example. In class, we poured dry ingredients over the ladle, holding it over a bowl, and leveled off with the flat of a knife. We used a funnel to put the ingredient back into the jar.

I adapted this technique to fit my preference though. Instead of putting the dry ingredients back after measuring, I just took them all out of their original packaging.

I am my Gamma’s granddaughter. I save plastic containers. Small margarine container? This might come in handy. Cottage cheese container etc etc. So now my cinnamon and cream of tarter live in butter plastics (as I call all plastic containers). My baking soda is in a cottage cheese plastic. Oh I also keep some salt in a butter plastic. I keep that on top of the baking soda plastic so I don’t mistake it for cream of tarter. Ew! This makes it all super easy to just dip my ladle measure into the powder and level off with the flat of a knife.

To level I just hold the ladle over the container and run the flat side of a butter knife along the handle until I feel the spoon part and then I just run it across and the excess falls back into the plastic. Now I have a perfectly level ladle of the powder the recipe is calling for.

Back to the vanilla, I leave that in its original bottle. I have these little cups that came with my mom’s Corell dishes way back in the seventies haha! All the dishes are white with this green trim of flowers all around the edges. I don’t think I’ll ever use any other dishes. Anyway, one of the little cups has a pour spout on it. So I pour some vanilla into that cup and ladle the called for measurement into another dish. Then I slowly pour the vanilla back into the bottle. I do this over the sink in case I drip.

I jumped ahead a bit since I always do the vanilla and eggs after I’ve measured all my dry stuff, including flour and sugars. For those bigger amounts, I do it the same way I did when Mom taught me all those years ago. I still use her Tupperware measuring cups! They stack into each other nicely so it’s easy to feel the ascending order. I couldn’t remember what was what though so I did Facetime with Carol and she read what was what on the cup, wrote it down on her end, and then I typed the measurements into a text document. Only problem was, I kept having to check the document when a recipe called for something other than a 1/4 cup or 1 cup haha! Just the other day I was like ok I need to memorize these. There’s only six of them. Yes, I should just be able to think of them in terms of fractions and how they grow larger, but my brain doesn’t work that way. So now I just think to myself,4,3,2,3,4,1. That translates to 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and 1 cup. That’s just what works for me.

So Mom taught me to put my cup on a plate and then add what I’m measuring to the cup, making it nice and heaping. Then I take the flat of the knife again and level off the cup, the plate catching the excess. I keep my ingredients in containers with openings wide enough to easily pour the excess back in. I use the same plate for all my ingredients, just making sure it stays dry. Flour is done first since I measure the other ingredients it’s usually mixed with first, like baking soda and salt and such. Granulated and brown sugars are usually mixed together so I do my brown sugar last since it’s stickier.

Recipes almost always call for your brown sugar to be packed so there’s an extra step when measuring it. I use a large soup spoon and after every scoop of brown sugar I add to my cup, I use the round side of the spoon to pack it into the cup. I don’t level the brown sugar, just scoop and pack until it’s at the top.

I think that pretty much wraps up the measuring part of baking blind. My rule of thumb is, baking soda/powder and flour should be measured precisely as the recipe says. Ingredients like cinnamon and salt and even the sugars can be tweaked a bit based on taste. Oh chunky ingredients like oats and raisins and chocolate chips and nuts (yummmm) I measure in the specified cup but they’re usually slightly heaping, especially raisins.

Who’s hungry? I am. If you have any questions about measuring, just leave a comment. If you’re curious how I do other parts of the baking process blind, please leave a comment. Also, if you have a different way of doing any of this, I’m curious to know! These are all just ways I’ve learned or adapted to suit me.

Oh last thing. Mom taught me to wash my hands before starting a thing and never to touch my face or hair or clothing with my clean hands. I am a stickler about this especially now that my hands are my eyes and I touch everything. Good hygiene in the kitchen is important to me, so if you ever eat any of my baked goods, rest assured nothing except ingredients will be inside haha! I don’t go so far as to wear a hair net but my hair is always pulled back. Ew, hairy cookies!


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Have some Happy

I’m going to let today’s links speak for themselves since I woke up with the worst vertigo of my life and I’m incredibly brain foggy now. I think the upper left wisdom tooth that needs to come out is messing up my left year. But forget depressing tooth stuff. The internet wins today!

This morning I played a youtube L-Squaredtweeted, The Science of Happiness. Watch that for seriously good feelings. It made me grateful for my gratitude label and explains why I’m usually ridiculously happy despite my less than easy life. I had planned a much more profound post about all this but I did not expect to be so foggy. Just writing out those codes hurt my thought machine haha.

And what wins the grand prize for today and really the month and probably the year? San Francisco and the Batkid. You don’t even have to click that link. Just do a search for Batkid and I bet Google goes crazy. It was all over Twitter today and it’s the best awesome feeling I’ve seen on the internet in a long time. Batkid even got a Vine from the President!

Now, go forth and be happy. Let’s try and spread happy stuff more than horrible stuff, yeah?

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Having Warm Fuzzies Until Realizing the Media was just Doing Its Thing

It’s amazing the spin the media can put on everything. At this point, what do you believe? I used to always trust the big news outlets but now the only media I can think of that I trust is Marc Topkin, Tampa Bay Rays beat reporter.

So I’m reading Twitter after a busy morning/early afternoon of baking and cleaning and grooming Jayden. I read a tweet and click the link attached:

@CBSNews Blind N.Y. man allegedly kicked off plane over guide dog; passengers exit in solidarity

Safari opens the link and audio begins to play. The story is about a blind man who was taken off the plane because his guide dog wouldn’t stay beneath the seat. The passengers got upset and left with the man and then boarded a bus to reach their destination. A couple passengers were interviewed and the blind man as well. As the clip is wrapping up, the broadcasters begin applauding the passengers. Tears well in my eyes as my faith in humanity is restored and I retweet .

I walk into my kitchen to put my freshly boiled eggs in the fridge, grinning, hearing my tweet getting retweeted and favorited. I come back to my computer and have a mention from a friend saying the story is quite different from what she’s been seeing. Oh no. Don’t tell me the media got something wrong again and got my spirits up only to have them shot down.

I start my own investigating and find this story and this story and this story and then I just stopped looking.

I had already planned on blogging about this story, sharing my good feelings but explaining that Jayden and I sit in bulkhead so that I don’t have to cram him under a seat but after reading the other stories, my good feelings diminished a bit.

Basically the airline is saying the plane was stuck on the runway for a bit and the guide dog got restless and began “walking up and down the aisle”. I find that laughable. I honestly can’t imagine a blind person just letting his dog leave his side. The flight attendants say the man got belligerent when he was told to keep his dog under the seat. Maybe all that did happen, but would the passengers have stood up for the man if he had acted so badly?

The audio I listened to made it sound like all the passengers got off the flight in solidarity, however the other stories say the flight was cancelled because of the upheaval over the man and his dog. So who’s to say the passengers did stand up for him? Perhaps the ones interviewed had been in a far away part of the plane and not seen the man behaving badly.

I don’t know what to believe about this story and that makes me sad, because it had given me such warm feelings. So media, oh never mind. You’ll never change. You all want to be first so fact checking has gone out the window.

I can still write that Jayden and I fly in bulkhead where there’s more room at my feet. I can’t imagine Jayden fitting under the seat. If fore some reason, this had been me and Jayden would not calm down and settle, I would have calmly tried to work with the airline to come up with a solution. When Jay and I were getting ready to fly to Colorado in May, I was nervous that the only direct flight I could get was through United, and I’ve read so many stories about United and service dogs. I was talking with Carol about it and she pointed out that most likely every single airline has had some sort of incident with a service dog and we never get the whole story. I’m sure some of them are true but I also think that a lot of these kinds of situations can be avoided if we are able to be our own advocate and our dog’s advocate. We also need to know our rights and business’ rights. No, our dogs cannot just walk away from us. My flights went off without a hitch but I’m a planner to the nth degree. Also, when I’m out with Jayden whether I’m sitting on paratransit, in a lobby or on an airplane, his leash is always attached to me. I never let it go. I just hope stories like the one above don’t keep disabled people from flying with their service animals. It’s too bad the twenty-four hour news cycle makes these things seem more common than not.

On a happier note:

Random Happy

This morning I opened this link about designing cities with the blind in mind. I was expecting an article but audio began to play so I sat back to listen. Chris Downey is an architect who went blind right around the time I did. He sure got out of denial faster than I did haha! Anyway, his talk was interesting and funny and I knew it would be my random happy for today.

Chris Downey: Design with the Blind in Mind


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“Stay Close” by Harlan Coben – narrated by Scott Brick

I’m glad I didn’t read any reviews before getting this. Novels are subjective though so perhaps I still would have gotten it. I usually read a few reviews when it’s a narrator I’m not familiar with but when I read the publisher’s summary I was hooked and I’m very familiar with Scott Brick. One reviewer said everything was just too unbelievable. Hmmm, interesting. I’ve read plenty of books where I’ve had to suspend my disbelief but this certainly wasn’t one of them. It sounds like most of the bad reviews are from long time Cobin fans and this was my first book of his, so maybe his others will be even better. And wow to people hate on Scott Brick. I think you either love him or hate him. I happen to enjoy his narrating.

I just read a few of the reviews on Amazon and it definitely wasn’t just the audio version Cobin fans didn’t like. I’m honestly quite stunned and a little offended haha! There was one long time Cobin fan who gave it 5 out of 5 stars so now I feel validated for enjoying it.

Megan, Ray and Broome lead separate lives but their pasts have been linked for the past seventeen years. (The blood, all the blood) Megan escaped her crazy life and became a suburban soccer mom, Ray’s career as a photo journalist fell apart and his current job is a complete joke and Broome is a detective who hasn’t been able to let go of a seventeen year old case. When Megan becomes board and looks back at her old life, she decides to stop by the old club since she’s in the area for a conference. What follows is the unraveling of the seventeen year long mystery.

This was my first Corbin book and what a ride it was! Corbin is a master at tension. At one point I sighed with relief and realized I had been holding my breath. The story kept me guessing the whole time. I got part of it right but couldn’t see the big picture. I thought the character development was great, the three main characters being believable and real. The “supporting cast” was excellent as well. Ok, Ken and Barbie, can you say creepy? What is up with those two? I mean seriously, what is up with them? *Shiver* There was a mother-in-law with dementia which I related all too well with, the sassy barmaid at the club, Ray’s sarcastic boss, even an androgynous attorney. I really could not tell if this lawyer was female or an effeminate male.

I jotted down a conversation that made me laugh since most of us have probably had a similar one at least once in the last five years.

“Some ass wipe stole her away from me,” Fester said.


“She’s married now. To a plumbing contractor in Cincinnati. They got two sons. I saw all these pictures of them on Facebook. They did some Carnival Cruise last year. They go to Reds games. She looks really happy.”

“Everyone looks happy on Facebook.”

“I know, right? What’s up with that?” Fester tried to smile, but he couldn’t make it through the ache.

“…tried to smile but couldn’t make it through the ache.” What a descriptive line. I thought “Stay Close” was just excellent. I put Cobin in there with Gillian Flynn if you want a good thrilling mystery that will make your mouth drop open, your breath hitch and your stomach turn.

Rating: So good!

“Stay Close” at Audible ~ “Stay Close” at Amazon

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Random Happy

I think one of the reasons I had a grin while reading this was because the descriptions are so auditory. What a fun concept to contemplate!

The Absurd Beauty of Creating Musical Turnstiles in NYC”s Subway

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She’s got a Mustache Starting Here

I’m remembering now what a lot of typing does to my right shoulder muscle. Ow! I just worked it out a bit with my foam roller but it’s still giving me big twinges as I type this. So I’m going to write about a short dream I remember.

I rarely remember dreams and this one is sticking with me because it’s just so weird, though aren’t all dreams weird? Anyway, you know how at the dentist there’s no doors on the rooms? Why is that? Everyone can hear the dentist lecturing you about not flossing every day and you can hear the kid in the next room laughing with a wide open mouth.

In my dream I was at the dentist’s office, laying back in the chair, mouth wide open when the dentist says to his assistant, “she’s got a mustache starting here, we’re going to need the wax.”

My eyes widen in mortification that the entire office heard that I have the beginnings of a mustache and that’s where the dream ends.

This one is pretty simple to interpret. I’ve been to the dentist a lot recently, it’s Muvember (is that how they spell it?) so mustaches are talked about constantly on social networks, and I’m terrified of one day growing a ladystache (I just made that up) and I won’t know it and no one will tell me. Good times, dreams.

Random Happy

Grab the tissues! Beyonce makes young blind fan’s night with tear jerking dedication and duet ~ Direct youtube link to the video if you can’t play it in the article.

I secretly hoped this would happen to me when I went to the Carrie Underwood concert when I was six days blind but alas, hehe.


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“The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde – narrated by Simon Preble

This book was one of Audible’s new daily deals. I’ve discovered some good stuff I probably never would have stumbled upon or been willing to spend a credit on. The book I’m reading now is gooood and it was also a daily deal. That review will be fun.

I didn’t know anything about Oscar Wilde when I started reading ‘Dorian Gray’. I had heard his name and new this book was a classic but that was the extent of my knowledge of him. I didn’t get far into the book before I had to look him up. Immediately I noticed some homosexual undertones as the three main characters were introduced. In my reading of the entire Wikipedia page on Wilde, I discovered why. What a truly fascinating story! I skipped the section on the book so nothing would be spoiled. I read the Wikipedia page on the book the day I finished it. I ended up determined to finish it Saturday because I longed to move on to something else.

That is not to say I didn’t enjoy the book. However reading the Wikipedia page on it helped me understand the parts that pushed me to wanting to just finish it already. The book was controversial from the beginning when Wilde published it to a magazine and of course the homosexual undertones were a big reason. So he had to add a lot of details to the plot to shut up the critics. At least that was the conclusion I drew from what I learned about it all.

It’s really too bad and I wish the version I had gotten had been abridged. *gasp!* Yes, I admit it. I despise abridgement but if it restored the book to Wild’s original, I’d be all for it.

Dorian Gray was a beautiful young man with a kind and loving nature, so beautiful in fact that his artist friend Basil longed to paint his portrait and when Gray begins to sit for him, Basil quickly deems Dorian his muse. He unwillingly introduces Dorian to his friend Lord Henry, begging Henry not to ruin Dorian.

Let me just say that I grew to hate Henry. During a break from the portrait sitting, Dorian and Henry have a chat and the corruption begins. Henry lets Dorian know that his looks are everything and Dorian wishes, after gazing upon his portrait, that the portrait would age in place of himself. What follows is a tragedy in the making and while I steadily grew to dislike Dorian, I pulled for him, that he might find his way and get out from under Henry’s influence.

I don’t think I’m necessarily a fan of Wilde’s writing, though it’s unfair to judge him on one work. One of the things that drove me crazy was the fact that the characters didn’t so much have a dialogue, as one gave a speech to the other. I kept thinking that must be due to Wilde’s experience as a playwright. I’m pretty sure I could tell the passages Wild added later. They were long and rambling, giving details that to me, didn’t seem to be necessary. That’s why everything clicked when I read the Wikipedia page on the novel. So many times I found my mind wandering and then it would “come back to earth” as the plot thickened. (dun dun dun)

The ending went where I thought it would but not quite how I thought it would. It was a holy whoa moment, for sure. I enjoyed this book. I just wish I had gotten Wilde’s original.

Rating: Entertaining, though if not for Wild’s critics, it would have gotten a so good.

“The Picture of Dorian Gray” at Audible ~ ”The Picture of Dorian Gray” at Amazon

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Random Happy

I’ve decided to start including things I read in the mornings that make me happy. Yesterday’s post gave me the idea. Enjoy today’s!

Six Normal People Who Turned Into Action Heroes Out Of Nowhere

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