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“A Clash of Kings” (A Song of Ice and Fire Book 2) by George R. R. Martin – narrated by Roy Dotrice

I didn’t plan on a book post to wrap up NaBloPoMo 2013 but I suppose it’s fitting since the Roof has become something of an audio book review site haha! I hope those of you that read this month have enjoyed although it most certainly was not what I had planned. I had several ideas written down for posts but since November has officially been my worst month of this year, that all fell by the wayside. Oh well, what can you do, right? Winter is coming, after all…

“A Clash of Kings” was so very epic that I cannot even try to begin to say what it was about. Click on one of the links below to read a summary haha! I enjoyed this book but not as much as “A Game of Thrones”, mostly because this book had so much awfulness. Wars have broken out in the realm and suddenly there’s a whole mess of kings. I can’t even remember why the wars all started in the first place. I know it goes back to book one but these books are such epic odysseys that I can’t begin to try and remember how it all started.

It did get a bit tedious for me. I remember thinking, this is like watching four or five of your friends play Risk. You’re pretty sure you know who you want to win but then one of your friends does something ugly and you find yourself rooting for another. Oh and I never much cared for the game Risk haha!

I found myself thinking about what Carol says about the last Harry Potter book, “I got sick of reading about them wandering around the forest.” It wasn’t like everyone was just wandering around, but there’s only so much raping and pillaging one can take, you know? Oh but the big battle scene was awesome!!! Oh and I never thought I’d encounter another fictional teenaged boy that I would despise more than Draco Malfoy. *shakes fist at Joffrey* I’m not even going to look up his name to see if I spelled it correctly. He doesn’t deserve to have it spelled correctly.

Unlike all other series of books I’ve read, I’ll be taking another break between this and the next. I’ve got two books in mind and then I’ll tackle book three. It was good to read this one this month though, so that the majority of my NaBlo posts weren’t book reviews. I need to start thinking about the year end book post. Can you believe it?

Anyway, I don’t think this series would be fore everyone. But if you like kings and queens and ladies and knights and magic and dragons and fantasy, this series is for you. I’m grateful Dotrice narrates all the books, at least for now.

I <3 Tyrion

Rating: Entertaining

I’ll update as soon as there’s a change in my dental and health situations. Fingers crossed things improve soon.

“A Clash of Kings” at Audible ~ “A Clash of Kings” at Amazon

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Who’da thunk a trick from the old drunk days would come in handy in sobriety?

When I was an active alcoholic, there was about six months or so when I stayed in hotels a lot. No, I was not a hooker haha. I lived in a house with a bunch of people and the guy I was dating lived with his mom, so if we wanted privacy, we stayed in hotels. I was a waitress at the time so I always had cash in my pockets, making it too convenient to pay for a room every day.

If you’ve stayed in a lot of hotels or even just one once or twice a year, I’m sure you’ve noticed that the water pressure in the showers is sorely lacking. To me there’s nothing worse than a light drizzle in the shower. I want a downpour.

On Monday my apartments had all new toilets and shower heads installed to help with the conservation of water. I tried the shower head and could tell I wasn’t going to like it. B showered the next day and reported that yes, the water pressure sucks. I put off bathing since these days I try to only bathe once or twice a week. Bathing exhausts me and standing in the shower with vertigo? No fun. I’ve been taking baths but my body temp was getting too high so there was just no winning. Today I braved a shower since B was home.

Now what I don’t understand about these water conserving shower heads is this: if it takes you twice as long to rinse your hair, are you not using the same amount of water?

I was afraid of this since it’s hard enough to keep my arms above my head and now it would take twice as long. My hair is long right now since it’s just easier to maintain when long so my arms were aching just thinking about rinsing shampoo out of my hair twice and then rinsing the conditioner. I wrote “long” too many times and I’m not going to fix it. Bwah ha ha!

Luckily the old hotel living experiences came rushing back and I thought to try and twist the shower head. Could it possibly have a massage setting? Bingo! Using the massage setting condenses the stream of water into a much narrower set of jets thus increasing the water pressure and aiding with the rinsing process.

I thought about using it to actually massage my sore shoulder but let’s not get too excited. We are conserving water after all and it would take a lot more to actually massage my sore shoulder. Often ideas come to me in the shower but I think this is the first time I’ve had an idea to write about the shower in the shower.

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A Relaxing Thanksgiving

Today when I woke up I thought it was around 10am because B’s alarm clock was going off. Spinelli was crawling on me and when B moved, she ran over to him. Finally I propped myself up on an elbow and B said, “hi, good job.” He always says this to me when I sleep in but I was astonished when I checked the time and it was 11:10am. Whoa!

I was thrilled since I haven’t felt rested lately and I was pretty sure all that sleep was going to do me good. It’s a good thing I stayed up later than usual last night finishing up the Dexter show with B because I took Jayden out later so he wasn’t bursting this morning. B did joke that we had a four legged alarm clock in Spinelli.

It was bizarre getting up at the same time as B on a day off. On weekends he sleeps later than I do so going through my morning routine with him awake was something different.

The day was just nice and relaxing, lounging on the internet, reading people’s tweets as they prepared their feasts and enjoyed family. B and I contemplated going out to eat but in the end just got Boston Market take out. He decided to watch a movie from different categories so after we ate, we watched a horrifically bad parody of The Hunger Games, called The Starving Games. When it was over I remarked that I always forget I haven’t enjoyed a parody movie since I turned twenty. It had its good moments I suppose haha.

Now I’m just writing this while B watches another movie. I’ll post it and go back to Twitter and keep on relaxing. Sleeping tonight won’t be a problem even though I slept late today haha, already sleepy. Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh and thanks, Boston Market, for being open! B said the lady who rang him up said he was just in time since we got the last turkey and he didn’t have to wait in an hour long line like everyone else did all day. I told him I’m sure they were getting paid well but I still felt bad. He said they looked like they were having fun so I was relieved. I remember back when the town was completely shut down on Thanksgiving. Now there’s no such thing as a day off in retail/service industry jobs. My how times have changed.

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FREEQ and Desert Bus

I almost included this as a random happy in yesterday’s post but then realized it could be its own post for today, saving me some brain freeze trying to think of something to write haha!

I ran across a tweet yesterday about a game company and what they learned while making their game on iOS accessible to the blind. Here’s the post and it’s a fabulous read. Thanks Ricardo, for retweeting that.

The game is called FREEQ and it’s mostly an audio game, but when some blind iOS gamers heard about it, they were disappointed that the interface wasn’t accessible. So they contacted the developers as blind people tend to do and asked if the game could maybe be made accessible.

The developers were like what? Blind people use iOS devices? What? How? The normal questions haha! They did their research and were like you know what? Let’s not leave the blind people in the dark on this. It’ll be hard work but we can do it. How cool is that? Click that link; it’s good stuff!

The post mentions AppleVis, a huge community of blind and low vision Apple users. When I’m considering an app or a kind of app, I google whatever I need and always include AppleVis in the search. I’m also a member there; it’s an excellent community. So I found the AppleVis post on FREEQ after I read about the game and based on that and the desire to support the developers, I downloaded the game this morning. I haven’t spent much time with it but it sounds fun and different.

I just love it when developers *want* to make their stuff accessible, instead of feeling like they *have* to. Yay!

Random Happy

This morning I ran across this article about a boring game raising money for children. How perfect to include in a post about a video game. The stars aligned for me and today’s post haha! Anyway, turns out the game was made by Penn and Teller as a joke and it involves driving a bus on a boring stretch of road from Tucson to Las Vegas. That’s the game. And now it raises money for kids. What? Click the link. It’s awesome!

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She went walkin on the mountain

Today B and I went up to Mt. Lemmon. We knew it would just be a quick trip since I’ve been feeling so awful but man I would have liked to have stayed all day. There is something about higher elevation and cold that makes me feel so much better. I took a Dramamine before hitting the road at about 1pm. Going up wasn’t so bad but coming down? Nausea anyone?

When we got out of the car in Summer Haven it was cold! We had slipped on a small patch of ice as we neared the summit. As soon as I stepped out of the car I heard water running as snow melted. B kept exclaiming at all the snow. I wanted to make it there today knowing there’d be snow after all the rain we had down here. I almost chickened out this morning. I just don’t feel well. I’m glad we went.

I’m probably all over the place in this post. I’m tired. I hadn’t been to the mountain since it burned in 2003 and it seemed like most of what I remembered was different. We found a visitor center thing with a restroom and I swear this ladies room had a maze of swinging doors inside.

We took Jayden to the snow and he marked it (don’t eat yellow snow) and then sniffed and sniffed and sniffed. Here’s a Twitpic of Jayden in the snow.

I practically had to drag him out of the white stuff so we could get back in the car. The humans were cold, especially B.

On the way up I broke the guide dog in a car rule and let Jayden rest his upper body on my legs so he could look out. On the way down he curled up and passed out. When we got home I stretched out on the bed. Night and day how I felt up there and down here. Shuffling around taking Jayden out, I told B about how when I was first diagnosed with MS, Gamma walked faster than I did at the mall. It passed back then so hopefully it passes this time. But I can’t get over how much more graceful I moved up on the mountain.

Oh yeah, and the snow in that picture? That’s only an hour from where I live.

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May have been my last crabs

It has ben so hard for me to think of a post, let alone write one, every day for NaBloPoMo this year. I learned a new term on the Patients Like Me forumyesterday. I don’t feel like doing a link so look at yesterday’s post if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Anyway the term is “cog fog”. Love ! That’s definitely me. I have no mental energy and my arms are sore because B and I went out to eat tonight to Joe’s Crab Shack.

I could barely crack open the crab legs to get the meat. My hands are losing dexterity and my arms were aching from holding my hands over the bucket and trying to crack the crabs.

I’m hoping this is temporary but I’m feeling more and more weakness as time goes on and my last two big MS relapses were after tooth infections. So, you do the math.

Fingers are crossed this doesn’t get any worse.

Did the subject line make you think I was referring to the venereal disease?


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Patients Like Me

When I was diagnosed with MS in 2006, I was told to see a neurologist after being diagnosed in the hospital. I was assigned a neuro and began seeing him immediately. He told me to stay off the internet because reading about my disease would just scare me. He called his MS patients a glum lot. I vowed not to look up MS on the internet or be glum.

When I went blind in 2008, the neuro was at a loss. He acted like this was so rare, to go permanently blind from MS. He also told me there was no pain with MS. Needless to say I began questioning his advice but I still didn’t go hunting online and I still did not want to be glum.

I don’t remember how I found Patients Like Me in 2009. I must have been doing some sort of search, probably looking for hope that my optic neuritis wasn’t permanent. I was able to sign up on the site but I wasn’t proficient enough with Voiceover to figure out how to post and communicate with the patients like me.

After this last few weeks of some definite MS activity, I’ve craved support from others with the disease. I went back to the site today, reset my password since I couldn’t remember it, and vowed to stay until I’d figured it out. The site is more than just a support community. Patients can track their symptoms and flairs, help with research, even find trials to participate in. The site uses the term “brain fog”! Haha yay!

I managed to post in the forum and trade messages with another woman. I’m among my fellows! Sure, their stories might be scary but their support will be most welcome. I have become glum. I must reverse this.

What prompted this was a search I did last night because I couldn’t seem to get a full breath of air. I was shocked when MS stuff popped up. The MS hug? Here’s one of the pages I found. After reading about it I did some more searching and found another forum thread about it somewhere. Some of the people get it when it’s humid, and we had crazy wet weather here Friday and Saturday. Reading all the posts about this MS hug and also some spastic events in the back, I almost wanted to cry. Thanks to the tips they posted, I was able to get a full breath. I also discovered that my gabapentin eases the hug. Yay!

Avoiding MS on the internet all these years has kept me rather lonely. Oh also a discussion I was having with my friend Ricardo prompted my desire to get active on PLM when I told him that when my MS is doing its thing, my loneliness increases. I’m grateful I was able to figure the site out and I hope I keep visiting there. I think it will be good for me to talk with the patients like me.


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It’s a good samaritan day

I don’t feel well enough to write anything of substance. Grateful for Twitter and the wealth of good links there.

Homeless good samaritan rewarded for returning wallet

Auto play video: What was good samaritan thinking as he tackled suspect

Good stuff. Thanks for the smiles, internet.

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The Cognitives

I woke up some time before 5am today and was laying there hoping to get back to sleep but contemplating just getting up when I thought, that wouldn’t be good for the cognitives. Then I thought that could be a funny band name. Then for some reason that song Do the Hustle was in my head and the next thing I knew the alarm was going off.

I’ve been in another foggy haze today. The weather was crazy. Plenty of rain which made the desert happy.

Not long before B was due home from work, the power went out. It’s amazing how lost we are today when the power goes out. I remember as a kid it was an adventure. Now it’s like, wait, my modem doesn’t work! Oh no! My cell phone only has a 50% charge!

Luckily the power came back on not long after it went out. My smoke detector began to sound like a cordless phone from 1995.

B got home and we ate and talked for a bit and then went to watch The Black List On Demand like we’ve been doing on Fridays but there was no episode this week so B started looking at documentaries. We previewed one about baseball in another country but it sounded like men acting like drama queens so we passed. We settled on a 911 conspiracy theory documentary. Now I’ve watched and read some interesting theories about 911 but this thing was just ridiculous. I wonder how many times he said “question”. At least we both had a good laugh. Oh man, we should have watched something about JFK. I think the conspiracy theory about Joe DiMaggio having Kennedy killed was more believable than most of the stuff in this documentary. Fifty years ago wow. Fifty years ago today.

There was just enough time for me to quickly put something up for today’s post before going and passing out. I tell you, NaBloPoMo is really difficult this year with how sick I’ve been. Maybe I’ll get the cognitives back soon.

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So that’s why Twitter and I work so well together

I’m having a terrible cognitive day today. Started taking vitamins this morning instead of the usual Lexapro and Zyrtec, couldn’t remember if I took my probiotic. Just a little bit ago I did something with the air conditioner/fan control that had me seriously questioning my ability to think properly. This morning when I was turning on iTunes Radio I voiced a thought out loud that made me chuckle so I wrote it down. I’ve since jotted down a few other random thoughts so I’m just going to post that because I’m not capable of thinking any further beyond what I’ve just written.


So wait, did they put the Fun in with the Lorde?

Apartment complex: Let’s street sweep and leaf blow right before a huge rain storm hits town.

I thought about Georgie this morning and then she called out of the blue. I began thinking about a million dollars.

Cell phone calls on airplanes? Nooooo! How annoying would that be if the guy behind you was shouting into his phone?


Those are pretty much just tweets. No wonder (actually wrote “no longer” wow) Twitter and I get along so well. It doesn’t take much brain power.


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