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M-O-O-N, That Spells I Can’t Think of a Title

This morning I had to moderate a spam comment that slipped through my filters. This made me realize just how neglected my blog has been when I had to log in to WordPress to spam the comment. When I opened my Twitter client I tweeted that thought and wondered if maybe I would write a post today. And look what I’m doing!

It’s not really a surprise to me that I’m writing a post. My baseball season is over. Baseball itself isn’t over but to me it is since my beloved Rays were knocked out in the first round AGAIN. I almost rather it had been to the Texas Rangers again and not the team that must not be named. Anyway, it seems that when baseball is over my mind frees up or something. I should look back at previous Octobers and see if the posting increased haha!

Next month is NaBloPoMo so I’ll begin posting daily then. Perhaps posting now is a way to begin warming up. I have TONS of book posts to write. I mean TONS. Audible started this daily deal thing. An audio book a day at a ridiculously low price. I started keeping a tally, not allowing myself to spend any more than I was on their buy three credits for the price of two deal that I was partaking in every month. I had to set a limit for myself or God only knows how much I’d spend on the daily deals. My tally resets when I get my monthly credits. This credit period I got ten books for the price of two credits. I’d say that’s a pretty awesome deal!

These are good books their offering, too. When they introduced the daily deal they said something like, we hope you’ll take a chance on a book you might not have before. I most certainly have done just that. So yeah, needless to say there are a lot of book posts I have yet to write. I’m reading totally freely now that I have an abundant supply and don’t have to limit myself. I’ll also finally be signing up for books for the blind now that they’ve gotten current and have an iOS app. Though I still like the “normalcy” of buying books and collecting. Call it something I don’t want to give up from my sighted days?

Jayden is fine and we’re both excited that the weather is cooling off. Summer hibernation is leaving! Yay! I had a really really really bad summer. My health took a turn this year with regards to weather and it was not fun. It was getting nearly impossible to control my pain. I managed to push through until monsoons ended but something will have to be done before next summer. I’m just glad I’m on the other side of it and now it’s time to get back to being active again.

I’ve been doing quite a lot of baking. I don’t know what started it but one day I was like, I want home baked cookies. My mom and I always had stuff on hand to bake cookies when we felt like it and I realized I didn’t have any of that anymore. I hit Amazon. My first batch of Ghirardelli chocolate chip cookies didn’t come out all that great haha. Mom and I always made the recipe on the back of a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips. B had picked up the milk chocolate. Good, but not right. It was a good thing I made that first batch while B was home because I did the old sighted thing of not actually putting ON the oven mitts, just kind of holding them. My thumb touched the rack and I dropped the mitt. In the oven. Yeah…lesson learned haha!

I’ve since made several different kinds of cookies. Mom and I always loved snicker doodles so I looked up some recipes online. I decided on this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction. They are delicious! Even B ate them and he’s the pickiest eater on the planet. Anyway, I’ve since tried Sally’s peanut butter cookies and OMG YUM! I think those are my favorite so far because they satisfy the sweet tooth and I can’t eat many because peanut butter has protein and protein fills you up. I ate the last one yesterday so I might need to bake some more today. *grin*

I had also made some oatmeal raisin cookies since my friend Erik said those are his favorite. The recipe I found wasn’t one of Sally’s though. They were good, but I’m going to try one of Sally’s. She’s my new favorite person.

Oh, shhh don’t tell, but I gave Jayden a tiny piece of peanut butter cookie. That’s the first time I have ever done that but he LOVES peanut butter haha!

My friend Carol says she’s developing a doughnut instead of a muffin top so I’ve started saying I’m developing a cookie. Yeah…really need to incorporate exercise back in if I’m to keep up the baking.

Exercise hit a huge snag over the summer of misery. The zombie runs I love so much had gotten downright painful. Jogging around the house is my only option and it was killing my knees. I want to get a little trampoline to jog in place on. I really think that could do the trick. That’s no excuse for not doing TRX or Pilates but I was already in so much pain I didn’t want to add even the good pain of exercise. Time to ease back in.

Ok, I think this has been a decent update for my one reader who hasn’t left hahah! Kidding kidding. I’m fairly certain the posting will increase big time now that my Rays have begun their off season. *sob*

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Doggy Diaries: Jayden is Five! What?! (Contains audio)

I’m in denial that Jayden is five. I’ve celebrated his birthday all day but I’m in denial. He can’t be five! He just can’t be!

Friday the package arrived with his new toys and I gave him two new Nylabones then but I saved the new toys for today. One of the toys is this crackly sounding Cuz toy that has water bottle type material in it. I knew from the reviews that it wouldn’t last long. I also got him a holy Cuz toy and a Tugga Wubba. After I got the crackly thing out I realized I wanted to record so I tortured him for a minute while I got my phone haha. Right off the bat he went for a run with the crackly Cuz and lost it. He found it though. After a bit of play I remembered the Blue Buffalo jerky I also got last week. I was pretty sure the first bag I opened last week was chicken and today I opened the beef. What do you think, did I taste the beef?

Jayden also got some extra banana and it was just coincidence but I opened a fresh bag of dog food at dinner time. We had a nice relaxing day full of fun and cuddles and extra treats. The thunder is rumbling outside as I write this and he naps beside me on the couch.

Happy birthday my amazing boy! I love you so much! I’m so glad I have the audio of this day. I hope we don’t get a storm like last year’s!


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Carnival Post – Top Ten

Here is the complete Carnival!


It’s the tenth Assistance Dog Blog Carnival! Click here to read about what the blog carnival is and click here to read about this round and it’s topic. The ADBC has come full circle in this round, being hosted by the original host, After Gadget.

I have had the ultimate writer’s block but really wanted to submit since I submitted in the first round. I’m just going to write and not try to be organized haha! The topic for this post is “Perfect Ten”. I wracked my brains trying to come up with an idea but my inner creative chick is still sleeping apparently so I’m just going to jump in to some free form and see what comes out. Sometimes writing about Jayden is like trying to express gratitude. I tend to get very flustered when my heart is so full.

Jayden isn’t perfect and nor am I but I always say our match was perfect. Guide Dogs for the Blind was perfect in matching Jayden to me. I can’t imagine anything that is lacking from our partnership. When GDB asked me what I wanted in a dog I had no idea since I grew up with cats. I told them I just needed a chill dog who would be ok when my MS flared up and I needed to rest. I think GDB gave me the most chill dog available haha! He is cool with whatever I need. He loves to relax on the couch with me but when I need him to work he snaps to attention like a soldier. He has gotten so in tune with me that he knows exactly what I need, sometimes before I do. He’ll slow down on walks when he knows I’m tiring. Sometimes I try to speed him up and he disobeys and then I feel my fatigue. He knows before I do; it’s pretty crazy! He really was the perfect match in so many ways. I’m amazed at these schools and how well they do in the matching process.

I never imagined all the added bonuses (non guide work stuff) that would come with a guide dog. Let’s see if I can come up with ten added bonuses:

Good Potassium Numbers

When I was in the hospital when I went blind, my potassium was dangerously low. They gave me a pill and after I saw my doctor upon my release, she ordered a banana a day. That didn’t work out so well because I couldn’t make bananas last long enough; they went bad so quickly. After I got Jayden, I remember his raiser telling me Jay loved bananas. Now my potassium stays in good shape thanks to bananas and orange juice. How could anyone not want to share a banana with a dog who goes crazy when he hears the question, “do you want a banana?” (That link has audio) Oh and orange juice taste even better when it’s a banana chaser!

Tear Soaker Upper

I should have known what a comfort Jayden would be when I’m sad. Heck even my cats have soaked up tears over the years but they don’t hold still like Jayden does. Since Jayden and I have that incredibly strong bond of assistance dog and handler, he knows when I need him to just lay still and let me cry on him. It’s a good thing tears don’t hurt his coat haha!

A Schedule A Dog Makes

One of the hardest parts about going blind and being medically retired was the sudden loss of a schedule. Weekends were no longer anything special since every day was like a weekend. Working folk think this would all be a dream come true but when you’re twenty-nine and suddenly can’t be self supporting, it’s a huge loss of identity. It’s amazing what a schedule will do to add a sense of purpose, at least it did for me. Jayden is on a feeding and relieving schedule very similar to what he had at guide dog school. Working my life around his schedule led me to realize how great schedules can be for adding structure to my otherwise structureless life. I’ve since come up with workout and cleaning schedules that turn my week into a “work week” and allow me to enjoy weekends with B. Amazing how a pee schedule for my guide dog turned my day-to-day life into something more “normal”.

Fitness Lives

When I decided to get a guide dog I knew I’d have to do some work to build up my stamina. I needed to be able to walk a mile since I’m pretty sure that was one of the requirements for acceptance to GDB. Luckily the blind center has a gym and a health and wellness program and my name came up on the waiting list at the same time I decided to apply to GDB. Serendipity? My whole life I’ve wanted to be fit and healthy but it’s hard without guidance and I was never successful. I reached my goal of being prepared for guide dog school but I never stopped with the fitness. It has since become something of an addiction for me and since I no longer can work out at the blind center, I’ve developed a program for myself at home. I’m more fit that I’ve ever been and exercise has been the best form of treatment for the MS. This might be the most important added bonus!


Ok this is easily a tie with the fitness as one of the best added bonuses. Anyone who smokes or used to smoke knows how hard it is to quit. For me it was easier to quit drinking than it was to quit smoking. Jayden became another motivation however, when I thought about what would happen to him if I wasn’t around. I also hated exposing him to that and I’ve now been quit over a year.

Someone To Watch Over

I’ve never wanted children. Ever since I was a teenager I didn’t want children. It’s almost as if something prepared me for my future. It’s not that I can’t have kids now,I’m fully capable, but I wouldn’t have the energy. The MS is definitely my primary disability, not the blindness. However as a woman, it’s in my nature to want to care for something. I worked in therapy about the choice not to have children because even though for years I told myself I didn’t want them, there was still this huge sense of loss when I realized I would never carry a child and rase an adult. Jayden has filled a huge part of that void and that is something I certainly never expected. I knew going into this partnership that Jayden would look to me to fill his needs but I never expected the fulfillment I get out of being that person for him! I take pride when the vet tells me how good his teeth look or when a fellow dog lover tells me how great he looks. Yes, he was raised by another before he came to me, but I’ve continued to mold and shape him and care for him and I think of him as my child. I think most animal owners think of their pets as their kids, I know I always did with my cats, but this goes so much deeper. I never expected my guide dog to fill most of the void left by the child I’ll never have.

Fear Management

The first summer after I went blind we had an insane monsoon season and during one particularly bad storm, I asked B to go into the spare room and get the cat out of there. I can’t remember why I wanted her out. B went to go get her and then I heard shattering glass and the door slam and I started screaming, not sure where B was. The wind had been howling and whistling, sounds I had never heard before. B was ok, he had just come out of the room when the wind blew the window in and caused the door to slam. After that I was terrified of wind. I was afraid I would transfer this fear to my dog so I asked at school what to do about that. I was told to just try and be as cool as possible and make storms fun for my dog. I never imagined how this would cure me of my fear! Now the wind has to be really bad to scare me but I don’t panic like I used to. I just calmly take Jayden with me to a safe spot in the house and “cuddle”. I feel safer and he doesn’t get freaked out. I love this added bonus! That fear of wind was getting debilitating before Jayden came around.

Ultimate Feet Warmer

As I’ve been writing this off and on over the last few hours, Jayden has been in several positions on the couch next to me. While I was writing the last bit, he got off the couch and lay down on my feet. It’s almost like he was saying, “don’t forget to include how much you love it when I lay on your feet!” There is just something so comforting about the weight of him on my feet and nothing is better at warming them! I love it when he does this. The only negative about when your dog is comfortable with some part of him resting on you is that you don’t want to disturb him and therefore don’t move. I’m pretty sure my feet are going to fall asleep haha!

Attitude Adjustment

It’s really hard to stay in a bad mood when you have a goober head constantly cheering you up. I might be feeling depressed and then it’s time for Jayden’s afternoon Kong Wobbler treat. I’ve taken to pronouncing “wobbler” so it sounds very French and you can’t stay in a bad mood when you’re asking your dog if he wants his Wobbler in a high pitched silly French accent. Then when he’s done with it and I ask him to show me and he takes me to where he left it, I get so proud and excited and he gets thrilled to get his reward “cookie”, that I find myself grinning so big my cheeks ache.


When I decided to apply for a guide dog, I told my friend Chupa that I wanted to start a blog to document the process. I jokingly said I could call it Doggy Diaries or something. She said I totally should and my old Blogger blog was born along with the Doggy Diaries category. Before I knew it I was a part of a fellowship of other guide dog handlers and puppy raisers and I felt so apart of the blind community, finally. I felt so alone when I went blind since no one I knew understood what I was going through. There was one woman I spoke with on the phone, a friend of a friend and it was actually her guide dog who was the first guide dog I met. This blog though, led me to the people who helped me feel not so lonely and they came with me on the journey of getting a guide dog. Some of those people are still my closest friends today and I bet some of those people are submitting posts for this very carnival. The fellowship in the guide dog community is certainly one I never in a million years expected when I applied to GDB in September of 2009!

Ok wow, my arms are aching something awful but look, I wrote the post! Haha, and it turned out more organized than I thought it would. I’ll come back and add a link to the complete carnival post when it’s up.


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Doggy Diaries – Jayden got treats and new toys and a storm for his birthday

Jayden is four today. Four! Four. Four? How on earth did that happen? I mean really? I’ve had moments of feeling panic for some reason. Four just feels old. I’m being overly dramatic, I know haha. It’s been an emotional day. July 15th will always have a double meaning, Jayden’s birthday being happy and the other part sadness.

But, we’ll stick to happy. Jayden always gets extra love and extra spoiling on his birthday, which means a lot haha. The other day he gets extra spoiled is the anniversary of our meeting, on February 17th.

So first, he had a Kong stuffed with peanut butter and two and a half of his Iams dog biscuits. The Kong is this dental Kong thing, so both ends are open wide and the center is a bit narrow. It’s perfect for jamming biscuits in there.

When he was done with it, he showed me where it was which earned him another half biscuit. Then B went out to get groceries and dog food and I had him pick out new rubber squeaky toys for Jayden. He found a rubber squeaky bone and a rubber squeaky football. Of course I’ve forgotten the name of the brand. Just asked B, it’s JW. Anyone know anything about that brand? Anyway, I was going to put groceries away before playing but Jayden heard the squeak and came running. I cut the tag off the bone and gave it a toss and Jayden attacked, chewing and tugging with me and then when I tossed it again he ran all over the house with it, scattering the cats on his way. He came back to me huffing with no bone and B had to go find it. Jayden had dropped it in the cats’ room haha.

We played for a bit and then when I was putting groceries away, Jayden was more curious in that than the bone, so he watched me and then we shared a banana.

I cut the tags off the football, which is really cool by the way, and gave it a toss. Again Jayden ran around the house with it, but he didn’t lose that one haha!

I don’t know how long we played. The game was on, Rays and Red Sox. Looking back at last year’s birthday post, there was a Boston game on later that night. I wonder who won that one? The Rays lost today.

I put on afternoon coffee after putting the toys up and Jay and I both collapsed on the couch together for awhile. Then I gave him his Kong Wobbler. When he’s done with it he comes to me and I ask him to show me. He takes me to it and then gets a cookie. (Iams biscuit) Today he came to me in the kitchen not long after I gave it to him. I figured he got it stuck somewhere so I asked him to show me and then I put my hand on his back and followed him.

This part amazed me haha. He took me to the back of B’s couch, where there’s a space between the back of it and the wall, with a shelf thing, a small set of drawers and B’s CD racks. I felt around for a second and then Jayden shouldered past me into the little space in the corner. I crawled in after him and felt him and he was pointing his nose to my couch, which is on an L to B’s couch. I wriggled into the space and felt around, finally grazing the plastic of the Wobbler lodged under my couch. I burst out laughing and calling out lots of good boys.

I don’t remember how I taught him to find the Wobbler and Kongs and stuff for me. He just kinda picked up on it I think, from watching me time and time again feel around for his toys and such. I honestly don’t know. He finds stuff just about every time for me though and sometimes if I’m feeling around and not finding whatever it is, I can sense his frustration and he’ll go paw it or nudge it toward me haha! One time he actually picked up a Kong and tossed it at me.

The finding was the only work he did today. The rest was tons of play, cuddling and treats. He’s passed out on the floor at my feet right now as a storm rages outside.

I know he doesn’t know it’s his birthday or why he’s getting extra love, treats and new toys, but I know, and I have so much fun celebrating with him and spoiling him! I just can’t believe he’s four. He wasn’t even two when I brought him home.

My little boy is growing up! Happy birthday my mellow yell goober head, I love you sooooooo much!

I was just wrapping this up and was going to edit when the storm got nuts out of nowhere. I have to make my poor birthday boy wait to eat and relieve since this storm is insane. Frustrating! Poor boy has to wait on his birthday. B just stepped out for dinner and this freak storm hit.

Ok that was nuts. It rained solid for about two hours. I finally tried to have Jay do his business on the patio but he wasn’t having it. We got soaked even under the awning. He’s used to eating first but I thought it had been awhile since he had been outside and he was sitting by the door. Since he didn’t go I went ahead and fed him and in that short amount of time, the rain let up. We went back out and got wet but not drenched. B had forbade me to even go out on the patio to see if Jayden had to go just before all this, it was that bad.

Crazy way to end Jay’s birthday. I’m really glad he doesn’t know it’s his birthday and that he couldn’t eat or pee when he’s used to haha! I’ve lived here my whole life and can’t remember such crazy rain. Wow.

B said it looked like an alienate invasion. I wonder what the damage reports around town will be.

Anyway, happy birthday Jay! Haha, hope I did a good job of staying calm so you won’t get afraid of storms. I think I did. Felt that panic rise up a couple times, but I stomped it down. Actually, I don’t think the wind got as bad as it’s gotten before. B just exclaimed, ‘there’s the sun!”


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A post with stuff in it

I have no idea what I’m about to write about. My two best friends are out of town and have been for quite some time. While I rarely hang out with them, we talk on the phone. A lot. Which is odd because I hate the phone. Georgie and I talk every morning for at least an hour during the week, and Carol and I talk usually about every other day or so. For hours. When I was with T-Mobile, it worked great because so is she, so our calls were free. She has a spoon thief illness too, so we’ve really bonded over the years. Its rare that we both have energy on the same day to hang out, so we do it on the phone from the comfort of our own homes.

I forgot that she told me to blog more while she’s out of town since we can’t talk nearly as often. Oops…

So I’m blogging now. carol, it’s hot. What more is there to say? I’ve definitely got the summer blues since the heat makes me hibernate. It doesn’t help that you and Georgie planned your out of town ventures at the same time. You two must have better planning next year, ok? This will be something only you will understand. I needed Chapter 8 last night. It helped a lot.

In other news, the beeping cat collar broke. I’ve ordered another one. In the meantime, Timmy isn’t as easy to find, so that’s been a pain.

Jayden is doing well, though he’s not enjoying the weather either. I walked him all over Saavi on Monday while we waited for our ride, since walking outside is impossible now. Back to finding creative ways to work and exercise the boy. How quickly this time has snuck up on me.

The AZ wildfires are getting under control now that the wind has died down, thank God. I forget what day it was, Sunday maybe? B said he could see the smoke outside. The winds had shifted and blown it our way. I went outside and could smell it. There’s no rain in the foreseeable future, but today the humidity is up as well as the dew point, so maybe? Maybe? After a monsoon passes, there’s a decent window to get outside for a walk. I can’t wait for that. Though last year the storms seemed to come more at night, so who knows.

That’s really all there is, Carol, at least all that can be shared in public. Haha!

Of course there’s baseball, that’s a no brainer. The Rays are off today though. I hate off days. Nothing to look forward to.

I somehow managed to discover that Wil Wheaton is on Twitter. That led me to his blog which led me to his podcast. He still talks about Star Trek, but holy crap, Wesley Crusher is grown up. He swears. He wrote a book going over each episode from the first season of TNG, so in the podcast, he goes over each episode. Hilarious! I was so in love with Wil Wheaton when I was an early teen and now I think I love him even more. He’s a geek in real life!

Oh and Carol, I finally started following Ice T since a Twitter friend mentioned that she does so it finally reminded me to.

I’ve got another awesome Twitter friend. She’s sending me an ‘I (heart symbol) Longo’ t-shirt. It was a giveaway at the Trop last year and she got an extra one. How cool is that? She also tweeted all the Rays on Twitter and told them to read my last post, the one about the Rays being more than just a baseball team. Emeel Salem tweeted back that he enjoyed it. I need to have a way to compose blogs when I’m in bed because I had the post in my head the night before and in my original idea, I was going to mention that along with all the Twitter friends I’ve found because of the Rays, I also found Emeel Salem, who’s music has brought me such joy and who’s fundraising efforsts for tornado victims have been inspiring and fun to participate in. But I had a brain lapse and left it out of the post and he read it. Bullocks.

Something else cool might happen but I can’t write it, so you’ll have to call me when you get a chance. I think that’s about it. Summer sucks, baseball rocks and Jayden is a goof. Oh yeah, and my Twitter friends have been a giant help in filling the void you and Georgie have left in my life, darn you girls. 😉

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Attack of the spoon thief

I had a message from Carol earlier and she mentioned that I haven’t written anything on the blog this week. I noticed that earlier when I was catching up on blogs that I haven’t written since Monday. So I thought I’d fire off something quickly.

I didn’t really notice that I was in a kind of fatigue this week because it’s just kinda there, if that makes any sense. Also, I think I’m just getting used to it and won’t really notice it until someone points out that I’ve been a bit absent. So I looked back on this week and wow, yeah haha. I’ve been doing my plan B, as Carol calls it. I didn’t even realize I was doing it. I guess it’s just normal.

Basically my good hour or so has been given to Jayden, so when I’m feeling ok, I play with him and stuff. Looking back on this week I realize I’ve done nothing mentally taxing. So I guess this week is more about the brain fog than the lack of spoons, though when I’m in brain fog mode, I’m usually physically fatigued as well.

I did my workouts and lessons with Dave like normal, and did two loads of laundry yesterday which totally zapped me. I haven’t even read blogs this week. I was just crocheting and listening to movies once all my stuff was done. Lengthy phone conversations wore me out. So Carol, that’s why I didn’t answer. I’m so glad you understand that part of the spoons. 🙂

Today I caught up on blogs and I’m feeling really foggy. I think listening to the synthesized voice on my computer is actually mentally taxing. When a movie is on, I can just zone out.

So that’s what’s up. It’s been pretty rainy and humid this week which I know is contributing to this. It really all started Tuesday morning after a lesson on campus, which hopefully I’ll write about soon. It seems Saturday mornings are really when I do a lot of blogging. I’ve got some stories to share, and a few cool emails from ACB.

So, stay tuned. The season is getting ready to change, so I might be out of commission some more, but we’ll see. Well, some of you will. Hahahahaha!


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Goalball and lightening

Last week I was talking with Lisa about possibly joining the local Goalball team. It starts next month. Hopefully they have enough interested women this year. Guys and girls practice together, but last year only the men got to compete because they had enough players.

So after the workout today I asked to see a goalball. She got one out and handed it to me. It’s heavy! It’s about the size of a basketball and it’s got bells inside.

She showed me the defending position. You actually fall over on your hip and stretch completely out, so yu’re laying on your side with your body kinda in an arc position, with your arm up over your face. She rolled a ball at me slowly to show me how my body would catch it. So basically you hear it coming at you and dive. Once you have the ball, you have ten seconds to throw it and try to score a goal against the other defenders.

To throw it, you get up quickly and roll it like you’re bowling. Thing is, there are no holes, so you have to palm the ball and do it fast enough that you use centrifical force to keep it in your hand. We tried having me throw it at her and she was pretty impressed with my throws.

It’s going to be fun! She seems to think I’ll be good, just from the little she saw today. We’re gonna play around some more on Wednesday. I’ll wear lots of padding and stuff and I’ll need to get clothes that cover most of my skin, as that ball is hard and rough.

We’ll see how it goes with the MS. Now that I’ve been home awhile, I’m seriously dragging. So I hope that little bit wasn’t too much.

Last night we had some pretty crazy storms. I took Jayden out about 8:30 and thought I actually saw a lightening flash. So when I came in, I stood at the screen and told B I thought I was seeing lightening. He came up to the door and I would say “there!” when I caught a flash and he kept saying, yep, yep. I was seeing lightening. Now, I’ve never tried looking for lightening before, so I don’t know if I’ve always had that ability since going blind. It was sooo awesome though! I just parked it on the floor by the door and watched the flashes. Some were so bright I actually jumped.

I really doubt I’d ever get anything useful back. I’ve always had the ability to notice a sudden light change, like if the room is dark and the light goes on, I’d notice it, sometimes. And I can tell the difference between light and dark clothing when they are next to each other. Lately though it seems like the contrast is a little sharper, and Timmy’s patterning, being a black and white cat, has been more noticeable.

With optic neuritis, vision tends to come back in a few months, a little muted. It’s been four years for my right eye and over two for my left, so I seriously doubt I’d ever get much more back. But it’s certainly odd to notice some improvement. Or maybe I just got so used to being blind, I quit trying to see. So maybe it’s the same non vision I’ve always had but now I notice it more? Who knows. Like I said, it’s nothing useful, can’t use it to navigate or anything, but it’s cool to watch lightening. 😉

Ok wow. Total spoon attack. Damn fatigue. I hate you haha.


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Doggy Diaries – Jayden smells like a hippy

Jayden got a bath today at the do-it-yourself dog wash place I found. It was pretty darned cool!

A staff member lifted Jayden into the tub for me and they have a tie down thing, then he showed me where the soap and stuff is, and the spray thing and stuff. They use all natural products, so Jayden got all natural oatmeal soap. A dog’s version of Aveeno? It took awhile to shampoo him because the guy said to use the whole bottle. Then it was time to rinse him. Jayden didn’t much care for the sprayer lol. The staff guy would check in periodically, but I did the whole thing myself.

I didn’t use the cream rinse because by that point I was getting tired and I knew Jayden wouldn’t want the spray thing again. The staff guy showed me how to squeegie Jayden with my hands. Wow lots of water came off. Then I towel dried him a bunch, then used the dryer. He didn’t like the dryer much. I kept giving him pieces of kibble. I’m so glad I still don’t leave home without my kibble pouch.

After he was all bathed I checked out the toys but they didn’t have much. I got their last Kong and a thing. I call it a thing because I don’t know what it is. I doubt it will last long. It’s a stuffed thing with things on it hahahaha!

Now that I know what toys I want, I can order them on Amazon. After getting some recommendations here, I feel more comfortable ordering online.

We got home and Jayden got his frozen Kong, I talked to Gamma and then promptly fell into bed. I rarely ever get into bed in the middle of the day, but I am absolutely exhausted. The monsoons are really starting to gear up and I can feel the pressure change. I think I might have half a spoon. Unfortunately I couldn’t sleep, but layed in bed for about an hour.

Oh I also got Jayden a red flat collar for around the house, and some all natural dog biscuits to keep at Gamma’s.

Couldn’t spoil him much for his birthday since they didn’t have what I wanted, but that only means he’ll get spoiled when the stuff arives after I order it.

Ok, might have to go lay down again. I’m just not feeling well at all. It’s been a rough week.

At least the Rays play tonight. Go Rays!

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Weather and nothing

It’s been awhile since I just sat down to write about whatever. I know weather is at the forefront of what I feel like writing. I was talking to Erik the other day and it seems we always come around to weather. That makes me feel old. How’s the weather? Hot. Really? It can’t be worse than it is here. Oh yeah? Yeah, I’m in the desert, you’re in CT. It’s 91 with 95 percent humidity. What???

Ok folks. I have a confession to make. My entire life I hated it when people would say, yeah but it’s a dry heat, in reference to the AZ heat. I’d always say yeah an oven is dry too. But I get it. I get it now. The older I get and especially with the MS, I notice humidity. I know we don’t have it bad like most everywhere else. I get that now. Because when we do have it, I’m miserable. So I get it ok? I won’t get mad when people say it’s a dry heat. I can be out in the hundred degree weather for short periods of time, to take Jayden out, to walk to the car, and it’s fine. But when you add in humidity, I’m miserable instantly.

The last few mornings I’ve taken Jayden out and then come in to check the weather, not trusting that the misery I felt was true, trying to convince myself to go for a walk. It’s been in the upper eighties with humidity in the upper twenties at 6:30am. Ugh. To most, those are probably pretty ok numbers, but it’s really hard on me.

I know that this is just the beginning of the monsoon season. The monsoons are just hanging around, close enough to raise the humidity, but they aren’t doing anything, which means we get no relief. When the monsoons finally start, the humidity will break a bit, the temp will drop before the storms, the wind will be cool. But right now it’s just ick.

I’m dreading going to Gamma’s today, because of the weather. Supposedly we’re finally supposed to see some storm action today. There hasn’t even been the rumble of thunder. There has been rain twice, but not a cooling rain. We’ll need to run by the store when B picks me up from her house and I’m just dreading getting into the hot car. That’s the worst part, getting into a vehicle after it’s been sitting for fifteen minutes.

So that’s my rambling about the weather. It’s just making me ache all over. I got a massage the other day and it’s a good thing because I was in so much pain before the massage, can you imagine adding the humidity on top of that if I hadn’t gotten the massage? Owwww.

I’ve been really good about taking a vitamin, finally. I got the one a day womens vitamin. I think they’ve definitely helped balance me out. I’m not getting such horrid dizzy spells and they seem to give me more energy.

I’ve been eating pretty bad though. And I can feel it a bit in my waist line. Oops. Better get back on the wagon; don’t want to gain wait. I was doing soooo well.

I’m thinking about trying to trim my own hair. What? Are you crazy? Well, sometimes yes. It’s really long but the ends feel horrible. My hair lives up in a bun for the whole summer, so if I trim it badly, who will notice? And then I won’t feel those terrible ends anymore. I just don’t really see the point of spending money on a trim when I don’t wear it down in the heat anyway. So we’ll see if I have the courage to do it.

Yesterday while I was killing time before the game, I read all the posts labeled ‘Insert’. That was fun hehe! I’m so glad I have all the posts about Jayden before I knew who he was. It was fun to read back on all that stuff.

I’m bored this morning. Saturdays I get caught up on blogging and reading and such so it’s leaving nothing for Sundays. I’ll groom Jayden in a bit. The game isn’t on till 10:40 though the pregame will start at 10:10. And then I’ll decide later to listen to the archive or not.

I’ve been grooming Jayden every other day. He’s just shedding something awful. Hehehe he’s dream wagging against my leg right now lol.

I need to check out this place in town that is a do it yourself grooming place. Jayden is gonna need a bath soon I think. GDB told me that regular grooming will keep him from needing baths all that often, and that too many baths will dry his skin. But it’s been about four months since his bath at school. The do it yourself place helps you learn everything, and they’ll do nail trimming. So it sounds pretty cool. Petsmart would take him from me for an hour to groom him. I’m just not cool with that.

Ok this isn’t supposed to be a doggy diaries post but I can’t blog without talking about Jayden. I suppose it’s not really a diaries post since I’m just thinking out loud about what I want to do. Yeah.

Alrighty, this is getting boring.

Just checked the weather. It’s 86 degrees and 44 percent humidity. 44?? That’s freakin high for AZ. No wonder my wrists ache. Monsoons, please hurry.


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Doggy Diaries – Heat and heat

Since the heat has rolled in, I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing a walk every day. We still get out a lot, but when we first got home and it was nice, we were out every day. So I’ve decided I have to start setting an alarm so we can get out before it heats up. When there’s something like laundry or learning a new route, we do it early and it hasn’t been too bad.

This morning I woke up early, had some coffee and we set out. It was 7am and already pretty warm. It felt really muggy too. The main problem with me is that it takes some time for my body to wake up and get mobile. So We’re gonna have to ease into this. Hopefully I can train my body to get used to moving quicker in the mornings. I might just have to get up earlier though. It’s hard because I need my eight hours or I don’t function. Might have to get to bed earlier, but can’t really do that with the relieving schedule. Hmmm.

I’m not sure what he got me around this morning. We were on our usual path which is a pretty straightforward sidewalk for awhile. There are lots of turns into apartments but he ignores those now. This morning he stopped and I said hop up but he didn’t move so I probed and found nothing. I told him to figure it out and I felt us veer off the sidewalk around something. No clue what it was lol.

We have a few options when we get to the end of the sidewalk and my plan for mornings is to take the longer route, but my body was like nooooo! As we approached, I made the decision to let him choose. If he wanted the longer route, I’d follow. But when I turned us around, he just went back the way we came. Now in all actuality, he was probably waiting for a “right” command from me before we took the longer route, but since it didn’t come he went straight. So I’m thinking I just kinda justified the shorter route haha! But hey, I’m adjusting to this.

I’ve been feeling pretty good since my back problem passed. I totally fade after noon, so everything must be done in the mornings. The heat just takes all energy out of me. I don’t know how folks do it in high humidity areas. I certainly wouldn’t be out there if it weren’t for Jayden, but I know he loves his walks.

Oh, just checked the weather. It’s 84 degrees with 27 percent humidity and it’s partly cloudy. That explains it all. Humidity equals pain for me. Monsoons must be lurking…

Is it October yet?


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