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Doggy Diaries – Windy noisy weird positions leave it thank you

Today was pretty much just a typical day, but I was especially grateful for Jayden. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, just laundry. After we put the loads in and came back home, I left just the security door closed to let some fresh air in. It’s still fairly warm in Arizona, even this morning.

Suddenly there was major racket outside. It sounded like some kind of big truck but I couldn’t tell what on earth it was doing. All I can say is it was loud, very loud. Jayden ran to the door and I put on a silly accent asking him what all the noise was about. I like to get silly when things are loud, to keep Jayden from getting afraid. The other day I stepped on some bubble wrap on the tile floor, giggling as I did so. Jayden just stood next to me, wanting to play with it. I was so glad he wasn’t afraid of the popping.

Anyway, back to today. So it was getting near time to switch to the dryer and the racket seemed to have faded in the distance. When we left to go back down to the laundry room, the wind had kicked up and there was no way I’d be able to hear a vehicle. I was glad to have Jayden’s eyes. We switched the loads and left; the racket from the truck was off in the distance.

When it was time to go get the laundry, I could tell whatever it was was really close. I was going to have to rely solely on Jayden to get us to the laundry safely as there was no way I’d hear danger. He was a champ, acting as though it were totally normal out. When we got to the laundry room, another resident was in there and I asked her what the racket was. It was a street sweeper of all things. Neither of us had ever seen one in the complex before. She said it was like a mini street sweeper. There was also a guy with a leaf blower. I had to laugh and commented how silly it was to be blowing debri when it was incredibly windy out. The lady laughed and said it looked as though the man with the blower and the mini street sweeper were working together. The man blew stuff into piles and the sweeper came and sucked it up. They were right outside the laundry room at this point and it was so loud we couldn’t talk. Luckily by the time I was ready to leave, the pair had gone off to blow/vacuum another area.

I had to laugh when I left because I could hear the wind blowing leaves and twigs around on the pavement. Obviously they weren’t able to get it all since the wind was probably just blowing the piles around.

I don’t think I would have ventured out with just my cane during all that noise. My clothes probably would ahve just stayed in the laundry room. Thank God for guide dogs.

The rest of the day has been pretty chill. I wanted to get my floors done since I’ll be working out tomorrow, but I’ve been fighting a migraine. Carol stopped by but I couldn’t hang out for long, feeling the migraine being too pesky to make a departure, even with the pain fighting Advil soldiers attacking it.

I’ve been crocheting, trying to get the puppy pool projects done. Think it’s taken long enough? Jayden was laying next to me on the couch and when it was almost feeding time, I reached over and burst out laughing.

I had my legs on the coffee table, Maddie’s blanket stretched across them as I worked. Jayden had his rear end on the couch, his front feet on the floor, and his head resting on my shins hahahahahhaa!!! I reached for my iPod to take video, but forgot I’ve been listening to a book in bed, so it was in the other room. Darnit!

Oh, almost forgot I wanted to write about yesterday, too. I washed out the Vittles Vault after getting rid of the last of the SD food and after it was dry, I poured the Blue Buffalo into it. I still had some in a rubbermaid on the counter. Jayden was sitting next to the food container, almost completely full of food, lid off. I had to turn my back to grab the rubbermaid and pour the food from it into the bin. I told Jayden ‘leave it’ and turned my back to grab the other container. Jayden just sat there, right next to the uncovered food bin. So he got a few pieces of kibble from it. What a good boy! That’s all in the raising, folks. Thank you, puppy raisers!


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Pooch Ponderings – Follow me, human

Mom just asked me if I’d like to write a blog post and then she said my fans would like to hear from me. I have fans? Alrighty then.

So Yeah, I would like to write a blog and tell you all how silly my person was yesterday. Yes, I called her my person. When she doesn’t trust me, she’s being silly and I call her my person. When she trust me, it’s awesome and I call her mom.

See where this is going?

So the day before yesterday, I heard the laundry cart in our room. Oh boy oh boy the laundry cart. I ran into our room and she was on the floor sorting the human fur. I like to lay on the floor next to her and smell the cart when she’s putting the human fur in. I don’t know why. But I’m learning that just because she gets it out, doesn’t mean I get to work. She puts all the stuff in it, grabs this box from the closet, counts out the klinky silver things, and puts the cart by the dresser in our room. Then she sits back down. At least she hasn’t kicked the thing in awhile. I hate the noise she makes when she kicks it.

So then yesterday, she pulled the cart out of our room and put the klinky silver things in her pocket. Ooooh, I think we’re going out soon, are we? Then she strapped my treat holder purse thing on her. Oh yeah, we’re going out. Finally she asked if she could put my harness on. Duh. Let’s go.

I’m always extra careful when she pulls the cart. Sometimes her balance is off when she pulls it, and when we get to the curb, I have to stop right after I show it to her so she can pull the cart over it. She doesn’t even have to tell me where to go anymore, but she does anyway. I don’t care if I have to walk through fire; I’m getting us to the mail so I get a kibble.

She always tells me to find the door. I know, human, I know. We go inside and she puts on the loud thing that blows air. I guess the laundry room has fans too.

It’s nice when we only do one load because she leaves the cart there and we can go fast. So we went back home for a bit before leaving again.

This is where she did the thing that makes me call her person. We were walking and there was a big truck in a really strange place. Not where cars usually are. So I stop and show her. She tells me left and I start taking her around it. She says hi to the human nearby then just makes a right turn. I didn’t make a right turn. Why the heck did she make a right turn? The human says careful and she stopped and felt the truck. She was about to hit the shiny thing on the side.

This makes me look bad, folks. I was going straight. I would have turned right to get back to my curb, because when I follow that curb, there is an opening. At that opening, we go through. About half the times I show her the opening, she gives me a kibble.

Remember what I said about walking through fire to get to the mail? That opening gets us there. That opening sometimes means a kibble. Did she really think I wouldn’t get us around that truck to my beloved curb that leads to the opening? Seriously, human, use your brain.

Luckily, she told the guy something like, oops I wasn’t following my dog. Thanks. At least now he knows she was the silly one and not me. Geez. Human, only turn when I turn, got it?

Ok, back to calling her mom now. She’s still pretty great, even when she doesn’t follow me. I always, always, always, get a frozen Kong after work. I can forgive any human for her silliness if she gives me frozen Kongs.


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Doggy Diaries – Random musings

I woke up this morning to the barking of the new neighbor’s dog. I didn’t know they have a dog. Coming out of the funk of sleep I couldn’t comprehend where it was coming from. My first thought was, why is Jayden outside? He never barks, but a sleep haze does strange things to the mind. I reached over on the floor and there he was, always by my side.

I couldn’t get back to sleep with the constant barking so I just got up. I can’t hear it out here in the living room. Were the neighbors home? How could you just ignore that barking? It sounded like a very lonely bark. It didn’t sound distressful, or I would be trying to see if I could find the neighbor’s door. I sure hope that’s not going to be a normal thing.

I caught up on my normal reading and thought I’d sit and write about Jayden.

Yesterday we did laundry and when we left the apartment, I felt a right turn way too soon, before our veering left. I knew where we were but turned us around and had Jayden find home and start again. A few times recently when I take him out for his nightly business, B has come out and I’ve let Jayden kind of leash guide me where he wants to go to just sniff and be a dog. I had let him take this other sidewalk, and that was what he did yesterday while I was pulling the laundry cart. Oops. Gotta break that now lol. No other sidewalk while in harness, babe. So when I felt him pause at the turn I told him to hop up and he went the correct way.

Once we got down by the parking lot, he had some fun challenges. Cars were parked where they normally aren’t, directly in our path. He had to show them to me after I said forward and he didn’t move. Oh! Gotcha. Good boy, figure it out. I love telling him to figure it out and then wait patiently while I feel his body move ever so slightly while he works it out. He found a path between two cars. I did a moving right which probably wasn’t necessary because he knows the curb to the right is my landmark and he knows he gets praise and the surprise kibble here and there when he shows me that curb. After he found the curb I heard, “He’s such a good boy.”

“Yeah, he’s amazing,” I replied.

“So are you,” declared the female neighbor.

“Awww, thank you,” I said through a smile.

We continued on and Jayden found the laundry room. Coming back I don’t have to drag the cart. We approached where the cars were and I swear I could feel his excitement at the challenge. He gets this different pant. I can’t explain it. I swear I can feel him thinking. He found the wide enough path and gently guided me between the two cars. I could feel that they were close, but I touched nothing, not even a rear view mirror.

Laundry just goes off without a hitch these days and it doesn’t wear me out like it did when we first started. Jayden takes so much of the burden of travel off of me. He’s just incredible.

It’s getting to eh point where it’s still incredibly hot in the afternoons, but by evening the sting of heat has been alleviated a bit. So after B got home and made out our checks for rent and electric, I said Jayden and I would walk with him to drop them off. It was nice to actually be able to go for a walk at a normal time, and not the very beginning of the day.

When we were coming back, B told me a dog was coming. I’ve been a little shell shocked since the day of the obnoxious barking dog and the ignorant handler, but I was prepared as I heard the tags approaching. Jayden pulled a tad but as soon as I said, steady and leave it, he stopped. The other dog handler veered away so as not to get in our way and I kicked myself later for not thanking him. Some day I’ll get the hang out of handling my dog and commenting to passerby.

Jayden’s crochet mat is almost done. We start goalball two weeks from today I think. Dave and I have to get back to walk the route once more before practice starts. We don’t have Friday lessons now. You could say Jayden and I have graduated to once a week. 🙂

I can taste the days of cool weather. I can anticipate the long walks we’ll be able to take soon, to start the next chapter of our first year together. I can’t wait. I’m tossing a sweater in with laundry now, so they’ll be ready to go when needed. I can feel that soon I will get to come out of my shell, crawl out of my hibernation cave.

Last month when I did the flea and tick treatment, Jayden tried to roll around on the carpet to rub it off. So this month I was prepared. As soon as I did the treatment, I asked if he wanted to play hide and seek. I strapped the kibble pouch on and he forgot all thoughts of trying to rub the treatment off. A nice long game of hide and seek gave it time to dry and we had no problems. Nice. I followed that up with some crazy play with the Cuz. He loves that thing. And there’s no better medicine for me than a dog and an annoying squeaker toy.

Life is still hard right now, I won’t lie. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel and hope is showing me the way. Every night I stroke Jayden and tell him I love him and think about how grateful I am to have him. Thank God for my guide dog!


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Nothing nothing tra la la

I’m bored. I’m caught up on my social networking. I spent like an hour on my stat counter today just checking out page loads. Quite a few people seem to be reading my entire blog haha. Really? It’s that entertaining? Cool. I mean one of the readers is actually looking at all the comments too. Wow. Thanks for having such a good time lol. I did that when I first started reading blogs. Going every single post. I do that now when I finda new one too, though that’s been awhile.

There is no Rays game tonight. I feel empty. I feel like I’ve lost a part of me. I miss Evan. I miss Matt. I miss Jeremy and David and Carl and Ben. Ok not gonna name all the players. That would bore you. Does all my baseball talk bore you? Hmmm. Oh well, I like it. I kinda doubt we’ll win tomorrow. It’s the 5th day of the week. We’re at home on a concert night. And we’re playing the Orioles who are 9 and 1 since getting a new manager. Yikes.

Pre-season football is on. Joy. B has a game on because he’s doing the ESPN Streak for the Cash thing and he picked the football game. I’ve tried it but forget most of the time. I picked the Marlins over the Nationals tonight.

Timmy is in the kitchen window cowling. Meow. Meow!! Meeeeeow meeeeow meow. Let me out. Let me out!!!! Let me ooooooout! Pleeeeeese? He got out on me the other morning. I couldn’t find him to lock him up so I took the cane out with me when I took Jayden to relieve. Timmy was howling at the door and he got passed the cane. B got up and went and got him. Yesterday I couldn’t find him and my ride was gonna be here. So I took Jayden and the cane but when I heard Timmy howling at the door, I crouched in front of it and opened it a crack and he tried to get out but walked right into my hands. Bwah ha ha!!! Gotcha. He’s gonna give me grays. Good thing I color.

Jayden destroyed a paper towel roll today. It’s a very fun while very temporary toy. It all started one day when I used the last paper towel and got silly, calling Jayden through the roll. Jayden got all crazy and I ended up getting on the floor and he grabbed it and ran all over the house. So now I make it a 5 minute toy when I get an empty one. I’ll throw it and he’ll grab it and run and bring it to me. He wants to tug with it but that’s not possible so I tell him “drop it”, he lets go and I throw it. Repeat. So fun! I also do this with empty half gallon milk jugs. The temporary toys are the most fun! Of course I constantly check it all for choke hazards and you know what a hovering dog mom I am, so no worries.

Timmy has stopped his howling.

I cringe when I hear a helicopter. We had a helicopter fall out of the sky about a month or so ago. Just fell right out of the sky. Killed the three people on board. So now when I hear a helicopter I duck. Like ducking would save me.

I wacked my head in the laundry room today. I bent over to get the clothes out of the cart and forgot about the high wall shelf thing. Wack! Rounded corner luckily, but ouch. It still hurts if I touch it. Don’t touch it.

There haven’t been any new blog posts in hours. No email, nothing new on FB or Twitter. Where is everyone? Sheesh don’t you know I’m killing time before I can go to bed and there’s no baseball to keep me from reading all my social networking so that I have plenty to read before bed? Gah!

It sucks that football is back. It’s so nice when baseball is the only sport going because then that’s all that’s on tv when B is home. Now it’s back to whistles blowing and clock watching and halftime. All things baseball doesn’t have.

Jayden just sighed.

It’s almost time for our nightly game of tug.

Just heard a motorcycle on the road outside. I’m not incredibly close to the road but sometimes you hear loud vehicles. And you can always hear the crotch rockets racing each other. I’m surprised we don’t hear more crashes.

I’ve been voting for the Rays’ Pepsi Refresh Project idea to get a grant for the Moffet (I think?) Cancer Center to teach kids about cancer prevention. You can vote by text by texting ‘Rays’ to 76462. I think voting ends Saturday. I should have written that sooner. But if a Rays fan reads this, I’m sure they’ve already been voting or know how to vote. I vote constantly. It’s so easy to do by text.

A cat is in the window saying hi to the desert bugs.

Did you know you can actually train your dog to be a rattlesnake alert dog? I never knew that. But I won’t do it because it requires a shock collar. They get a de-fanged rattlesnake and when the dog goes to check it out, they get shocked. So it makes them jump when they smell it. It’s really good for hikers and stuff and Dave’s dog actually kept him away from a rattlesnake. She smelled it and jumped and he knew to follow her and she got them way around it. Handy. Just wish it didn’t require a shock.

Alrighty then, that’s what came out of my brain while I’m killing time before sleep. I got uber fatigued after just one load of laundry today so I’ve been just waiting for bed the whole rest of the day. Sleeeeeeeep! After Jayden’s play session of course. 😉

Thanks for reading the nothing!

And I don’t feel like editing, so typos, you may stay, rent free. You’re welcome.


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Blind blunders #1

I do a lot of things in my blindness that just make me laugh and shake my head. I don’t know why I haven’t thought to blog about these things. Maybe I have in certain posts, but I thought it would be fun to have a whole label dedicated to my blind blunders. So, I suppose this is the inaugural post.

A woman once said to me that if I share my vulnerabilities in meetings, that people will relate to me more. Isn’t that true? A person who seems perfect in every way isn’t very relateable since none of us are perfect. I can relate to a blind blogger when she talks about having a stain on her shirt for the entire day, only to have it pointed out when she gets home. I can relate and warm up to that person because they didn’t break down because of it. I need to know other blind people who shrug off their blunders, because it helps me to know that it’s ok to be silly. As for me and stains, I don’t know they’re there so I just don’t really care. 😉

I had the idea for this post because of a comment I left on a friend’s FB update. She mentioned she moved a lamp and reminded herself not to trip on the cord, only to trip on it immediately. So I commented about my laundry cart, and then decided to write about it in more detail here.

Every Thursday I do laundry. I use a laundry cart to transport the clothes to and from the laundry room. Things have changed a little now that it’s hot, because I get the laundry ready on Wednesdays so I can start it early on Thursday mornings.

When I first started doing the laundry on my own, I would roll the cart out into my entry way and then promptly forget it was there. How many times I ran into it…eventually I started trying to keep it in one specific place, but that never seemed to work. When Jayden was newly home and I had to keep him on leash in the apartment, he actually kept me from running into the cart once.

I would park the cart and tell myself, ‘remember the cart is there’, only to run into it five minutes later.

Now that I prepare the laundry on Wednesdays, I leave the cart full between my hamper and dresser, pretty much out of the way. For the most part it works, until the time that I go to my dresser and promptly run into the cart.

The worst is when I’m preparing the laundry. I’ll have the card unfolded between the end of my bed and the tv. There’s a small space to get around it. If something happens that makes me move from the spot, like grabbing something from another room to throw in the cart, I will almost always walk back into the room and kick the cart. Howling ensues. I rarely wear shoes in the house.

One time this happened while I was on the phone with Carol. I walked back into the room, kicked the cart, started screaming, collapsed on the bed holding my throbbing foot, Jayden runs in to make sure I’m ok, I’m near tears, Carol doesn’t know what’s going on, I can barely breathe, I’m telling Jayden I’m ok, while trying to tell Carol “cart…ouch…kicked…no shoes…”

Obviously it’s not that bad every time I kick it, sometimes I’ll suddenly remember it’s there and slow my pace so the impact isn’t as bad. Sometimes I’m lucky and I’m wearing my Crocs when I run into it.

I just am so used to wear things are in my house that I move around rather quickly. On rare occasions, B will eave a chair pulled out accidentally, or the vacuum in my path. But there’s just something a little humiliating about doing it to myself.

I thought I’d include several blind blunders in this post, but it’s already fairly long, so I’ll write some more at another time. Hope you enjoyed. =D


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Doggy Diaries – Laundry and walking

I’m so relieved that it’s Saturday haha! I jumped back into things in earnest last week, feeling that my back was finally healed. I mentioned that I’d need to start setting an alarm to get out with Jayden before it gets miserable, and that worked great. I had also mentioned that I’d need to get to bed earlier, but was worried about the relieving schedule.

Enter my brain fart moment. Duh. I wasn’t worried about the time of the nightly relieving, I was worried about the time between relieving. But yeah, um, what I failed to remember is that if I’m getting up earlier, Jayden relieves earlier, so the nightly relieving can be earlier. I am so tempted to blaim this oversight on my spoons, but really it was just a dumb moment haha!

So we got out every morning last week, and Thursday we were out for a long while. It was laundry day, so I had the load in by 7am. It was actually really beautiful out. It was warm, but there was a light breeze that felt great. We dropped the laundry off and headed for home, but only briefly. I drank some more coffee and then we set out again. I tried to time it so we could walk and get back to the laundry room when it was time to make the switch from washer to dryer.

We took our route and I let Jayden make the decision I mentioned before. He can either go straight at the end of the sidewalk when we turn around, or make a right. Thursday he chose to go right. We reach the end of another sidewalk and cross over to a curb. I don’t think I was awake yet. Actually it was probably another dumb moment. I forgot that we need to get to another curb before verring to the left to shoreline yet another curb. So we start walking and suddenly it just doesn’t feel right. I tell Jayden left to do a curb check and yeah there’s a curb there, but why does it sound like something’s over my head? Ooooh….we ended up under covered parking hahaha! It was fine though, as I knew where we were. We had gotten back to our original sidewalk, just in a round about way.

The cool thing lately is that my trust in Jayden has just clicked. It takes a long time to learn to trust a dog. No matter how much I tried to force it in the beginning, I always felt I knew best. I mean, if we were in my home area, the place I used to see, obviously I knew better, right? Wrong. It’s all totally different without that cane giving me information.

Eventually I quit trying to force the trust, knowing it would come with time. And when I let go, it started happening. Not only do I have to trust Jayden, I have to trust my inner compass and listen when something feels off. But with that comes the question, does it feel off because it is, or does it feel off even though it’s not? Those are the times when I choose to trust Jayden or trust myself. Usually I’m the one that’s wrong. 😉

So we got back to the laundry with four minutes to spare and went in to turn the swamp cooler on and wait in the cool. We switched the clothes over and went back home, where I drank more coffee and started my daily internet reading. It was time to go back and get the clothes, so we set out again.

As we rounded a corner, a vicious barking met us. We both froze and I bent over to stroke Jayden, telling him it was ok. I think I was more spooked than he was. Earlier we had encountered a guy walking his puppy. Jayden started to pull me towards it but I told him no. The guy said, “I’m sorry, he’s just a puppy” and I told him I was telling my dog no, not him. I’m finding a few occasions where I think people might have thought I was talking to them when I’m actually talking to Jayden. Oops.

Anyway, the dog stopped it’s barking but Jayden still wouldn’t go to the laundry door. Come on, find the door. Hellooooo…hmmm. Ok. Reach out. Oh! A big honking trash bin was right outside the door. Ok…well, now what. A lady came out saying sorry, sorry. She was cleaning the laundry room. Why would you leave a trash bin right in front of the door? Anyway, she moved it, we got the clothes and went back home.

Jayden thought it would be frozen Kong time, but we weren’t done yet. I put clothes away and called the office because UPS had left a package there the day before and I wanted to know how big it was. B was expecting a cd and I’m still expecting the Rays gift box. It was a small package, so Jayden and I set out again.

We were walking and I heard my name. It was my friend Lish who lives up here too. I hadn’t seen her in forever, so that was cool. She was heading to the office too so she walked with us. It was lucky she did, because they were cleaning carpets and there were hoses and chords across the sidewalk. Jayden and I would have figured it out alone but it was nice that she was there. I carefully heeled Jayden across it all and we continued on.

On our way back we stopped and talked for a bit and then I was anxious to get inside. It had been an incredibly long morning already. We went home and Jayden got his frozen Kong. He’s so funny. He comes in and sits in the kitchen and then jumps up and down when I bring it to him. I go through obedience and then once he has it, he runs over to his favorite spot and goes to town. Anytime he’s done with a Kong, he would bring it to me. I’m assuming he was hoping for more. But it works rather well, because I like to rinse it off and put it away when he’s done with it, so I’ve started rewarding him when he brings it to me. He brings it every time now, which means I’m not going on the hunt for it or walking through and kicking it across the room haha!

Carol came over later on Thursday so Jayden got to see another friend.

Ok this turned out long. Originally I was just going to say I’m happy it’s Saturday because it’s our day off and I finally get caught up on blog posts and reading haha! I’ll talk about Friday in another post…

Oh, quick heat tip. When I’m doing laundry, I’ve been wearing a wet bandana on my head. It really helps.


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Doggy Diaries – Kibble Kongsicle

It’s already damn hot and it sucks.

K just had to get that out of the way. So at GDB I had asked about ways to make sure Jayden doesn’t get too overheated, or ways to cool him off when we get home. I gotta say I’m grateful I got a yellow dog. Black dogs would get even hotter. Anyway they had suggested moistening some kibble and freezing it in a Kong. Be sure to use the kibble that came out of the daily ration though, so poocher doesn’t gain weight.

The other day I had some good leftover ice from a drink so I rinsed the ice and put it in the Kong overnight to give Jayden after we did laundry. He went freakin wild haha! I don’t have ice here on a regular basis. I have trays but forgot I had them. Shows ya we don’t use ice. Gonna have to change that.

Yesterday, I took the leftover kibble from the treat pouch, put it in the Kong, plugged the small hole and added water. Then I put the Kong on it’s side in my hand to let most of the water run out, but not all. I put the Kong on it’s side in the freezer door. Then before bed, I took the leftover kibble from the dinner ration, put it in the Kong, made sure the frozen portion was on top and repeated the process.

What came out this morning was a frozen Kong with two layers of kibble stuck to two sides, with like a tunnel in the middle.

I offered it to Jayden and his tail thumped the wall so hard it must have hurt haha. I settled down next to him to listen because I didn’t know how the kibblesicles would break up. He got little chunks out at a time, so I realized I wouldn’t have to worry about choking. He loved the treat and I’m sure it’s wonderful after a walk outside.

We went to pay the rent before 10am and by the time we got back, he was panting and I was sweating. He doesn’t run and chug water, which is good, so I think a nice frozen Kong is great to help him cool down slowly without chugging water.

I put my palm on the blacktop as we neared home and it was warm but I could hold my palm on it. GDB said it’s ok if I can hold my ppalm on it, but once I can’t, it’s time for shoes.

Sunday was one of those days so the shoes went on at Gamma’s and he was not happy. I need to put them on him at home for short amounts of time so he can get used to them. The only time we’re out in the heat of the day is when I go to Gamma’s or out with Lori in the afternoons, so he won’t need to wear them all the time since I do everything else in the mornings before it heats up. Actually I get home from workouts in the heat of the day, and we have to walk across blacktop from the van, so it’s looking like the shoes will go on before we leave the gym. He’s not gonna be happy. I wish I could explain to him that they’re to protect his paws.

There’s a new employee at Saavi with a guide dog and Jayden and the other guide dog like to greet each other. The handler and a friend of mine are talking, so maybe Jayden will have a cousin? 😉

Anyway I talked to the handler about the shoes and he uses them on his dog. He takes the bus everywhere so he’s on pavement a lot more. He says his dog got used to them and is fine with them now. So we’ll just have to keep practicing. I think I’ll put them on for the lesson with Dave tomorrow morning.

Not much else to report. Our routine got a little screwed up with the holiday and a stomach thing I had. So now it’s gonna be all about getting inventive for things to do that won’t kill us. It’s gonna be a long summer. We sure didn’t get much time together in nice weather.

We’ve been together just over three months; can you believe it?

Oh, I should mention our walk to the office. We had two dog distractions but Jayden did great. He pulled a little but stopped when I said ‘steady’. The other dog was snarling but I could tell it was with it’s owner, so we continued. Coming back there was another dog and Jayden looked in the direction but I told him ‘leave it’ and ‘hop up’ and he continued. Also on our way to the office, he stopped in his tracks. I was about to probe out when I heard a guy say ‘there’s something right there, what a good dog’. He moved whatever it was and we continued. Coming back, Jayden slowed down in the same place. The guy said it was all clear, but I could hear them doing work in the nearby apartment. So Jayden was being super cautious. There’s been enough times now when I’m out with others who can tell me why Jayden slows down. Maybe there’s a bush or an overhang. So now when he slows down and I feel us veer just a tad, I know what he’s doing and it’s so cool. On the way there, there was one spot where he slowed way down and veered me a little. Coming back, I understood. There must have been something in the path on my side. Coming back, he stopped and I had to step off the sidewalk to get around whatever it was. I never had to reach out and risk touching a sharp branch. He got me around it perfectly.

The more we’re together, the more I’m just amazed. To get to the office, it’s the same path as to the laundry, but without the left turn at the mail. I’ve trained him to always show me the mail because it’s a good center spot, a good orientation landmark. So today when we left I said, “let’s go to the office.” I always tell him where we’re going, like Saavi or mail or laundry or Gamma’s. So when we reached the spot where we’d turn left, which we do a lot more often then go straight, he went straight without my telling him. Is it really that he understood when I said office? Or maybe because I wasn’t pulling the laundry cart, he knew we weren’t going to the laundry.

He’s just so amazing. I don’t know how I managed before I had Jayden!

Ok I think that’s all the updating I have. I know I’m not writing about him much. I want to try and get video of the next kibble Kongsicle. =D


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Doggy Diaries – What to write when your dog is perfect

Yep, Jayden is perfect. There’s nothing else to say on the matter. There have been no issues, nothing worrying me that I need advice about, nothing but perfect work. I honestly don’t remember the last time he made a mistake. Actually, he blew a curb at Walgreen’s once, but that’s it. He gets really excited about going to Walgreen’s, and this was a different one. Also we were with Kevin and Jayden adores Kevin. It was so cute when Kevin came over. I have Jayden sit and calmly greet our guests but after I released him from the sit and told Kevin he could pet Jayden, Jayden started jumping straight in the air. Not jumping on Kevin at all, just bouncing straight up and down haha! Kevin got such a kick out of it. So when we got to Walgreen’s, Jayden was just really happy and blew the up curb. I was expecting the curb, so no biggie.

When we were in line there, Kevin told me Jayden was licking the lady in front of us. I told him no but the lady was like, “that’s ok, I just lost my dog on Monday.” Awww…I’ve heard about people telling you stuff like that when you have a guide dog. It was sad.

Jayden looks forward to when Dave comes because it always means an adventure. Tuesdays we’re meeting really early now to try and beat the heat. I’ve been in a fatigue for the last two weeks, but I can pushed through it for an hour for Jayden. We went to the historic neighborhood because there’s these bushes on one corner that I wanted to practice with. Don had showed me what to do if Jayden runs me off the sidewalk trying to get around a bush like that. Rather than a full on rework, he says to push into Jayden, patting my leg and saying careful as we continue to walk. When the dogs are being trained, that’s what the instructors do. They are taught to let the bush brush them so as not to run us off sidewalks and risk a turned ankle. There were lot’s of obstacles aside from those because since it’s spring, everything is growing. Jayden had to get me around overhead obstacles and stuff hanging into the sidewalk, and he did great.

Next weekend he’ll be attending his first party as my date to Georgie’s graduation party. That’s gonna be so fun!

Jayden and I now play games of hide and seek, which Jayden loves. I can actually successfully hide from him and I silently giggle as I hear him walking around trying to fine me. It’s so fun! He also is so cute when it comes to getting a stuffed kong. He sits and before I have to say it, he lays down. It’s almost instant. Then I say ok and he jumps to a sit and then melts into a down again. It’s sooo cute, the puppy pushups. We showed kevin one day and also showed him hide and seek. Kevin said he sits there not moving until I call him and tell him come, then he takes off like a shot hehe! I’ve definitely found creative ways to play and do obedience since the heat is already here.

Laundry is not an issue at all anymore. He’s perfect and he knows when he sees the laundry cart, what we’re doing. He’s more careful since I’m dragging the cart behind us. I had a neighbor say hi on Friday, dragging the cart home and she said, ‘your dog is doing so awesome!” That made me happy, because when we first got home, the neighbors would be like, “he looks confused…” Haha yep, he knows his stuff around here now.

His most favorite place is Gamma’s, since now he get’s some banana there. Also, he’s figured out that ice comes out of the freezer door and he’ll watch when Gamma is getting ice, because once a cube dropped and he went nuts. So he gets banana and ice at Gamma’s and she just loves him.

He’s perfect on our walks, perfect doing laundry, perfect going to Gamma’s and Saavi, there’s just nothing else to say on his work.

He’s perfect around the house, never gets in to anything. He loves laying by the door and even puts up with Timmy whining to get out. He gets so excited about food and he loves to drop on the floor for a belly rub and romp. We do a lot of random playing throughout the day and a lot of cuddling. He’s so patient with me when I’m not feeling well.

The bonding is only getting more intense. He loves to nibble at my fingers and it’s soooo gentle. His tail is always wagging and he’s getting more vocal now. No barking, just sounds when he’s content or wants to play or is happy cuddling.

I don’t know what else to say about Jayden. His puppy raiser did an outstanding job. Seriously. I mean it just has to come down to the raising. I have no problems at all. He lets me touch him everywhere, which I do often to check for any problems and to check his body mass. I touch his paws and his ears and his mouth, and he never has a problem with it. I remember the raiser telling me they made sure he was cool with that. Thank you raiser!

Anyway, it had been awhile since a diaries post so I thought I’d better write one. I know there hasn’t been much about Jayden and me here with the series, so thought I’d better update. I might write one about me later, who knows. =D


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Doggy Diaries – Mother of all updates

As I was writing the title, I got a nudge from Jayden saying hey, what about me? Haha! He’s so good about letting me know when he wants some love. After some silly affection giving, he’s now curled up next to me. We’re gonna go for a walk in a bit.

Anyway, I haven’t updated in a bit, so I’m just gonna write whatever comes to mind.

Jayden had a big work day yesterday. We were going to the memorial service for the man in the fellowship in the afternoon, so I groomed Jayden in the morning and got some things done around the house. The only appropriate clothing I had was a long dark brown skirt with a brown colored print top. Well, nothing fits anymore, so the skirt was threatening to fall off. About a half hour before we were leaving, I took Jayden out to relieve, and Timmy ended up getting out. The big dog doesn’t scare him away from the door anymore. Luckily a neighbor was outside, and she helped me wrangle Timmy, all the while Jayden thought he was getting a visit, and I was worried about my skirt falling off haha! So I called Lish to see if she had any safety pins but she didn’t, so we left early to stop at Walgreens. I was able to work Jayden the whole time. He was such a champ! I was able to follow Lish because I could hear her shoes. Jayden didn’t get distracted or anything, and the regular clerks got a kick out of watching him.

We got to the church and had to park a ways and Jayden worked like a champ all the way to the door. There was a speed bump though, which he walked right over. We never talked about speed bumps at school. Is he supposed to stop for those?

Once it got crowded, I heeled Jayden and did sighted guide with Lish. An usher found chairs for us in the disability aisle, where Jayden wouldn’t get stepped on or be in the way. I had just told him to lay down when the priest said, please rise. Haha! That was the only time though. We stayed seated for the rest of it. Jayden was really good about laying there quietly, though he kept trying to put his head under the pew in front of us lol.

The service was really beautiful and very comforting. All the scriptures read where ones of peace and letting us know we are not alone. Though I am not religious, I do enjoy sermons like that. It wasn’t at all preachy, just very comforting and very spiritual. The eulogy was lovely, filled with tears and humor, and as a special request from the family, the priest said the Serenity Prayer. You could feel all the members of the fellowship let go at this.

After the service, we waited for everyone to clear out. It was huge, with a lot of people. Jayden stood there wagging at everyone and through sniffles, I heard little exclamations of cuteness. I think he was a comfort to people as they left. The usher came after everyone was gone and said he hadn’t been an usher with a service dog before, so it was a good experience for him.

We went to the reception room which was packed and there was food. Jayden did great. He was calm the whole time, though I just had him on leash. Most of my friends asked if they could pet him and they were all good about doing it calmly. Jayden just ate it up. I had one woman start petting him, and she is a woman I don’t get along with very well. “Please ask me before you pet him.” “Oh, why?” “Well, if he had ben working, that would have been like me grabbing your steering wheel.” “Oh! Clever, you should write an article.” “There’s lots of articles already written.” Lish said, “Yeah, most people just don’t read them.” That was the only ify experience.

We milled around awhile and I saw some of the other oldtimers I love and we talked about why I haven’t been to meetings, to which they were totally understanding, which warmed my heart. Those guys know me well enough to know that I’m filling my life with the program whether I’m in the rooms for an hour or not. It meant a lot to me that they didn’t lecture me about it, and they are men I really admire.

After we got home, Jayden did his usual after work routine of dropping to the floor on his back for a belly rub and romp session. Then he passed out haha. I talked to Carol for a bit before the game.

9-3 Rays over Yankees wooooo hooooooo! David Price was incredible and he got run support. Couldn’t have asked for more. We won the first game against the Yankees last year too, and they came back to win the next two, so we’ll see how today and tomorrow go.

I don’t have a whole lot new to report about Jayden. His work continues to be wonderful. We are having one issue, which will be a gigantic issue if we can’t get it fixed though. I tried calling GDB on Thursday but the phone was busy busy busy. On Tuesday, Dave and I were working on the route out of the complex, which had been a little difficult, because it’s not straight forward. There are two curbs I want him to target, but he was having other ideas. So Tuesday I got out the clicker. Fun! Dave hadn’t really seen clicker training before, and he enjoyed it a lot. After the final back chaining, starting from the beginning, Jayden targeted both curbs without issue. Yay! Then the trouble really started.

After the second curb ends, it’s a country road. That means a long straight road with no sidewalk. Asphalt right next to dirt. Jayden does not want to go down the road. We work it on the left, facing oncoming traffic. He doesn’t want to budge. Dave suggested trying the dirt, that maybe he would see that as safer, but no go. He does not want to go down the road. I wanted to end the day on a good note, so we crossed to the other side. He has no issue on that side. He goes no problem and again, we’re facing oncoming traffic. It’s exactly the same. There isn’t a lot of traffic and it’s not a dangerous road. So I don’t know what the issue is. The country road lesson at school was absolutely horrible, horrible. So bad that when I got back to the dorm I was in tears and had to call Kevin to get me out of a rage. I really tried not to let it transfer to Jayden, but what if it did? I’m afraid that’s why he’s hesitant. But then he’s fine on the other side. I’ve tried the GL and it’s the same. It’s not like he’s sniffing or distracted. Until he masters that, we can’t leave the complex on foot. I’m sure I’ll get through to Grad Services soon, but does anyone have any suggestions?

After we got home after that, I took Jayden’s harness off and let Dave finally say hi. He is definitely a dog person haha! I have never seen Jayden go so crazy hahaha!! Bouncing around and running as far as his long leash would let him. It was really fun.

I did the same after my workout on Wednesday, let Lisa and Glenn say hi to him and he was so happy.

Oh, yesterday Lish said Jayden just looks so happy when he’s working. That made me very happy to know. She said his tail was going the whole time and he was smiling. Yay!

He’s still doing great at home. He’s free except at night, where he’s still in his kennel. He lost his tug rope privilege for awhile though. I had it on a tall dresser, and he actually went and got it down and was chewing on it. Noooo. Haha! So it’s put away for now, and he’s rediscovering his tug ring, goughnut and kong.

He loves to chase after Spinelli. I let him briefly until she starts hissing. After I stop him his heart is racing and he’s panting hehe!

We’ve definitely gotten to the place I’ve heard some handlers say as, he’d crawl into my skin if he could. We are peas in a pod, love to be together. He’s rarely away from me unless he hears something outside and goes to check it out. After I shower he comes into the bathroom like, I knew you were there but I couldn’t see you. Haha!

I just love him and everything about having a guide dog. I can’t wait to go for a walk. We’re just gonna go walk the complex, since he hates the road leading out, so I won’t try that alone yet.

I think that’s about all. Oh wait! I lied!

Thursday was laundry day and I had two loads since I hadn’t done it the previous Thursday. So first thing in the morning I got everything sorted and Jayden and I took the first load down. He did great! I’ve taught him to always target the mailboxes when we go that way, not just so he knows where the mail is, but because it’s a landmark for my orientation. I paid extra attention to my inner distance meter so I’d know when we were close to the laundry. There isn’t always noise of machines and smells of detergent, so I’ve realized I have to know how far we’ve walked in case he misses the door like he did the time we got lost and had to call for help. I put the first load in the wash and we came ack home, no problems. We left again a little later for the second load and the laundry swap, and he did great again. We came back home, I took his harness off and then realized I hadn’t put a washer sheet in the second load. Arg. Harness back on, back to the laundry room, except I use the front load washer and you can’t open it once it’s started. Arg. So my clothes got a good soaking haha! We came back, then went down again, to restart the washer and bring the dry clothes back. No problems, except some neighbors distracted him, but since I’m now getting better about being aware of how far we’ve walked, I cought it quickly and got him back on track. Then we had to go back to swap the load to the dryer, walk back home, then back down to get the last load. It was exhausting hahaha! But I think we’ve got the laundry down hahahaha!!!!

Oh and also on Tuesday after the country road thing, we did the route down to the office which I hadn’t done yet. I wanted Dave there, even though its a pretty straight forward route. Well, we didn’t need him once. As we approached the office, I heard people and a very aggressive sounding dog. So did Jayden. He stopped dead and didn’t move. When he does this, I now know he is checking out a situation. When he’s distracted, his body moves and his head is going back and forth. When he’s concentrating, he doesn’t move a muscle. Once he could tell the dog was contained, he continued. I absolutely love how cautious he is. He does that with cars too, even if they aren’t too close. He won’t move until he knows what they’re doing. I love it. I feel so safe with him.

I told Dave I wasn’t surprised the office route went fine, because it’s straight forward, a sidewalk to follow the whole way. Dave laughed and said, no it’s not. Don’t you remember accidentally following a branching sidewalk into the parking lot with your cane? Oh yeah. I forgot there are a lot of possible paths that Jayden could have taken. But he kept on the straight route, and really that’s how he was trained anyway, not to turn unless I tell him. I still feel good about that walk though. There are lots of flowers and bushes along the way and he didn’t sniff once.

Ok, I think that’s really it. Yeah. Unless I remember something else haha!!!


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Doggy Diaries – Huh?

Man it’s easy to get out of the habit when I don’t tell myself to write every day. It hasn’t been that long; I think I just skipped yesterday. I’m a bit brain dead at the moment. Allergies are really killing me lately. Of course I don’t get normal symptoms. I get the ears being all funny, which makes me paranoid that it’s more than just allergies. But usually allergy pills makes them better, so I’m hoping that’s all it is.

I wonder if I’ll ever write a post that isn’t a doggy diaries post? Probably not for awhile. There’s not much to write about me that doesn’t include Jayden right now.

We’re getting back into the sort of routine I had before I went to school, so yesterday we took paratransite to Saavi so I could work out. When the van pulled up, we approached it and where Jayden stopped, I didn’t feel the doors. The driver got out and I asked where the doors where and he said, “Oh, they didn’t tell me you were visually impaired, just that you had a guide dog.” Uh. Ok. Yeah. I get on and told Jayden to find a chair, not knowing people were on the van. He took me to a person. Finally we squeezed into the very back seat and we on our way. The passengers were dropped off before me, and when they got off, the driver said, “He didn’t look good.” “Oh?” “Yeah, they’re going to {mental health agency} so he’s probably on meth.” Wow…I wonder if any more judgements will come out of this guy?

We continue on and he asks about Jayden and I say we’re new, etc. He says, “You know what I’ve noticed about all these guide dogs?” Here we go. I’m expecting the “too skinny” comment. He then says, “They’re all fat.” Huh? “Really? I’ve been told that people think our dogs are too skinny.” “No, I see them all the time and they seem fat. I want to tell these people their dogs aren’t going to live very long. And I don’t understand why people in wheelchairs have guide dogs when they can see.” Oh I’m getting it now, things are clicking. He thinks all service dogs are guide dog. “Oh, those aren’t guide dogs, they’re service dogs.” I say. “Oh, what do they do?” “They pick things up that people in wheelchairs drop, things like that.” He then goes on to talk about seizure alert dogs and stuff and I tell him about diabetic alert dogs and hearing dogs. Then he says, “You know what they are, right?” I ask what but don’t hear his reply so I ask again and he says, “They’re slaves.” I roll my eyes and say I’ve heard that argument before and he says they’re like ‘Planet of the Apes’ where the apes have to do all the hard work. I explain that I can’t speak for all guide dogs, but when mine isn’t working, he’s a dog, we play and stuff. And he gets excited when the harness comes out. He didn’t have anything to say to that.

When he drpped me off, we were behind another van so we weren’t right in front of the doors. He asked if I needed help but I just wanted away from him. I told Jayden forward but he tried to take me to other doors and then he ran me into a pole. Ugh. I heard the driver tell someone else, “he’s new”. Great. The judgemental guy is standing up for my dog.

The workout went ok but my abs were killing me after Monday. I cried out at my first attempt for a full sit up and Jayden got all worried lol.

After I got home I talked to Carol for a bit. Oh wait, I left out the annoyance of sitting in the lobby waiting for my ride. But that’s just complaining so I won’t bother.

That was pretty much yesterday. Today I had off, so I needed to do chores. I used my cane to take a load of laundry down and then decided to test Jayden with the cart to go switch the clothes to the dryer. He did fine both ways, so I took him to get the clothes once they were dry. Mistake. He walked past the door and I didn’t notice and we got turned around again. I had the cart behind me and couldn’t hear traffic. We must have been in a dead zone. I had no clue where we were and “find home” didn’t work. I had to call the apartment office and S, the maintence man, had to come find us in his golf cart. Blech. I got my clothes and came home. After that I did some cleaning. The kitchen needed a good scrub, and I cleaned up the toaster oven I’m giving Carol.

I straightened the living room and did some dusting and then did an online grocery order. I only do one about once a month, because you have to have a minimum of fity dollars and I just don’t need that much on a weekly basis. So my order should come tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow is supposed to be windy and bad for allergies. Joy.

I think I’m the opposite of most people. I’m really dreading summer. It’s already getting warm. Soon, we won’t be able to do much outside. Yuck.

Wow, this post sounds kinda negative. I’m really not feeling negative, just a little out of it.


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