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Something Special for a Decade?

I was asked earlier in the week if I was doing anything special for my anniversary on Friday. Oh that’s right, it is Friday, isn’t it. My favorite number next to 3 is 424. My sobriety anniversary is the most important anniversary in my life since there’s no way I’d have the life I have today without my sobriety. No way.

Unfortunately the universe decided to make things easy for me and help me remember the date I went blind by letting that happen on my three year sobriety anniversary. I swear, I have bad luck with double anniversaries.

Of course I knew my ten year sobriety date was this month. Of course I know today is special. It just snuck up on me, what can I say? It’s been a great book month, with two books out by two of my favorite authors, the baseball season began, Josh Groban has a new album out next week along with another book by an author I just discovered, my friends got two new snakes, B and I celebrated eight years together, see how easy it was for today to sneak up on me?

I thought about my friend asking if I was doing anything special so to days ago I went looking on Amazon at sobriety medallions since I no longer attend meetings and I’m not gonna be one of “those people” who show up just for the free medallion and cheers and claps on the back and hugs. Do I miss those things? Sure. do I feel the guilt I felt when I first stopped going to meetings and showing the newcomer sobriety is possible? Nope. Ha!

That’s called growth my friends. There are plenty of people able to be constantly available to show the newcomer sobriety is possible. It’s not up to just me to save the world and I can’t be one. And that’s ok. It’s been proven to me time and time again that my life has meaning, my story has meaning, and my friends prove that to me, so much so they made me cry this morning. Ya’ll know who you are, *cough* Twitter people. Twitter people who have become my friends and constant support, who make me laugh harder than anything else ever does, who understand that going blind is not the same as breaking one’s foot.

Oh but back to Amazon. I did buy myself a trinket for today that unfortunately won’t get here until next week since today snuck up on me. It’s a dog tag necklace with, 10 Years and, One Day at a Time on it. Simple, twelve bucks, and I can’t wait to get it. Dog tag necklaces are cool!

A few hours ago I was debating writing a post today since all I’ve done over the last several months is write about my life in that memoir. Would I do anything special today? My washer just beeped. It’s never beeped before. Odd.

So no, I’m not doing anything special today. I’m washing sheets. Josh Groban is singing from the bedroom. I listened to audio this morning of my friends feeding their snakes. I laughed and smiled, and then I cried after feeling a sudden bout of melancholy, thinking over the last ten years. Maybe writing would help, as a friend pointed out. I’ll write a post and title it, A Decade in Review. I’ll write about funny memories, touching memories, I’ll cry and laugh and hope you laugh and cry too. I had a good sob when the feelings of gratitude over my friends overwhelmed me, listened to my book while I ate my cereal and the urge to write a decade in review post fled. That story is in the memoir, not yet complete, not yet close to complete, but it will be there all the same.

Instead, today is a day of reflection and memory and grateful tears, all of which are personal to me on this day of double anniversary.

I’ll do my usual Friday thing, chores and reading and Twittering and I’ll think about the past absolutely insane decade of my life at times, but then I’ll stare into space and listen to the birds and be in today and just feel.

Oh and anxiously await the male and see what my friend sent. I guess I am doing something special. *Happy giggle*


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I Chose to Keep Scully

Hi everyone!





Hello? (hello…hello…hello…)

Well, it looks like I’ve lost all my readers again. Serves me write for being a terrible blog poster. I haven’t even finished writing about my St. Pete trip. In my defense though, this summer hasn’t exactly been the smoothest as far as my health goes. You know what though? That’s not a great excuse for not writing, especially since right now I’m writing this post to force myself to stay put and not move my tortured body for a little while. Luckily my forearms don’t hurt. That’s when it’s really tough to write. My friend Liz inspired me to post an update, so that I shall do.

I’m forcing myself to rest my body because for the last month I have been purging and packing the apartment. B and I are moving into a rental house tomorrow. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya! Tomorrow! Multiple musical notes emoji. That’s what I hear when the um, emoji that I assume has multiple musical notes is tweeted, mostly by Josh Groban. Ro, stay on point man.

Anyway, so I have been furiously working on the apartment getting it ready to move. The stuff in it, not the actual apartment. I’m learning how to become a minimalist, which is basically just, don’t keep every freaking little thing you ever owned in your entire life. Objects don’t have feelings. It is ok to throw them out. I um, Googled, “how to become a minimalist,” that’s how I know my teddy bear didn’t cry when I put him, it, in the garbage bag. That teddy bear is the only thing I regret throwing away. Out of the loads and loads of stuff I threw out or donated, I’d say that’s a win for me. It also really helps that anything that had no texture that brought back a good memory was thrown out. That means all papers and pictures, gone. Poof. I found a lot of great things I had forgotten I had and most of the things I kept filled one big Rubbermaid container and were trinkets from childhood and my teen years, like my Mulder and Scully Barbie dolls. I kept Scully but not Mulder. *Gasp* Oh hush, they weren’t in their box and the Scully doll looks cooler. What? Oh you thought the title was in reference to Vin Scully? No, this post has nothing to do with baseball for once.

OMG did you know cigarette smoke never goes away? I am so glad I quit smoking. I found a robe I love and even after washing it, I still smelled stale smoke. Yuck!

B is coming home in about forty-five minutes to take me to the house so I can check it out. It will be my first time there. I agreed to this house without ever stepping foot inside it. B looked at it from the outside twice and last night was his first time inside the house. We were on the phone as he did a walk through. I’m super excited! I am going to have my girl cave/writing studio/workout room/guest room! I can’t wait! I don’t know which of the two spare rooms it will be yet, either the green room or the purple one. (The owner of the house raised kids there. We’re the first renters.) I’ll pick the room today. I can’t wait! Oh, and the thing that sparked the move, washer and dryer. Inside. No more lugging laundry out in the heat!

I’ve set up some pretty major writing goals for myself after I get settled into my office girl cave quiet room. perhaps this is the first of many things I’ll be writing in the next couple of years. Here’s hoping!

Ok, must get dressed in leave-the-house clothes. Finally get to check out the house I’ve been dreaming of for a month! Jayden will have a yard with a wall. No javelina! Oh man I can’t wait! Now to make it until tomorrow night when I’m hoping to have showered off the day’s grime and be settling in to relax. We have movers thank goodness. I have movers coming from the University of Arizona through a company called Bellhops. They are an affordable moving company who sends college students to come do the heavy lifting for you. We’re just about all packed up and ready to go. Squee!


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Doggy Diaries – The Curious Case of the Bark

I had a ton of laundry to do today and everything was going great after we got passed a dog that suddenly began barking very viciously, making me jump. A woman’s voiced called out that I was fine as her dog kept barking and I told her I was just glad it was on leash. I’m sure she could tell I was shaken. Jayden kept looking in the dog’s direction until a firm, “leave it” got him straightened out again. When we got into the laundry room, Jayden kept me from running into the laundry cart someone had left in the middle of the room. That would have hurt.

When we went back to pick up the last load, I got into the room before realizing I had forgotten the laundry bag. I told Jayden I lied about this being our last trip and we went back home to grab it. We met a new neighbor on our way back out and I let Jayden say hi after the neighbor asked if he could say hello to Jayden. I love it when people ask! We chatted for a minute and then Jay and I made our way back to the laundry room.

When we walked in I thought another dog was in the room. I knew a person was in there because as I unlocked the door I could hear movement inside. The reason I thought there was another dog in the room was because I heard a loud bark. My dog doesn’t bark, therefore it must be another. I froze and tightened my hold on Jayden’s leash and I heard a woman call him Jason and tell him it was ok. I asked if there was another dog in the room and she said no. I couldn’t believe Jayden had barked! I’ve only heard him full on bark once before and that was when I first brought him home and was outside chatting with a neighbor and my friend. The neighbor had his dogs with him and Jayden barked through the security door.

This time was bizarre. I knelt down beside him after realizing it was he who had barked and his tail was clamped down firmly. What on earth? The woman kept saying it’s ok it’s ok and was he surprised someone was in here etc etc. I know who she is, after she said her name and I wish I had asked if it was she who had been with the barking dog earlier.

Right after I had stood back up Jayden gave a tiny whimper. I knelt back down, goofily asking him if he was ok. I try to keep concern out of my voice whenever possible. His tail was still clamped firmly. Nothing seemed to be hurting him after a quick physical so I grabbed my towels and chatted with the woman about dogs and their odd behavior sometimes.

Normally when we’re walking home from the laundry room, we stroll, especially when the weather is nice. On the previous trips, we strolled home at a slow pace, just enjoying being out. This time, Jayden booked it home. I have no idea what it was, the only thing I can think is that the neighbor had been the same one with the barking dog and he was spooked. Do you think that could have been what it was? He’s met her before and never reacted to her. So strange!

When we got home and I removed the harness I asked if he wanted a banana. That would be the test to see if he was hurting since he always hops like Tigger when you ask him that question. He hopped like normal and got excited and finally his tail was up. He’s been fine ever since, though he seems a bit more clingy than usual.

Do you think that dog just really spooked him? When it happened I didn’t scream or anything, just jumped a bit and we never stopped walking. That was only the second time in two years I’ve ever heard him full on bark. So weird! And the timid way he was until we left the laundry room? Wow.


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No time to really write but here

Busy day. Good busy but busy. Got up, did laundry, while loads were in began moving furniture. Moved white couch to move blue couch out. Put blue couch in hallway thing. Jayden wondered why I moved his couch. Finished laundry, put stuff away, vacuumed where old couch was, washed dishes, Carol tried to find guy to help move couch because first guy flaked. Carol’s couch had been gently used by two neighbors after her, great couch, wanted me to have. Gugys came, brought couch. Took old couch out of spare room. Oh yeah I had cleared that off at some point too. Guys had to take door off to get blue couch in. Guy put cover on couch for me. Carol and I went through insurance booklet ordering me stuff out of it out of my allotted money they give for disabled. Gathered some things things for Carol and we were both starving so we heated up Amy’s bowls. Carol left I sat fir a minute then took shower. Massage at five, ride came at quarter till. First massage since beginning of October. He needed a chisel in some places. Had been so tired after shower I didn’t even want to go, how sad is that? Came hom, B put DiGornio pizza in oven and tried burning a CD in iTunes but his PC didn’t see it. My Mac did so I burned the CD on another CD and that worked on his computer weird. Did all that while eating.

Now it’s almost time to turn in. I’m stretched out on my new couch with Jayden. We both fit so nicely. Yay for wireless headphones and keyboard!

Not gonna edit. Yeah, triggering my own pet peeves. 😉

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#NaBloPoMo – Doggy Diaries – Video: Quick walk with Jayden

I took a quick video this morning while doing laundry. I’m glad I took it because I don’t have the mental energy for the Steve Jobs post I had planned to write.

I’m told you can see Jay from the mid back to his head and that my pink Crocs clogs with the holes in them are visible. Blinks, it’s just a quick walk with the camera pointed at Jayden. My sidewalk was described as having pores haha!

If you follow me on Twitter you might have already seen it.

Direct youtube link


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#NaBloPoMo – Doggy Diaries – Trash and laundry, robo and canine

There was a discussion on Twitter recently about robotic guide dogs. There was a link, but I didn’t click it. A robotic guide dog? No thanks. The discussion was interesting though, what if it rains, what if the battery dies. I couldn’t help but think about Scott Westerfeld’s “Leviathan” series. Which is better, machine or beastie? It’s a brilliant series of books. You should read them if you like alternate histories and fantastical creations.

Anyway, back to the robo dog. There’s no way a robo dog could intuit when you want the trash vs. the laundry. You would have to give it a command all the time. Sure, you might have to give a dog the command too, left or right etc, but I’m pretty sure most of them begin to read your mind. Ask any guide dog handler and they’ll tell you it’s true.

What amazes me about Jayden and has for awhile now, is that when I’m dragging the laundry cart behind me, he needs no cues. He knows right where to go. As soon as the cart comes out in fact, he gets excited. He takes the “dry” out of laundry, that’s for sure. His excitement makes it less of a chore and more of an outing, until it’s time to put the clothes away that is.

We had stopped taking the trash out, leaving it to the man of the house, after Jayden took me to the neighbor’s house one day after I tossed the bag. I was stuck with my handled trash can. I never just carry a bag in case I have to set it down in a hurry. I felt terrible because the neighbor lady wanted to chat and I had laundry I had to get back to. This must have been months ago now. I don’t think I blogged about it so I can’t remember.

Anyway, doing all the cleaning required trips to the trash so I finally decided to let Jayden take me again. I did some patterning after we tossed each load, using the trash can as a kind of cane, feeling the curb and pointing us in the right direction. Eventually he took me straight home and rekindled my confidence in the route.

Here’s where my amazement really kicked in. One day I had several loads of junk and didn’t fancy taking them one by one with the trash can. So I got the laundry cart out and loaded it with two bags. Hey, at least it cut the trips in half. As usual, Jay got excited when the cart came out and I expected him to try and go to the laundry which is the opposite direction of the trash.

He knew I had trash bags!

With no verbal or physical cue from me he went right to the trash even though I was dragging the laundry cart. This might seem small, but for the proud guide dog handler, this was exhilarating. I love to see his mind working. It’s almost like you witness new paths forming in their brain. I could almost hear him thinking, “she didn’t sort all those clothes first.”

When I did laundry next, I wondered if he’d want to go to the last destination the cart had travelled to. Why did I even doubt? The boy took me right to the laundry. There were more trips to the trash, but never both on the same day. See what I’m leading up to?

Tell me, would a robo dog take you to the laundry with your cart full of clothes and sheets and then an hour later, take you right to the trash with the cart loaded with two trash bags and a box? I think not.

That’s exactly what Jayden did today. After the laundry was put away I decided to haul the last bit of trash from the cleaning adventures. Without missing a beat my boy turned in the direction of the trash with no cues from me. What a smart dog!

We spent lots of time outside today since it was beautiful out. We decided to take a walk after the clothes were put in the dryer which worked out well since the electric bill needed dropping off. We can no longer use the outgoing mail slot since people break into it. Thanks, idiot people. Then again, outgoing mail, the one thing we mail a month, is a great excuse for a trip to the office so maybe I should thank the idiot people. Until summer that is, and then the man of the house can take it down in the heat. 😉

My boy is curled up on the couch after his great work today. If I knelt in front of him, he’d give me a kiss. Robo dog? Fah!

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#NaBloPoMo – Time taking its time to pass

Have you ever had a day that seemed it would never end, but not in a bad way? That’s today for me. It’s now approaching three in the afternoon but it feels like it should be early evening. Usually when I have days that feel really long, it’s because I’m incredibly fatigued and begin counting down bed time at noon.

Usually days I feel great mentally and physically seem to fly by, and are few and far between. I’m not sure what sets today apart, but I’m already telling the negative voice in my head to shut up. It’s a false sense of happiness, it whispers. Tomorrow won’t be so good.

Shut up, just shut up. I know tomorrow might be full of ick. It’s supposed to be cold and rainy. I have no doubt that it will be, because as I lay in bed reading last night, I felt the pressure begin to change in my ears, and this morning my sinuses felt like a water balloon being filled too full. Luckily a Zyrtec fixed that little problem.

I had laundry to get done before the afternoon when the winds would come. They would come, with gusts up to fifty miles per hour, so my weather page said.

Any guide dog handler will tell you trying to work in the wind is no fun at all. You can’t hear a thing and it’s lucky you have your dog. It’s still just completely undesirable however, and one of the times Jayden and I got lost in the early days was due to wind. I couldn’t hear my sound sources to know where we were. Today I had to get the laundry done early and actually began bright eyed and bushy tailed. Well unless you factor in the fact that I sounded like I was getting a cold before the Zyrtec kicked in. I’m just speaking of my attitude, which is rarely that happy in the mornings haha!

Carol kept me company on the phone during this chore; my Bluetooth headset coming in quite handy. I don’t make a habit out of working Jayden and talking on the phone, but going back and forth to the laundry room is no biggie.

I had just put the last towel away and walked by the front door when I heard the wind. Good timing. Carol and I hung up and I heated up some lunch. I was thinking it was nearing time for afternoon coffee but when I checked the time it was just coming up on noon. Or was it eleven? I can’t remember. Noon I think. Regardless, the day was crawling by and I took notice of it for some reason. I honestly don’t even know why I’m writing this. Maybe someday it will become clear, or maybe it won’t. Maybe it just doesn’t matter.

As I was eating lunch my friend L called. It’s been ages since we’ve caught up. She wasn’t feeling well today so she took a personal day and had run by Target before going home to relax. We talked while she shopped and I mentioned something about my Glade Plug-In with the fan I love so much and how I’m hoping this year to find holiday scented oil. She had just passed that section, and decided to pick some up for me. I was so excited! The one she found had a free plug-in warmer. Nice! She’d run it by after she was done shopping. We hung up and I tidied up a bit, easy with how clean my house is. Unfortunately she couldn’t come. Something came up with her son so she’s going to try and drop by tomorrow.

I dissolved into the deliciously hot bath I had been looking forward to all day. I listened to an audio book while soaking in the hot water, which cools too darned quickly.

I got out and gave my hair a blow out after lathering with yummy smelling lotion. These baths are always treats to me which is silly, since I can take them as often as I like. In all actuality however, they sometimes completely wear me out, so it’s a gamble. How will I feel after this bath? Luckily today, great.

It’s just now three. I think I’ll go catch up on Twitter since I was fairly busy this morning. I wonder what I’ll read. I wonder what fun information I’ll get in those brief statements.

I suppose this is one of those silly and rather useless posts, but I really was marveling at how slowly the hours were ticking by, letting me enjoy a day of feeling good and getting things accomplished. Shut up, negativity. Tomorrow might be full of ick, but it’s up to me to keep it from being miserable. And, I have new scented oil to look forward to. It’s the simple things. 🙂

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Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 32 – People are weird

Oh man I kinda wish today had been like the seventeenth last year. We just had a lazy crochet day. Definitely didn’t have that today.

I’m gonna tell you right now I’m not gonna edit this, because I’m flexed and tired after a bath and I’ve got a game starting soon haha. This morning I talked to Georgie for awhile, then took the laundry down. After starting the washers, which was a pain because I had to use one top load and one side load machine since others decided today was good for laundry too. I was washing sheets and like to do both loads at once. The front load machine takes a little longer so ti’s a bummer. Anyway we took the trash out after dropping the clothes off. For some reason every once and awhile when we take the trash, Jayden decides to do something different. We ended up at a neighbor’s apartment. I could tell something wasn’t right but not in time to catch it so I told him to find home and he found the neighbor’s. She must have seen us because she came to her door and chatted. She invited us in but I had laundry to get back to. She helped us get home and Jayden was being a little brat. I almost twisted my ankle coming off the sidewalk. I hate getting frustrated with him but gah. I’ll be caning the trash next time. Let whatever this is get out of his system.

When we went back to put the clothes in the dryer there was only one free. I wanted to start both loads drying at the same time so we wouldn’t need to make multiple trips. It wasn’t even noon yet and getting warm and I was feeling fatigued.

So we copped a squat and waited for someone to come amply a dryer. Finally a guy came in.

He asked if this is my dog.

No, I’m dog sitting.

Really? I mean, I know we all ask stupid questions but…I really had to bite my tongue haha! Then he tells me he’s seen us walking around here. Then you know it’s my dog…

He asked how long I’ve lived here and I told him, so then he asked how I went blind and I told him and he said he saw my tattoos and wondered why a blind person would have tattoos. Why wouldn’t we? I mean I got mine when I was sighted, but I want more. And I put purple in my hair. Who cares if I can’t see it?

Just weird questions you get, I gotta tell you. And I know I’ve had questions like that in the past too. We all have questions. It just sometimes really makes me laugh.

Finally after the laundry was done I ate something and then decided to pamper myself. Since the sheets are freshly laundered I decided a long bath would be great with my exfoliating scrub aaaaah…..bed is going to be heaven. Wish it was time now…

Ok *yawn*. This day wore me out. Coffee, where’s my coffee? Oh there it is.

Go Rays!

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Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 13 – Laundry and baseball

I didn’t write on this date last year. I recap it the next day though, so I’ll have a link tomorrow.

Jayden was so good today. I’m telling you, he knows I’m fatigued before I know it. I’ve just learned to trust when he walks slower than usual, like he did today doing laundry. I’m better today but it’ll be short lived since another storm is coming. I didn’t notice I was wobbley until I noticed Jay walking slow. Then I took a look at how I felt and sure enough, I was a little woozy haha. Such a good boy!

Baseball was back in the house today! Not the Rays, but I wanted to make sure was working and it wasn’t so I called and they fixed it so I listened to some of the D-Backs and Giants. The Rays play their first spring training game tomorrow!!! Dirk Hayhurst will get some time in relief so I’m very excited to catch him pitch. Yay baseball!

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Doggy Diaries – Intelligent Disobedience

Last Sunday at Gamma’s, when I took Jayden out to relieve him, I tried going forward from her back door instead of to the right, because to the right there’s shade and forward was sun. During the summer, we obviously went where the shade was, but it’s cold now so I wanted sun.

Jayden brought me to the edge of the patio but when I told him forward, he wouldn’t budge. Gamma is always warning me about that spot because some briks have come loose, but I figured Jayden would get me around them. Well, he decided that wasn’t smart, and refused. When I gave in and told him right, he obeyed.

Gamma was happy that Jayden had the same opinion as she. It was either that, or he just wanted to go to his normal spot. We’ll never know.

Then today as we headed to the laundry to switch the loads, Jayden began pulling. I thought he saw a dog or something and was telling him to steady. He didn’t listen. In fact he sped up. Then I heard the car.

I had heard it in the distance, but figured we’d get to our sidewalk before the car got there. Nope. Apparently some people think it’s fine to speed in apartment complexes. The car was leaving so it would have turned before reaching us, or so I thought. It actually drove past us, but by that point, Jayden had hurried to the sidewalk to get us out of the road.

It was just like the traffic checks at school, when the hybrid comes at you and the dog has to speed up. I remember the instructors telling us to pay attention and if your dog speeds up and you’re where cars could be, you’d better follow.

I don’t think the car would have hit us. But you just never know. I love how cautious he is! If there’s a moving car anywhere in sight, he won’t move. He likes to know what the car will do before he takes a step. Such a good boy!

He also really makes laundry fun. This morning when he heard me get the laundry cart out, he came tearing into the room all excited. He definitely makes the chore much more fun. 🙂

Right before I finished writing this, I took Jayden outside for a grooming. Holy lots of fur Batman. Then I got out the Wubba and he tore around the house with it haha! I don’t know how he runs that fast without bumping in to anything.


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