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Pooch Ponderings and Kitty Tales collide

Hey everyone. Timmy and I have a story to tell you. First I have to start by saying that I got to go to the mall with Mom and Dude and it was fun. They showed me where the human relieving circle was and then went back to the door and when mom told me forward I took her right to it and got a kibble. She was all impressed that I took her to the big stall. Duh, we always use the big stall. Anyway so then we walked around some and a little human was petting me while I walked and I ignored him and Dude made us stop and mom made me sit and then she talked to the little human and then an old human came and got the little one and we could walk again. We went to a store and mom got something but I’m not allowed to say what. I guess a friend of hers is graduating college. Will she be a guide person? Hmmm. But I can’t say what mom got in case the human reads but we don’t think she reads. Anyway so that was fun. Then we left and Dude was telling mom all the stuff I did like going around people without bumping them and blocking mom by the weird hall so I could look and make sure nothing was coming out to get her.

So we get home and she takes off my harness and asks if I have to go outside and here’s where I’ll let Timmy tell you the rest.

Ok, so at first I didn’t like the dog thing. But he’s pretty cool. I’ve been telling him that he has to help me escape. So I came up with a plan and we were just waiting for the right time. So mom tells the dog that he needs to go outside and I hoped he’d activate the plan and sure thing, he did. Mom opened the big door and then the screen door and the dog usually walks right outside, then mom closes the big door because if she closes the screen, it’s easy for me to run out. But man, the dog did things perfectly. I had told him to divert and confuse mom, and he did just that. Instead of walking outside, he looked into the kitchen. That’s when I snuck by them. Mom started to close the door but then the dog decided to go outside so they came outside. I meowed, but I changed my voice a bit so mom wouldn’t be sure it was me, but I wanted to thank the dog. At this point, since he’s freakin cool, I’ll call him by name.

So Jayden is staring at me and not doing his business and mom is calling my name and asking Jayden if I got out. Like he’s gonna tell her, we’re partners now. I stare back at Jayden and then he finally goes and pees and they go back inside. Mom leaves the big door open and I can hear her calling for me in the house. I went and rolled around and around and got all dirty but damn it was hot, so I went back to the door. Jayden was laying there and I started meowing. Mom heard me and opened the door a crack and then Spinelli tried to copy me, damn copy cat. Mom pushed her back and reached for me but I escaped, so she came out and closed the door and I went to her cuz it was just too hot out. She dusted me off and told me I’m a bad cat and took me inside, then she had to make sure Spinelli didn’t get out so she felt her and grabbed Spinelli and Spinelli got mad.

Ok, I’m sick of typing, here’s Jayden.

Hahahaha so yeah, mom was not happy with Timmy. I was prancing around panting while mom was on the floor making sure all the cats were in the place. Then mom called Gamma and told her I aided and abetted the escape of timmy. Oops! But I want to stay in with Timmy cuz he plays with me. Mom’s all tired now cuz she’s been really tired this week and our little trick didn’t help. Sorry mom. I’ll cuddle next to you now and I won’t help Timmy next time. But it was sure fun to see him get in trouble hehehehe!


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Kitty Tales – They’re feeling left out

nOk seriously, all that white thing mom touches all the time talks about is dogs. Dogs dogs dogs. I still don’t know what that is. And now all it says is puppy pool puppy pool puppy pool. Now what the heck is that? I know she’s gonna get this dog thing and I’m already scared. I’m her baby girl. What if she replaces me? And now a puppy pool? Are we getting one of those too?

Anyway, I wanted you all to remember that mom has cats *first* before a dog thing or a puppy pool. I’m Spinelli, and she loves me. Even though I’m getting too big to fit on her arm, she still picks me up and carries me and its so relaxing. Dad tries to pick me up but he doesn’t hold me right, so I’ll get down and then rub his ankles. I love my dad, but I was mom’s present this time last year. Yep, I’ve been here a year and this is *my* house, not a dog or puppy pool house.

I had another heat thing. Mom keeps saying she feels bad because I’m not fixed but they don’t get me fixed. The heat thing is so weird! I still feel all funny and I don’t want mom touching me. When she touches me when I’m hot, I stick my butt in the air. I don’t know if I like it or not. It’s kinda fun cuz I feel like I can chase Timmy all the time and it’s kinda fun to torture him, but it tortures me too because I still want something from him that he can’t give me. But other then the heat thing, life is pretty good. Timmy is kicking me off now.

Finally we get the white thing to stop talking about dogs. I think I know what a dog is. I think it’s like a cat, but I’m pretty sure some of them are bigger then us. And they’re clumsy. You can’t drop a dog because he doesn’t know how to land himself. And they don’t purr. But I know they sleep a lot like us. Mom keeps talking about the dog eating our toys. I hope it doesn’t eat the toys, even though I don’t play with them much. Man, if Spinelli didn’t have the toys, she’d never ever leave me alone. Oh and mom says she’ll have to move our food maybe because the dog might eat it. It better not eat our food. I think I’ll tell Fi to make sure she barfs in the food bowl if the dog is looking interested. Fi barfs in the food bowl a lot. She eats too fast and then woosh it comes right back up. Yuck. I’m glad we have 2 food bowls, because the other one is usually safe until the barf goes away.

Mom is getting really fun since she started those workout things. Before, she always said I was so heavy. Oh, you’re such a big boy, oh geez you’re heavy. Always moaning. But now she likes to throw me around and pick me up and lift me over her head. She says it’s an extra arm workout. But its so fun! When I’m in my lovey mood and she’s by the bed, sometimes I can get her to play if I purr and put my paws on her chest. Then she scoops me up and tosses me all around and I purr and purr and purr. I like the strong arms. She’s fun.

It’s been freaking cold here. What’s with that? All of the sudden cold. I get under the blanket on the couch and its so warm and nice and then Spinelli finds me and won’t leave me alone. Yesterday mom got mad cuz her yarn was on the couch and me and Spinelli were playing and running all over the couch playing “in the trenches” and she kept getting up from the white thing and shooing us away. So we ran all over the house, up and down the couch hit the window and made the blinds rattle, skidded across the table and then I got tired and Spinelli wasn’t so I howled and howled until she got tired too. Its so fun. I guess she’s growing on me. I’m gonna let Fi tell you about our nightly ritual of the bedroom door.

Well, hello mom’s computer friends. I’m sorry you had to be subjected to Timmy and Spinelli’s immaturity. Let me tell you how it is. I can’t wait for the dog. I used to live with a dog and I liked him. timmy and Spinelli have no idea what they’re in for. They think it’s just like a cat. Yeah, no. And mom is getting a very special dog that will take a lot of her attention. Maybe it will make Timmy and Spinelli learn to sleep all day like I do.

I had to move my spot on the bed. I used to lay on dad’s side during the day, but Spinelli lays there at night so I always smelled her. So I’ve moved to mom’s side. Trouble is, I don’t get the warm clothes on me on Saturday. I might need to amend that. Mom almost sat on me yesterday when she was on the phone because she’s not used to me laying there.

I was all cozy on the bed last night when mom came in to watch tv so I had to move a little to give her room. Then dad came in and lay down so I was between them. I love that. Then Timmy and Spinelli have to come in. I really wish I could be alone with mom and dad sometimes. Timmy wasn’t even near me but I got pissy and hissed and chased him off the bed. I don’t lose my cool like that often. Dad left to listen to music and he closed the door with all of us inside. Here we go. timmy lasted about 5 minutes and then got on the dresser and banged his head on the doorknob like he always does, but mom was comfy and ignored him. Dad yelled, I got it! And came and let Timmy out. Spinelli was at the foot of the bed, so I decided to stay. Mom fell asleep and eventually I got hungry and wanted out, but she wasn’t hearing me so I got really loud. I never get loud but I wanted out. She stirred a little but wasn’t letting me out, so I actually howled, which I never do. I think it’s unbecoming of a cat of my age, but I wanted out. Dad came and let me out.

Mom always complains that we go through this every night, so why doesn’t she just leave the door open? We talk abut this every time we’re allowed to get on the blog. Maybe some day she’ll learn.

Oh hey, I know a lot of you are dog people and you do a lot of grooming. And I know dogs aren’t the same, but mabe you can help. As I get on in years, my fur is getting quite oily. It starts to clump, and mom and dad have started saying I have dreads, and they call me Rasta Cat. What do the kids say, I’m not down with that. Mom has to brush me and she actually gets the scissors and cuts the dreads out. I don’t mind at first because it feels nice and I purr a lot but then it gets old and I do my growl meow and swipe at her hand. I always feel bad and she has to stop. Does anyone know what she might be able to do to help my fir not be so oily? Thanks.


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Kitty Tales – Spinelli

For the last few days, that white thing on the table by the couch that mom always touches, has said that the cats are gonna post soon. Ok. Usually when the white thing says something, it happens, because its mom telling her friends stuff. But she kept forgetting to let me talk.

So this morning I was gonna win. I ran all over the house up and down up and down all over the furniture and up the cat tree by the couch where the white thing is. It still wasn’t working! She was just touching and talking on the phone and then touching and the white thing kept talking.

So I started following her all over the house even into the bathroom. And then when she was walking back to the white thing, I jumped on the couch and sat where she sits. She didn’t sit on me though like she sometimes does, but anyway whatever, it worked.

I don’t know what the heck is going on with me. I don’t fit in places like I used to. I hang over the edge and it doesn’t feel the same. And I have a lot of hard times sitting on mom. Its hard to get my whole body on her. Sometimes if she has her feet on the wood I can stretch out on her legs, but I’ll lose my balance and have to dig my nails in her leg to keep from falling off. She doesn’t like that much. But she says she spoils me. She’ll just move my paw. And then after a little bit she groans and says “sorry baby girl, I gotta pee” and she loves on me before she makes me move, and then she makes these funny noises. She stands up all slow and walks all funny like her legs won’t bend. Do I do that to her? Its only when she has her feet on the wood. Hmm.

Oh and I used to fit right on her left arm. She would pick me up and I’d put all four legs on the sides of her arm and her hand would cradle my head and she’d walk with me like that. But I don’t fit anymore! I don’t like that. Now she picks me up and I have to move around to get comfy. This sucks. Mom keeps saying in her stupid talk to a baby talk that I’m getting so big, oh my goodness you’re getting so big, when did you get so big? I get it mom. Seriusly.

She’s been doing this really strange thing at night. After everyone decides where they want to be and she gets up and down to let Timmy and Fi out of the room and its finally just us, I start walking all over her and she picks me up and says up you go and holds me straight up in the air over her head. Ok. I’m in the air. This is odd. She’s laying there holding me above her head. I’m still purring though. Then she’ll lower me and kiss my head and up I go again. She’s so weird! As soon as I start to struggle she lets me down so i can walk on her again. And then last night she tried it with one arm! I didn’t like this. I felt like she was gonna drop me. Humans are so weird. Whatever though, she enjoys it, so I’ll let her do it, just not with one arm please. I don’t know why she has to talk different when she talks to me.

I guess part of getting bigger is this thing called heat. They kept saying, Spinelli is in heat. But I wasn’t hot. I just felt funny. I really really really really wanted to play with Timmy. But not just play with him. I wanted to do something with him, but I didn’t know why. All of the sudden, I was meowing all funny and sticking my butt in the air and wiggling it! Whats with that? I would chase Timmy everywhere and he got up on the fridge and yelled and yelled. I still can’t explain why I was doing this. Its like I was possessed! Dad totally freaked out and didn’t even want to explain to mom what I was doing, but she knew. And if they touched my back, my butt went in the air and I felt all funny. They keep talking about getting me fixed. But I’m not broken! What needs to get fixed? I guess Timmy is broken. But they fixed him. But they kept saying they wish he could perform to help me out. What the…I don’t get it. Dad looked up heat on that google thing. Duh. We live in the desert. You should know what heat is. But he told mom something about a q-tip. He read something on that google thing about cats and heat and a q-tip. Mom and dad were both grossed out and said that was so wrong, but they kept talking about a q-tip whenever my butt went in the air and I did my butt dance as Dad called it, and my sexy meow as mom called it.

I don’t know what got inside me. A spirit? I don’t know. I hope it doesn’t happen again, but I’m not fixed yet. Ok, I can’t think about that anymore, its freaking me out.

Mom still talks about that dog thing. And I hear the white thing on the table say dog a lot. And she’s been reading all about a dog called Trixie. Ok. So a dog is something that is also called a Trixie. The white thing talked about cats that don’t like Trixie. Are we getting a Trixie? If other cats don’t like the Trixie, does that mean I won’t? Is that why mom keeps saying she’s nervous about us and this Trixiedog? Will someone please explain this thing to me?

Well, I think thats all for now. I’m gonna go sleep somewhere. I’m all nervous now. I wanted to talk but now I keep thinking about heat and q-tips and Trixiedogs. *shudder*


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Kitty Tales – About Combat

I know I’m writing a lot today. Its Sunday, so there’s football football and more football. I’m a baseball girl. Anyway, I want to talk about Combat. My favorite blog so far is Life with the Dogs and I’ve pretty much read it all. The story about Maggie made my heart hurt, because it reminded me so much of Combat.

I had Combat from the age of 12 until I was 29, just after I went blind. Combat was my baby from the start. Pure black with yellow eyes. I named him Combat on the way home from the Humane Society all those years ago, because in his cage, he had been stalking his food dish, and pouncing on it. The name suited him because of that, but he was the gentl cat. I used to sing, “Combat…the army cat…I’m so glad…you’re not a rat…or a bat or too fat”. Its from the movie ‘Beaches’. I still remember a picture of him when he was still an adolescent cat, wearing a red collar and climbing the cat tree. Another favorite picture was him in front of the tv, reaching up to try and catch Mario as my mom played Super Mario Brothers on the old Nintendo.

After my first cat Kitty ran away, we started keeping cats indoors. Combat only tried to get out twice, and both times he froze when he realized he had no idea where he was. He became my constant.

After mom got sick, after pomeranians died and their puppies sold, Combat was still around. We had acquired another cat, Little Kitty, but thats another blog.

At 21 I moved out and into a house with 3 other girls. My cats came with me, and soon I became worried about how other people treated them. They started pretty much living in my room. After that house, I started bouncing around alot, and at one point, they had to stay in this tiny little room with my friend’s parents. I was hardly ever home, because I had discovered partying. Those poor babies were stuck in that room alone for days at a time. I am not proud of this. Eventually I moved into another friend’s house, with the latest boyfriend, and we lived in a carport converted into a room. We ended up moving into the house, and they had a dog, so again, the cats were kept in a room, but I was home with them alot.

One day, I couldn’t find Combat. For days he was missing and I was devestated. My boyfriend at the time wasn’t watching and Combat slipped out of the room. We found him days later; he had crawled through the window leading into the carport/room. I was so relieved.

When I left that house and the guy, I got a place of my own and it was just me and the cats. Combat had made it through so much, mom dying, all the houses, all the men, all the people, my drunken self. He was always there. When I sobered up it was just me and Combat at that point. Little Kitty had passed. Combat and I moved in to a great apartment where he had a great view out the windows of bunnies and squirrels and quail and doves. He was pretty up there in years at that point, so sometimes I took him out on the patio where I could keep an eye on him, where he could sniff. I knew he wouldn’t run.

When I moved in with my boyfriend, into the place I’m in now, there were Timmy and Fi as well, and Combat hated it. It had been him and me for so long. He was dropping weight, refused to use the litter box because it smelled like the other cats. He wouldn’t eat out of their food bowls. He found the bathroom and felt secure in there, so I put a towel down for him to lay on. He used the bathtub as a litter box, but he was my baby, so I would clean it up.

One amazing thing about Combat in that bathroom though. One day I heart a dribble, so I looked, and there was Combat, perched on the toilet, peeing!! He peed in the toilet from then on, but used the tub for the other stuff.

Sometimes he would sneak out of he bathroom and lay on the bed. He couldn’t control his bowels though, so I found a mess in the bed a few times, and we started closing the door.

After I went blind, it started getting harder. My boyfriend had to check the tub before he left for work so I culd bathe. At that point, I was afraid to stand in teh shower, so I sat in the tub. Eventually I just took a paper towel to feel around first. Combat soiled all the towels we put down for him, so my boyfriend started using his old shirts.

He would bring Combat into bed with me at night so I could cuddle with im with the door closed, so it was just the two of us. He would knead for about a minute or two, and then curl up. Then he would moan and I’d know he needed to relieve himself, so my boyfriend would take him back in the bathroom.

about a month and a half after I went blind, on June 6, 2008, I got out of the shower and Combat wasn’t in the bathroom. He had gone into the bedroom, and had an accident all over the bed. I lost it. I couldn’t clean it up, I couldn’t take the stuff to the laundry, and I knew this was no way for the poor guy to live. I also got very angry and called a friend and went crazy over the phone. I wish he hadn’t heard that. We knew it was time to put him to rest.

My friend came over and sat with me, and my other friend was going to come and take him to the humane society. My boyfriend was upst and told me to wait until he got home from work, but thought better of it, because he knew he’d tell me not to do it. I sat with Combat and held him and cried and told him I loved him and it wasn’t his fault and it would be better this way and he wouldn’t be in pain and he could see mom and Little Kitty.

I was holding him on the couch when my friend came and I didn’t want to let him go. Finally she took him from my arms and put him in a carrier and was gone. I cried and cried and cried and I’m crying now as I write this.

For days it just wasn’t right. I knew he wasn’t in the bathroom, but it was easy to pretend he was there because I couldn’t see that he wasn’t. At night it was awful because I didn’t have my Combat time. I washed his food dishes and put them up. They will never be used for anything else.

Eventually thepain lessoned. I still miss him so very much. He was my boy, my baby, my constant. I used to call him Baby Boy. The other day I slepped and called Timmy Baby Boy and then said out loud that I couldn’t call him that, thats Combat’s name.

I’m glad my boyfriend waited awhile to get Spinelli. She was such a surprise, that I felt guilty. I told combat she wasn’t replacing him, and I felt in my heart, I felt it, that Combat was saying, “Its ok mom, I want you to be happy. I’m not in pain here. I get to chase the lizards.” Oh yeah, a lizard had gotten into my old apartment, and Combat had so much fun playing with it it, which swas a joy, because he hadn’t played in years.

So he’s up there now, chasing lizards, hanging with mom, ignoring Little Kitty. My friend’s cat Hunny Bunny departed recently, the friend that took Combat to the Humane Society, so I told her Combat would welcome him. As I read Maggie’s story, I thought of the two of them meeting up there somewhere, since they both left us at similar times.

I love you, Combat. I hope there are plenty of lizards. =)

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Kitty Tales – From Fi

My name is pronounced like Fee. My proper name is Ophelia, but everyone calls me Fi. I’m From West Virginia, and I’ve been around a very long time. I used to be another lady’s cat, but back in West Virginia, when I met dad, I knew he was mine. So when they went their separate ways in Arizona, I stayed with dad.

We used to live with dad’s friend, and he had a dog. I liked that dog a lot. I like dogs much better than cats. I’m glad I’m a cat and not a human. Humans are too busy. After we moved in here with mom and her old cat Combat, they both left every day. combat didn’t like Timmy and me. I quickly made the spare room my home. I like it in there. Its quiet and there are lots of places to curl up, because its the storage rom. After a couple months, dad and mom were both home for about a week and a half and I knew something was up. I’ve been around long enough to know these things. Timmy was just happy they were home a lot. Then dad went back to leaving every day, and mom stayed home all the time. But she was different. She moved around the house really slowly and sometimes got lost. She cried a lot, and talked on the phone a lot. Strange people came over, and I don’t like strange people, so I never came out. It was like this for months. Mom would lay down a lot and dad would help her find things on tv before she got good at it herself. And she was never on her computer anymore. She gave it to dad. It was all very sad for awhile.

Then she started something called therapy and she started getting better. I would crawl on her shoulder while she listened to books and she’d walk around with me like that. I was always vry calm with her, just sat by her side and leaned into her and let her pet me. I think she liked my being around, so calm.

Then she got busy again. A strange man came and she had this long white stick. I liked to try and play with the ball on the end. But eventually it was clear that it wasn’t a cat toy. Eventually she started leaving almost every day too, but she’s still home more than dad. And she has a computer again, and it talks. It sounds really funny, not like the humans, but pretty close. She likes to type the word meow and make the computer say it.

I like to just relax in my room and I don’t come out much. That Spinelli gets on my nerves, but we’re friendlier than you might think. When no one is home we play and sometimes when mom and dad are home we play, and they laugh, because I never play with Timmy. But Spinelli looks like me, and I like her ok.

About a month ago, mom started talking about getting a dog!! I like dogs. I hope she gets one. And she sounds so happy when she talks about getting a dog. Timmy and Spinelli don’t know what it is. Boy will they be surprised. I can’t wait!

I think mom will probably tell you about Combat, but I just want to say that I kinda miss that old guy. He was even older than me. He came here when we moved in, and he just wasn’t happy. He was very old and sometimes he cried out in pain. He stayed away from us, and mostly stayed in her bathroom. He left one day, and didn’t come back. Thats never good news.

Anyway, I think I’ll go jump in the tub. I like mom’s tub because it drips, and I like to lick the water. The drip on my head is making my fur on my head all flat, but at this point in life, I know there are more important things than looking good all the time, like Spinelli.

I love my mom and dad, and I like Spinelli and Timmy ok, but I sure hope we get a dog!

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Kitty Tales – From Timmy

Mom is really bored today…

Hi I’m timmy. Spinelli decided to get on mom’s lap and give herself a bath, so she’s leaving me alone. Man, she’s annoying. For the longest time it was just me, dad and Fi. And Fi was so boring because she never wanted to play, so I used to wish for a cat who wanted to play. Be careful what you wish for, right? I was so happy when mom started to come around. She lets me love all over her, and thats what I like doing best. I am a lover as mom calls me. I love to rub all over people and I purr really loud. She says I’m like a lawnmower. She usually loves it when I want to love on her, but sometimes she gets annoyed. Its usually when she’s listening to a book and I get between her and the speaker. She tries to shove me away, but I’m a big cat and I almost always win.

I think I have a brother on cat food commercials. He looks just lke me, black and white like a cow, and he’s always loving on people in the commercial. I’m glad I’m not in commercials. That must be boring. I like my life with mom and dad. She was step mom for awhile, but now she’s my mom and she’s all mine. For some reason though, she seems to run into me a lot. Its like she can’t see me anymore. She sits on me a lot, because as soon as she leaves her spot on the couch, I go lay down there because its all warm. Its so funny when she sits on me because she grabs me and fawns all over me asking if I’m ok. I just like the attention.

I’ve really been annoying her at night lately and I realy don’t mean to. Every night she closes her computer and goes and lays down to watch the tv. I love it when she goes to lay down and I always run in there and jump on the bed and meow and purr and put my paws on her shoulder when she’s changing. I can’t wait to curl up with her and put my paws on her face. But that Spinelli runs in too…and she always seems to get to mom first after mom closes the door and gets in bed. So I get annoyed and decide to go hang out with dad on the couch, and I jump up on the tresser and make the doorknob make noise. She sighs and gets up to let me out. Sometimes I want back in like 5 minutes later, so dad lets me in and mom laughs. But Spinellis is still there, so I want out again. Its really funny when she closes the door and all 3 of us are in there. I leave, and then like 5 minutes later, Fi leaves and I can hear mom cursing. Why doesn’t she just leave the door open? Oh well.

I have allergies so I sneeze a lot. I don’t mean to sneeze in her face, but sometimes it just happens! She usually just laughs and shouts my name. Its really hard to sneak up on her because I’ll sneeze and she knows its me.

I’m so happy with mom and dad. Sometimes even Spinellis is fun when I feel like playing. And I love it when mom discovers me and scoops me up and cuddles me. Spinelli will never cuddle mom the way I do. So I think I’ll always be her favorite cuddler. Though she does let Spinelli on her lap a lot more. Maybe I should just curl up and sleep too, but I’m always too happy kneading on mom. I’m hungry now. Oh mom said to say sorry she’s flooding the reading lists today.

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Kitty Tales – From Spinelli

My mom thinks its really cute when she reads blogs written from the perspective of puppies, whatever they are, so she wants to try the same thing from us cats. Ok. Whatever mom. I was named after a soap opera character. I don’t know what that is either. Does it have something to do with puppies? Anyway, I remember when I was named. I remember that really weird day. There I was, in this glass cage with my sister. We were napping when we heard voices. The shop guy told this other guy that my sister was leaving. Finally, the whole cage to myself. The the other guy said he’d take me. They crammed me into this little box with holes and I did NOT like it. Then the box was moving and it got really bright. The guy put me in this big thing and then there was a funny noise, and then some kind of music. Not like the music in the store, heavy music, like screaming music. I howled. I did not like this, whatever it was. Then the big thing was moving and the music was screaming for awhile and I howled and howled. Then the big thing stopped and my box was moving again. Oh the quiet. I like this place better. I tried to howl but my voice was funny and my throat was scratch.

Then I heard girl voices. A really soft one and another one. I heard the girl say, what the heck, is that a kitten?? And the boy said, Merry Christmas! And then there was lots of noise and the girl was making these squeaking noises and I was taken out of the box. I tried to get away but I was too small and they had me. I was passed around to the two girls and then put back in the box. This time the guy helped the girl out of the quiet place and we were back in the big thing. The music was quieter now and the girl had the box on her lap and was talking to me. We were moving and she was talking about a trip and how could she leave me. Then they talked about my name. Thank God I didn’t end up being Butters, as was suggested. Then the girl shouted, Spenelli!

After all that things got a lot better. They carried me in another quiet place and let me out of the box, but they didn’t pass me around. Cool! Explore time! After I met the other two cats, HUGE cats, things calmed down a lot. I realized these people were my parents. Then they left me for a week and another nice girl came over and fed me.

Its been almost a year, well sort of I think. My birthday is this month, but they didn’t have me right away. I love my mom. I figured out that if she doesn’t know I’m there, she might accidentally wack me or sit on me! She’s gotten better about feeling the couch first, and I try and remember to squeak when I jump up so she knows I’m there. Its fun to play tricks on her though, and not make any noise so I can curl up near her and sleep. As soon as she knows I’m there, the petting and stuff starts. I pretend to be annoyed, but I’m not.

She always laughs because I get on her lap and give myself a bath. She says, why does Spinelli have to bathe herself on my lap? Duh mom, I like to be clean before I take a nap. She’s a girl, doesn’t she understand the need to be clean ALL the time? She says I’m oh seedy, or something, whatever that means, cuz I clean myself so much.

Ok I’m bored with this. I’m gonna go nap or torture the other cats. Oh yeah, mom keeps talking about getting a dog. I don’t know what a dog is, but I think she thinks me and the other cats won’t be happy about it. So I’m a little scared. What is this dog thing she keeps talking about?

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