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Back to Books

I’ve always been kind of a sporadic reader. Even in my sighted days. There was usually a book I was reading, but you just never knew if I’d read some yesterday or months before. Usually I’d have a couple books I was in the middle of, and at times I would get hooked on one author and read nothing but them. I always especially liked series of books because it was always great to dive back into a specific character. My favorites back in the day were Dr. Kay Scarpetta, a Patricia Cornwell creation and Dr. Alex Cross of the James Patterson imagination. But eventually I lost interest and just stopped. Actually, when I went blind, I think I was reading Patterson’s series about the Women’s Murder Club, if I remember correctly. But I just haven’t gone back.

I had never really known about audio books until B brought me a Stephan King short story. I think it was called ‘Quitter’s Inc.’ but don’t quote me on that. B had been astounded at how expensive audio books were. Then two friends got me two audio books from a resale bookstore. A Patricia Cornwell about her theory as to who Jack the Ripper was. I think it was called ‘Book of the Dead’ and it was fascinating. The other was a John Grisham book that I thought was just horrible until B told me it was a true story. Yeah, only in real life can a plot be that stupid haha! I don’t remember the name of it, but it was about two guys who were accused of murder when it was plain the local cops just wanted to solve the crime.

After that, my friend would bring me books from the college library and I started reading new authors like Janet Ivonovich and another female who wrote books in an alphabet series, but I can’t remember her name. There were other authors too, but they all escape me. I read some really good stuff. I only wish I had the computer back then, so I could have kept track. There was one I really liked, about a murder at a prestigious school and it’s all set in the future. I would love to read more by that author.

Then I just kinda got out of reading except for Harry Potter, which I just listened to over and over and over again.

I started getting books on iTunes and would read here and there, mostly downloading books I’d read before, books that were always staples on my bookshelf, like ‘Silence of the Lambs’. Then I started wanting to branch out a bit, so I’d ask for suggestions. I even made a suggested books label here, to keep track, but I always forget to go look at it haha!!

For my trip, I downloaded some books that I haven’t read yet. ‘A Big LIttle Life’ by Dean Koontz is one that was suggested here and then I found Alice in Wonderland on iTunes for way cheap. Just haven’t read them yet.

At school I started putting on a book at night on my new iPod because it doesn’t need headphones. It’s pretty ideal for reading wherever. But I noticed that if I fell asleep to a book I had gotten from through iTunes, it was really hard to find my place again. So I started listening to ‘Duma Key’ by Stephan King since I had burned it from the cds B got me. If I fell asleep, I could just skip through the tracks nice and easy. But when I had to charge the iPod, it would completely lose my place in that book. It doesn’t do that with the books when I charge. Very weird quirks haha!

I finished ‘Duma Key’ the other day and while the ending got really, really weird, I actually liked the ending more than I’ve liked King’s endings in quite a long time.

I had really enjoyed reading again, so I went back to the book I had started on the way to school. Here is where I can talk about where I’m getting book ideas now.

I’m almost finished with ‘Uglies’ by Scott Westerfeld. It’s a book aimed at teens and it’s a series. I only heard about this book because of this review over at Reviews from the Deep. If you want audio book ideas, go read his blog, in fact, subscribe to it. Now. Do it now. Haha!! Not only does he give you a synopsis of the books, he tells you about the narration. I’m not sure that’s easy to find. And I appreciate that because there are narraters I really like and some I don’t, like when authors narrate their own books. So I can be forwarned. Sometimes he’ll even give you little tidbits about the authors, which is always really cool to read.

So anyway, I’m reading ‘Uglies’ now and because of my iPod, I’m staying up at night reading again, just like the old days lol.

I also just downloaded another book, ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ because of Carin’s post about it. I went over to iTunes and read some reviews there too and it sounded like a must read. So when I’m done with ‘Uglies’ I’ll start on this one.

I’m just so happy with my little iPod. And I keep cracking up because “Uglies’ is set in the future, and the iPod seems so futuristic to me. To be laying in bed with this little device in my hand just reminds me how far technology has come. I love being able to relax in bed with a book without having to switch cds on the player, or reaching over to pause it or adjust volume. That’s the best thing about listening to books digitally, not having to switch cds. That drives me nuts with Harry Potter. Get to a really good spot and the cd stops, gotta switch lol!

Yay books!


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I will not throw electronics

I’m not sure if I’ve told the story about the murder of the cell phone. I’m pretty sure I mentioned before about wanting to put the laptop in the freezer, though.

A few years back, I got a sweet deal on a phone upgrade. I opted for a sleak Samsung slider phone and was thrilled that it took pictures and video. It was a Christmas present I had bought for myself; my first Christmas in my nice new apartment.

Five months later, I was diagnosed with MS after my right eye went blind. I was trying to apply for disability and was calling Social Security for something. I had been having problems with the phone dropping calls in my apartment and had spoken with T-Mobile about it. The day I murdered the phone, I was sitting in my bedroom making my phone calls.

I can still picture the scene. At the time I had a light green feather comforter, a bargain I had found at a thrifty store. The blinds were open and the room was bright and cheery. My back faced the window and in front of me across the room, was the solid oak dresser my Gamma had gotten for me as a house warming. It stood tall and proud with five roomy drawers.

I dial Social Security, get through all the Silicone Sally speak, enter in all my information, tell Miss Sally I’d like to speak to a human please, and get placed on hold.

Tick tock. Your call is very important to us. Your call will be answered in the order it was received. Tick tock.

I’m pretty sure that was in the days before it told you how much longer you had to wait. I stayed by the window, because it seemed I had better reception and less chance of dropped calls if I stayed by a window.

Tick tock.

I know it was about thirty minutes because I remember thinking that was the longest I had ever been on hold.

Tick tock.

A cheerful voice comes on the line finally. How may I help you?

Dead air. Dropped call. Phone goes flying before I can think, hits the proud solid oak dresser and shatters.

I sit stunned. Then I laugh. I go inspect the remains. It’s dead all right. Gutted. I could have called the time of death but I don’t think I was in a morbid mood. At that point all I could do was laugh.

Luckily I still had the old flip phone and T-Mobile runs on sim cards, so I just swapped them back and was not out a phone. I put the crumpled and shattered remains of my viciously murdered phone into a Ziplock baggy. I took them to the store where they informed me there was nothing they could do. I didn’t have life insurance on my phone, so I was just out the fifty bucks I had spent after rebates.

I never threw an electronic device after that. I could have today.

I’ve been listening to Stephan King’s ‘Duma Key’ on my nifty iPod nano 5g, which doesn’t need headphones. It’s really great for listening to books. Last night I was laying in bed listening when the battery died. No, I did not almost throw it. Remember I said I could have thrown an electronic device today, not last night. Plus, I had been expecting the battery to die. When I charge it, I lose my place in my book and then have to go hunt for it, so I just play it until the battery dies, keeping it paused at night. I can just hear all the Victor users screaming at me to get a Victor. I’m sure you don’t lose your place with Victor. Anyway, this isn’t about Victor.

So today I decide to find my place in the book in iTunes on my laptop while the iPod is charging. I didn’t feel well this morning and into the afternoon and was nursing a migraine which eventually took it’s leave.

I’m listening to my book for awhile and it’s just riveting. One of King’s best I think. It’s getting really good. It’s nearing what I can tell is going to be a climax, a snapping of the rubberband with all the tension going on. My two writer friend’s will appreciate that.

It definitely reached a climax and then took a turn. A turn that was making me nauseous. A winding road, no make that a narrow winding road, on the side of a mountain with nothing but jagged rocks and seething wild water below. Yeah, that’s how it felt. Then it felt like the car was about to plummet. All it took were about ten words penned by Mr. King. They weren’t even scary words. Nothing gross or rotting or ghostly or even supernatural was happening yet. It was that foreshadowing that he is just such a master at. A very obvious piece of foreshadowing that he had been alluding to but which I kept pushing away, hoping he wouldn’t go there. And then he did. At least he sure made it sound like that’s where it’s going.

I thought I’d vomit. I couldn’t pause it fast enough. Had it been the iPod, I might have thrown it. Had it been an actual book, it might have gone in the freezer. All I could do was scramble to hit pause and keep my mouth covered and Call Carol. She didn’t answer so I took Jayden out after texting B and telling him the book almost made me vomit. He’s the one who bought it for me after reading it himself.

So what’s with the freezer, you might ask. I’m a big fan of ‘Friends’. In one of the episodes, Joey is reading ‘The Shining’. Coincidence that it was a Stephan King book? Hmmm. Anyway, Rachel walks in and Joey is shoving the book in the freezer because it scared him. Later when he’s reading Little Women and a death occurs, Rachel asks if he wants to put the book in the freezer, to which he mumbles “yes” in a choked sob.

So until I can read braille well, I don’t think any of my electronic devices will rest easy. I can swear that I’ll never throw one, or put one in the freezer, but there are no guarantees, especially when it comes to the likes of Stephan King.


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Doggy Countdown – What a send off!

Oh man, where do I start? Yesterday was so crazy emotionally. Off and on the water works would start, and I sobbed a bit last night when B was doing a load of laundry because when he left the apartment, Timmy howled like I’ve never heard him howl. The cats definitely know something is up. Smart cats. As I was winding down to go to bed, I got an email from Carin telling me she and Steve had a surprise, and to watch the blog this weekend. Sweet! So I kept thinking about what it could be, thinking maybe a short audio clip or something.

I was putting off going to bed because I was pretty sure that Spinelli would make me cry during our nightly ritual, because lately going to bed is when my head starts going. But nothing good was on tv, so I checked the HBO channels and came across stand up comedy. It turned out to be Wanda Sikes, Sykes? Hmmm. Anyway, she had me rolling. Very funny. Very vulgar and very very funny. That helped lighten my mood, though comedy isn’t something that helps me get sleepy. When she was over I put on Investigation Discovery again and fell asleep pretty quick. I slept like a freakin log. Wow.

I woke up this morning with an emotional hangover. Actually quite similar to an alcohol induced one. Years ago I actually tried researching the two to find out why they are so similar. I don’t remember if I found anything out. I think it’s got to do with dehydration though haha! I cried out all my damn fluid.

Oh wait, I gotta back up. Last night I just had a flood of comments and emails and then I posted to my list about how I was feeling and got even more great responses. A huge part of all the emotion was just being so incredibly full of gratitude for where I am today and all the amazing people I now know. So to read all these words from everyone was just so overwhelming. It was easy to see just how far I’ve come in just under two years, but I also seemed to have relived the last almost two years in only twelve hours haha! So geez, no wonder I was all over the place. also, Lish had come over so I could show her all the cat stuff, and I had sent her a warning that I was all emotional. So she stayed awhile and we talked a lot that was emotional because she was with me from day one. She came to the hospital the night I went blind, and she was there for the early stages where I was not handling things. During our talking, Kevin called and when I answered the phone I hear a child’s voice. It was Kevin’s son, who came swimming a lot last summer. He lives in Pennsylvania, and Kevin was able to get there to see him. When his son found out I’m getting a dog, he asked if he could call. He’s so shy on the phone, it’s so cute! He’s like, do you know your dog’s name? I explained I’ll get my dog on Wednesday. He’s like, oh. Haha! He’s only eight, and in person he’s a jabber jaws but on the phone he’s really shy. It was so cool to talk to him! Kevin then got on the phone, and he’ll be driving back home in about a week, so he’ll be here when I get home with Insert! Yay!

So anyway, I get up today all deep sleep stoned and go into my email. I drowsily read a few and then there’s a message from Carin with a link to the surprise.

I was right, it’s audio! I’ve had maybe two sips of coffee and so I’m still pretty out of it and nursing a bad headache from all the crying so I didn’t quite comprehend when Alex read Carin’s words. She said she and Steve were going audio and it was long, 73 minutes. Well, Alex says seven three, not seventy three, so in my non caffienated mind, I thought seven minutes. So I’m downloading and it’s not playing so I go and check and there’s still two minutes left. That was my first indication. Alex downloads stuff fast, so this was gonna be a whopper.

Hindsight: When something has two minutes left to download, go pee.

So the file starts playing iTunes since that’s my default player in downloads. Wow! That’s Steve! And he sounds like a radio type person! And holy crap that’s Carin giggling! Wow! Sweet! So I’m like, cool I can settle back with my coffee, still not comprehending that this is over an hour of audio.

They talk about a bunch of different stuff and play off each other, one of their comments spawning a whole new diatribe. I’m amazed they were able to get back to their original line of thought. It actually really reminds me of my conversations with Carol.

They were hinting at the real reason for the audio which I knew of course was me, but they cracked jokes and talked about techie stuff and all kinds of stuff. By now my bladder is starting to skwock. Ok wow I don’t know why I just pictured a 1930’s mafia guy type voice. Ok so my bladder is a 1930’s mafia guy saying, hey. Hey you. I’m getting full over here. Oh crap, don’t laugh, no, don’t do that! Pause those people and empty me.

So I go to iTunes to pause and the only option is stop. Crap. I needed to save the file, not just play it. Hmmm. Ok I’ll hold it. Drink more coffee. Stupid! Laughing, mafia guy going stop stop! Spinelli jumps from the top of the couch and lands right on mafia guy bladder. I’m sure mafia guy is now screaming expletives. I consider unplugging everything from the laptop and carrying it to the bathroom. B is sleeping so I’m using headphones. I could put the laptop on the toilet tank…yeah. But what a pain.

Yes, I’m thinking all this as I’m listening to Carin and Steve. They won’t be offended if I admit there were parts of that where my mind wandered.

Maybe that’s why the recording didn’t make me cry, because I had to pee so bad, I don’t know haha!!! Or maybe I cried it all out yesterday.

There were several times where they got really sweet, and then Carin said she wants to give me an award and Steve said yeah it could be the person who doesn’t totally suck award or something and Carin pitched a fit hahaha! Steve did point out though, that most of the things they write about are people who kinda suck. So I got his meaning. But they named it something else which I still can’t remember even though Steve just said it in a comment.

Anyway, it really was awesome to be able to hear two of the people I’ve gotten really close with, wishing me a good trip and expressing their excitement and talking about all the things I’ve accomplished. And to hear all that with actual human voices was incredible!

I had to laugh, because at one point their talking about my readers, and how my readers probably wonder why in the heck these two are my friends haha! Like, what does she see in them? As soon as they said that I knew I had to write that here. Because I’ve often wondered that myself, if my readers think that, since a lot of times I even put a disclaimer before linking to Vomit Comet lol!!

I mean, my blog is all doggy diaries and doggy countdown and soon doggy school, and silly girl and spoons and man o mine and techie tips. I know I’m pretty G rated here, but that’s just because that’s the tone I wanted for this blog, and I’m pretty G rated when I’m being respectful, like in public.

But in all honesty, I can be very vulgar and sarcastic and I really do have a sailor mouth lol! I keep it all clean here especially since I know I have some young readers.

So now that I’ve said all that, I think it’s safe to link to the post with this audio file in it. But here comes the disclaimer. I give this post an R rating for swearing and sexual themes. Hahaha!!! But it’s great. So if you’ve got an hour and thirteen minutes, go check it out. It’s like our very own little comedic non-podcast. Well worth it if you’re prepared haha!!!

Oh I almost forgot the link lol!! Here it is.

So yeah. This was a fantastic way to start my day, and there’s no other mood to be in but good after hearing two of the people I care so much about. I might just have to text Carin and tell her to call me.

In other news. I’m pretty much ready to go. I have one small load of laundry which I can’t decide if I’m doing today or tomorrow. Then just throw in the odds and ends I’ll use before the trip. I’m pretty fast at the video stuff, so that’s ready to go.

Technically there would be this and one other Doggy Countdown post, because I was counting down to going to school, but really I’ll be counting down until Wednesday when I actually get Insert. So…I haven’t decided if I’ll do doggy countdowns on Monday and Tuesday too, or just start the Doggy School posts.

B had to go into work today to wrap stuff up before his trip starts. He doesn’t have to work on Saturdays often, but it sucks when he does.

So I’m just gonna do whatever today. So far I’m just in a good mood, no tears yet. We’ll see if that lasts!

Meep meep, how was that for a long post?

2 days!!!!


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Doggy Countdown – One week!

In one week I will hopefully be posting from school! I only say hopefully since I’m not hooked nto their network yet.

Today I took it really easy. The fatigue has lifted for the most part, so I didn’t want to risk another setback. I had a computer issue to take care of this morning. A snafu with iTunes yesterday made me think I had lost my entire library, but it’s all worked out now, and fine. I would have been fine because I have pretty much everything on the iPod, but I really wanted to get Duma Key on there and I didn’t want to do anything before it all got straightened out.

So I spent a good chunk of the morning importing eighteen disks. That book is almost 2 gigs, geez. Probably because they are audio cds. I know the books I download aren’t nearly that size.

So that’s done and I finally got that post done about the videos that I’ve been wanting to get done.

Other than that, I didn’t do much. Oh I started listening to the clicker training lecture and it makes so much more sense now lol. Sounds like a lot of fun.

I’ve read some puppy raiser blogs about using the word “nice” and that scares me. I say “nice” a lot. I wouldn’t want Insert to expect a reward when I say “nice” on the phone.

I just got off the phone with Carol and once again we got into a time warp. Before I knew it it was 5pm haha! So B will be home soon and I hadn’t done my doggy countdown yet. So now I have, phew!

Countdown is really, really on! This is my last Monday in Arizona!!!

7 days!!!


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Importing video from iPod Nano 5G

I am posting this just in case any other Voiceover users get the new iPod Nano 5g because of the video capabilities like I did, and find themselves completely lost in how to get the videos off the iPod. Apple decided that we should use iPhoto to manage videos, but Voiceover doesn’t like it. I was on the phone with Apple for a good two hours about this, and they were at a loss. Finally I was transfered to a supervisor using Leopard, who activated Voiceover to confirm my suspician that the problem was iPhoto. He actually checked some things and called me back, still at a loss, and at that point, I had figured out a work around. When I told him how I did it he said, “well that’s a round about way to shoot a horse”. Yes, yes it is. He apologized and was going to put in a ticket to the engineers about how silly it is that we can’t just manage videos from iTunes.

The last time I imported a video, I took notes on how I did it. So here goes. If anyone has an easier solution, please let me know. A Snow Leopard user looked at iPhoto with Voiceover and had the same issue, so the problem is not solved by upgrading.

In the finder window
find iPod. I have mine named “Video Pod”, so look for whatever you named yours.

VO shift M for menu, select Open.
VO shift down arrow to interact with table
Find “DCIM” VO shift M for menu, select open
VO shift down arrow to interact with table
VO shift M on where it says “000APPLE collapsed level zero” to open
VO shift down arrow to interact with table.

Here are all the videos on the iPod. There will be mp4 files and dat files. *Important* Do not delete dat files until later, I will explain. The mp4 files are your videos. They are only labeled in numeric order. If you keep track of the videos and follow the following steps to label them, later you will know what they are.
To find the video you want to re-label,
Find the mp4 file. It’ll have 0000 or 0001 etc. VO shift M for menu. Arrow down to “open with” or “always open with”. The default player is Quicktime, but it did not play the video. After selecting “open with” Select the more option. VO shift down arrow to interact with the “file browser”. Type “iTu” or scroll down to iTunes and hit enter. Your video will play and then you’ll know what it is. I just did this and I have 4 unlabeled videos. Try and remember which one you checked. If you select “always open with” and then iTunes, if you forget which one you’ve tested, when you use the menu to select open with, iTunes will show, and then you’ll know you’ve tested it. I checked the one called 0004 and it was a mistake video. I won’t delete it until I’m sure. Repeat this with all the unlabeled videos until you find the one you want.
I just went back and listened to 0003 and it was still a mistake video. 0002 is the one I want.

So now, to re-name it. Go back to your finder window.
Scroll to the one you want. VO shift M for menu. Select “get info.
VO shift down arrow to interact with scroll area. Scroll down until you hear the file name in an edit text field. Rename. I always leave the “dot mp4” extension.
VO shift up arrow to stop interacting with the scroll area, and your name change takes effect immediately.
I like to test it after I rename.
So I start from the beginning, find my renamed file, open with iTunes, at this point now, I have told it to always open with iTunes.
Now I want the file where I can find it. I usually just stick it in my finder window/desktop.
So I find my renamed mp4 file, hit command C to copy, go back to the finder after closing the window, select my desktop or wherever, hit command V and the video is now there, named the way I want, and easy to find for uploading.

You can use this same technique to delete videos off the iPod once you have moved the ones you want to keep. Do not delete dat files off the ipod if you want to play the videos on the ipod. I did that and I assume that’s why it’s not seeing the two videos I left on the ipod. The dat files are not necessary to keep to watch the videos in iTunes, all you need is the mp4 file.

Unfortunately, the names of the videos will not appear on your iPod. Voiceover on the iPod does not read anything in the list of “camera videos”. You just have to listen to clicks.

Uploading videos to youtube is fairly simple if you have an account. I select “upload” and then scroll to where it says “having problems uploading?” and follow the directions there. For some reason it works better for me then the regular upload form.

This all just took a lot of playing and trial and error to figure out. Again, please let me know if you’ve found an easier way. Maybe soon, the problem will be solved on Apple’s end.


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Reload and reload again

Oh weekends. During the week there never seems to be a dull moment online. During the week I spend less time on the computer. Morning phone calls, chores, or going to work out or just doing something away from the computer. So I never seem to be completely caught up on emails and blogs and such.

Enter the weekend. B sleeps till noon and even though he tells me I don’t have to be quiet, I am. I can’t help it. I’m considerate. The ritualistic phone calls don’t happen on the weekend. I don’t start cleaning at 9 and blasting the iTunes. So, I sit here at the computer. And get caught up. And hit reload. Still nothing. Go check FB. One update. Go back to Blogger. Reload. Oh, a post! Done reading. Oh, an email! All done. Reload Blogger, nothing. And it goes on lol.

I ended up looking at Amazon. Oh no. Amazon. Addiction. It’s not February yet. I’m only gonna do an order per month as the new treat myself thing. But, no blogs. Hmmm. Lets look at Amazon for some stud earrings. Those look good. Wait, reviews say they’re not good. Oh, those look good, but they’re only available in yellow gold. Oh, here we go! Silver with platinum overlay with cubic zirconia, twenty bucks, 9 glowing reviews. Free super saver shipping. Yeah, ok, I really do need a pair of earrings I can just wear all the time since I’m never good at remembering to put earrings on. I’ll order them. Out of stock. Bullocks. God telling me, hey missy, you said you’d only do an order once a month. They’ll be available in February. Just wait you silly girl. Fine.

Speaking of super saver shipping. Guess what? You don’t have to sign up for Amazon Prime or the credit card. Nope. I thought you did. I thought you had to pay that seventy bucks a year to get the free super saver shipping. Um. Remember all that stuff I bought? Lots of those items were eligible for super saver shipping, but I ignored that option cuz I thought you had to sign up for something. Wednesday at workout, Lisa was talking about Amazon and she mentions all the great deals with free shipping. I say, yeah but you have to sign up for something. Lisa says, huh? I didn’t. Oh? So I check it out last night. Nope. Don’t need to sign up for anything. Just look for items eligible for free super saver shipping, spend 25 dollars, select “group my packages into as few shipments as possible”, select free super saver shipping under shipping method and wham. No shipping charge. Hmmm. Wonder how much I could have saved on all those orders?

So, now that I’ve figured that out, I notice that 2 of the cds in my wishlist are eligible for free super saver shipping. Just add ten dollars of eligible items to qualify. So I add the earrings. But there out of stock. See how that worked?

Well, now I know for next month.

B just got up. I’ll go reload a few more times and then start getting ready for Gamma’s.

Now that I have just wasted your time, have a wonderful day 🙂


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Doggy Countdown – To do list

Only got 30 days! Can you believe it? Wow. I’m so glad I got a jump start on all the nesting. Now just to keep it all up for 30 days haha! I got that tray for the coffee table, so now all that stuff is contained. What a relif. So much easier to clean without piles of crap to move everywhere. I even went through and organized my closet, primarily because I was hoping my gloves were stuck in a purse somewhere, and they were. So I got all my purses shoved into a big duffel bag. Not that the dog will be in the closet hahaha, but I’m just getting everything done that I’ve wanted to get done for quite some time now.

Another thing I’ve started doing is making sure no food is stored on the counters. Not that I think my dog will counter surf, but I’ve heard too many horror stories, and why give a temptation? We didn’t store a lot of food on the counters, but sometimes there would be cookies or chips or something. So now all that stuff is living out of reach. Best to start implementing these changes now so we’re more in the habit.

So, what do I have left to get done? Well, quite a number of things.

I need to get to Target. There, I can get all the odds and ends I need for the trip. I need to get a couple packages of black undershirts. I’m just gonna wear those for training, so I don’t have to decide what to wear every day, and so I don’t over pack clothing. I need to get zip lock bags and small bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I need to get something to wear for graduation. My first thought was a simple dress I can fluff in the dryer, but I don’t want to worry about shaving. So I might just bring my black slacks if they’ll fit. They were almost too big when I wore them for the concert. I’ll find something simple that will just fluff when I’m there. I might be able to find dog bowls at Target too. If not, I’ll need to get to Petsmart.

I need to make some room on my iPod for books. There’s a lot of music on there I don’t need. After I clear some room, I’ll use the gift card for iTunes and get that one Dean Koontz book and maybe another.

I also want to download a few movies to fall asleep to, since I’m so accustomed to falling asleep to tv. Wish the DVD player on my computer was accessible. I could just bring Harry Potter. I wish iTunes played DVDs.

I need to type the wireless passwords into a text document, so I’ll have to find them on that cd GDB sent.

I’ve gotta listen to 8 class lecture cds when I get them, hopefully next week. The school sent them UPS on Friday.

I need to call the airline and ask my questions to ease my mind, and I need to call the airport to make sure B can go through security with me.

Hmmm. What else. Oh yeah, I need to call the apartment office and let them know about the dog, and I need to find a good relieving area. Also, I want to see if the manager will write something in the newsletter and/or put a note in the laundry rooms telling tennants with dogs to leave us alone for a good 6 weeks. Who knows if we will encounter problems, but there’s a couple dogs across the way that are quite vocal.

Oh yeah, gotta get more Starbucks instant coffee.

I’d like to get my hair trimmed and brows waxed, but those aren’t priority.

I’m now washing the towel I’m gonna use to get the cats’ smell on and then the dog’s smell for B to take home before I get back.

Oh yeah, we’re finally getting spinelli spayed before I go. I feel horrible that we haven’t gotten it done. She’s in heat again and it’s heart breaking. I feel like a terrible mom. So that will happen shortly.

Carol is coming over this week to help me get the spare room organized. The dog won’t be allowed in there, but it really, really needs to be done. I tell ya, this nesting is such a blessing!

I think that’s about it! I’m sure more will occur to me, and I’ll write them down so I can remind myself of what I need to do 😉

30 days, holy cow!!!


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Doggy Countdown – Thoughts

I don’t know. Hmmm. What to write. Haha!! Well, I guess I’m just waiting now. The fears and all that have passed and now I’m just waiting. I thought about writing a post from the future pup’s perspective. Might still do that at some point. I still have some stuff to get, like the actual dog bowls, which I’ll go to Petsmart for. And my Hanes t-shirts. And travel shampoo and zip lock bags. And Starbucks instant coffee. Oh and I need to clear off some space on my iPod to put some books on. I’m hoping to get this new series for kids, the first book is called The Uglies. I think I want to take that kind of stuff. I have an iTunes gift card so I can get some audible books, if they’re not freakin abridged. I thought about getting a crime novel, but since I’ve been on the Harry Potter kick and it’s keeping me happy, I figured I should stay in that arena. So I’ve gotta do that.

Carol loaned me her suitcase, so I’ve got that. Really I’m just waiting on the next packet from GDB with my airline info, so I can call the airline to ask my questions. I told B he can accompany me to the gate, so he’s glad about that. Still gotta figure out who’s gonna watch the cats while he’s gone. We had a nice talk on Friday night. He just started asking me questions about the dog. It was nice to be able to answer the things he was curious about, instead of trying to tell him what I think he’d want to know. He sounded a little disconcerted at the mention of tie downs and a possible crate. It’s like he thought that was mean until I explained it. He said anything I might want when I get home, he’ll go get. So that’ll be nice. I also mentioned bringing a towel home that smells like the dog, and he was ok with that. I was afraid he’d think I was nuts lol! I’m gonna get the cats’ smell on it for the dog, and then when it comes home, it’ll smell like the cats and me and the dog. so I think that’ll be good. Dave thought it was a great idea.

Having had a lesson with Dave on Friday really sealed the deal on the fears going away. I’m going to have him here to help me with routes and the dog and what not. We’ll also be focusing on doing stuff like I would with the dog, and less with the cane. He’s good at all that, because he did a month training at GDB for O & M instructors. So he knows all the intricasies of it all. Yay! He’s such a good guy. He refuses to take credit when I do a good job, like doing up and down escalators on the same day. But if I didn’t trust him, if he didn’t speak in ways that make sense to me, I wouldn’t do as well. We’ve only been working together a little over a year. It floors me, how far I’ve come since last November, when I really started the whole blind training thing. Wow.

The sheets felt really nice last night. A little rough, but more washings will take care of that. I didn’t want to get up lol. HOw’s that for a crazy segway?

Going to Gamma’s in a bit. Her niece is really sick in Chicago. She has pancreatic cancer and had surgery on Dec. 23. She came home only 2 days after getting out of ICU, and had to go back because she was vomiting blood. Not good. Gamma is really upset. So I have a feeling it’ll be an emotional day with her today. I’m just glad I get to be there. I was absent in my drinking, and now I get to be there.

I think that’s really about it for now. I’m kinda just coasting until I go, which is much better than freaking out haha!! At night I think about my dog being there next to my bed. In the mornings I think about my dog and feeding and relieving haha! I’m definitely excited and sooo looking forward to school, and getting away.

37 days!!


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I don’t wanna

Ok you know that song that goes “I ain’t got nobody” and the “i” is all drawn out and the “body” in “nobody” is all drawn out? Ok, now you know the song. I am singing that song with the words “I don’t feel like cleaning”.

I don’t have a lot to do. I need to clean up my kitchen, cuz we got lazy about loading the dishwasher so there are dishes in the sink, and the counters need cleaning. I need to tidy up the breakfast bar, which catches all the mail and is the home of my purse and our keys and sunglasses. I need to clean my bathroom. Really, that’s all I’m gonna worry about for my home visit. I’m not picking up cat toys or anything, because I want Don to know howe live. Really I’m just gonna clean like I normally do. But I don’t feel like it.

When I start a new blanket, I get obsessed and it’s all I want to do lol. But, this is important. Usually I do all my cleaning before noon. But that just didn’t happen today. I had quite a few emails to anser and then I decided I’d just do a few rows on the blanket. Should not have done that. Should have let the crochet sit until after I cleaned. Cuz now it’s coming up on noon and I don’t feel like cleaning.

I know once I put on a playlist on iTunes and put on my cleaning clothes, I’ll get into the groove, it’s just the starting I have a problem doing haha!!

So yay, now I’ve wasted another 5 minutes of cleaning time writing about not wanting to clean 😉


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Writing cuz I have to

I couldn’t even officially sign up for that blog awareness month or knob lo pomo thing I know I didn’t spell it right but oh well, but I decided to do thirty posts in thirty days so I have to write something. I messed up my arm for those 5 days were all I did was sit on the computer, so it hurts if I do too much online. Its like nerve pain all along my bicep. I’ve moved my computer cart so its a little better position wise, but I need like 4 pillows to prop me up enough on the couch. I need something with really skinny feet that will slide under my couch. I went to a meeting with Kevin and then we sat on my front porch chatting and listening to music, and he actually wanted to listen to me sing, which was nice, because B just isn’t into that. I got to show off my iTunes skill and find a song Kevin likes, and he hasn’t seen me work on the computer so he was way impressed. Then he got a phone call from a friend and had to go, and I was left feeling really lonely. I freakin hate that. Just like last week on Tuesday, I had been stuck at home for days and then finally got out and it was so nice, so its the same today. Hopefully I’m done being sick, and can go out tomorrow too. Got rehearsal tonight, and we’ll find out about solos. So I’ll let you all know how that went tomorrow. Nothing else to say, in kind of a soppy mood right now.


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