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Doggy Diaries – He disobeyed

Good boy!

Kevin came over and we went to Walgreens. It was our second time there, the first time there was a dog in a car and it distracted Jayden coming out of the store. This time, there was a dog in a car going in and he stopped and looked and then ignored it, taking me straight inside. Kevin stood behind me and directed me so we could find the coffee then Jayden went right to the register. Wow. Coming out, we had to walk across the parking lot, and he was really hesitant. Finally we went and then approaching the truck, he wasn’t moving. Kevin didn’t tell me what was going on, only continued to direct me to the truck. When we got in, he told me that a car started backing up, so Jayden ignored me until he could see what the car was doing. When he was hesitant in the parking lot, Kevin said he was looking both ways, making sure it was safe. Sweet! It’s really cool to hear how he does after the fact. In the store, I could feel him getting us around stuff, and he kept looking down aisles like, do you wanna go here? Here? Very cool. He was so happy to be out, I could tell. When we got back, I asked Kevin if he wanted to see the mailbox route, so we did that too. Fun stuff. Jayden really likes Kevin. It was totally spur of the moment, so I was really glad to have a reason to get Jayden out and about. Tomorrow we should be walking in the historic neighborhood with Dave. Here’s hoping!


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Doggy school – Today was great!

We only work a half day on Saturday. So I was having issue getting back to the door from the relieving ciercle. The circle had caused all the problems yesterday, so I stopped an instructor as I came in and asked if there was anything I could do differently. He told me that Jay and I are very similar and that we both lack confidence. I’m looking to the trainers and Jay is looking to me and we’re not communicating. Did I already write this? Hmm…haha!

Anyway in case I didn’t, he told me they are backing off now to give us time to start trying things ourselves. He said do what you think you should and if you make a mistake, that’s how you’ll learn. So I relaxed a bit. I didn’t know that’s what was going on.

We met up in the day room and got our booties. Jayden handled them like a champ! He was so good while I was putting them on, and then I heeled him up and down the hall in them. Can’t wait to try them in harness. He’ll need to wear them in the summer in Arizona.

Then we got toys!! Yay! We got a nila bone and I picked the tug ring. We can buy any additional toys. I love tug, and figured that would be easier than keeping track of a kong.

All the dogs were gnawing on their bones and the instructor said it sounded like a bubbling brooke haha! It really did. Then the instructor was like, um Jayden just took another dog’s bone. Oops!! Haha everyone laughed while I told him no and gave him his own bone back.

After that I had to put Jay on tie down, sad, and go do a Juno walk to learn about reworking errors. So I did that and then I harnessed Jay up and we worked a route on campus to the play padock. It’s a large fenced in area where we can let them run loose and play. Only one dog allowed at a time. We practiced the come command, and no matter how much fun he was having or how distracted he was, he came right to me every time! I was given high value treats for that one, so Jay made out like a bandit 😉

After we relieved, I harnessed him up, got him on the curb, gave the forward command and he didn’t move. He’s been having some reluctance to get started, but instead of flicking the leash, I probed with my foot and I had been lined up bad. Had he obeyed, I would have fallen. Good boy!!! His first intelligent disobedience! I praised and kibbled and then we went to the door, where he paused and got praised some more. I halted him right inside and we had a celebration. It was then that I knew it all clicked for both of us. We’re becoming a team. I’m handling him with confidence and he knows I’m his person, after only a few hours of finding out what I’ve not been doing. Sweet!

We came back to the room and played tug and he was actually dragging me on the fllor. Strong jaws, I’m not that lite hahaha!

So then I had to do laundry so I can blog all day tomorrow. I left him on tie down and used the stick. When I came back his tail was thump thump thumping on the wall and he was so happy I was back hehehe! I finished laundry and put everything away and finally got unpacked and organized. Yay! We went for dinner, chicken parmesian yum.

After dinner I groomed him and then we did some obedience. He’s having some issue with heel, so we’ll be working on that tomorrow. He’s perfect in harness for the most part; he needs a correction sometimes, but he gets perfect position. During obedience it’s not so good. He’s great at sits and downs and down stays and sit stays and his call to heel is good except for his position. I’m pretty sure we’ll get it tomorrow. The boy is a fast learner! He was “melting’ really bad on the bus. They want him sitting and he kept wanting to lay. But he learned that in a day. He’s gooooood.

So it was a great day and I’m feeling happy and relaxed. Tomorrow we’re off except for fallowing the feeding and relieving schedule, so I’m gonna try and get the blog caught up.

We relieve in a bit and then I’m in for the night yay!

Oh and Jayden’s nickname is Jaybay. Like you’d say “hey baybay” that’s how I say it hahaha!!!


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