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…then the pandemic happened and man has this blog been on my mind.

Tap tap tap. Tap tap. Tap tap tap tap! Ok, that’s me tapping on the inside of your screen. What up? It’s been awhile, right? I think I’m back. At least I want to be back. I am a rider who writes things and those things collect dust in my computer. I remember the days of old, way back in ’09 and a few years after that when I wrote here all the time. I’ve been talking to a few friends about those very years when there were tales of Insert who became Jayden, calls for nouns to spark ideas which became calls for Sparks which became short stories, conversations in the comments, random stories about life as I adjusted to being blind. Some of the happiest times. Then Blogger broke accessibility and I came here
and I’ve been paying way too much money to host all this content that I don’t want to lose but I no longer want to pay so much for so I’ve been looking into ways to not lose my content but also not pay as much and then the pandemic happened and man has this blog been on my mind. So here I am. How are you? Like really, how are you?

Since before Corona, I have been trying to find my thing. That thing that we humans need, whatever it is, to feel like we’re contributing to the world. At least I need that thing. After I discovered back in ’10 that writing is something I could still do after going blind, I thought that my dream was to work towards publishing novels and memoirs. I’ve studied the publishing industry, done what I could to teach myself the craft of writing, read books, signed up for seminars and online classes, and finally decided to attempt earning a Bachelor of Art in an online degree program, which failed. Using brain power to access the online learning environment, which is optimized for Windows computers and Jaws when I use a Mac and Voiceover, all while meeting weekly deadlines, proved to be way too much to handle while working to stay healthy with MS. Do you know what is not a bad word? Failure. Trying, really trying something and failing shows me what works and what doesn’t, and committing to anything on other people’s schedules doesn’t work right now.

In December, I began intensive trauma therapy once a week and my therapist utilizes a treatment modality called EMDR. It has been incredibly clarifying! What came out in my last session is that writing on this blog used to bring me great joy. The school experiment failing has reminded me, with therapy, that what worked for me a decade ago is where I’m feeling called now. To my blog. To be able to share my writing with the world, on my own schedule and by my own terms. The blog has been on my mind, and then I decided to send a random tweet and I got a response from one of my long ago readers and friends, Torie. I took that as a sign. I mean, because of this blog I created a character based on her in a scene in a novel that I still work on from time-to-time, that’s what a big role this place used to play in my life. So here we are! I’m hashing out the details of what this will become and for starters, I’m going to get help fixing the colors and fonts and stuff, since my uncle pointed out awhile ago that it’s not very pleasing to the eye, also a new look to better reflect who I am today. I knew that I wanted to post here for anyone who might still be subscribed before I start sharing on the socials, just to get back in touch and check in before the changes happen. I’m considering adding some dreaded ads so that maybe I can supplement my food stamps, ha! I missed blogging! However I also know me, and I know that I tend to run headlong into new projects and then discover that it doesn’t work for me, so who knows. I’ve been feeling called for a long time now to write about facing life’s challenges and the things that I’ve learned about how to do that over the years thanks to recovery from alcohol abuse, and living through MS blinding me. I want to share my courage and tools and right now feels like the exact right time. I began writing this post on the 13th, so hopefully I’ll get into a better and faster habit and keep writing.

We will get through this COVID-19 or Corona virus pandemic, whichever name you like best. We just don’t know what it will look like. None of us knows. But I have faith that the human race as a whole will come together, is coming together, to get through this. While we wait to find out what comes next, how about we do what we can, by putting the oxygen masks on ourselves first and then turning to help whomever needs help?One thing’s for sure, there will be stories! I will be resurrecting the calls for Sparks, absolutle!

So really, how are you?


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Absentee Blogger

I have not posted a blog post since March 25, 2017. *GULP* When I think about how much my life has changed in that time, a huge part of me wants to put the keyboard away, grab my phone and bluetooth speaker, and curl up in bed with a book or a podcast. But….I had a request to pick up my virtual pen and post again. And that request came from my beloved uncle, so who am I to ignore that?

So to figure out what exactly I should write for this (hopefully) first post in my return to regular blogging, I looked back at the last few postings here and that didn’t help me narrow things down. Quite to the contrary, it made me realize that this is going to take quite a few posts for me to hit the main points in the story arc needed to paint a picture of what happened during my radio silence. Ooh, ooh, is it outline time? I used to be a pantser and now I’m a plantser. Technically, that only applies when I’m in novel prep and not blog prep, but in this case, plantsing applies. So I’ll think about main points about life since my last post in which I wrote about really being a writer. Oh boy did that thing ever jinx me or what?! Ha! Long story short on that one is that I learned a lot from Jerry’s Guild but being on a fixed income, I quit paying for it, especially since I wasn’t making enough use of it. I felt like the webinars simply repeated themselves and I was no longer learning anything new. I had to trim costs because of, woo our first outline item! #RoGetsAnApartment. Yes, I speak in hashtags.

Actually something bigger happened before I got my apartment, but the trimming costs thing started when I knew I’d be getting my own place. We must back up to, holy crap I can’t believe I never posted about this since Jayden, better known as Insert when I began this blog, was the entire reason it was started in the first place.

At the end of September, I flew Jayden to Fresno, CA to retire with his puppy raisers. This will need to be its own special post, so I’ll leave out the details for now. I will say however, that his retirement couldn’t have been any better unless he had been able to stay with me. Ok I’m gonna start crying now, so stay tuned for a post all about his retirement and what a beautiful thing it is. For your peace of mind, just imagine my mellow yellow lab laying on his back on the couch while his two best friends, career-change male yellow labs, lay nearby. The three of them are inseparable!

In July of last year, I took a trip to Colorado, leaving Jayden home since at that point, Jayden was pretty much fully retired, and I didn’t want to put him through the rigors of such a trip. My bestie Chupa lives in Colorado and there was a conference in the Rockies, a weekend of recovery for members of my program and their families. My plan had been to go to the conference as an excuse to hang out with Chupa, and maybe soak up a little recovery while I was at it. While I had remained sober, I hadn’t been active in a recovery program since just before I received Jayden in 2010. That was a lot of years of no active program filling the vacuum which alcohol had created when I gave it up. I blogged about the terrible headspace I was in in February of last year. Little did I know that fully Immersing myself back into a program of recovery would relieve me of that misery.

The conference filled me up, and as we joined hands to pray at the close, I started saying the words only for them to be swallowed by gut-wrenching sobs as I listened to the swell of united voices in the convention hall. I was home. Another long story short, perhaps lengthened in coming posts, I ran back to Bellingham and dove head first into the program that saved my life back in April of 2005, the program that kept me sober through the loss of my eyesight in 2008, the principles that kept me sober through the dry years, through deaths and health issues, and world events that threatened to break me. Now that I’m back actively working a program of recovery, I am much better suited to handle the news of the world without needing to call the suicide prevention hotline like I did last year. #Grateful

After much searching and aggravation and near hopelessness at my circumstances, I finally found an adorable studio apartment. I’m grateful that my last romantic relationship moved in to one of good friendship. I’ve lived independently now since December and LOVE IT! This is the first time it’s been just me since 2007 when B and I took each other hostage back in my sighted days. I’m now one of those blind people I had admired so much when I was newly blind and reading blog posts by other blind people who lived on their own and took care of themselves. Wow! This would not be going as smoothly (knock on wood) as it is without all of my friends.

My friends! Oh my friends…the people in the fellowship who have scooped me up and made me a part of their family. Thank God for my friends!

So, there’s a few tidbits for you, dear reader, and for future me who will look back and be grateful I’m catching up on my personal archives. Let this post be an outline for posts to come. Let me hereby commit to regular writing here and hopefully over at Randi Writes where I hope to start sharing some creative writing stuff. It’s still a work in progress. Creating a website while blind can be rather challenging on the visual elements. Speaking of, I was informed that the contrast between text and background here at the Roof is somewhat hard to read. This was the first I’d heard of it, so I wonder if my colors somehow got changed. Sighted readers, would you mind leaving me a comment with the device you’re using and how the site looks for you? Thanks in advance.

I hope you are well, that you know you are loved, and that you might be surprised to check in here and finally see a new post if you used to be a regular reader. It’s been hard out there in the world and I hope to get back to spreading my silver linings like Santa Clause spreads cheer. *groan* Ro, really? It’s freaking June. Happy summer, ya’ll! Unless you’re in Australia, in which case, stay warm!


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Just Yesterday

Do you ever sit back and think, holy crap, where has the time gone? Do you ever have moments where you reflect on your life and think, wow, can one person really do all that changing? I simply can’t believe it’s the last day of 2010. How did that happen? Just yesterday I was throwing Barbie dolls into my trees, hoping they’d get stuck, then throwing Ken up after them, hoping to knock them down.

Just yesterday I was roller skating, on four wheels that weren’t inline, to Debbie Gibson, creating cool choreography to ‘Electric Youth’, or jumping from concrete to gravel like the ‘Solar Babies’.

Just yesterday I discovered Nirvana, after my best friend forced me to watch the video for ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, urging me to forget about Mariah Carey and start listening to real music. It worked. Thanks Kurt.

Just yesterday I graduated from ‘Sweet Valley High’ to Stephen King novels and broke my back learning how to try to win the essay medal in Academic Decathlon, constructing the perfect five paragraph essay in one our or less after being given three prompts. I came in fourth overall. No medal, but the highest score in my high school’s history. I wonder if my record stands?

Just yesterday I was pre-med on a full scholarship and got drunk with a boy in a dorm room. Just yesterday I went with mom to chemo treatments. Just yesterday she died.

It seems like just yesterday I had an enormous New Year’s party for the year 2000 and got so drunk my boyfriend and I couldn’t manage to lose our virginities. Just yesterday I was only 21.

Wasn’t it just yesterday I walked into my first meeting after making a mess out of my life, never mourning mom’s death, being a terrible friend, not holding down jobs, going nowhere with my life?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I finally found the true meaning of happiness, to be happy joyous and free through life’s turmoils, with the help of a power greater than myself, a power that was not alcohol?

Just yesterday, I came out of that MRI machine with one eye blind and began to learn how to live with MS. Just yesterday I started dating B and my old cat, Combat was still alive.

Just yesterday I watched my vision slowly fade as I stared at B, just yesterday Combat died, Just yesterday my aunt died, just yesterday B’s mom was diagnosed with cancer.

Just yesterday I picked up a white cane and discovered audio books. Just yesterday I brought my Mac home and found my online fellowship of people who really and truly get it. Just yesterday that little iPod started it all.

Just yesterday I was on a plane going to meet Insert. Jayden. JayBay. Jay. Gooberhead. Just yesterday a dog became my eyes.

Just yesterday the little girl throwing Barbies into trees could never imagine the life she’d lead at the end of 2010. Just yesterday she turned 32. No really, I really did, just yesterday, turn 32.

It’s pretty crazy, isn’t it? To write your life down like that? To see it written like that, with just a few hundred words, really encompassing all the changes, all the phases, all the strife and all the joy.

Would I change any of it? Not a thing. Would I trade my recent sad times for happy times? Nope. For me, pain has and always will be, the cornerstone of spiritual growth. When I begin to emerge from sad times, I am like a rose opening her face to the sun, cleansed, grateful, joyous.

It seems like just yesterday I thought I’d never feel happy again. And then like that, like a firecracker in the night, the veil lifts and happiness glitters once again.

My old pool league operator once said words to me that I live by today. After I played a really terrible game of 9-ball and thought I’d never break my losing streak he said, “you can never fully appreciate victory until you experience defeat.”

The words were in reference to a game, but they are so true for my life. After I have been cleansed of sadness and melancholy, I can truly open my eyes to gratitude. How’s that for victory?

Happy New Year everyone! Be safe tonight and please, if you have a few drinks, call a cab.

See ya next year!

PS – I’ll be updating to Snow Leopard today, so if I’m not online for awhile, it means I screwed something up. 😉


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Doggy school – Dog Day 1

Ok so this is the first thing I wrote on Dog Day. I don’t even remember when I wrote it lol! Some point on Tuesday I think before I got his name. So below is what I wrote.


Today is dog day! I can’t believe it’s finally here! I got to work with two dogs in training yesterday, just doing some heeling and obedience, and it was the coolest thing.

I’m all over the place in this journal. I just started this one for today even though I haven’t finished the first one I started writing lol. But I just couldn’t finish that one on Dog Day.

Three people got their dogs last nighty. They are retrains who chose the three week retrain class over the two week one. None of them have dogs from GDB, oh wait no one did, I think, yeah. But the other two didn’t. The other two had in home training through another school, and the one has a german shepard who was just getting way too protective. The other person’s dog started getting a soft esophogus. Not sure why the third person had to retire her dog.

Anyway, so at dinner last night, I’m exausted. We had done lots of Juno work and the work with the two dogs and we also did work in downtown San Rafael and it was actually hot. I didn’t prepare because I didn’t realize we’d be doing a long Juno walk, so I got pretty hot. So we got back and actually had an hour and a half free time before dinner, yay! I talked to B and my dad and uncle and was about to get in the shower when Carin called the room phone, awesome! She put up a blog post for me, letting everyone know I ws safe but had no internet. That morning, Barb called. She’s Carin’s best friend in Canada and I’m staying in her old room hehe! So that was great.

AFter phone calls I got in the shower since after dinner was yoga. So I’m sitting there all exausted and one of my table mates says, I’ve got my dog here!

I think he had been bursting to tell me and the other table mate hehehe! Both of us were shocked; we had no idea there was a dog there. So the guy is like yeah! I just got him an hour ago! He told us his name and that he’s a yellow male and we were so happy for him. Then he told us the other two got their dogs. So then I was all excited. I tured to my table mate and was like, that’s us tomorrow! Gary told me we’ll get the dogs before lunch! Gary is a trainer and he’s really cool.

So I eat and we’re talking and then I wanted to check in with the others who got their dogs so I went over to their tables and they told me about their dogs, a black female and another yellow male. Sweet!!

I went back to the room and Called Carol. I didn’t have a lot of time before yoga but I wanted to say hi. So we talked briefly and then I went down for yoga. I wasn’t going to do it because I was sooot tired but I also don’t want shin splints, and my body was hurting. I had packed my work out clothes for yoga, so I might as well, right?

The retrains had to leave their dogs on tie down for class and one of them was like, I don’t know why I’m doing this, I didn’t want to leave my dog already.

Yoga was fab though. Felt great! Then I had to crawl in to my damn hard bed. It’s awful. So now I’m all sre again. And I never sleep to the alarm. I did a little better last night, but still didn’t sleep well at all.

So now it’s 6:23am and breakfast is in a little under an hour. I guess I should get dressed and then wait. After breakfast I think we’re doing more Juno and then we get our dog before lunch. Insert will have a name soon! Holy crap! Ok, I should be able to write while I’m waiting for them to bring me Insert!!


Well cool I had said when I wrote that hahaha!!!

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Doggy School – I’m online!

I don’t know how it happened. It has been so grueling and so exausting that I was halfheartedly trying to connect since I got here. Finally I just gave up until Sunday when we have down time, but went to just journal tonight before dinner. It was a really, really hard day. I pretty much cried all day. The morning route was incredible, but then it was hard in the afternoon and I was really tired. At dinner, the nurse sat with us and she mentioned we might have rain tomorrow so that explained it. Anyway, like you all care about my fatigue. LOL! I’m sure you really want to know who Insert is, yeah? Do you?

Carin knows and thank you Carin for posting that post for me. I’m going to post this and then go publish all the comments I have, which are a lot! I can’t wait to see what you all wrote!

Ok, Insert is…a yellow lab male named Jayden. He is 62 pounds and 18 inches tall and he is my mellow yellow hehe! Yep, yellow. And oh so mellow. He was born on July 15, 2008, which means he was in the womb when I went blind. How cool is that?

I have just a little bit written about things so far, but not much. I think over the next few days, I’ll post what I have and then add on and try to catch you all up.

Jayden is asleep right behind my chair. He breathes deeply but rarely snores. He is a match made in heaven! Ok, gonna get this posted now so I can water Jayden in fifteen minutes. I’ve missed you all so much!!!

Oh yeah, Carin and Maddie tied for the pool, and Toby’s raiser is runner up so she’ll get a scarf. Two blankets and a scarf whenever I find time to crochet haha!


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Doggy Countdown – Last countdown post!

Oh man am I tired. I don’t even know what I’m gonna write. All that’s left to do now is eat, sleep and wait. Everything is packed. Everything is ready. Did a load of laundry today and filled the suitcase to brimming. It’s not extended, so maybe when it’s extended there will be room so I don’t have to leave with the second bag. We shall see.

This morning I took a bath and the water wasn’t quite hot. It was warm, but not hot. And then the water pressure was off for my shower. Yes, I take a bath and then shower. I’ve just finished sitting in my own filth haha! So got that out of the way so I could pack my face wash and stuff. Finished the last lecture cd this morning. Talk about last minute, right? Then when B got up I was getting laundry ready and he ran to the store so I called Gamma. I cried when I hung up with her. I’m gonna miss our morning talks! So I called Georgie to get centered again so I wasn’t going to the laundry in tears hehe. I was planning on calling her today anyway.

Went and got the laundry done and I had sent Carin an email because she wanted to call today so I told her I was finishing up laundry and then running to Walgreens so I’d be ready in an hour or two. So I finish the laundry and get it packed and then B and I went to Walgreens. We got home and walked in the door and the phone rang and B said the name on the caller ID and I said, it’s my Canadian! It was Carin! That was cool. We talked for like an hour. I’m really not a big phone person but sometimes it’s cool, like today. So we talked and then hung up and I called L and we talked and hung up and then Chupa was online and she called. So, I think I’m done with phone calls. Believe it or not, talking is quite the spoon zapper haha! But it’s good because now I’m nice and worn out and can just zone until it’s time for bed.

Everything should be fine with the internet, but in the event that it’s not, Carin will do a blog post for me here and let you all know. If I can’t access the internet, I’ll still journal and then post it all when I get home. So hopefully you will all find out who Insert is on Wednesday, unless there’s no internet, then you’ll have to wait until I get home. 😉

Oh yeah! I suppose I should link to the puppy pool results, so hopefully we’ll know who won on Wednesday. Heck, I won’t even know if there’s no internet. Oh wait, yes I will, I have the results saved in a text document, duh.

I’m changing the blog header tonight to reflect the trip. Lish gets credit for the idea. I went and typed it up and we refined it. I think it’s fitting.

So from now on the subjects will start with “Doggy School”. I think it’s fun to continue the “doggy” theme. 🙂

I’m so excited! I think I used all my energy on excitement and phone calls. I could sleep right now. *Yawn*.

Spinelli just jumped up on my lap and now she’s curled up bathing herself. I’m not looking forward to saying goodby in the morning. Ick.

Oh yeah, this smorning I was getting a glass out of the drainboard and touched Insert’s dog bowls and it made me smile. Dog bowls all ready, and Vittles Vault washed. All prepared!

Tomorrow I’ll get up and check emails and then Alex is getting packed up. So….I might reply to comments in the morning but if not, I’ll hopefully see ya’ll on the GDB network!!!

1 day!!! Countdown complete. Countdown Complete. Countdown Complete.


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Doggy Countdown – What a send off!

Oh man, where do I start? Yesterday was so crazy emotionally. Off and on the water works would start, and I sobbed a bit last night when B was doing a load of laundry because when he left the apartment, Timmy howled like I’ve never heard him howl. The cats definitely know something is up. Smart cats. As I was winding down to go to bed, I got an email from Carin telling me she and Steve had a surprise, and to watch the blog this weekend. Sweet! So I kept thinking about what it could be, thinking maybe a short audio clip or something.

I was putting off going to bed because I was pretty sure that Spinelli would make me cry during our nightly ritual, because lately going to bed is when my head starts going. But nothing good was on tv, so I checked the HBO channels and came across stand up comedy. It turned out to be Wanda Sikes, Sykes? Hmmm. Anyway, she had me rolling. Very funny. Very vulgar and very very funny. That helped lighten my mood, though comedy isn’t something that helps me get sleepy. When she was over I put on Investigation Discovery again and fell asleep pretty quick. I slept like a freakin log. Wow.

I woke up this morning with an emotional hangover. Actually quite similar to an alcohol induced one. Years ago I actually tried researching the two to find out why they are so similar. I don’t remember if I found anything out. I think it’s got to do with dehydration though haha! I cried out all my damn fluid.

Oh wait, I gotta back up. Last night I just had a flood of comments and emails and then I posted to my list about how I was feeling and got even more great responses. A huge part of all the emotion was just being so incredibly full of gratitude for where I am today and all the amazing people I now know. So to read all these words from everyone was just so overwhelming. It was easy to see just how far I’ve come in just under two years, but I also seemed to have relived the last almost two years in only twelve hours haha! So geez, no wonder I was all over the place. also, Lish had come over so I could show her all the cat stuff, and I had sent her a warning that I was all emotional. So she stayed awhile and we talked a lot that was emotional because she was with me from day one. She came to the hospital the night I went blind, and she was there for the early stages where I was not handling things. During our talking, Kevin called and when I answered the phone I hear a child’s voice. It was Kevin’s son, who came swimming a lot last summer. He lives in Pennsylvania, and Kevin was able to get there to see him. When his son found out I’m getting a dog, he asked if he could call. He’s so shy on the phone, it’s so cute! He’s like, do you know your dog’s name? I explained I’ll get my dog on Wednesday. He’s like, oh. Haha! He’s only eight, and in person he’s a jabber jaws but on the phone he’s really shy. It was so cool to talk to him! Kevin then got on the phone, and he’ll be driving back home in about a week, so he’ll be here when I get home with Insert! Yay!

So anyway, I get up today all deep sleep stoned and go into my email. I drowsily read a few and then there’s a message from Carin with a link to the surprise.

I was right, it’s audio! I’ve had maybe two sips of coffee and so I’m still pretty out of it and nursing a bad headache from all the crying so I didn’t quite comprehend when Alex read Carin’s words. She said she and Steve were going audio and it was long, 73 minutes. Well, Alex says seven three, not seventy three, so in my non caffienated mind, I thought seven minutes. So I’m downloading and it’s not playing so I go and check and there’s still two minutes left. That was my first indication. Alex downloads stuff fast, so this was gonna be a whopper.

Hindsight: When something has two minutes left to download, go pee.

So the file starts playing iTunes since that’s my default player in downloads. Wow! That’s Steve! And he sounds like a radio type person! And holy crap that’s Carin giggling! Wow! Sweet! So I’m like, cool I can settle back with my coffee, still not comprehending that this is over an hour of audio.

They talk about a bunch of different stuff and play off each other, one of their comments spawning a whole new diatribe. I’m amazed they were able to get back to their original line of thought. It actually really reminds me of my conversations with Carol.

They were hinting at the real reason for the audio which I knew of course was me, but they cracked jokes and talked about techie stuff and all kinds of stuff. By now my bladder is starting to skwock. Ok wow I don’t know why I just pictured a 1930’s mafia guy type voice. Ok so my bladder is a 1930’s mafia guy saying, hey. Hey you. I’m getting full over here. Oh crap, don’t laugh, no, don’t do that! Pause those people and empty me.

So I go to iTunes to pause and the only option is stop. Crap. I needed to save the file, not just play it. Hmmm. Ok I’ll hold it. Drink more coffee. Stupid! Laughing, mafia guy going stop stop! Spinelli jumps from the top of the couch and lands right on mafia guy bladder. I’m sure mafia guy is now screaming expletives. I consider unplugging everything from the laptop and carrying it to the bathroom. B is sleeping so I’m using headphones. I could put the laptop on the toilet tank…yeah. But what a pain.

Yes, I’m thinking all this as I’m listening to Carin and Steve. They won’t be offended if I admit there were parts of that where my mind wandered.

Maybe that’s why the recording didn’t make me cry, because I had to pee so bad, I don’t know haha!!! Or maybe I cried it all out yesterday.

There were several times where they got really sweet, and then Carin said she wants to give me an award and Steve said yeah it could be the person who doesn’t totally suck award or something and Carin pitched a fit hahaha! Steve did point out though, that most of the things they write about are people who kinda suck. So I got his meaning. But they named it something else which I still can’t remember even though Steve just said it in a comment.

Anyway, it really was awesome to be able to hear two of the people I’ve gotten really close with, wishing me a good trip and expressing their excitement and talking about all the things I’ve accomplished. And to hear all that with actual human voices was incredible!

I had to laugh, because at one point their talking about my readers, and how my readers probably wonder why in the heck these two are my friends haha! Like, what does she see in them? As soon as they said that I knew I had to write that here. Because I’ve often wondered that myself, if my readers think that, since a lot of times I even put a disclaimer before linking to Vomit Comet lol!!

I mean, my blog is all doggy diaries and doggy countdown and soon doggy school, and silly girl and spoons and man o mine and techie tips. I know I’m pretty G rated here, but that’s just because that’s the tone I wanted for this blog, and I’m pretty G rated when I’m being respectful, like in public.

But in all honesty, I can be very vulgar and sarcastic and I really do have a sailor mouth lol! I keep it all clean here especially since I know I have some young readers.

So now that I’ve said all that, I think it’s safe to link to the post with this audio file in it. But here comes the disclaimer. I give this post an R rating for swearing and sexual themes. Hahaha!!! But it’s great. So if you’ve got an hour and thirteen minutes, go check it out. It’s like our very own little comedic non-podcast. Well worth it if you’re prepared haha!!!

Oh I almost forgot the link lol!! Here it is.

So yeah. This was a fantastic way to start my day, and there’s no other mood to be in but good after hearing two of the people I care so much about. I might just have to text Carin and tell her to call me.

In other news. I’m pretty much ready to go. I have one small load of laundry which I can’t decide if I’m doing today or tomorrow. Then just throw in the odds and ends I’ll use before the trip. I’m pretty fast at the video stuff, so that’s ready to go.

Technically there would be this and one other Doggy Countdown post, because I was counting down to going to school, but really I’ll be counting down until Wednesday when I actually get Insert. So…I haven’t decided if I’ll do doggy countdowns on Monday and Tuesday too, or just start the Doggy School posts.

B had to go into work today to wrap stuff up before his trip starts. He doesn’t have to work on Saturdays often, but it sucks when he does.

So I’m just gonna do whatever today. So far I’m just in a good mood, no tears yet. We’ll see if that lasts!

Meep meep, how was that for a long post?

2 days!!!!


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Doggy Countdown – 1 week till Dog Day!

When I talked to the trainers last week, it was confirmed that Dog Day will be the Wednesday after I get there, which means one week from today! In one week, Insert will have a name!

So I’m really confused. It’s raining like freaking crazy today and I feel fine. Huh? Ok. See this is what I get for trying to understand MS. Just when I think I know how it works, it surprises me. Alrighty then.

I went and worked out today mostly so I could see my friends at Saavi before I leave. I didn’t go on Monday since I was pulling out of the fatigue, and didn’t want it to set back in. I took it easy today too. I rode the bike for thirty minutes, and then decreased the number of sets in the weight room. Not taking any chances.

I took the iPod in, and on the way there in the van, I started playing with the radio feature. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to use the ear buds, as they are the antenna. But, it worked. I had to select my region, which was just “the Americas” lol! Once I did that, the iPod picked up my local stations. I was able to scroll through until I found the country station, yay! Then, you can actually pause the live radio and then rewind or fast forward. Awesome.

I took some video in the gym, mostly for audio. One of the videos was when I was on the bike just talking to Lisa. I purposely had my finger in front of the lense, and one of the sighties said you can see my leg pedaling lol! I have to listen to the video before deciding whether to post it. I took a few others that I won’t be posting because it shows people’s faces. I had to get Glenn being silly, and he was all embarassed hehe!

So it was fun today. I also ran into a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile, so it was nice to chat with him. Fun day!

I had worn my raincoat because we were supposed to get rain today and it didn’t rain until I got home. Lucky! I was talking to Kevin on the phone right after I got home when the rain started. Thanks for waiting, rain!

Kevin is stuck in Virginia, literally stuck in the hotel room. They had gotten a job that was supposed to be a week long in Virginia, then another like month long job in South Carolina. I remember thinking the foreman of the job was stupid for having Kevin drive out there with this weather forcast. Turns out he hasn’t even been able to finish the week long job, and the job in South Carolina got cancelled. And now he’s stuck in a hotel, paying for it, with no money coming in. I feel horrible for him. The only good thing is that he’ll be home a lot earlier than planned, but this means no work. I think he should just scrap the business and work at the golf course. Doesn’t that sound like a good plan? He’s excited though, that he’ll be home when I get back with Insert.

I’m excited too, because Lish and I came up with a new blog header for while I’m at school. So I’ve got that saved and ready to change Sunday night hehe!

All that’s left to do is pack and wash the food container. That’s it! I’m so glad I did some laundry yesterday since it’s all rainy. One more O& M lesson on Friday! Wow!! Can you believe this??? Most of the time I can’t. I think I’ll believe it when I’m in the air. 😉

I’m all rambly and all over the place in this post hahaha! I’m sooo excited!

5 days!!! 5!!!! 5 days!!!!

Oh man I can’t believe I almost forgot this until I was putting my labels on. We weighed me in today and I’ve lost a total of 8 pounds. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’ve gained a lot of muscle, so that had to level out so that the fat burning would show on the scale. I tweaked my food a little for the last two weeks and just eat more times a day with less in the portions, and I try to eat as helthy of stuff as I can. Just in the last 2 weeks I lost 3 pounds! And I hardly worked out with that fatigue. So I think the change in the eating has really made a huge difference!


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Doggy Countdown – Laundry Lessons

I love how I don’t even have Insert yet and I’m already more independent hehehe! I decided to do a load of laundry today, because I didn’t get around to it Sunday like I had planned. I’m getting closer to starting to actually pack, so getting something done daily is helping.

Anyway, I went down, loaded the washer, checked the time when I started it so I’d know when to go back, and headed back to the apartment, pulling my cart. A woman stopped me and introduced herself and asked if I needed help. Nope, I’m good, thanks. I’m getting a guide dog, so I’m almost done with this thing. I waved my cane when I said that. She said she had never seen one in action and I told her she’s about to lol.

When it was time to go back, I went, transferred my clothes to the dryer, feeling around in the machine and on the floor around it in case I dropped something. It’s one of those front load washers. I put my clothes in the dryer, checked the time again, and headed for home.

I checked stuff online, then it was time to go back.

I pulled my cart behind me and entered the laundry room. The dryers are on the wall to the right as you walk in, so I was walking towards my dryer. Someone had been drying clothes earlier, but the room was quiet aside from my dryer. I walked towards it when I got the unpleasant surprise of running into the upper dryer door that someone had left open. Doh! I got mad at the person, but then remembered Dave telling me to put my hand at the level of my eyes when there are possible head height obstructions. So I waited for my clothes to finish, thinking about how I should hold my cane next time and then thought I should just trail the counters instead of the dryers next time lol!

Took my clothes home, hung everything up, folded my socks and I didn’t lose a one!

But then I was folding underwear and I was short two pair. Damn.

Back to the laundry room. I went to the washer but it was already in use. I felt around on the floor again, then on the counters. Then the dryer. Aaround the floor. No underwear.

I was leaving when I thought to check the top of the washer. Score! There were my wet underwear in a lump on the washer hahahaha! I crammed them in my pocket and went back home hahahah!!!!

So those were two very valuable lessons hehe!!

I just got done eating and just before that, B and I went through the packets finally so I could check to make sure my plane tickets match my ID and they do. I went through and signed all the releases. I had read the email again this morning, and I could have sent them in, or brought them to school, so that’s good, since I kept forgetting to do it. Out of sight out of mind. 😉

So now I can start packing slowly. I’ll do some more laundry this weekend and I’m good to go!!

6 days!!!!!


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Doggy Countdown – One week!

In one week I will hopefully be posting from school! I only say hopefully since I’m not hooked nto their network yet.

Today I took it really easy. The fatigue has lifted for the most part, so I didn’t want to risk another setback. I had a computer issue to take care of this morning. A snafu with iTunes yesterday made me think I had lost my entire library, but it’s all worked out now, and fine. I would have been fine because I have pretty much everything on the iPod, but I really wanted to get Duma Key on there and I didn’t want to do anything before it all got straightened out.

So I spent a good chunk of the morning importing eighteen disks. That book is almost 2 gigs, geez. Probably because they are audio cds. I know the books I download aren’t nearly that size.

So that’s done and I finally got that post done about the videos that I’ve been wanting to get done.

Other than that, I didn’t do much. Oh I started listening to the clicker training lecture and it makes so much more sense now lol. Sounds like a lot of fun.

I’ve read some puppy raiser blogs about using the word “nice” and that scares me. I say “nice” a lot. I wouldn’t want Insert to expect a reward when I say “nice” on the phone.

I just got off the phone with Carol and once again we got into a time warp. Before I knew it it was 5pm haha! So B will be home soon and I hadn’t done my doggy countdown yet. So now I have, phew!

Countdown is really, really on! This is my last Monday in Arizona!!!

7 days!!!


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