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Christmas Weekend

Last night we went to my uncle’s for Christmas dinner. Growing up, Gamma used to make pork tenderloins with all the fixins. After my Mom and Grandpa died, Gamma eventually stopped making the tenderloin dinner. My uncle and aunt made it at their house in 2007. The only reason I remember that was it was my last Christmas sighted and I was working at the doctor’s office. I remember being exhausted since we worked a half day that day. B didn’t go at all because he worked a full day that day, so he had never had the tenderloin dinner.

This year my uncle and his new wife decided to make the tenderloin dinner. Gamma and I had been excited ever since we heard about it!

Because my uncle’s house has a very open floor plan, Jayden had to stay on duty by my side the entire time. I don’t know the house well and there’s nothing to navigate with since it’s so open. Jayden did great, even stopping at the area carpets to let me know they were there, and where the concrete met dirt when I took him outside. I think he wondered why all the people he knows were at this strange building and especially why he was on duty the whole time. He’s never on duty at Gamma’s house, since I know it so well.

It was a great night and the food was delicious! It was the ultimate comfort food. Even B, the picky eater, ate everything. Gamma even made her jello mold, another dish she hasn’t made in forever. I ate so much I easily made myself look pregnant by sticking out my full stomach haha!

Today, Gamma and I had our typical Sunday and had leftover tenderloin sandwiches on rye bread along with the jello salad. There was lots of yummy sounds to be heard.

It’s been a very restful weekend, though yesterday I was a bit stoned, having taken my new med in the morning. I took it in the morning on Friday and wasn’t really affected by it, but it’s a cumulative med, duh. So yesterday I was quite sluggish and sleepy.

Today I started feeling like I might be coming down with something. About midway through the afternoon at Gamma’s my throat started getting achey and scratchy. Ooooh noooo!!! I hope I’m not getting sick, because I need to hit my home gym this week and start working off all this food!

I hope you all had a great weekend, whether you celebrate the holiday or not!

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Doggy Diaries – Jayden and the Car Wash

B and I decided to brave the mall today so I could grab something to wear to the family’s house for Christmas that isn’t jeans and a tank top. My nicer clothes have long since been donated after all my weight loss and I wanted to have something a little nicer to wear this year.

Before going to Dillards, we stopped at the carwash since B washes it on Saturdays. It’s just one of those drive through car washes and neither of us thought about how it might affect Jayden. He was curled up between my feet until he heard the water begin rushing over the car, and then he lifted his head. It got a little louder and he tried to burry his face under my leg. He does this in the car, but something told me he was a little freaked, so I put on my uber goofy voice and B and I chatted animatedly.

Jayden eventually stood up and gazed out the windows at the things traveling around the car. B said at first he looked panicked, but he eventually just looked curious the sillier I got. If the handler is happy, things must be ok, right?

As we went through the drying process it sounded like we were in a military jet taking off. Mind you, I’ve never been in a military jet taking off, but I’ve been in an airliner and this was way louder. After we drove out, B jumped out of the car to get some quarters for laundry, and Jayden stared after him like, you are coming back, right? That was just freaky.

I didn’t even think to have some kibble with me, which I always have if we’re going to be somewhere long or something might be freaky for him. So, if you’re going to take your dog in a car through one of those, just have something on hand to comfort him and be prepared to be extra goofy. That’s my forte, so we were ok. 😉

Jayden got lots of praise from the sales associates at Dillards. I always give credit to his puppy raiser when I get compliments on his behavior. And as we were leaving, I heard a mom giving her child a lesson in service dogs. Hearing that kind of discussion always warms my heart!

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Hanging with Ro Episode Four – Audio/Video in two parts – Canadian Bells

This was totally impromptu, and had to be done after the knock on my door today. It ended up being in two parts, the first just audio and the second with video. I’m scattered in the video because my headache flared up haha. Need coffee!

I’ll let the videos speak for themselves! Thanks, Carin and Steve!

Direct link to youtube audio 1

Direct link to youtube Video 2


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Audio/Video: Hanging with Ro Episode Three – Silly Bells

I just slapped a title on this post and had to edit to say it made me think, Silly Bells…silly bells…why are they ringing you?

Now back to our regularly schedule post.

Since I went blind, I haven’t touched my Christmas decorations. This year something changed though, as I listened to audio of Carin and Steve coming up with drunk lyrics for Christmas carols. The deal was sealed when I downloaded some Trans-Siberian Orchestra. (That’s how itunes spelled it, so I’m going with it.)

It was really nice to get all that stuff out again after so many years without it. I was feeling so silly about the bells that I decided to get audio/video of the decorations. I forgot to mention during the video that the star for the top of the Christmas tree is on top of the vase with the lights in it.

I really, really really, love being a dork, if you didn’t know that already.

Topics include:

*Steve and Carin’s blog that inspired the need for bells

*Drunken angel singing. No I’m not drunk

* Video of the areas with the decorations

*Quick shot of Jayden

*Naturally, Evan Longoria comes up. I couldn’t believe it as I listened to the audio. Really? Will there ever be one of these things without his name mentioned?

Direct youtube link

PS – No I’m not on pain killers. That’s just me. =D

PPS – Now that I’m not active, the pain in my head is screaming.

PPPS – When you do multiple PS’s, is it PPS or PSS?


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#NaBloPoMo – Twitter Me This – So Thankful for You

I’ve wanted to write a post about the friends I have on Twitter for some time now. I decided today was a good day for it since I’m so thankful for the fellowship I have there. Anyone who says online people aren’t real friends must not experience the joy I do every single day when I read your words.

I joined Twitter last year during the baseball season because Jason Bartlett got hurt and I wasn’t getting news fast enough. I never thought Twitter would turn into such a rich source of fun people as well as news and breaking current events. I also never expected the fun during games, yelling and groaning with other Rays fans. I miss that…

I figured I’d go to my following list and start writing down names. I started this this morning and am now finishing up after the food festivities. I was about halfway through the Rays group when I got home. It’s fun to go through the list and notice how long I’ve been following some of you. If I’ve left anyone out, I apologize. I’m putting people down who I had or have had nearly daily interaction with. I’m so glad you’re in my life, all of you!

If there were duplicate names, I’ve added a last initial if I know it.

Here are the Rays Family: (I love how we keep in touch even though it’s the off season!)

Suzette, Melanie, Ed, Morgan, Mike, Tony, Steve, TB Rays Addict, Professor Twain, Kimberly, Tim, Dave W., Mario, Manda, Sarah, Mark, Claudia, Sherry, Jordi/Mike, Brenda, Lizz, JB, Cyndi, Joseph, Johnny, Joel, Stephanie, John, Jill, Andrea, Aaron, Jamal, Jim C., Heidi, April, Aviatrixt, Michael, Chris R., Jim D., Dave C., Bradley, ds, Houston, Vicki, and Cork.

Of course there are the baseball players and Joe Maddon and Evan Longoria was the first player I followed. It was fun to scroll all the way down and find the first person in the Rays group I followed. Should Cork Gaines get some kind of prize? Haha!

Here are the people in the category of service dog handler/raisers or assistive technology users and/or Blogger friends, again in the order I started following: (I love how much we learn from each other and how much fun we have!)

Carlos, Nicolai, Shane, Samara, Austin, Dan, Rose, Ceci, Ricardo, Taylor, Ashley, James, Sheri, Brooke, Katrin, Torie, Liam, Barb, Carin, Steve, Shanna, Sadia, Sam, Amanda and L^2.

So what prize does L^2 get? Hehe! I’m such a nut. Especially when I’m food stoned.

There are tons of other people I follow like writers and celebrities and those accounts that just tweet silly stuff. I’m grateful for the interaction I’ve had with writer Justine Larbalestier, because she’s taught me a lot in the few interactions we’ve had.

Twitter is great for following your favorite athlete or writer or celebrity or politician or whatever floats your boat. While I most definitely enjoy reading tweets by those in that category, it’s the interaction with those of you I’ve listed that have enriched my life in ways I’m not sure a social network should haha!

What struck me this morning as I began this post is that I never knew any of you before I lost my sight. If that’s not a silver lining to going blind, I don’t know what is!

PS – Highly food stoned if this post makes not much sense. Haha!


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#NaBloPoMo – Audio: Hanging with Ro Episode Two

I decided to do another silly recording for today’s post. The recording explains why haha! Forewarning, there is major computer swearage in this one haha! I explain why I never swear on the blog, but this was spur of the moment. So if you don’t want to hear it, just turn the volume down for a few minutes when I tell you in the audio haha!

Topics include:

*The aforementioned computer swearing

*How I got my Macbook

*Apple vs. Windows accessibility

*Holiday rant

*TRX training at the gym

*I always mention Evan Longoria and probably always will

There’s more than that but that’s a gist. Remember, there’s computer swearing! You’ve been warned!

Direct youtube link


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Just Yesterday

Do you ever sit back and think, holy crap, where has the time gone? Do you ever have moments where you reflect on your life and think, wow, can one person really do all that changing? I simply can’t believe it’s the last day of 2010. How did that happen? Just yesterday I was throwing Barbie dolls into my trees, hoping they’d get stuck, then throwing Ken up after them, hoping to knock them down.

Just yesterday I was roller skating, on four wheels that weren’t inline, to Debbie Gibson, creating cool choreography to ‘Electric Youth’, or jumping from concrete to gravel like the ‘Solar Babies’.

Just yesterday I discovered Nirvana, after my best friend forced me to watch the video for ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, urging me to forget about Mariah Carey and start listening to real music. It worked. Thanks Kurt.

Just yesterday I graduated from ‘Sweet Valley High’ to Stephen King novels and broke my back learning how to try to win the essay medal in Academic Decathlon, constructing the perfect five paragraph essay in one our or less after being given three prompts. I came in fourth overall. No medal, but the highest score in my high school’s history. I wonder if my record stands?

Just yesterday I was pre-med on a full scholarship and got drunk with a boy in a dorm room. Just yesterday I went with mom to chemo treatments. Just yesterday she died.

It seems like just yesterday I had an enormous New Year’s party for the year 2000 and got so drunk my boyfriend and I couldn’t manage to lose our virginities. Just yesterday I was only 21.

Wasn’t it just yesterday I walked into my first meeting after making a mess out of my life, never mourning mom’s death, being a terrible friend, not holding down jobs, going nowhere with my life?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I finally found the true meaning of happiness, to be happy joyous and free through life’s turmoils, with the help of a power greater than myself, a power that was not alcohol?

Just yesterday, I came out of that MRI machine with one eye blind and began to learn how to live with MS. Just yesterday I started dating B and my old cat, Combat was still alive.

Just yesterday I watched my vision slowly fade as I stared at B, just yesterday Combat died, Just yesterday my aunt died, just yesterday B’s mom was diagnosed with cancer.

Just yesterday I picked up a white cane and discovered audio books. Just yesterday I brought my Mac home and found my online fellowship of people who really and truly get it. Just yesterday that little iPod started it all.

Just yesterday I was on a plane going to meet Insert. Jayden. JayBay. Jay. Gooberhead. Just yesterday a dog became my eyes.

Just yesterday the little girl throwing Barbies into trees could never imagine the life she’d lead at the end of 2010. Just yesterday she turned 32. No really, I really did, just yesterday, turn 32.

It’s pretty crazy, isn’t it? To write your life down like that? To see it written like that, with just a few hundred words, really encompassing all the changes, all the phases, all the strife and all the joy.

Would I change any of it? Not a thing. Would I trade my recent sad times for happy times? Nope. For me, pain has and always will be, the cornerstone of spiritual growth. When I begin to emerge from sad times, I am like a rose opening her face to the sun, cleansed, grateful, joyous.

It seems like just yesterday I thought I’d never feel happy again. And then like that, like a firecracker in the night, the veil lifts and happiness glitters once again.

My old pool league operator once said words to me that I live by today. After I played a really terrible game of 9-ball and thought I’d never break my losing streak he said, “you can never fully appreciate victory until you experience defeat.”

The words were in reference to a game, but they are so true for my life. After I have been cleansed of sadness and melancholy, I can truly open my eyes to gratitude. How’s that for victory?

Happy New Year everyone! Be safe tonight and please, if you have a few drinks, call a cab.

See ya next year!

PS – I’ll be updating to Snow Leopard today, so if I’m not online for awhile, it means I screwed something up. 😉


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Story of a girl and her dog

There once was a girl who was sad. She tried not to be, but had to give in to the embrace of melancholy, not to revel in it, but to feel it, let it visit, let it get bored and take its leave. Melancholy is a funny thing you see, it arrives with no warning, no phone call, even when the rest of the world is full of cheer and joy.

The girl thought she was alone with the melancholy until she started finding others who it visited too. She wasn’t special after all! A whole group of people existed who were touched by sadness even through all the cheer, and this realization brought the girl comfort.

Wait, she thought, if others’ melancholy brings me comfort, what kind of person am I, to be glad they feel it to? But the others were glad to find her and cling to another who felt it, who understood.

The girl missed her mom. She missed her Grandpa and her aunt and her mother- in-law. She morned the life she used to have and imagined sparkling lights and green branches and red stockings and white snow, she imagined the things she could no longer see.

She thought of where life had taken her, to mostly amazing places. She really did love her life so why was she so sad? She was sad because sadness and melancholy are part of being human and when she realized this, finally the tears could fall, the cleansing beginning.

A rough tongue licked the salt from her face, soft fur against her cheek. She reached out and felt the warmth of the yellow lab beside her on the floor and the tears fell harder, not out of sadness but out of love. For this creature loved her no matter how she felt. This creature lay beside her, his heart beating strong against her skin, the comfort of the dog like no other and she wasn’t alone with her sorrow.

The next day when she awoke after another terrible night’s sleep she reached out from other the covers and found her dog’s face staring at her from beside the bed. She reached out and caressed his velvet ear and smiled. There was always a reason to rise, thanks to this bundle of yellow fur she had never looked upon.

Every morning her dog hurries to eat then snuggles on the couch. She reaches over, burying her fingers in his coat, bends to receive a kiss.

The greatest gift is her dog, she thinks. If he were all I had, I’d be ok. She is grateful to have him for the season, their first together. The jingle of his tags more merry than the loudest of sleighbells, the smell of him more comforting than cinnamon and pine. His warmth greater than any fire, his love encompassing the love of those she has lost.

Just briefly, the melancholy shudders, as though the dog has drawn a sword for battle. Slowly, the lab’s power begins to drive the sadness away, and the girl smiles.


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I checked my stat counter this morning and saw that people are still checking here and I felt bad that nothing new has been posted, but I just don’t have much to say I suppose.

Everything is ok, Jayden is great, it’s just this time of year is hard on me and it’s just especially bad this year. It’s hard with the family so shrunken and nobody really enjoying the holidays. My mom and Gamma and I were always the ones who got into the holidays, decorating and such, and food was always divine. Since there’s no one left in the family to cook, there’s no smell of turkeys baking. It’s just not the same.

I don’t mean to whine, but I just don’t enjoy this time of year anymore. All it seems to do is remind me of loss and it’s just hard to turn up the cheer when no one else feels it. If it weren’t for Jayden, I don’t think I’d bother getting up in the mornings. Jayden truly is the main thing keeping me going right now.

I’m still working out, still writing, still doing the things I enjoy but it’s just become a very lonely life. If it weren’t for my online friends, I wouldn’t hardly have any interaction with anyone. My friend Kevin just stopped by; he’s home for the holidays, so that was really nice to actually talk with someone face to face.

I got a surprise gift from some very dear online friends and that brightened things quite a bit. I got to order myself a treat from Amazon and when I get it, I’ll have something with me all the time to think of them and bring me a smile.

Sorry to write such a glum post, but I wanted to put at least something down here, and speaking the truth is better than saying everything’s roses and butterflies, because that would just be plain dishonest.

I like to think I’m cheerful and giving throughout the year and don’t feel the need to pretend during a month where it’s expected. I hope you all are having a great month; I just can’t bring myself to read about the great and happy times everyone is having with family. Call me Scrooge, but it just makes me envious. 😉

Hope to see you all more regularly after the first of the year when life and schedules get back to normal, when nothing is expected anymore.

Off to clean and be with the one being who truly needs me, my amazing guide dog. Thank God for him. 🙂

Oh duh, the other major constant is my sobriety, and I just realized a couple days ago that I’ve been sober now longer then I drank. Pretty awesome, and I’m grateful for that and God every minute of every day, no matter if it’s December or July!


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Doggy Diaries – Dress party hair

It’s been busy around here, so time for a monster update.

I’ll start at Wednesday, since I finally got back to the gym then. I had been in quite a slump since the week of not knowing whether I was sick or not. The lovely vicious cycle of auto immune, get fatigued, need to rest, rest too much, non activity makes fatigue worse, fall out of routines, get nothing done, mental state gets affected by messy kitchen and not working Jayden much, finally get the energy to start to snap out of it, special circumstances not relating to auto immune interrupt attempt, mental state gets worse, event coming up that must be planned for, have shopping date lined up, not looking forward to it, party coming up, dreading it, planned day arrives and is perfect medicine for getting back to life. And on and on and on lol.

It felt great to work out Wednesday but I was still just really blah. Thursday I had plans to go shopping with Georgie for my holiday party dress. She’s at the university, so things have been crazy for her, and the day before the party was going to be the best day for her. I was dreading shopping, even though I normally love it and this year was going to be even better since I’m at my slimmest. Luckily once she got here, I was finally looking forward to it.

We went to JC Penny because that just seems to be the best place for holiday dresses. You get something cute but don’t spend a ton. Georgie was armed with what kind of material I needed. No wool or velvet or anything that would make dog hair cling. It seems as though the fashion this year is that one strap look, which I did not want. Georgie found four different black dresses. I hadn’t really had an idea in mind about color, but it seemed black was it.

The first dress I tried on was the one. I tried on the others for fun but the first one was a no brainer. It’s black but on the bottom it’s embellished with little silver things. It’s knee length and A-line, which Georgie said just looked amazing on me. It passed the dog hair test, fur just falling off. It also had these tiny little snaps under the straps that went around bra straps. I’d never seen that before, genius!

We went to the shoe department. I wanted flats; I do not do heels. She handed me a shoe but it had a corduroy type material on it. That would not pass the dog hair test. She found another pair and went to go get them from the sales person.

I’m sitting there, Jayden at my feet, my dress in the chair beside me. I hear the bell ringer outside. Ring ring ring. Jayden had been very distracted by that when we entered the mall and I couldn’t hear Georgie over it. Finally the ringer had taken a break so I could get inside. Ring ring ring. JC Penny announcements over the intercom in english then spanish. Someone walks out and sets off the security thing. Silicone Sally says, “Please return to the nearest sales associate. We must not have removed the security device.” She repeats in spanish.

Ring ring ring. Ring ring ring. People talking. People everywhere. I hear murmurs about Jayden. Children in the distance. Ring ring ring. Where’s Georgie?

I finally start to get a little panicky. Eventually Georgie runs over and tells me she’s waiting for them to get the shoes, they had finally gotten to her, only two people working the shoes. She goes back over. Then finally comes back. Shoes way too big. She goes back. They don’t have a smaller size. Sales associate comes over, apologizing for the wait, asking if she can help us find anything else. Georgie explains about dog hair. The associate finds a pair of black leather ballet flats with silver decorations on the bows. Oh perfect! Please have my size! She goes to get them. Georgie and I sit there. Ring ring ring. Associate comes back. They fit! Let’s get out of here.

I saved over a hundred dollars. The dress was a hundred and so were the shoes, both marked down to thirty. Wow! Georgie and I went to lunch. We went to the diner. They’ve closed. Man. We went to Denny’s. They have patty melts now. We both get that and then Georgie orders half the appetizer platter. We used to always get that. I accuse her of trying to make my dress not fit. It’s a size 10! Last year’s was a 14. My new dress fits perfectly. What’s all this food gonna do?

Before Georgie had come to get me, I had been working out getting to a hair appointment on Saturday, the day after the party. I’m more excited about that than the party. 😉

Friday comes and I took it easy, talking on the phone for most of the morning, then slowly beginning the getting ready ritual. Sometimes getting ready really wears me out, so I did it all in stages. I had to wonder if the party was the fun part, or if the preparation was? All the exfoliating and moisturizing and pampering. I blow dried my hair even though I rarely did that, to make my hair even straiter and fuller. It reached my waist, long and black against my black dress.

B took some pics of me with his cell phone cam. Sorry I can’t share them here. I new the sun would be setting and it would be perfect. I put the pics on FAcebook and got compliments before I even left the house. Nice!

We drove out to the party. It was at this golf resort where it had been the first time I went to B’s holiday party. We parked and began the long trek inside. I don’t think B wanted me to work Jayden because he told me to grab his arm. We had to walk through a parking garage and there were lots of moving vehicles. Once we got up to the floor where the party was, it was mayhem. People everywhere! I had Jayden on a tight lead and did human guide with B. It would have been really hard to work Jayden and keep track of B with all those people and noise. The doors to the ballroom weren’t open yet. B asked if I wanted to go outside where it looked quieter. I was going to use the GL since Jayden was quite attracted to all the people. We went outside and found a friend of B’s and his wife. The friend had retired, but was still doing some consulting. His wife had just had foot surgery, so she was gimpy. I didn’t have Jayden’s GL, oops! I’d forgotten it was in my backpack. It was fine though, I just moved his collar up. Just that little thing makes him listen better. We sat outside for awhile and more people came over, some I had met before. One couple were admiring Jayden and how good he was, so I gave them a crash course in puppy raising. I also let them say hi to Jay and they were just in love with him.

Finally the ballroom doors opened and we went in to find a table. B’s friend found a table near the hallway doors, perfect. We wouldn’t have to weave through all the tables. I sat by his wife and we instantly started talking. We hit it off quickly. Before dinner was served, B took Jay and me to the restroom. This was the main place Jay did his job haha! Thank God for him, because the restroom was huge. No problem though; he’s perfect in restrooms haha!

When we got back, Jay instantly lay on my left. He usually passes out quickly but he was alert for the longest time, sitting there with his head up. I kept reaching over to touch him and make sure he was ok with all the stimulus.

The salad was yum and then our main dishes arrived. We had ordered about a month before the party and I didn’t choose the meat dishes because it was either steak or chicken, too hard to cut. I had ordered a vegitarian dish even though when B had described it I couldn’t quite tell what it was. When I got it, I was pleased to find it in a large bowl. Perfect for containing mess haha! It turned out to be almost like a greek plate, kinda like ravioli but in a pastry instead. It was delicious! All through dinner I chatted with my new gimpy buddy and we laughed about our men waiting on us. There was coffee nearby, Starbucks yum, so B kept going to refill for me. Her husband went and got her decaf. We had fun being waited on.

I met countless people. I saw people I hadn’t seen in awhile. Jayden finally passed out around when I started eating dessert, a custard type thing in a pastry thing, with blueberries and raspberries. Yum!

I was nervous about how it would be when the music got louder for dancing, since last year it was insane. But it wasn’t bad at all this year. We were able to still sit and talk, so we just hung out by our table. I wanted to see if we could find a spot for Jay to pee so B and I went outside and found a large grassy area. Grass! I gave B the leash after Jay relieved so Jay could just walk around and take a break from work. After that we went back inside. Jayden went under the table this time, completely hidden by the table cloth. Several people made comments after I said he was under there lol. There’s a dog under there???

We stuck around for the raffles but didn’t win anything. My new friends left about twenty minutes before we did, and after the last raffle was done, we took off. Things hadn’t gotten crazy like last year, at least not yet. We didn’t stay as late as we did last year haha.

I should mention that even when Jayden was on lead and B did human guide, Jay still worked, putting his paws on steps for me. When that harness is on, even if I’m not holding the handle, it’s like he knows he’s on duty.

We drove home and encountered a ton of cop cars. Still don’t know what was up with that. When we got home, I changed quickly for a good play session with Jay. He just goes nuts after a long work session. He ran around with the Wubba, dropped it, ran back for it, ran around some more, dropped it, lather, rinse, repeat.

We finally crashed out about midnight. What a night! It had been great. I don’t know why I had been dreading it. I’m sure it was because of my lack of energy leading up to it. I was able to conjure enough to make it through, though.

Yesterday morning I woke up excited. I was going to the salon with Lish.

A few weeks ago, I was reading a ton of Scott Westerfeld’s blog and ran across this post about a girl donating her hair after reading ‘Uglies’. Read that post, it’s really sweet. After I read it, I followed Scott’s link to Locks of Love and discovered that they now take colored hair. I had never tried donating before because I’ve colored my hair for years. This was exciting.

I posted about the possibility on Twitter and got several responses telling me how cool that would be. I had been thinking about cutting my hair and finding out I could donate it just cinched the idea. Long story short, through the wonders of Twitter, I found out about a salon in town that gives complimentary cuts and styles when you donate, and they take care of shipping the hair and everything. I had been there before for a trim a long time ago and used to get brow waxes there. Lish used to work there too. She offered to take me and before georgie had shown up on Thursday, I had an appointment for 1pm on Saturday to cut off my long lovely locks.

Friday night was my last night of long hair and I really noticed it. I noticed how it got caught in my purse strap, how I had to pull it back with a clip to eat, how it got caught between my back and the chair. I thought about all the hair that fell out around the house, how it always got stuck in Jayden’s face if it wasn’t pulled back, how I always had a hair band around my wrist. I was nervous to cut it, but knew it was time for a change and knew that someone needed it more than me.

At the salon, they have their apprentices do the complimentary cuts. They are trained stylists, but they are learning that salon’s way. I really liked my stylist. He listened to exactly what I wanted before cutting my hair. He sectioned it into four ponytails, to maximize the donation, Lish explained. She had donated her hair before too. When I felt the stylist snipping, I squealed and so did Lish. Lots of laughing haha!

Jayden did great at the salon. I think he was still exhausted from the night before. He just passed out beside me. Girls kept coming up and saying what an awesome dog he was, how they wished they could get a lab like that. I explained about career change adoptions and how to look into that. They were all very excited.

The cut took awhile. He did a great job of really shaping and doing what I wanted. I had told him I wanted a bob but not a crazy angled bob. He gave me just that. So now my hair falls just to the nape of my neck and gets a little longer on the sides. When it’s tucked behind my ears, it barely comes passed the lobes. It’s way short! Each ponytail was a foot long. Nice!!

When he was finishing up with the cut and style, the colorist came over for a consult. I’ve colored my hair with boxed temporary black for years now. I want to go lighter, so we talked at length about that process. I have an appointment in early January to start the lightening process. I can’t wait!

So that, in a nutshell, was the last few days. After we walked out of the salon, I felt my fatigue begin to say hi. It had held off for the time I needed it too and now it was begging for coffee. We got home and B couldn’t believe how short my hair is haha! I had told him before we left that I’d be back with his new girlfriend. He just kept saying wow, wow, wow. Haha! He likes it. 😉

I forced myself to stay up until about nine last night and then gratefully took Jayden for his last relieving and crawled into bed. I’m looking forward to washing my new cut today. Oh, I also lied to Gamma. I told her Lish and I were going to lunch. I want to surprise her today with my new cut. It’s gonna be fun!

I think I’m taking the day off tomorrow. I can definitely feel how all the activity over the last few days has me tired. Time to finish my crochet projects. I must get them shipped out. Talk about delayed.

Ok, must get through another few hours and then I can relax. =D

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