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Blind frustrations done funny

Oh this is great. Check out ‘Talking Blind Man’s Blues’ over on Vomit Comet. If you’re blind, you’ll relate to the two audio clips. If your sighted, you might learn a thing or two. And the second clip is Vomit Comet’s very own Steve.

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Doggy Countdown – The Latest

Did I mention the first package I received from GDB? Now that I think about it, I don’t think I did. I know a lot of the puppy raisers are finding it interesting what all happens on the students’ end, so I’ve really been trying to capture everything.

Anyway, maybe a week and a half ago, I got my acceptence package from GDB. There was a welcome cd inside and a bunch of forms I take with me to sign. The cd was just going over code of conduct type things.

Then, I got an email from one of the admissions people and it had all my flight information. I’ll be leaving early on February 15th and I have a connecting flight, and then will land in San Fran sometime after noon. Same thing goes for the return and I’m happy about not leaving the same day as graduation. Did I mention this? I get confused about what I write on the email list and what I post here. Anyway, I’m glad to leave the day after grad so I don’t have to rush around that day.

In that email, I was also told who my instructors will be. So I shared that on my email list, and one of the girls mentioned that one of my instructors is on the lecture cds, which I had yet to receive. She mentioned that he sounds stoned, and she and her roommate were cracking up over it. Apparently this guy gets teased a lot haha!

Today, I got the second package. It has 8 lecture cds (labeled in braille and I read it and was all excited hehe), my flight info and luggage tags. So I popped in the cds, greatful, because I’m really exhausted again today.

There’s one guy on the cds that cracks me up. A different guy than the stoned guy. His voice sounds normal for the most part until he gets to the end of a sentence. Then it goes all low. Kinda like a radio announcer hahah! It sounds all dramatic.

So then it came around to the guy who is one of my instructors, who they said sounds stoned. He didn’t sound stoned to me necessarily, but really disinterested, or like he’s delivering bad news.

Class schedule is as follows.

You’re really gonna hate this.

You will feed and water your dog upon awakening.

We are out of that product.

You will feed and water your dog after the pm lesson.

I really don’t feel like talking right now, but they’re making me.

You will relieve your dog after feeding.

Your flight has been delayed.

You will relieve your dog in the afternoons.

We are out of mashed potatos.

You will relieve your dog before bedtime.

This doesn’t hurt you as much as it does me.

You might relieve your dog up to 6 times a day.

After reviewing your bloodwork, I have some bad news.

It seriously cracks me up when he delivers a lecture. All the other people are pretty animated. But this guy sounds like all this is the most boring stuff ever. Like the professor in Ferris Beuller haha!

So when I meet him I’m gonna be like, hi, I know this will be a really depressing 3 weeks, but I’m up for the challenge.

The material is pretty interesting. It’ll definitely make more sense when it’s hands on. Like, they explain how to put the harness on and I’m like, huh?

Aside from the cds, I’ve gotten some stuff done in preparation. I cleared space off my iPod and downloaded two books. Might get some more. I called the airline, and my laptop is just fine as carry on, so that’s good. I called my apartment manager and told her I’m getting a guide dog. I was worried she might say something and I’ve have to pull out a can of ADA law, but she just said oh congratulations! So, she must know the laws. Phew. She did thank me for telling her. Our lease is up next month, I’m shocked. Feels like we just signed a lease. She sounded like she wasn’t sure we would re-sign and I’m like, well we’re not moving, and she sounded relieved lol. Don’t know why she would think we’re leaving.

I made plans with L to go to Target on Monday, so that’ll be good. Once I get the stuff I want, I can start packing. Packing? You’re not leaving for 27 days. I know. I like to be prepared =D

I also started asking questions on my list about the dorm rooms. I was just curious what they’re like. They sound pretty awesome! I’ll have 2 beds since they’re still built for roommates. They are double beds, score! A sink which will be good for my instant coffee, and a little water spout down near the ground for the doggy water. There’s a desk and chair. Oh yeah, I got the wireless passwords off the first audio cd they sent and stored them in a text file, so I’m good to go there. I’ll have my own bathroom right in my room, which is good. I was worried about stumbling in the hall. Basically it sounds like a hotel room. There are 2 doors, again from back when there were roommates, and a patio door with a fenced in patio, which will be nice for sipping decaf in the evenings.

There’s a lot of social activity in the dorms, but I need my quiet time, so I imagine in the evenings I’ll be in my room with poocher on the computer updating the blog.

So, I’m getting much more informed and closer to being prepared and it’s quite relaxing now, thinking about the whole thing.

Hopefully I’m getting my low spoon days out of the way now. I’m feeling really run down and my legs are really achy. I’m gonna go workout tomorrow and hope it helps a bit. Today I’ve just been relaxing.

I did manage to hang out with Carol and Chupa yesterday and I’m so glad I was able to push through it.

27 days, but who’s counting?


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Picking on Canadians and I shrunk the internet

There were two funnies I want to be sure to write down before I lose them forever. Well, actually there were a lot of funnies today with CCR, but a lot of that is private and well, our own humor. But I can share one thing from today and I told Carol I was gonna.

So Carol is great with computers. She is not afraid of them and so she just does stuff to learn and over the years has become quite the guru. Where she lives, everyone knows this, and they all come to her when they are having computer problems.

So one day, this good ol’ boy (her description, she said he always wore a cowboy hat and was well, a good ol’ boy) who had just bought a brand new computer knocks on her door. She opens the door and he looks frantic, almost like he’s gonna lose it and says, “I shrank the internet!!!!” Carol just looks at him deadpan. When she said this today I said, “oh he minimized the browser?” Well, that’s what Carol thought too, but with people like this, she has to physically look at the machine. So she trudges up to his apartment and takes a look and he had indeed shrunk the internet.

You know that little button between minimize and close, the one with the 2 little windows, the one that makes the window smaller or larger? Yeah. He clicked that and “shrunk the internet”, and was convinced he had broken his computer.

Wow. I promise, Carol has come to the rescue of much bigger issues, but that was priceless.

And, I gotta pick on Canadians, and I told B I was gonna blog this. The other day he was watching a Guns n Roses concert on youtube. There is never a shortage of concerts online. Seems like everyone videotapes concerts nowadays and hell, with the price of tickets buying these people homes in every country, I’m glad you can now watch these crazies from the comfort of your own home, no matter how annoying it is for the blind girl you live with who has to be able to hear her computer, but oh, wait, that’s not the point of this blog.

So Guns n Roses are doing a Canadian tour. So B is watching video from this and he’s like, this is crap. One of the videos sounded so awful I asked him to turn it off, and he was actually in the process of doing it himself. He says, those Canadians can’t do it right. Then he mumbled something else and I thought he said, those Canadians can’t do anything right. I told him I was going to tell my Canadians that he said they can’t do anything right and he said, that’s not what I said! I said they can’t video concerts right.

I think it’s probably just the Guns n Roses sucks these days without Slash. And apparently, if you wore a Slash or Velvet Revolver shirt to the concert, you were asked to leave.

Hmmm, you know, I think this is much less picking on Canadians and rather picking on B and his music 😉


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