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Boredom leading to blogging

***Warning: This post is incredibly long and holds no real value except for entertainment for myself, so don’t feel obligated to read***

This is gonna be more nothing, because I’m still totally brain dead, but now I’m bored and starting to get stir crazy. I’ve been able to sit up most of the day, so thats a good sign. B went and got me Lipton Noodle Soup because I was really craving it. He was going to get it yesterday when he ran to the store, but he forgot it, so I asked him if he could get it today, and he obliged. I really think it helped. After sitting over the hot bowl, I had a ginormous coughing fit, and now my lungs don’t feel so tight. The sneezing has slowed down. Oh please, please let this be the home stretch. I hate that I couldn’t make it to Gamma’s again today; this makes two Sundays in a row. I’m also skipping Saavi tomorrow, which bumms me out, but I’m playing it safe. I have to make it to choir on Tuesday. We’ll be finding out about solos, and she might have narrowed it down to a few who will run through the solo when we rehearse the songs, so if I made the cut, I really hope I can sing come Tuesday. I sound a bit like a frog though, so hopefully I don’t pull a Carlotta on Tuesday.

Its a seriously slow internet day. Hardly any new blog posts or emails. I’m too brain foggy to find any new blogs. I did find one blog written by a guy caring for his wife with MS, and it sounds like she’s legally blind from it too. I couldn’t tell if her blindness was caused by something else, though.

Oh, football Sundays. Oh oh, football Sundays. B watches Red Zone or something, where they recap every game going on. They cut to whatever game looks like might have a score. B is severely ADHD, so its heaven for him. I was eating my soup and I told him that channel is a non-football fan ADHD nightmare. It sounds so frantic. I don’t envy the guys that have to run that channel.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today. 67 degrees and sunny. It rained yesterday, and I had no clue it was nice out. Our electric bill has already dropped dramatically. I had to put the heater on to get the chill out today. Gamma asked if I got that rain smell, which unfortunately I didn’t because I can’t really smell right now. There is no smell like rain on the desert floor. None like it. The smell coming up from the creosote getting moist is a smell I can’t even describe. Earthy, yet almost sweet. That doesn’t even begin to do it justice. I hope I get to smell it next time.

Timmy lkes to get under the blanket I have covering the couch. Its his favorite place to sleep. Spinelli likes to attack him when she notices he’s there, and they had a romp fest on the couch a bit ago and B said it was WWE. The other day, B sat right down on Timmy under the blanket. I said I’m the blind one, thats my job. Though I’m pretty good at the hand sweep to check for cats. I didn’t do it the other day on the bed, and sat on Timmy. He gets the brunt of the butts around here. The other cats seem to know where to sit where its safe. Poor Timmy!

Man, this blog is feeling so dull to me. this is why I’ve avoided writing while not feeling well, but I honestly didn’t know what else to do right now. I can’t even manage to try anything new with the computer or iTunes because I’m so brain foggy I just get frustrated. I need to import those Frank Mccourt books, but every time I think of it, my brain moans. Its not hard. But it takes attention that I just don’t have right now.

Well, this is just silly. I’ve got nothing to say and I can’t even manage to be silly. I’ve got no quick stories. I haven’t left the house since Tuesday. So no fun adventure stories. Just sick stories. Oh speaking of sick, my kitchen, holy God is it a mess. Thats the worst part of being sick, not keeping up on house work. That kitchen is going to be hell to clean. And I bought a Swiffer Wet Jet a few weeks ago, and its still sitting in the box in a corner. I keep forgetting to have B put it together. I bet I can figure it out. I put together a portable DVD player last year, I bet I can handle the Wet Jet. Dunno though, there might be lots of little pieces.

I’m inflicting my boredom on others. I’m so mean. though, you did choose to read this. Carin, where are you? I talked to Steve today. But you’ve been MIA. Did he eat you? Are you really the same person, pretending to be 2 people? Is Steve really your alter ego?

Third and a yard. Thats what the TV just said. Oh he said it again. First and goal. Yay. I don’t like football. I miss baseball.

Ding ding ding goes the email. I keep wanting to eat chocolate. All day I want chocolate. And unfortunately we have chocolate. So I eat it. It tastes so good with coffee. Give me a break give me a break break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar. Yum.

We got Red Lobster last night. I need to remember that I only need 2 items when I do that create your own deal. 3 items is too much. It was pretty good. How can anyone not like seafood? I can’t imagine being allergic to it. Did you know if you’re allergic to shell fish, you should never allow anyone to clean you with iodine?

Kitty eating. Spinelli cracks me up at night. Actually all the cats do at night, but especially spinelli. I usually go in and lay down with the telli at about 8 and I shut the door, because B starts his nightly ritual of playing baseball on the Playstation and listening to music. If I don’t shut the door, I hear the music. Some of it is ok, like Nirvana and other grunge bands, but not when I’m watching tv and especially not when a death metal song comes on. I hate death metal. It makes my heart race. The cats know when I’m heading into the room, and Fi is usually already on the bed. Timmy meows and follows me in there and cuddles, and then Spinelli realizes I’m not in the living room and scratches at the door. As soon as she’s in, the other 2 want out. Fi scratches at the door and meows and Timmy gets on the dresser and bumps the handle so it rattles. I get up and let them out, sometimes I’m lucky and B hears it and lets them out. Its just Spinelli and me and she meows and walks all over me for awhile and then she has to bathe. At 9 on the dot, B comes in to take his Flonase and Spinelli jumps like a gun went off and follows him into the bathroom. She knows its food time. B leaves the door open for a bit so Spinelli can eat and come back in. Then he closes the door and starts the music again, and she curls up and goes to sleep. We are definitely a family of routines. The cats will be so incredibly confused when I start taking a dog outside at 9 or 10 ha!

Spinelli is now on my lap bathing herself. She fits in well with her neurosis.

B just said John Lachey is the big free agent this year, and it doesn’t look like he’s coming back to the Angels. Man, ok I hate the Yankees, but at least some of their players are seriously loyal. Though, I bet they’re only loyal to the Yankees because of money and fame, so forget I said that.

B’s fantasy football team is doing well. Its his first year doing it, so it took awhile to get the hang of it. He was in last place for awhile and now he’s tied for fourth. I’m thinking of doing fantasy baseball next year, but I’m not sure. I’d hate to have to root against my teams.

Sniff sniff goes the nose. I hate the word nose. Its ugly. But only nose on the face, not knows like she knows. Why do I hate the word nose? I think I don’t like noses. Kevin wanted me to feel his teeth last week because he got them cleaned. He was like, feel my teeth I got them cleaned! I’m like no I’m not touching your teeth. I don’t like touching noses or teeth. I’m totally fine with feet, just not noses or teeth.

Ding. Probably more emails on the email list. I enjoy the list, but sometimes its just topics I don’t really care about. this one guy got snarky yesterday. Out of the blue. Snark. wow. Same with the accessibility list. It got kinda snarky there too, when I asked some questions about Jaws and Window Eyes for my boss. It got snarky, a blink saying something about developers don’t know anything about websites or something, and they should hire blind people. I had to defend my boss, and then she had to come defend herself and I felt like a tool. She told me not to worry, that thats why she just reads the list, but doesn’t post anymore.

Snarky. I like that word. Snarky snark. Meep meep.

Crap. I shouldn’t have said earlier that I think I’m in the home stretch. The coughing and sneezing is starting again. crap crap crap, shut up about it quit jinxing.

Oh, saying jinx makes me think of X, the letter, and I”m wondering something. Flexi. Ah! Thats it! Ok, I’ve heard people referring to “putting the dog on the flexi” but Alex says flexi like flessi, and I’ve never interacted to spell it out, so I thought they were saying flexi but maybe it was really flessi and it was a brand or something. I’m assuming flexi is that leash that comes out so the dog can run around while still being tethered. Flexi. Ha!

Think I’ve killed enough time. Maybe now there are some fun emails or blog posts.


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Spoiling the kids er cats

A few days ago, we decided it was time to go to Petsmart and get the cats new litter boxes and food dishes, so we decided to go yesterday after B picked me up from Grandma’s. Its a really good thing we had this planned, because Spinelli went into heat. I feel like a bad parent, because we hadn’t had her spayed yet. B got her from a pet store instead of the humane society, so it wasn’t done and the last time B had suggested getting it done, something was going on, I don’t remember what, and I burst into tears at the thought of her going into surgery.

So anyway, she went into heat full force yesterday. Poor girl…and Timmy doesn’t know what the heck is going on. He’s fixed, so her advances do nothing but frighten him. He jumped up on the fridge and howled yesterday, like, leave me alone!!

While at Grandma’s, B looked up cats in heat and one of the suggestions was to get her new toys, so it was lucky we were heading to Petsmart.

We got a new covered litter box to go with the other covered litter box we had. No more open litter boxes for them to jump out of every which way and track litter everywhere. We’re also moving them into the spare room and off the tile, so I can actually give the tile a good scrub.

We got them 2 new food bowls and a new water bowl, getting rid of the others that had been used quite a bit and no longer came clean.

Then we got them this really cool scratching post. How on earth am I going to describe it. Ok if you take the letter S and put it on it’s side, thats how this thing is. So there’s like a half circle on one cide forming a cave, with a dangly mouse thing, and then the other side is open, like a half pipe. And there’s different scratching textures.

Next we got them a new spinner. Its a circle with a track all around, with a ball that goes around, and inside the circle is a cardboard scratching material. Our old one had to go, and this new one has a blinking light in the ball, so whenever the ball is moved, the light blinks! Fi went nuts on this one and laid all over it yesterday. Timmy likes laying in the half pipe of the sideways S, and Spinelli, well, she plays for a bit and then sticks her butt in the air and waggles it, and does her little sexy meow.

We also got a package of mice and little balls with bells so I threw half of them out on the carpet. I think Spinelli likes these, and she loves the spinner when Fi isn’t on it.

Right now she’s curled up on my lap getting some rest. I feel soooo horrible for her. I’m calling the Humane Society this week to find out when we can spay her now. I feel so terrible for not getting it done.

B was totally freaking out, having never seen a cat in heat before, it was actually quite comical to listen to him hehe!

It was a good thing I couldn’t see the kittens as we were leaving, cuz man did B want to get another! I heard some puppes and thought it would be cool if a puppy raiser was there, but there weren’t any. It was half tempting to buy some things for a future dog, but I knew I shouldn’t, in case I don’t ever get one, and I don’t have the kinds of toys memorized yet. We did check out the Hills Science Diet food, but the cat variety. B was surprised when I told him thats all I’ll feed my dog. It’ll be so fun to take my dog there if I get one!

It was a lot of fun dropping a pretty penny on the kids, and made us feel really good yesterday 🙂


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Kitty Tales – From Fi

My name is pronounced like Fee. My proper name is Ophelia, but everyone calls me Fi. I’m From West Virginia, and I’ve been around a very long time. I used to be another lady’s cat, but back in West Virginia, when I met dad, I knew he was mine. So when they went their separate ways in Arizona, I stayed with dad.

We used to live with dad’s friend, and he had a dog. I liked that dog a lot. I like dogs much better than cats. I’m glad I’m a cat and not a human. Humans are too busy. After we moved in here with mom and her old cat Combat, they both left every day. combat didn’t like Timmy and me. I quickly made the spare room my home. I like it in there. Its quiet and there are lots of places to curl up, because its the storage rom. After a couple months, dad and mom were both home for about a week and a half and I knew something was up. I’ve been around long enough to know these things. Timmy was just happy they were home a lot. Then dad went back to leaving every day, and mom stayed home all the time. But she was different. She moved around the house really slowly and sometimes got lost. She cried a lot, and talked on the phone a lot. Strange people came over, and I don’t like strange people, so I never came out. It was like this for months. Mom would lay down a lot and dad would help her find things on tv before she got good at it herself. And she was never on her computer anymore. She gave it to dad. It was all very sad for awhile.

Then she started something called therapy and she started getting better. I would crawl on her shoulder while she listened to books and she’d walk around with me like that. I was always vry calm with her, just sat by her side and leaned into her and let her pet me. I think she liked my being around, so calm.

Then she got busy again. A strange man came and she had this long white stick. I liked to try and play with the ball on the end. But eventually it was clear that it wasn’t a cat toy. Eventually she started leaving almost every day too, but she’s still home more than dad. And she has a computer again, and it talks. It sounds really funny, not like the humans, but pretty close. She likes to type the word meow and make the computer say it.

I like to just relax in my room and I don’t come out much. That Spinelli gets on my nerves, but we’re friendlier than you might think. When no one is home we play and sometimes when mom and dad are home we play, and they laugh, because I never play with Timmy. But Spinelli looks like me, and I like her ok.

About a month ago, mom started talking about getting a dog!! I like dogs. I hope she gets one. And she sounds so happy when she talks about getting a dog. Timmy and Spinelli don’t know what it is. Boy will they be surprised. I can’t wait!

I think mom will probably tell you about Combat, but I just want to say that I kinda miss that old guy. He was even older than me. He came here when we moved in, and he just wasn’t happy. He was very old and sometimes he cried out in pain. He stayed away from us, and mostly stayed in her bathroom. He left one day, and didn’t come back. Thats never good news.

Anyway, I think I’ll go jump in the tub. I like mom’s tub because it drips, and I like to lick the water. The drip on my head is making my fur on my head all flat, but at this point in life, I know there are more important things than looking good all the time, like Spinelli.

I love my mom and dad, and I like Spinelli and Timmy ok, but I sure hope we get a dog!

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