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Carnival Post: I Will Not Regret the Past (Except for the Purpose of this Post)

Posts are being written and compiled for the next round of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival, the topic of which is regrets. I’m down to the wire on this one. The deadline is in just over an hour as I paste my post into WordPress.

the first idea to come to mind when I pondered what I regret about my first and current guide dog, Jayden, is that we didn’t go to Muir Woods when we were at school together at guide Dogs for the blind. As if to punctuate that thought the day I was considering what to write about for the blog carnival, I ran across this article about Muir Woods’s tallest tree.

I knew about the trip to Muir Woods before I went to GDB and it was one of the things I was most looking forward to. I imagined beams of sunlight sneaking through the canopy of tall, stately redwoods, the scene suffused with a warm golden glow, a lovely and peaceful walk with my dog through the beauty of nature, the quiet and meditative quality of the stroll with my new partner, it was going to be beautiful.

My first mistake was having that expectation. Never, never have expectations. Nothing is ever what we think it will be.

My training at GDB was hard on me emotionally and physically and when it came time for the Muir Woods trip at the end of the three weeks, I didn’t have it in my heart to go. All I could think about was returning home with my boy and settling back in to life where I was comfortable, without instructors popping out and telling me what to do. why wouldn’t they tell me what to do? Even major league baseball players still have hitting coaches.

I regret being so damned willful.

What an experience that would have been, to stroll through those woods, to smell the trees, to take a break from the honking, humming and thumping of cars but I was just so tired. I was tired and I did not want to ride on the bus for an hour on a winding road, worrying about limiting my fluids, not just Jayden’s. Not being able to smoke. I regret that I used to be held hostage by nicotine.

Looking back, I always think Muir Woods would have been the perfect place to have that first amazing walk with jayden; our other walks were stressful for both of us while in class. I deeply regret letting the physical and mental fatigue win.

One of the ways I live today is not regretting the past, yet here I am doing just that. Jayden and I did have that first awesome walk together the day we arrived home in tucson and he guided me out of the airport, around concrete poles, following B through cold rain and biting wind to the car. I grinned the entire time even though it wasn’t majestic redwoods he guided me through.

Thinking about regrets is dangerous territory unless we look at regrets not as regrets, but as mistakes.

I made a mistake by not going to Muir Woods and I won’t make that mistake again. I learned my lesson. I have not turned down a trip since then and Jayden and I have had some pretty awesome experiences together.

If you wrote your own post on regrets for this blog carnival and if that post dredged up painful feelings, just remember the past cannot be changed and we only grow by making mistakes and learning from them.

On a lighter note,another regret I have is not teaching Jayden to stay out of the kitchen. I envy my friend Carin that she did with her guide and you can bet I won’t make that mistake again. This is a small regret, but it’s the only thing that can grow into a big thing when He won’t get out from under-foot. I’ve been able to teach him to stay on the couch when I put him there however, so I found a solution.

Oh and one more thing speaking of the couch, I regret that he was taught such good house manners with regards to furniture because here at home, he does not need permission every single time he wants up on the couch. It’s your couch too, buddy!

(Ok, that’s not really a regret since I’m incredibly grateful for his house manners. thank you to his puppy raisers!)


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Doggy School – Graduation and now we’re official

Alrighty, this will be my last post from school. Wow what a day haha!

Everything followed the normal routine this morning, breakfast and then a meeting to talk about graduation and that day’s schedule and such. Then we played “Juno says” like Simon says where we were given commands and if it didn’t start with Juno says and we gave the command we were out, or if the dog didn’t do the command. Well I was out pretty quick when she said give your dogs a treat, because I’m so used to the instructors saying give your dog a treat. So we sat and listened to the rest and the Canadian won hehe.

Then we went and got ready. I had brushed Jay’s teeth the day before so this mroning I groomed him and then go into my dress.

Don’t wear a dress to guide dog graduation especially when you’re a new guide dog handler and especially not a knee length wrap dress. I was so self concious. Anyway lunch was served and it was grilled cheese and tomato soup but I didn’t want to dribble the soup so I didn’t eat much and I was a bundle of nerves. Then they gave me a cookie and it was hard with powdered sugar and when I tried to break off a piece the whole cookie exploaded in my lap as it hit the plate on the table. Ugh. So the nurse helped me dab off all the powdered sugar later and I managed to keep it all from Jayden.

So then I’m back in my room and there’s a knowck at my foor and they’re asking if I want to meet the raisers. Of course, and Jay is going nuts. Oh, are they here now? Yes tey’re right here. No wonder Jay was going nuts. But he wasn’t going too nuts. Just slightly nuts. So he was still behaving haha.

They had said just give the leash to the raiser and let them love him so that’s what I did and they came in the room. The main rasier, her mom and sister and best friend. We chatted for awhile and Jayden was a goof and the little sister did obedience with him and it was so cute. He’d come check in with me every once in awhile like, is this ok mom? It was awesome!

Then it was time for pictures so I harnessed him up and he guided me to the room and the raiser family got emotional. I’m sure it was so cool for them to see him work. Especially since he was their first puppy.

So we gtook pictures, first just me and Jay then all of us. Then we waited in the day room. We talked some more, then they took him into the audience and I was guided to my chair on the outdoor stage.

Holy cow, was it icky being guided by a human. I’d forgotten. It was so akward. Yuck.

So everyone was announced one by one and brought to the mic and then the raiser gave us our dog back. By the time it was my turn I was so tired and dizzy that I don’t even remember what I said lol. And people actually cheered my name from the crowd haha! Some of Jay’s people from the puppy club came and at the time I didn’t know it, but Mimi and Cabana were there, and Leslie with Article and Cate, from my email list. Awesome!!!

After it was done my raiser guided me to the dining hall where it was chaos. Dogs and humans and more dogs and more humans. Jay was so excited to see all his other people and dog friends that he kept pulling on the leash. No trying to work through that. He kept gagging himself and I was getting worried and people were saying hi and introducing themselves and I’m telling Jay to sit and he would and then he’d hop up again and finally I was just sort of stern lol. Yikes. I don’t remember how long we all visited or how many dogs I met and then my raisers were there taking pictures and then they had to leave because they knew they had to say goodby again and they had to get it done. So they hugged me and we cried and they hugged me again and we cried and then Leslie helped me to my room and then I shut the door and it was over.

I cried and cried and cried because it was over and we were a team and I felt bad for him because he kept walking around the room and sniffing and I thought he’d be mad at me because his people left but then he licked my face and it was fine.

I got into my sweats, made coffee and called B then I packed some more and then had dinner. By this point there were only five students there. Some left today, some went out. I ate and it didn’t settle and we talked and then I was heading back and I talked to the Canadian a bit and then I came in and called Gamma and now I’m writing this and now I’ll publish and pack up the computer. Phew!

How’s that for a busy day? I’m sure there’s tons of typos, but oh well. I’m tired lol.

And I know I’ve said before how much I love puppy raisers but until meeting them in the flesh, I couldn’t have any idea how much I loe them. Wow. What an emotionally charged experience for them. And they say goodbye once and then actually come back and have to do it again. I love them, and I love Jay’s raisers. Wow!

Oh and I have bags of gifts for Jay from his raisers and Mimi and I haven’t even gone through them because I had to pack them and I’ll look when I get back. Phew!

Ok, enough outta me. I’ll post next from home!!! If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, it’s because I’ve passed out lol! Homeword bound!!!!


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Doggy School – Chocolate Mutt Mitts

I totally forgot that I can write about what we got the instructors now since we gave it to them this morning. One of the students wnt to the winery last weekend, so we all pooled our money and got them three bottles of whine. They didn’t have any cheese or chocolate, so we used the remainder ot eh moeny and had a staff go and get See’s chocolate and some cheese.

One time after relieving, I was carrying a poop bag full and had the idea to put the chocolate in the Mutt Mitts hahaha. So Tuesday night, four of us got together and put the chocolate in the bags and then turned them inside out and tied them, just like the waste bags. It was hard to tell what their reaction was, but apparently later the chocolates were on a plate for the staff to enjoy and they were going to split up the cheese. Three people took the wine home. I’m glad we got the cheese and chocolate since not everyone drinks.

So that was our gift. Oh and we had stolen the basket that the towels were in in the loading lounge for drying dogs after the rain. We giggled so much Tuesday night I thought for sure the instructor who spent the night would have thought we’d been drinking hehe! It was fun. Now I want chocolate.


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Doggy School – Grad tomorrow!

At dinner I was telling S that I needed to write a blog post and that I’d probably read these posts when I get home and not remember typing half the stuff I typed. This whole three weeks have just been a blur. I don’t even remember what I wrote yesterday, though as soon as I tipe “doggy school” the last subject line populates, so I’ll usually get a little hint lol.

I didn’t go to Miur Woods this morning. I was still undecided but feling pretty good. I published all the blog comments, and Sadia answered it for me when she said I had already answered it for myself, don’t go, hehee! Thank you Sadia!

I can’t wait to actually read other people’s blogs again. There just hasn’t been time.

So I stayed in and packed and showered and shaved for graduation. Stupid dress. Oh well. The showers here are tiny. This building wasn’t designed for blinks lol. So I had to sit in the little shower stall to shave and when I was getting up, I banged my head on the wall. Ouch. Then my shampoo fell of the little holder and I was actually cursing in the shower that I just wanted to be home lol.


Ok, so anyway. After lunch we got our graduation binders and man, they think of everything. We got our ID cards and stuff and my raiser actually included a CD with her stufff! Don’t know what’s on it yet. I’ll probably check it out when I get home and am more awake.

Right as we were wrapping up, Pete came and told me my friend from the email list was here. I had told him she was hoping to come by and meet me, as she’s coming into class Monday and would be here early. So I went and dropped off my notebook and then went and found her. She had her guide dog with her, who she has to retire. It’s so sad. I’m glad I got to meet her though. Our two dogs were all excited, Jayden being the new guid dog needed a quick obedience session to get focus back. We went to my room and traded dogs to meet them hehe! Every dog I’ve met has been smaller than Jayden. I got his measurements wrong, he’s 22 inches tall, not 18, and he’s 64 pounds. Anyway, she makes jewlery so I bought a hematite necklace and earrings. It was pretty hectic when we got back to my room because the nurse was saying by to us and then a classmate left today. She’s starting a class tomorrow. She’s gonna be exausted haha! So all that happened while my friend was here. After I looked through her jewlery, I had her look at the necklace Natalie sent me because I couldn’t figure out the clasp. It’s actually a hook, like a pirate hook, not a clasp. I was glad to have a what did I call her, jewlery expert, hahaha.

Oh I know sometimes sighted folk are confused when I say “look” or words like that, so you might think my friend has vision, but she doesn’t, and she makes really cool jewlery.

Did I just make any sense? I’m tired lol. Just got done talking to B while somewhere in the middle of writing this post, so who knows where my thoughts went.

I may not get a chance to write tomorrow and certainly not before I leave on Sunday, so this might be my last post from doggy school. Almost done! Oh, was in this morning that I talked to Carin? Yeah, I think so. Wow this has been a long day. Taking Jayden out to relieve soon and then bedtime yay!

So….from doggy school, this is Ro saying goodnight and good luck. Is that the phrase?


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Doggy School – If not for Jayden

If I didn’t love my dog, I couldn’t have made it through this. I’m so, so exausted. Can you imagine if I hadn’et been working out? Ugh. We had our exit interviews today, and I suggested that it be made more clear that if we need to take time off, it’s not going to ruin our training or our dog’s training. The healthy people are exausted, so for those of us with anything physical, it’s almost too much if you don’t know you can slow down. So, hopefully my experience will help others down the road.

We did a country road today, which is really similar to a road near home and I had Jay wear the booties. He walked pretty well in them. That’s all I’m gonna say about that experience. Jayden did fine. I would have done fine. I’m sure it’ll be fine at home on the road that I’m used to. That was pretty much the last of what I wanted and needed to learn. Thank God.

I can’t wait to get home to B and the cats and I can’t wait to have Dave again. His temperment fits me perfectly as a teacher. Calm. Cool. Collected. Never lets his frustration show. No wonder I’ve been so successful with him. I can’t wait to get back to working with Dave.

I can’t wait to see Gamma. It’ll have to be next Sunday since I’m traveling this Sunday. I can’t wait to get back into my phone routines. I’ve been so exausted that talking on the phone wears me out. So I’m pretty much only talking to Gamma and B.

I’m glad this isn’t four weeks, but I have to wonder if I would have gotten this exausted with the old schedule. I hear there was a lot more down time in that schedule. But it’s also nice to only be away from home for three weeks. I just have to say I want to work Jayden for at least 12 years because man, I don’t know if I could do this again.

I’m certainly not trying to diswade anyone from going to guide dog school. I would say though, to really know your limitations and really have the courage to put your foot down. That was something I was lacking in my first two weeks and I think that’s why I’m in the condition I’m in now.

But, Jayden makes it all worth it. I just had him off tie down because normally he just sleeps at my feet, but he grabbed his bone and started flying around the room lol! Now he’s on his fleece chewing it calmly. We had a nice grooming session just before I sat down to write. That is so calming.

Tomorrow is Miur Woods or however it’s spelled and I can’t decide if I’m going. I’m just kinda done, if you know what I mean. It’s a 45 minute bus ride on a winding road. Just don’t know if I’m up for it. Will I regret it if I don’t go? Or what if I push through and do it and am dead on grad day? Ack, just don’t know.

I just can’t wait to get my Jaybay home. Oh yeah, since I call him Jaybay, I have him a middle name of Bailey hehe! Jayden Bailey. Cute eh?


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Doggy school – Law of conservation of spoons

I am so grateful I stayed in yesterday. If I hadn’t, I don’t even want to think about what would have happened. I was in a ton of pain this morning and it’s still hurting a lot to bend and squat. It was pouring rain this morning so I’m sure that contributed. It felt like a really bad flu. This morning was going to be the airport trip and I wasn’t sure I was going to do it, even though I really wanted to.

After breakfast, I asked the nurse and an instructor who’s not part of our class, but who spent the night, what they thought about it. The instructor guy explained it in a way that made it seem doable. It was just going to be about going through security. Long bus ride there and back. I decided to do it, not only for the experience, but also because Jay didn’t get to work much yesterday.

I gotta tell you, my love knows when I’m tired. I even tried to play with him yesterday through the exaustion and he just kinda flopped over and cuddled instead. I could almost hear him thinking, no you’re tired, lets just chill. He’s such an awesome dog.

So we rode the bus to the airport and my bladder was howling haha! I was in the back with the training supervisor and he was getting a kick out of every time I groaned. We got to the airport and went directly to the human relieving circle.

Security was fun lol! I just wore my Crocs so they’d slip off easy. I had the option of heeling Jay through, or putting him a sit stay and go through before him. That’s to avoid getting wanded, since his harness sets off the metal detector. I decided to heel him and just get wanded. To me it was better to keep him by my side. So the security lady had to come and want me and do a pat down and then pat down Jayden. He just thought he was getting a pet and I just reassured him. It was fine. I don’t mind the wand or the patdown. It’s for our safety anyway.

So we came back and had lunch, Cobb salad and pecan pie for dessert. We got to chat with a marketing lady and a graduate services lady and it’s so fun to talk with the staff. We talked a lot about career change dogs, and especially about Cadillac, a career change dog who went to Haiti doing search and rescue, and is now being deployed to Chile. Turns out the trainer Carin calls the bad news trainer in my class, trained Cadillac. He was career changed for being too energetic lol. Perfect for search and rescue.

After lunch we got our options for the afternoon. One was to stay in which obviously I picked since I’m writing this. I don’t remember what the other otpions were. I asked about tomorrow, and said I want to do the country road with Jay wearing the booties, and that will be arranged. It gets hot in the desert, so he’ll wear them a lot and I want to see how he does. When I said I want booty work, he said to keep it G rated. Har har. Wasn’t talking about J Lo.

So a bunch of my dog food disappeared. I filled it Saturday and it was nearly empty today. I’m right by the canine kitchen, so I’m wondering if someone mistook my room for food refilling. Or else I have a ghost dog who’s hungry. Very odd.

Oh yeah, tomorrow they’re going to Fisherman’s Warf which I have no interest in, and I’m working hard on spoon conservation so I’m not dead for graduation and Sunday travel. We’re also having our exit interviews in the afternoon. Friday will hopefully be Miru Woods if the weather holds. So tomorrow morning I’m gonna do laundry and pack what I don’t need. Getting a jump on things so packing doesn’t exaust me.

Home stretch guys! Almost there!

Oh and my raiser will be at grad! Hopefully I’ll talk to her today. She left a message on my phone but I couldm’t understand the number, so admissions is emailing me her number. So excited!!!


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Doggy school – No pushing

I’ve pushed too much. Those first two weeks, I pushed too much. Too much. Worried about missing important stuff. Worried about what people thought. Towards the end of the two weeks I started backing off. I started listening to my body, but not enough. Yesterday I skipped the morning route in San Fransisco, and then in the afternoon were the instructor meetings. I skipped the short route to the gift shop. There was a night route that night in San Rafael. I didn’t want to go. I felt horrible all day. I was having intestinal woe. Some Pepto from the nurse help. The instructor said it would be good if I could push through and go. I did. I said I had to go first. Same route as the one that caused the meltodwon last week. Get off the bus, face the back of the bus, cross four streets, halt and turn left, go to the next street turn right, find the lounge. It was engrained in me from the day of the meltdown. The re-train bus went first. We had to wait. I was confident but nervous and I kept pushing away the fatigue. My heart raced. A classmate said close your eyes and take ten teep breathes. I did. Finally it was my turn. It went great. Fabulous. Wonderful. Jayden sniffed a plant but I told him no and we continued. Then right as we got to a curb after a crossing he was distracted by dogs. I was gonna get out of the street and then get his focus back. An instructor popped out before we got on the curb. Your dog is distracted, she’s distracted. I know. I fought the urge to say he’s a he not a she. I fought the urge to say I want out of the street first, duh. Got his focus back and we were off. Made it to the lounge. Celebrate, happy, kibble, hugs. On cloud nine. Get home. Can’t sleep. Not early enough start to the wind down. Get up this morning. Pouring. Pouring rain. Get on rain gear, take him out. Come back, dry him off. Exausted. Have breakfast. Stomach threatens not to keep what I gave it. Go to the meeting. Route in San Fransisco this morning. Nope. Not going. Don’t have light rails in Arizona. Tell my instructor, near tears. He says ok. Afternoon route in San Rafael. Will be lighter. Maybe you can go. Freelance. I say ok and go find the nurse. I cry and she calms me down and brings me mint tea. She takes me back to my room and turns down my bed. I lay and listen to a book for awhile. Duma Key. Excellent book. Great descriptions. Feel like I’m in Florida. Legs ache. Stretch. Still ache. Get up after awhile and make instant coffee. Check in with the nurse. Tell her I’m hurting. She is so understanding. I think the rain stopped. It’s tempting to go to San Rafael. No pushing. Pushed last night and I’m paying for it today. Won’t push just because the sun is out. I don’t care what they think. Well I do but my body doesn’t. Won’t push. Won’t go. 5:15 graduate services lecture. Didn’t we have that already? Free tonight. Jayden knows. He’s just sleeping. He was just wagging his tail in his dreams. Dreaming about Betsy, his favorite kennel lady. He got to see her this morning. Publish this, get ready for lunch, won’t push. Come back later, let Jay chew on his new Goughnut from Aunt Carin and Cousin Trixie. Relax. Rest. No pushing.


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Doggy school – About school

I’ve had some questions about how GDB works, so while I’m wating for my meeting with the instructor, I’m gonna post quickly.

At GDB for your first time, you go to the campus in San Rafael California for three weeks. Re-trains getting successor dogs can choose two or three week classes. So I left on February 15 and I’m coming home March 7.

We learn everything here in those three weeks. City travel, country travel, sidewalkless, building work, clicker training, basic commands, dog care, etc.

We graduate on March 6th and then we are a certified team. We can’t leave campus without an instructor until we graduate, by law. So an instructor is always with us, but they don’t always talk to us now, unless we ask questions.

When I get home, I’ll have liefetime support from the school. If I’m having problems, they will send someone to work with me. There is a person who lives in Arizona and he is called the field representative. So he’ll be the one to come if I need help.

They have a veterinary assistence program to help with medical costs, though I’m going to cover everything I possibly can. GDB is totally privately funded; no government assistence. So if I can afford something, I’ll cover it.

The whole training is covered, from airfare to room and board. We get three meals a day and there is snacks available too. Evern the coffee is provided. There is a housekeeping staff, a laundry room where soap is provided, what else. Oh we got a free supply , a year suppy of heart worm meds and flea nad tick drops as well as ear cleaning solution. We got all the equipment, harness, leash, tie ddown, grooming suppy and two toys. Oh and booties. What else hmmm. See, they’re so generous anyway. They even reimbursed me for the bag I had to check and they told me they’ll give me cash for the bags I’ll check on teh way home, but I’m not gonna take it. For the first 2 weeks they even came and got cash to get what we needed from the store.

So we’ll officially be a team on March 6. Not much longer!

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Doggy school – Winding down

We’re in the final week! This week will be about fine tuning and really focusing on the stuff we need for our home area. We have a night route tonight in San Rafael, a bus to lounge. It’ll be the same one I did before when I had the meltdown. So I think it’ll be better tonight now that I know what to expect.

This morning’s route was to Union Square in San Fransisco. I told the instructor I’m a little worried about my energy levels lasting for the night route, and he told me to pick a route. I decided the night route was more important. I just don’t live in an area like San Fran, and frankly I don’t like San Fran. It’s too busy. Sensory overload. I just kinda freeze. We’ve only been there once, and as soon as I stepped off the bus I freaked out. And that was in a less busy area. Apparently Union Square is crazy. No thank you. Nope. Uh uh. I can’t effectively handle my dog if I’m overloaded. So I’m taking it easy this morning. I made some coffee and then chatted with the housekeeper while she cleaned my room. Jay and I played some tug and now he’s passed out on the fleece.

I don’t have the mental energy to upload the videos, so it’ll just have to wait. In fact might not even tackle that until I’m home. We have the meeting with the instructor this afternoon to go over transitioning. So I have my questions written out on the laptop. Then we can visit the gift shop. Then dinner is an hour early and we’ll go to San Rafael. It’s chilly today with a chance of rain tonight.

I haven’t heard from the puppy raiser yet. I hope I hear from her soon.

Natalie sent me a graduation present! It’s a necklace with a braille letter R on it. She got it back when I was just R and decided she’d send it when I got to school. Isn’t she sweet!! So I called her yesterday and spoke with her and Darrell. Sorry no linkage. They are such cool people!

Bullocks. I went back to get more coffee and they had cleaned the post and dumped the fresh pot I made. Oh well.

Anyway, guess that’s it for me for now. 6 days till home!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that one of the dogs has been pretty sick. She’s feeling better today after the vet gave her fluids last night. They’re not sure what caused it. Then another dog vomited before eating this morning, so we’re all a little jumpy. The instructor said sometimes dogs will vomit when they get really hungry, so we’re hoping that’s all it was. They are monitoring her, and the rest of us are watching our dogs like hawks. No more sick dogs, please, thanks.


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Doggy school – I feel human

At least for now haha. It’s Sunday, lovely Sunday. I’m going home in a week! I woke up for morning feeding watering and relieving and I actually slept in twenty minutes haha! No need to get ready since it’s our off day. So I took Jay out after he ate and we weren’t having breakfast until after the eight thirty relieving because of the buffet deal on Sundays. So I decided to take Jay down to the play padock since he had relieved.

So I put on my shoes and we set out. I go out the relieving doors to get to the padock, and someone from the kennels was out there hosing down the circle. She is one of Jay’s favorite people and he got to say hi to her yesterday when she came to give the kennel tour that I didn’t have the energy for. So he did not want to work. I did some obedience with him, and then the girl from the kennel informed me I had two different shoes on. On black, one white. Oops.

So we went back so I could make my shoes match and then set out again. Jay was still distracted and the RA was out there and offered to go with us. So she helped me get there and then left and was gonna come back in twenty minutes. So Jay ran and sniffed and we did some recalls and then he was done and the RA wasn’t there yet so I harnessed him up and we set off. He showed me a wall and then we continued and found the wooden bridge and then the RA was there and Jay and I made it back unassisted.

Then we played some tug and I got some video but then we were interrupted because my classmates were collecting money for an instructor gift. Can’t say anymore because I have a feeling one of them is reading lol. But a gift is tradition so I’m not ruining a surprise, and an RA heard us talking and when she wasked what was up, I said “nothing” a little too quickly lol!

So then I looked for cups since I’m making coffee for the twelve o’clock meeting that’s being brought in for me and the other guy in recovery. We found some in the snack room and I took them to the coffee pot and a student asked if I was making coffee so I did and doscovered we had cups. So I had to return the ones I stole haha!

So now we’re ready for that. Jay is asleep in his corner even though he’s off tie down. I’m giving him freedom while I’m in the room and can pay attention and he either stays on his fleece or stretches out by me.

Yesterday I did laundry so I could just chill today. Got the meeting at noon and then a massage at three, but I have to double check that time. Oh I also worked on questions for the meeting with my instructor tomorrow. I wonder if he’ll be surprised when I bring my laptop haha!

I feel pretty relaxed and happy today. One more week of training and then we go home. I can’t wait! Tomorrow we get to go to the gift shop so I’m gonna get a Kong and a collapsible bowl for Jay and maybe a leash luggage, and I want to get one of those stuffed guide dogs with the wee harness for Gamma. I ordered prints of the pictures they’ll take of me and Jay on graduation too.

I’ll try and get the videos uploaded today. There are two, a short one before we got interrupted and another one where Jay was just lazily chewing the ring and then he started licking himself hahaha!!!


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