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A Most Productive Session

I had a most productive journaling session this morning which has prompted me to want to share. I’m editing out the parts which include top secret novel plot info, ha! I am so excited and have a renewed sense of writing purpose. So much so that I have hired myself to rewrite my comfort novel. I start on Monday. I sure hope I liken my supervisor…


This is what’s here.

COVID-19 and social unrest and budding fascism and terror and despair.

This is what’s here.

Humans refusing to be silenced, out in the streets like revolutionary times, being the Americans again who founded this country. Americans who are dying of disease and violence and misinformation and distrust of science.

This is what’s here.

What am I going to do with it? Hunkered in my apartment where it’s safe to breathe freely and not through cotton, my little studio apartmentwhere my compromised body is safe. I haven’t been able to write. Not really write. I opened the manuscript folder for my beloved song adult novel with a teenaged girl version of me, the hero of her story. The folder contains drafts of the novel I’ve worked on since 2010 when the story was set in Connecticut, until my dear friend Ricardo suggested I set it in Arizona. He was write. I’ve never been to Connecticut. At the time, I chatted daily in what used to be called iChat, with a friend who lived in Connecticut and I wrote in a world full of snow and scarves and steaming cups of chocolate-infused coffee. When I moved the story to Arizona and created a fictional town there, the world came to life.

Set slightly in the future, {plot points omitted} The novel has been my passion project and my comfort, the one I turn to when my inner teen parts need soothing. I love the story and the characters, especially the guide dog, and my protagonist’s friendship with her best friend Georgie, who inspired her own short story which I rewrote and rewrote with the help of many friends and submitted to an anthology. The story wasn’t write for the publication, but it got compliments and praise from the editors. I’ve held onto it, not feeling right about submitting it again. And now I know why. It wasn’t the right time for that world.

The novel has been beckoning. Blog posts have beckoned. Facebook posts have beckoned. Ideas for essays to send to The Atlantic have beckoned. How Going Blind in Sobriety Helps Me Survive During a Pandemic. Blah blah. I know it would be helpful for some. But I can’t seem to write about reality.

This morning I read my daily Writer Unboxed email and the author talked about how the pandemic is finding its way into people’s works in progress. Feelings of panic and despair injected into scenes and making them stronger. Senses of hope weaving their way into scenes of sadness. My eyes opened wide as I realized what this means for my beloved WIP.

The pandemic changes it entirely. My fictional world is set slightly in the future. Therefore the pandemic has major influence. Panic. Panic for my story. Panic and despair. Oh no. What does this mean. Do I need to let the story go. It will take so much work to go back through it and inject the pandemic and everything it means into my fictional world, loosely based on the reality of our present. Thoughts of defeat wending their way through my synapses.

The obstacle is the way.

Hold on. Wait…my world involves a {plot points omitted}

Hope. Dawning light. This is the perfect time to write this story! I need to start from scratch, yes, but the characters and the world are already here and I can mine my manuscript for scenes and dialogue that I love. This world I created in 2010, a wish-fulfillment world that benefited my protagonist and her blindness in the way that the world as we know it does not benefit myself as a woman who is blind, this world and the the technology that I invented for her is perfectly suited for a post-pandemic world of the future. YES!


Onward and upward. I will “write like I’m running out of time”.

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“We Were Liars” by E. Lockhart – narrated by Ariadne Myers – Fun, Frustration, Javelina

I can’t remember why I got this book, if it had been a daily deal or one that was discussed often on Twitter. Maybe both. The great thing about collecting authors on Twitter is I get a lot of good book suggestions. I sometimes jot notes to myself about books as I’m reading them, though I don’t do it as often as would come in handy with how behind i get on book posts. On my list, I had just written, “raw emotion” next to this title. That was so not helpful! The only thing I could distinctly remember about this book was that I had the twist figured out really early on and was disappointed. So why had I written raw emotion? Had I lay sobbing as I listened to this book? I just could not remember. I quested out to the me of late May but nothing was jogging my memory. I downloaded the book last night and listened to the last chapter.

Ok…yes, I remember that…uh huh, right, yes. I don’t remember sobbing or anything oh wait listen to the narrator’s voice begin to shake with the emotion of the character oh yes, oh oh no, yes I remember that raw emotion and suddenly I could recall laying curled in my bed back at the apartment, body wracking with sobs, and I wished I hadn’t had to remember.

Honestly, if I had read this book in print, I’m not sure it would have gotten me like it did. The narrator though, either it got her or she’s just a really good actress. That’s all I’ll say about this book. Even the publisher’s summary reads that if someone asks about the ending, llie. I added E. Lockhart to my collection on Twitter and she’s a fun follow. Someone tweeted her that they think of Professor Lockhart from Harry Potter when they see her name and she joked that the family doesn’t acknowledge him.

I didn’t even give ‘We Were Liars’ a rating on my book list, just raw emotion. I suppose that gets a so good rating.

‘We were Liars’ at Audible

I had a day that started fun and ended with frustration and fatigue. I had an appointment to get my hair cut this morning and I always enjoy trips to the salon. That tends to be where I do my socializing. Jayden loves the cousin of my hair stylist. The two shair a studio together. There’s always fun talk in there and lots of laughter. I’d had plans for the afternoon to get together with a friend for a smoothie but she forgot she had a doctor appointment and that was probably a good thing because after I had my lunch I got hit with a wave of mind numbing fatigue. I just collapsed on the couch for awhile after trying to find Jayden’s wobbler and failing. He had pushed it halfway under the couch the crazy dog. I found it later when I asked him to show me and he went right back to the end of the couch he had taken me to an hour before and pointed. I got down on my back and reached under the couch and just was able to grab the Wobbler. How he wedged it under there I’ll never know but I was proud of him for the way he showed me where it was.

The frustrating part of the day was finding out the blind center got its funding cut for independent living classes for people under the age of fifty-five. I won’t rant here because I did that on Twitter and Facebook. Good came out of that because an old friend who now works at voc rehab told me to call her at the office on Monday. So there’s hope. I just want to learn my block sO JAy and I can go for walks. Crap when was caps lock turned on? Oh I am soooo not going letter by letter. Sorry if I yelled for part of this post. I’m freaking tired haha. Blah.

Ok stupid freaking javelina! A friend of ours got attacked by them tonight. I am so grateful we have a wall now! Damned useless pig rodent monsters!

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Rays Road Trip Day One

So I shut down my Twitter client so I would just focus on writing this post. I tell you, Twitter has ruined my blogging haha! I want to capture as many memories as possible from this trip so I’m just going to write. I can pretty much guarantee that this post will be long. (Yep, WordPress tells me it’s 3,600 words. Whoa!) My hope is to write about the first day today before the Rays game at one and then write about the second day tomorrow. Let’s see how I do.

So for those who don’t know, B and Jayden and I set out on Tuesday August 6 for Phoenix, AZ to attend the two Rays games against the Diamondbacks. B got us a really nice room at a brand new hotel in downtown Phoenix right near the park and the hotel was pet friendly with complimentary dog bowls. When B read me the description of the hotel my eyes lit up. I was a little leery of dealing with other dogs but if the place was pet friendly, there would be a nice and easy relieving area, right? Ha!

B got a fantastic deal on the room. He’s really gotten good at road trips on the cheap, using The closer it got to the trip the more excited I started to feel but I made myself keep on an even keel so I wouldn’t get exhausted before we even left. Added to the mix was the possibility that we’d be going on the field for batting practice before the Wednesday game. What? I know. I got a message about it from David Price’s lady, Tiffany, a few days before the trip. David Price wanted to get me on field passes. Oh. Em. Gee. I felt the excitement bubbling up inside me at the possibility, images began dancing in my head of walking with Jayden on the grass, could we walk the bases? Could I get an idea of how big the field is? I started thinking about meeting the guys, getting a hug from David Price so I could tell how tall he is, telling Evan Longoria all about how he gave me baseball, was all this going to happen? Whoa there, slow down, stop it girly. Stay even. Deep breath. No highs ok? Don’t start with the expectations. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst right? Yes, even for fun things. So I tried putting that out of my mind. I told my friend Manda on Twitter and of course I told B and Carol but that was it.

So anyway, I had been checking the weather in Phoenix. Not for the impact on the games since Chase Field has a retractable roof, but for me. I was happy to read that it would be dry there. It had been somewhat humid here and I know I know those of you who live in humid climates think I’m nuts but I live in the desert because it’s dry most of the time so when you add a little moisture, I feel it.

We left here about noon on Tuesday and I was reading Twitter on my phone. David Price was tweeting a lot about food, making me laugh. Then Sarah Maddon, who I really hoped to meet who lives in Phoenix, tweeted about rain and Jaime Edmondson, Evan Longoria’s lady, tweeted about rain and I was like what? No! It’s supposed to be dry! Sure enough, we soon encountered wet freeway the closer we got to Phoenix. Bullocks. I heard rain on the windshield. Normally I love rain, however when I have to leave the house and go out in humidity, it’s a problem. Oh well, brush it off.

We hit a little bit of traffic going into Phoenix but not major traffic jams, miracle. B let me know when we drove passed Chase and I said hi to the Rays though it was like 2pm so they probably weren’t there yet. B found the hotel and it looked like it was valet only. He drove around looking for a lot but nope, valet only. Ok so valet is nice right? But when you’ve been in the car for two hours, you want to get out and stretch and leisurely move. At least I do haha. Nope! You have to get out and get your stuff right away. I’m not used to valet anything. I’m a small town girl haha! There was also kinda loud music playing. Not your normal stuffy hotel music either. So I couldn’t hear very well. We were downtown too so there was traffic noise right there, traffic and music and I just told Jayden to find B and I went on auto pilot. Somehow we got inside. B was checking in and I asked about the relieving area when suddenly there was another dog in the lobby so I was controlling Jayden and explaining that he couldn’t say hi and then B was done checking in and I asked him if he heard where the relieving area was because I hadn’t.

I had made sure we got a room near the elevator so I wouldn’t have to walk Jayden too far down halls in the morning when he had to pee. We were on the sixth floor. Holy plush carpet Batman! We went up to the room so I could use the human relieving area then we went back out to relieve Jayden. Remember how I thought a pet friendly hotel would have a convenient relieving area? Ha!

We’re walking and I’m like, “are you sure this is where they said to go?” There’s traffic and we cross a street and I’m like what? And it’s humid and I’m covered in sweat and then we’re going up some steps and I’m like, “seriouslY?” I hear a fountain and B said yes, the grass by the fountain and then there’s grass. Wow. Alrighty then.

We get back to the room and there’s time to relax before we need to head to the field. I need coffee desperately. B starts looking for the coffee maker. Hmmm. Actually you know what? He looked for it before we took Jayden out. There was no coffee maker in the room. Are you kidding me? I asked when we took Jayden out and the concierge lady said she’d send one up. They have coffee on the second floor in the morning too. I also requested dog bowls. So when we got back to the room we had the dog bowls and a coffee maker. I collapsed on the couch thing next to the bed and begged B to start a pot of coffee. I’m imagining those little pots in most hotel rooms right? Wrong. B isn’t a coffee drinker but because of me, he knows how to brew boring old coffee in boring old makers. I hear him making questioning sounds and I’m like, it should just be a little packet of coffee like a tea bag. He hands it to me. Oh! This is a K cup! Uh oh. I don’t know how to use a Keurig. I know what they are but I’ve never used one. So B reads the instructions and gets it figured out and brews me a cup. A cup. For me. The coffeeholic. Ha! There were two K cups. Two cups of coffee. I had to save the other one for morning. Oh my. But, the one cup was ok for right then and there.

I think I tweeted some then, Jayden drank water, we relaxed. I turned on my Verizon hot spot since the hotel didn’t have free internet. It was getting closer to game time and I was getting more and more excited. I changed into my Rays shirt and hat and we got ready to go. We were just going to walk from the hotel. The description on the website said it was a seven to ten minute walk. Not bad and B said it wasn’t far. Ha!

{Pause writing to drink coffee}

Ok, where was I? Short walk, right. I fed Jayden and we set out, pausing at the relieving area. It was so humid right there because of the grass and the fountain so I was drenched in sweat before we even really began the walk. Thank goodness for the cloud cover! It really was a gorgeous late afternoon for a walk except for the humidity. Rain had really cooled things down nicely.

We walked and walked and walked. And walked. And then walked. Jayden wasn’t happy. There were surfaces he didn’t like. I wasn’t really ok physically which added to his discomfort so the walk wasn’t fun but we finally made it. We’re here? Finally? The Rays are here! yay!

We got the tickets I had ordered over the phone. I asked the will call girl about what would happen if I got field passes and she said if they were there tomorrow, they’d be at window one. Naturally I focused on her saying “if”.

We walked not very far inside before B found our section. It was blissfully cool inside Chase Field. I had bought accessible seats on the phone but B said, “this is supposed to be accessible?” I asked if there was an usher and one magically appeared. She looked at the tickets and explained that she would get us chairs. Our seats were indeed accessible! We got cushy folding chairs right where wheelchairs would go. We just positioned the chairs behind a row of seats so we had drink holders and everything. The usher closed a rope behind us and we settled in. Jayden had tons of room and the seats were great. We were on the first base line behind the Rays dugout and up a few levels. We hadn’t needed stairs or an elevator. We had been to Chase for a game back in 2009 when the DBacks played the Angels and back then they didn’t have nearly as much accessible seating as they do now.

So anyway, I put Jayden’s mat down but he immediately plopped his belly down on the cool concrete, resting just his head on the mat. He passed out. It was blissful to take my backpack off! I learned from the game in Colorado, which I haven’t even written about here oops, and brought my own radio. It’s the radio I got when I was first blind, before I had any iThings and digital audio books. It’s an AM/FM CD player, like you’d have in your office. We had to get batteries for it, batteries! How archaic! It took C batteries. I didn’t even know there was such a thing haha. The radio got good reception as long as I held it on my lap. Unfortunately I couldn’t listen to my guys, Dave Wills and Andy Freed. If only the At Bat app wasn’t two minutes behind. Oh well, luxury problem. I had a radio and that was all that mattered.

Are we to game time yet? I will turn this blog right around and go back home.

I had given our seat info to some friend son Twitter, something I also learned from Colorado. Before we left the hotel, I tweeted Dave Wills and asked him the best way to make sure we met since we missed each other in Colorado. He said to tweet him when we got there so I asked Manda to tweet him my seat location. I snapped a pic of the field and tweeted it to let my friends know we’d made it. B was hungry but the heat and humidity had zapped my appetite. I knew I needed to eat something so he got me some nachos and then went off to find food fore himself. I munched on nachos and listened to the sounds of the park, music playing, fans talking,, laughter, calls from the beer guy. The game wasn’t quite close to starting. I was just taking it all in. You can feel the enormity of Chase Field. It was just as impressive as it was the first time I was there in ’09 only more so now that my Rays were there. Joe Maddon was there! Evan Longoria was there! Wil Myers was there! David Price was there! Jim Hickey and Tom Foley and Fernando Rodney and Jose Lobaton and Jake McGee and Evan Longoria and Ben Zobrist and and and!!!!


Did I just hear Ro? I had just shoved a nacho in my mouth. The din around me and the sound of my chewing was playing tricks on me.


I know that voice!!!! I turned around in my seat, waved, pointed at my mouth and the nachos.

“It is her!”

I set the nachos on B’s empty chair and stood laughing and shouting about my mouth being full. It was Dave Wills and Andy Freed!!!! Right there!!! the men I listen to every single day, the men who taught me baseball, the men I so wanted to meet! They were right there!

I hugged them both and jumped up and down and they met Jayden and we chatted and I said they needed a park like this in Florida and they said a bit smaller and we chatted and I can’t even remember about what exactly. It was so comfortable because they weren’t strangers to me at all. I know them, probably better than they realize. When you listen to someone talk on the radio for at least three hours for at least 162 games, you learn about them. Especially Dave and Andy because they are great friends so they chat on air and you really get to know them. And here they were! I was just so happy, probably the happiest I remember feeling in a very long time. B got back with his food and I introduced them and they razzed him about wearing a DBacks shirt and then they had to go to work and they said they’d come by the next day too and I whispered about the possible on field passes and said, “shhh I don’t know if it has to be on the down low” and they laughed and we hugged again and they were gone. Wow! Ok, I’m good, let’s go back to the hotel. We got up and left. Just kidding!

Oh, one thing that really impressed me about Andy Freed was he just came out and asked how I went blind. I love that! Just get it out there when you’re curious. I can’t remember which one asked me how long I’d had Jayden but I ended up explaining that he was raised for a year before his training and Andy Freed said he knows someone who raises puppies and I asked if it was for Southeastern Guide Dogs there in Florida and it was. It was just kinda cool to have that link with him. Puppy raisers rock!

So wow, the game part of this post is probably going to be the shortest part. It was so awesome to be able to cheer loudly for my guys and ring my cowbell. Coors Field in Colorado had banned cowbells. Maybe that’s why I haven’t written about that game. I didn’t really get to be a fan there. Anyway, I got to ring my bell and cheer and listen to the DBacks radio guys describe the action and B was there and Jayden was there and my Rays were right down there on the field and yay! I heard the crack of the bat in person and yay!

Ok so Jeremy Hellickson is a slooooow pitcher this season. It’s bad enough listening at home on the radio but it’s kinda torture at the park when he’s pitching and taking so long between pitches. I just knew Dave and Andy would be talking about how his defenders were on the field way too long and getting bored and the DBacks radio guys were definitely taking jabs at Helli and how slow he pitched. He did get a hit though! I Honestly don’t even remember a whole lot about the game itself. I was oh for one coming into the game since the Rays lost the one game I went to in Colorado so I was hoping for a win. I cheered and rang my cowbell when good stuff happened and I heard other cowbells and it was awesome to add mine to the chorus.

At one point, Evan Longoria was batting. I had my headphones on in both ears, keeping track of what happened. Then the crowd got loud for really the first time and completely drowned out the radio in my ears. I figured since the crowd had gotten loud, something good happened for the DBacks so I sat back and waited for it to quiet down. B shouted, “you were awfully quiet, why didn’t you cheer?”

“The crowd got loud, I couldn’t hear the radio, I figured they got him out.”

“Longoria hit a home run!”

Crap. Evan Longoria hit a home run at a game I was at and I didn’t even cheer because I didn’t know it had happened.

I said that to B and then said, “well, that’ll make a funny story for the blog.”

When I read Twitter that night after the game, there were so many tweets about Evan Longoria hitting a home run and how excited I must have been. All I could do was shake my head and chuckle. It was a valuable lesson. I kept my finger on the volume wheel after that so when the crowd got loud, I could turn up the volume.

When the DBacks fans did cheer for something good, I could tell the difference then. Unfortunately, the DBacks fans got to cheer the whole rest of the game since they won it. I was now oh for two. Bullocks.

We stayed until the last out. Even though my guys had lost, it had been such a fun night! I packed up and we waited for the crowd to dissipate some before heading out.

{Pause writing to drink coffee}

Just had a quick thought, in twenty years I can say I was at a game during Wil Myers’ rookie season, a game in which I didn’t know Evan Longoria hit a home run. Who else can say that?

I stopped at the ladies room and the female DBacks fans were all nice to me. Classy fans, they really are. I was so impressed with the way the park cheered for Ryan Roberts, who is now a Ray but who used to be a DBack. It was just a great experience all around.

As we were heading out I heard my name. It was Sarah Maddon! Yay!!! I was so hoping to meet her after talking to her on Twitter quite a bit this season. She’s tiny! I only know that because we hugged, not because I did that blind movie thing where the blind person feels up everyone they meet. I got to meet her husband too. We only chatted briefly and then the rest of her party were leaving so we parted ways. I had the biggest grin as we walked out! I got to meet three of the people I hoped to meet! yay!

It was a completely different world outside the park than it had been when we walked in. There was a saxophone player somewhere nearby playing Take Me Out to the Ball Game. I sang along, a bounce in my step. There was music everywhere! Musicians on street corners, musicians in bars, music everywhere! There were people walking on the sidewalks, milling around outside bars, smoking cigarettes, talking and laughing. It was like we had been transported to a big city. Oh wait, that’s because we had haha!

We stopped and relieved Jayden before going back up to the room. Ah, quiet. I tweeted some and read all my mentions. My Rays Twitter Family had been very active and it made me smile to read all the messages. I love them so much!

I decided to shower that night because we had to check out the next day at noon. The shower was bizarre! Imagine a normal stand up shower with two sliding glass doors. It was like that, only with one door and it didn’t slide. It was where the shower head was and the other side was completely open. My uncle has an open shower like that but his is a big thing, this was just crazy haha. And it’s drafty hahaha!

It took me a long time to fall asleep and I didn’t sleep well. It had been such an incredible day and perhaps the latte I’d had in the seventh inning contributed to the sleep issue but man it was good. I had also been a little chilly in the air conditioned park.

The bed was extremely comfortable though I was confused at first. I always turn down the comforter and fall asleep with just the sheet. When I went to turn down the comforter I grabbed sheet. Huh? Turned out they made the bed with a sheet, the comforter, and another sheet, like a duvet cover that doesn’t close. Interesting. Haha! The room was swanky indeed. I was almost bummed we were only staying one night.

I think I’ve pretty much captured all of the first day. My arms are pretty sore now haha! Time to go through and edit and see if anything else comes to mind. Coffee first. 😉

Finished editing and Jayden asked to go outside and I checked the time. Whoa! Gotta love the writing induced time warp!


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Carnival Post – Walk the Halls

I’ve been writing so sporadically I’m shocked I’m writing for the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival. It’s time for the 8th Carnival already. Eighth? How did that happen? I must have missed the last several rounds. I thought I’d write something up today since an idea just struck me out of the blue. Nice how that works eh? Be sure to check out this round’s host for details.

The theme for this round is “Marching to Your Own Drum”. This topic really had me stumped and I hadn’t the first clue about what to write. I thought I’d just skip this round like I have the last several but I kept seeing reference to the carnival on Twitter and every time that nagging little voice said, “write something!”

So I thought back on my day. Jayden and I went to the blind center where I worked out and he napped. As Jayden went to walk into the lobby where we wait for our ride I angled my body right and said, “let’s walk.” I felt him move in the direction I indicated and pressure on the harness handle as he took off down the hall. We live in Arizona. It’s late July. It’s hot! So we don’t go walking outdoors right now. Instead, we walk the halls at the blind center. There’s usually at least one person we pass who asks, “doing laps?” I think it’s kind of become a thing to see Jay and I aimlessly walking up and down in the nice cool building after I’ve worked out. “Yep, it’s time for Jayden’s exercise,” I always reply.

Blindness is my secondary disability. The more dangerous disability is multiple sclerosis, which caused my blindness and could cause a whole host of other problems. I purposely don’t read about the possibilities, and hush people when they jump into telling me about so and so relative or friend who has MS. I don’t want to know, thanks. I’ve gotten pretty good at managing my disease and one of the most important things is not getting hot.

Not getting hot? But you live in the desert. Crazy, I know, but it’s really not that hard. You just stay inside and go from air conditioning to air conditioning. The hardest part of this is finding creative ways to exercise my guide dog. I suppose that fits into marching to a different drum, eh?

Aside from walking the halls where it’s air conditioned, Jayden and I are big fans of crazy play. The crazier I can get him the better. To me it hasn’t been a successful play session if he isn’t fast asleep and dreaming five minutes after I sit down. He just thinks it’s fun chasing after the squeaky football or going limp and letting me pull him around. Shhh, don’t tell him, but we’re both getting exercise.

You might think the play is my favorite part of our different ways to exercise, but no, it’s the working. I don’t think there’s ever a time, even two years after our first walk together, that I don’t smile when he pulls into the harness. I love the feel of him slowing down and walking me around something. I love how quickly he responds when I tell him to “leave it” when we encounter another guide dog as we do our laps.

Life with a guide dog and two disabilities means constantly finding new ways of doing something. If that’s not marching to our own distinctive beat, I don’t know what is!


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Doggy Diaries – Jayden the guide hiker dog

Yesterday B drove us out to Sabino Canyon, a great place with hiking trails. It might be just out of town or it might even be considered in town, I’m not sure. Point is, it’s close. I haven’t been out there in a very long time. I think the last time I hiked the trails was when I was in my early twenties. B took last week off so we decided to do something different on Friday. It wasn’t the all day event I was used to when it came to hiking. We didn’t go until after noon and only spent a little more than an hour there, but it was awesome nonetheless.

First, I had no idea dogs weren’t allowed there. We stopped at the little booth where you pay five bucks for the day. Jayden was sitting between my feet and the ticket guy said no dogs were allowed. Luckily he was good at his job and understood when we said Jay was a service dog. He didn’t ask for any proof but did ask if he had a harness so other patrons wouldn’t give us any problems. He then told us that the disabled can get a pass and visit national parks for free. I had no idea. Pretty cool.

I was surprised how busy the parking lot was for a Friday. I’m sure it was mostly hikers leaving since most people do these things early. We stopped at the visitor center so I could use the restroom.

“Well hello, doggy!” cam a woman’s exclamation from the next stall. Jay and I had squeezed in since there wasn’t a big stall, or if there was, Jayden couldn’t find it since he always takes me to the big ones.

I found Jayden’s head under the dividing wall and started telling him no when the woman laughed and said it was ok, she was a dog person, a groomer. “How did you get in here, are you a service dog?” she asked Jayden.

I wonder what she would have done if Jayden had said yes while gazing up at her with his head under the partition between toilets.

We found B again and headed towards the trail. There’s a main trail and then different trails branch off of that. At the foot of the trails are signs explaining how far the trail goes and what it’s named. The first one was just a quarter mile loop, so we decided that would be a good starter.

I had Jayden heeling while B and I did human guide, just while I got used to my surroundings and I also thought Jayden might enjoy just walking and looking around. At first I thought this wasn’t going to work, that Jayden didn’t like being there or something because he was dragging like mad. I hitched is collar up under his ears and he heeled briefly and then he began dragging again. Hmmmm.

Once B and I were on the little loop I thought maybe Jayden hadn’t been comfortable at the quick pace B was walking. After all, this was brand new terrain and Jayden is very cautious with me. I let go of B and picked up the harness handle and Jayden began to walk no problem. I swear he had been protesting earlier hahaha! *I’m* her guide. What are *you* doing guiding her?

We did a rework once towards the beginning of the loop. There was a little foot bridge and I brushed something on my right. Jayden should have stopped anyway since it was a drastic change, from dirt to wood. After that rework, he was perfect. He showed me the edge of the bridge and then followed B perfectly throughout the loop.

B told me once about cactus on my right but Jayden walked past it slowly and without problems. When the dirt got a little rocky, not so much that I had to step over anything, but enough of a change, Jayden slowed down which reminded me to pick up my feet more. When it smoothed again he sped up. The boy was in the zone! He was in his element, making sure I was safe with all the challenges. He was panting and trotting and when I knelt to get water out of my bag for us, he gave me kisses. It was almost like he was telling me, “this is awesome!! Why haven’t we done this before?”

We made our way to the next trail which wasn’t a loop. We decided to give it a go, knowing we could always turn back if we had to. Almost immediately, Jayden stopped dead. I probed out with my foot. Definitely an obstacle I’d say haha! It was a jutting piece of rock I had to step over. B said he purposely didn’t say anything, wondering what Jayden would do. Jayden waited for me to investigate it and figure out how to clear it and didn’t move until I told him forward. There were several more of these little rock things that Jayden had to help me get over. We got to one that I couldn’t figure out with just my foot so I got my cane out to decipher the lenth of what I needed to get over. It worked perfectly, Jayden stopping, me investigating with the cane. We would have gone further because my confidence with all this was soaring. Jayden was being absolutely incredible. At one point I needed him to go forward a few steps so I could feel the depth of what I had to cross. It’s hard to explain. The teamwork was unbelievable. I needed no help from B, in fact when he tried to help, his descriptions didn’t even make any sense haha!

We would have continued but my knees gave massive protest. I had them wrapped in bandages, but it became clear I need actual braces to attempt hiking. The bandages work great for simple walking, but not making my way over rocks and stepping up and down like we had to do.

On our way back we took the loop again, going in the opposite direction. I could feel Jayden’s excitement traveling up through the harness handle. There’s a bounce in him when the work is different and challenging I just can’t explain.

I was disappointed to head back to the car but I knew it was probably a good idea. I haven’t been well for a few weeks so this was really my first bit of exercise in quite awhile.

Jayden passed out in the car. When we got home I showered and then did a long leg stretching session. Jayden was passed out on the floor on his mat next to where I stretch and I lay down with him for awhile. He only budged to eat dinner haha!

I’m not too sore today. A little tightness in the quads but nothing bad. When B got up he said his calves were pretty sore. He never exercises so I’m sure his body was going, what the heck?

It was awesome! I’d love to say I’ll get knee braces and we’ll go back but I know B too well. It won’t happen. He was off work last week and that’s why we went but as soon as he goes back to work the weekends won’t be free for hiking. Also, to attempt the harder trails we’d need to go earlier and that will never happen.

I’m going to ask Georgie though, since she loves exercising and hiking and stuff. Maybe she’ll have time to go there before it gets hot again.

I was just so impressed with jayden. That was the first time I had ever done anything like that since getting a guide dog. I didn’t go to that Miur Woods day while at GDB. I can never spell those woods haha! So this was the closest I’d had to that sort of experience. It was incredible to hike again. It really was just so amazing! I trusted him more out there than I do in the mall! What’s up with that? Haha!


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Desert Creatures going Bump in the Night

It had been raining all day. My body protested the weather though my spirits were high as I lounged on the couch for most of the day, staying warm and dry inside. All but one of the times I took Jayden out to relieve required a good toweling which left Jayden’s coat even softer than normal.

As I wound down for the night my mind was on the new Stephen King book I would be starting while nestled warmly in the comfort of my bed with the memory foam mattress topper. As I hooked Jayden’s leash securely on his collar, I always double check with a little tug, I realized I didn’t have my towel. I cracked the sliding glass door open slightly and only heard the rhythmic tap tapping of water falling from the roof, but no steady sound of a drizzle so I continued outside.

It all happened in an instant but the memory is like a snapshot in my mind. B’s music faded out as I shut the screen door and Jayden walked to the end of the patio pavement and on to the dirt. I froze as I heard a clattering from the direction of the neighbor’s patio on my right. With no time to try and decipher the noise I went with my gut and turned my back on the sound. Jayden’s leash tightened with his hesitation but the wordless command filled with fear that travelled from my hand down the leather to his collar made him obey the wish I could not voice and he followed me back to the door.

I ripped open the screen and as soon as I knew Jayden was over the threshold I slammed it shut, the glass door slamming just seconds after. B exclaimed from the couch but I don’t remember what he said. He was up in a flash as I hit the floor, all strength suddenly gone from my legs, Jayden’s leash clutched firmly in the hitchhiker’s grip in my lap.

“Monsters?” B asked.

“I don’t know,” I whispered. I can still remember how feeble my voice was since I could not pull air into my lungs no matter how hard I tried. B, being the fearless man he is, slapped on his shoes and wen’t to investigate. “Be careful,” I gasped.

I sat there by the door, Jayden now looking out as I clutched his leash in a death grip. I heard no screams or sounds of attack, just B’s sneakers as he moved along the pavement.

“Piggy!” he said then, in a childlike voice. “Piggy, oh another piggy! One, two, three, oh piggy by the door…” his voice trailed off as he reentered the house the way I had done just moments before. I heard the screen door close and imagined the javelina bursting through it.

“Close the door,” I hissed as the door slid along the tracks and the satisfactory click of the lock allowed me to exhale. Returning breath would be difficult to grasp again.

“Piggy! Jayden sees the piggy,” B said and I burst into tears. “Oh crap,” he said, and knelt beside me, rubbing my back.

Only a few tears leaked as my body wracked with sobs. That is the worst kind of crying, when you’re sobbing with no cleansing rush of tears to accompany it.

“Panic…attack,” I managed as I concentrated on not concentrating on my breathing, the way B had instructed me when I had experienced my first anxiety attack when we were newly dating all those years ago.

“I’m sorry I made light of it, should I take Jayden out?”

I grasped his fingers, communicating that his apology was not necessary, still holding Jayden’s leash, not willing to relinquish it. “Out front, go with me,” I whispered and wondered if I could stand. “It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I’ll panic if I’m not with him.”

B understood completely and we went to the door. He inspected the front before I went out. My fear had transferred for a minute to Jayden, who stood by the door, unwilling to go out. “It’s ok,” I said in my chipper voice and he relaxed and went out. I’m sure he could smell the beasts in the air because after he was done he just wanted to sniff. B kept guard for a minute and then when I was sure Jayden was done, we went inside and I was finally able to giggle and release some of the nerves.

My body was still trembling five minutes into the new book and when one of the characters said, “life turns on a dime” I thought that sentence couldn’t be any closer to the truth.

I think the rains must send smells into the air which lure the javelina close to our doors. The last time one had come onto the porch, it had been raining. Perhaps trying to explain why they come when they do helps me compute what had happened. There have never been any reports of people or dogs getting hurt by those things here at the complex, but last summer, farther in to the center of town in an old historic neighborhood, a dog was attacked by one while his person took him for an afternoon walk. I’m still not sure how it managed to sneak up on the woman. Maybe since it was daytime it was louder out, or maybe she just wasn’t as observant as I am. Even with thoughts of a new book in my head, I was on high alert as always when we went outside. It’s lucky those rodents of enormous size are noisy. I just wonder about the state of my neighbor’s patio.

I need to talk to management about people feeding wildlife. It’s cute to feed the bunnies and the birds. I’ve done it, not recently, but I used to enjoy watching the squirrels on my back porch munch on sunflower seeds. However you don’t just attract the cute lil beasties. You also reach out to the monsters. Life, it turns on a dime, doesn’t it? I’m just grateful the only result was a thumping heart and trembling limbs. Maybe Jayden will now associate the javelina with his person’s fear and not think of them as play things.

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My Inner Monica

B’s dad was here last weekend so just like any time a guest is coming, I wanted to clean the house. I do maintenance cleaning but come on, who doesn’t do a little more when you’re going to have company? Especially living with so many animals, vacuuming and dusting even more was imperative.

I couldn’t thoroughly clean around Brian’s stuff since there was no way I was going to touch his electronics. Carol came over to go through my audio books for donation and to help me straighten up and I swear we conjured Monica. We really do conjure people. She’ll attest to that. This was our first fictional character, however.

She attacked all the places I haven’t been able to get to. Since B has converted to using iPods, his stereo sat untouched, collecting dust. He agreed to let me donate it, and Carol’s neighbor has fallen love with it. Yay! It took a day to get the living room cleaned up since that’s where B’s desk and my desk live, where we spend the majority of our time, which means so do the animals and their fur. After it was done, it felt so nice in here. I don’t know about you, if you’re blind that is, but for me when a room is freshly and thoroughly cleaned, the room feels lighter and more open. Am I just weird?

It didn’t stop with the living room. Monica stayed with me when Carol left, she just took a long nap while B’s dad was here. I took Monday off and did nothing but talk to Carol all day. Then Monica woke with a vengeance on Tuesday and hasn’t stopped.

You know that deep cleaning that you do, for some it’s called spring cleaning, some may do it twice a year. Or maybe for those who have Monica all the time, it happens constantly. I’m talking the kind of cleaning where every drawer, every cupboard, every nook and cranny gets emptied, scrubbed, stuff sorted into trash and donation, the things being kept goes back into it’s place nice and organized. That sort of cleaning has not happened in this apartment since we moved in.

Something about going blind two months after moving in to a place really kills Monica. At least it did in my case.

I realized just what a shover I am. I want to clean this off. Shove. What do I do with this? Find a drawer and shove. There, it looks neat on the outside, but oh please, don’t open a drawer. The closet? No!!!

Furniture has been in the same place for nearly four years. That means a vacuum has never touched that carpet. *Start the horror music*

The bedroom was the hardest room. That’s the room with most of the drawers, you see. Oh Monica had a field day with that room. I wish I had kept track of how many runs to the trash Jayden and I took. All the working out really paid off when I moved all the furniture. Jayden thought the world was ending when his kennel and bed disappeared.

I have to wonder if the canisters full of hair and dust my vacuum sucked up should have been saved to help with the next oil spill.

Putting everything back in it’s place and taking deep breaths made Monica giddy with the sense of accomplishment. The smells of Lysol and lavender swirled about, dancing on the air as a reward for all the hard work. My cool changing screen with the pockets has a rightful home again, instead of being folded up and propped between a wall and a chair. I put it there when I was sighted, with plans for it that just never took fruition until the task of cleaning finally didn’t seem so daunting with no sight.

Every drawer has an old candle tucked inside so the pretty scent masks that of old wood. I can reach into any of them and find exactly what I want. It’s very, very happy making.

Saturday was meant to be a day off. Perhaps I’d attempt some writing. Maybe I’d do some reading. Monica was still awake though, and she would have none of it. You aren’t too tired to do the hall closet. That won’t be a huge job. Not after the bedroom. You can do it, come on, let’s go…

After that came the kitchen cupboards, where once again my shoving was evident. I even found chocolate! Score! There was now room to put serial in a cupboard rather than on on top of the fridge. My step stool came in quite handy for all these tall places. Gamma had just told me about how to climb a step stool with a sore knee. Up with the good, down with the bad. That little rule came in quite handy.

This time B ran the trash out, which was good since it was rather hot out. Yes, October and it’s hot.

Today will be a day of rest. I’m taking strawberry rhubarb pie to Gamma. Monica is accepting this fact, though bitterly. She still has me stopping and thinking, oh that would work better there. I tell her to shut up. We’ll pick it up tomorrow. The spare room must be tackled. Monica will have loads of fun in there. It’s been the catch all room since we moved in. Oh my.

All this work has had me thinking on more than one occasion that perhaps I could work. I have to play the tape through though, and remind myself that this is temporary. It’s work in my own home at my own pace and is purely physical. Anything mental taxes me much more these days. I’m being very careful, too. At the first sign of fatigue, that’s it. I’m done. I’m taking baths and doing plenty of stretching and I should probably take out stock in Advil. That wouldn’t work since I use the generic.

Why did I write all this? Well, I don’t go to Gamma’s for awhile and Monica was threatening to start me cleaning again. I also need to prepare for next month, which will be a post a day after doing no writing for quite awhile. I think this is perfect. Baseball ends and the deep cleaning begins. This will be the time every year when the furniture gets moved. When Monica finally goes away, maybe the writing will begin again.

PS – Blogger has done its own insane reorganizing, and soon we may all be forced to adapt. As of what I know now, this will mean no accessibility for us blind folks. If I suddenly stop writing next month during NaBloPoMo, that is what happened.


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Oops and schedules

I thought that September was the month that I write thirty posts in thirty days, otherwise known as NaBloPoMo. I’ve never called it that since I can’t actually sign up for it. At least I couldn’t in the past. Maybe it’s accessible now. Anyway the point of that mistake was that I thought I was six days behind on it and I was going to try and scramble to get caught up and start posting every day.

I have so gotten out of the habit of blogging. I don’t really know why. That last writing venture didn’t work out for reasons I won’t go into here. There’s another one in the works though. I’ll write about it when it happens officially. I’m excited!

My plan has been to incorporate a writing schedule. I’ve read a lot of author blogs and they all mention a schedule. Since they work from home, if they don’t have a schedule, they don’t meet their deadlines. I never used to work on a writing schedule, but that was when I was just writing here on the blog so it didn’t matter if I wasn’t in the mood to write, etc.

Last year I found out about NaNoWriMo too late to sign up for it but I began furiously writing anyway. I had gotten all but the ending of a novel written. Then I took a few days off which turned into nearly a year since I’ve worked on it. How does that happen?

Right now I’m working on a short story, one similar to the short story challenges I’ve done here, but way different. L^2 actually put one of my stories in her guide dog puppy auction, a story that hasn’t even been written yet. If anyone bid, they would get to give me the sparks to write the story. Someone actually bid on it! And bid a lot haha! Her sparks are totally different than the ones I’ve gotten here, each one actually an integral part to the story and one has actually required some research, so it’s been fun coming up with the plot, characters and setting. I’m sorry, but you won’t get to read it when it’s done. It’s all for the winning bidder.

I’ve been doing some work for the new venture but again, the schedule I mentioned earlier? Yeah hasn’t been incorporated quite yet. I’m testing times of day where writing happens naturally for me and I think it’s mornings. B is off this week so I haven’t implemented it yet since when he’s off, my normal schedule is a bit skewed. I think I’ve figured it out though, that mornings are best. So, when I implement it, the phone will be turned off, email, chat and Twitter will be turned off and the writing will commence.

That’s my hope, anyway. Best laid plans and all that.

In lifely news, it’s still hot. It’s September sixth and it’s still hot. Muggy even. August was awful. Humidity without real rain to break the pressure. I was really sick a few weeks ago. Had to go to the doc even. Had to go on these horrific meds. The cure was worse than the ailment and I haven’t even returned to the gym because the med can cause tendon tears. Lovely. It hasn’t been a fun month.

Soon though, soon, the weather will break and Jay and I can go walking again. Not stupid little short bursts or just enough during laundry. I can’t wait.

After I recovered for the most part, Jay and I did laundry one day and I was curious how he’d do since we hadn’t really worked much. I do obedience routines every day but still. Let me tell you, it was like he said, “we’re working? Yay! I’m gonna do the best job ever so you won’t worry.” And he did. Normally he waits for my cues when going to the laundry even though he knows where to go. He would still pause and wait for me to say ok but that day he flew. It was incredible. His work is always impeccable no matter how much time he’s had off. He still amazes me.

We do need to work on people distractions however. It happens mostly when I’m out with B. I don’t know why Jayden isn’t himself when we’re out with b. Is it because B is his other person? I have no idea. He doesn’t want to follow and he wants to say hi to every person we encounter. It’s truly bizarre.

I had the idea that next time we go out and I need Jay to follow B, I’m giving B some kibble. Always go back to the food with a lab, right? 😉

Give B the kibble, if Jay follows him to the destination, he gets the kibble. We’re going to try that and see how it goes. Any ideas why he doesn’t want to follow B properly?

Hopefully I’ll get to keep writing here. blogger introduced a new editor I haven’t tried and won’t bother trying. According to Twitter, even the sighted hate the new editor. If that eventually happens and Blogger botches things up too badly, I’ll make the move to WordPress. I don’t want to have to do that, so hopefully Blogger will keep this old simple editor around.

So, even though it’s not November yet, I’m going to try and get back into blogging here. It seems when I’m blogging here, it ignites the writing elsewhere. It also gets me back in touch with the outside world, something that has gone away over this summer. Twitter has been my primary source of companionship. Maybe it’ll get better when it cools off.

Maybe I’ll start writing something daily now, even if it’s just a dumb short post just to post. I miss having this blog active. Ok, Miss Commitment part of my brain? Wake up!!


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Doggy Diaries – Time-out, dog distractions and handler injuries

I can’t seem to write about baseball right now so I decided to write about Jayden, since it’s been awhile.

As per usual during the desert summer, we’re stuck inside, which is getting old really fast. I try and create situations for us to work, like walking all over Saavi after I’m done working out. usually it’s fairly uneventful and done just to exercise him. Today however, we had some fun challenges and an opportunity for a good re-work.

We were just starting out walk after I worked our when Lisa’s voice was suddenly very close, informing me I was about to run into her. Jayden was about to just plow through a group of people talking in the hallway, one of whom was Dave. Dave! Jayden hasn’t seen Dave in forever so I’m guessing he was going to walk right through everyone to go say hi to him.

I was laughing but quickly composed myself so Jayden wouldn’t think the mistake was ok. I had him sit, which took him a minute. When he finally obeyed after a correction, I pointed at Lisa and said careful. The group was nice enough to stay put so I could rework it.

We walked away and back towards them and Jayden slowed down and very carefully walked around the group. I got excited and kibbled him and then we tried it from the other direction. He decided to stop and “show” me Lisa before weaving us around her haha!

After that I was talking to another friend about his decision to get a guide dog and Jayden would not stay sitting. My friend was like, “I can’t wait to get one of those,” in a joking manner. Jayden was distracted because another guide dog was in the area. Turns out we had three guide dog encounters today, great practice!

I used a new technique I learned about on another blog. Sorry, but I’m too applesauce headed to find the post and link. Anyway, it’s the time out pose. With the dog sitting, you just hold their collar with your left hand, close to your body. It calmed him down immediately. He actually wasn’t acting hyper before that, just a little distracted. We stood like that as another guide dog team passed and then I worked Jayden into the lobby.

I swear to God I could hear him thinking, “uh oh, she’s never done that before. I must have really disappointed her. I’m gonna be totally perfect now! Sorry mom, I forgot I was a guide dog for a minute!”

I wasn’t even disappointed in him. He simply had a dog moment but it wasn’t terrible. He hasn’t seen many people at all lately except for Gamma and B, because we haven’t had any visitors in awhile. Hopefully that will change when Carol gets back, and I also found out today that Kevin is in town, yay! Hopefully I’ll go swimming with him and his son next week.

Jayden loves people, so I’m sure that’s why he tried to say hi to that group today, especially since Dave was there.

as part of exercise for Jayden, I get him riled up at least once a day and he goes on a run around the apartment. There’s not a lot of room, so he just goes back and forth along the length, running at full force and jumping into me. I’ve started crouching down and putting my arms over my head because he bounces into me pretty hard. I laugh so hard when he does this I think it eggs him on. a couple days ago, his back nails scraped my arm and it hurt at first but hasn’t since. Apparently he left a pretty good mark because even a visually impaired person saw the contrasting colors of the bruises today hahaha! She had to laugh when I said B hadn’t noticed it. She said to make sure I tell him a visually impaired chick could see it, so why didn’t he notice? I guess it’s pretty bad, though it really doesn’t even hurt.

You know what does hurt? Dropping a Kong Wobbler on your foot. I really recommend not doing that.

Jayden will be three on Friday. Can you believe it!!! Three! Wow. I can’t wait for a day of total and absolute spoiling. Not that he isn’t already spoiled. But it’ll be more so on Friday.

Next week he’s going to smell like a hippy since I’m taking him for a bath. I’m going to the self grooming place, but I’m actually going with the full service. They won’t take him from me for an hour and a half like Petsmart would so since I’ll still be with him, I’m gonna let the professional do it. I want nails clipped and glands expressed. If you’re wondering what that is, check out this video of Evan Longoria grooming a dog. I recommend not eating anything when you click that. You’ve been forewarned.


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A post with stuff in it

I have no idea what I’m about to write about. My two best friends are out of town and have been for quite some time. While I rarely hang out with them, we talk on the phone. A lot. Which is odd because I hate the phone. Georgie and I talk every morning for at least an hour during the week, and Carol and I talk usually about every other day or so. For hours. When I was with T-Mobile, it worked great because so is she, so our calls were free. She has a spoon thief illness too, so we’ve really bonded over the years. Its rare that we both have energy on the same day to hang out, so we do it on the phone from the comfort of our own homes.

I forgot that she told me to blog more while she’s out of town since we can’t talk nearly as often. Oops…

So I’m blogging now. carol, it’s hot. What more is there to say? I’ve definitely got the summer blues since the heat makes me hibernate. It doesn’t help that you and Georgie planned your out of town ventures at the same time. You two must have better planning next year, ok? This will be something only you will understand. I needed Chapter 8 last night. It helped a lot.

In other news, the beeping cat collar broke. I’ve ordered another one. In the meantime, Timmy isn’t as easy to find, so that’s been a pain.

Jayden is doing well, though he’s not enjoying the weather either. I walked him all over Saavi on Monday while we waited for our ride, since walking outside is impossible now. Back to finding creative ways to work and exercise the boy. How quickly this time has snuck up on me.

The AZ wildfires are getting under control now that the wind has died down, thank God. I forget what day it was, Sunday maybe? B said he could see the smoke outside. The winds had shifted and blown it our way. I went outside and could smell it. There’s no rain in the foreseeable future, but today the humidity is up as well as the dew point, so maybe? Maybe? After a monsoon passes, there’s a decent window to get outside for a walk. I can’t wait for that. Though last year the storms seemed to come more at night, so who knows.

That’s really all there is, Carol, at least all that can be shared in public. Haha!

Of course there’s baseball, that’s a no brainer. The Rays are off today though. I hate off days. Nothing to look forward to.

I somehow managed to discover that Wil Wheaton is on Twitter. That led me to his blog which led me to his podcast. He still talks about Star Trek, but holy crap, Wesley Crusher is grown up. He swears. He wrote a book going over each episode from the first season of TNG, so in the podcast, he goes over each episode. Hilarious! I was so in love with Wil Wheaton when I was an early teen and now I think I love him even more. He’s a geek in real life!

Oh and Carol, I finally started following Ice T since a Twitter friend mentioned that she does so it finally reminded me to.

I’ve got another awesome Twitter friend. She’s sending me an ‘I (heart symbol) Longo’ t-shirt. It was a giveaway at the Trop last year and she got an extra one. How cool is that? She also tweeted all the Rays on Twitter and told them to read my last post, the one about the Rays being more than just a baseball team. Emeel Salem tweeted back that he enjoyed it. I need to have a way to compose blogs when I’m in bed because I had the post in my head the night before and in my original idea, I was going to mention that along with all the Twitter friends I’ve found because of the Rays, I also found Emeel Salem, who’s music has brought me such joy and who’s fundraising efforsts for tornado victims have been inspiring and fun to participate in. But I had a brain lapse and left it out of the post and he read it. Bullocks.

Something else cool might happen but I can’t write it, so you’ll have to call me when you get a chance. I think that’s about it. Summer sucks, baseball rocks and Jayden is a goof. Oh yeah, and my Twitter friends have been a giant help in filling the void you and Georgie have left in my life, darn you girls. 😉

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