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Singing My Praises To Tea

Last year when I was on some nasty antibiotics for diverticulitis, I found myself craving hot tea instead of coffee, which for me was truly bizarre since I’m a huge coffeeholic. The antibiotics I’m on for my tooth infection are no exception and I had B pick up a box of LIpton tea for me last weekend. For some reason, I didn’t have any tea all week but this morning I found myself wanting a cup.

Someone on Twitter the other night suggested having “a tea” when I was tweeting about not knowing how I’ll deal with this pain for four to six weeks while the insurance suits decide if my surgeon is correct in wanting to pull my teeth.

My pain was immediately soothed when I started sipping the hot tea this morning! I couldn’t believe it. I had to look up why tea was soothing my tooth pain. That article suggests placing the used tea bag in the mouth where the pain is so when I finished my cup, I did just that and oh my sweet relief! I just had my second cup and the tea bag is in my mouth. It has loosened up my jaw as well! I’ve been noticing when I share a banana with Jayden that it hurts to open my mouth for the piece of banana. After the tea and bag, it didn’t hurt to eat the banana!

I hope this lasts and isn’t a fluke that the pain will just end up eventually overriding. You have no idea how wonderful it is to have some relief! Actually I’m sure you do. Chances are you’ve experienced some kind of pain in your life that was threatening to drive you mad, only to discover a wonderful remedy. If this keeps working, maybe I can manage to wait for the insurance suits to decide my fate! It’s the little things.

I just made my third cup of tea after accidentally biting into my tea bag haha. I haven’t had a bag in my mouth for about fifteen minutes and I can feel the pain lurking. I think I’ll get some chamomile tomorrow like that article suggests. I wonder if it’s caffeine free. Ah, according to Google it is, good stuff. I’m so happy! Yay tea!

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Discouraged and Annoyed

Jayden and I went to the oral surgeon today for my consult on the recommendations from my new dentist. Everything went really well, paratransit was on time, the staff was polite and helpful, they have this awesome x-ray machine that revolves around your head so you don’t have to sit there forever biting things. The surgeon came in and looked at the film and my teeth and agreed with my dentist and we began discussing options for anesthesia. At first I thought a local would be fine but the more he talked, the more freaked out I got and we decided on putting me out. It’ll be just like the colonoscopy.

So I was all ready to schedule it for the week of the eighteenth when B is on vacation. Unfortunately no, the health of my mouth and my pain is contingent on when the suits at the insurance decide to get around to approving the procedure. I can’t schedule it for four to six weeks. I am incredibly discouraged.

The assistant said sometimes the approval comes in two weeks but she’s also seen it take six.

I’m upset right now and don’t feel like writing anything else meaningful. Grateful I have at least some insurance now but so incredibly sick of everything in my life depending on when “They” decide something can happen. Being disabled and broke sucks.

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Doggy Diaries: Jayden and the Return to the Human Dentist

All my dental issues certainly aren’t making me lack for things to write about, that’s for sure. Jayden and I went back to the dentist today to have two cavities filled. I just prayed this morning that things with paratransit would go more smoothly and that the driver would not be late picking me up like he was on Friday.

My prayers were answered, at least for the first ride. The driver arrived promptly at 10am and we had one pick-up and drop-off and then it was my turn. I was there fifteen minutes before my appointment time and they took Jayden and me right back.

I wish you could have felt the difference in Jayden today. I’m sure other guide dog handlers will know what I mean when I say I could just feel that his confidence was much higher than it was on Friday when everything was uncertain and I was stressed and in pain. Today it was like he was thinking, ok Mom is much better, I know this place, these people are nice, it’s all good.

Today he just followed the woman back to the exam room and there was a spring in his step. This time I wasn’t stressed and my pain level was severely decreased after being on antibiotics all weekend for the infection. The fillings were done without a hitch and Jayden even slept right through the drill. He’s been through so much medical stuff with me he just doesn’t even bat an eye anymore. He used to give the stink eye to anyone who laid a hand on me haha! I think he understands what medical professionals are now.

After I was done, we had awhile to wait. My appointment was done forty minutes before my paratransit window even began. I knew I probably scheduled that one a little too late but I didn’t want to take any chances. I talked with the receptionist about my oral surgery stuff and she called to schedule a consultation with them on Wednesday. That I can do alone since there won’t be any extracting going on. I called the place when I got home to ask about the building and about how long the appointment will take and if I need to arrive early, but they didn’t answer and haven’t returned my call. Until I get my ride scheduled, I feel like I can’t quite relax today.

After I got that scheduled I used the human relieving circle and then took Jayden out to the place one of the women showed me on Friday. Jayden went right back to it and relieved and then took me back to the front of the building. I hadn’t been paying enough attention to how far the door was after the turn but I could tell he had passed it. He was just exploring haha. We turned around and found the door and settled in to wait.

At 1pm I called paratransit because it was the end of my window and no van was there. She said I was next and the van would be there in five minutes. When we got on board, the driver apologized and said she had been on her lunch break and didn’t realize she had gone past the end. I thought to myself, you should have kept quiet, your dispatcher covered for you.

I listened to my book for a bit and then some really nice ladies got on so we talked about dogs until the driver got to my place. I had made the mistake of telling Jayden he’d get a banana when we got home and he jumped up from his down, all excited. The ladies got a kick out of it. When we got off the van, he practically ran to our door haha!

I’m in quite a bit of pain as time goes on now. Not where the cavities were filled, but up by the back wisdom tooth that needs to come out. My mouth still needs so much work that this was like poking an angry bruise. I hope the oral surgeon’s office calls back soon so I can just relax.

Jayden is snoring loudly on the couch beside me. God I love that dog!

Oh! I almost forgot the joke I played on the dental assistant haha! She gave me safety glasses to put on and after I had them on I said, “I can see!” I am such a brat.


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When did I get so old?

I mean I know how I got to be as old as thirty-four almost thirty-five but when did my body get so old? It’s astounding to me because for the most part, I’ve taken really good care of my body. There was the five years I drank alcoholically, yes and I smoked for a decade but I’ve known of people who drink and smoke until they’re in their eighties and they aren’t as physically old as I am.

You wouldn’t know it to look at me, I don’t think. Obviously I can’t be sure since I’ll always look twenty-nine to myself but if you could somehow feel what it’s like to be in my body for ten minutes, you’d feel my physical age.

I’ve steadily felt like my body was aging ever since the MS diagnosis in 2006 but then I paid extra attention to the rest of my health, taking up exercise, seeing my doctor at least once a year which I had always done anyway, taking care of my hair and skin so even though I had this stupid disease, I really only noticed fatigue, not all this body pain.

This thing with my teeth has really just called attention to the fact that my body has gotten old. My knees were just killing me yesterday out of no where and I told B that once my teeth are done, it will be time to tackle my knees. It rained last night so that explained the sudden knee pain at least and today they’re fine again, but I woke up in the night gasping in pain since my right knee had been bent too long.

I recently looked up that old Baz Luhrmann speech that was turned into a song, remember that? Here it is on youtube. It was a graduation speech to the class of ’99 and it was very popular when I was in college. I remember a print version of it was pasted to the bathroom door in the ladies room I used in the dorm of this guy I got drunk with. That’s another blog post. Anyway, listening to it recently I had to chuckle when he mentions something about taking care of your knees because you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

I remember Gamma telling me I ruined my knees as a kid when I grabbed the braces under her table and slid on the tile floor on my knees. I’m not sure how true that is but I’m guessing carport basketball played a part in my knees going bad, and freaking genetics. Gamma herself has bad knees. Oh probably since most of my jobs involved lots of walking and standing, too. I was never all that sedentary until the last few years. So my knees took a lot of abuse in the past.

Wow this post went in a direction I wasn’t planning. I just wanted to write about suddenly getting old when I’m not even thirty-five. today I discussed with B the teeth extractions I need. Not only do I need three wisdom teeth pulled, my lower bottom teeth need to be pulled as well and I need a bridge.

A bridge At thirty-five. I’ll be thirty-five when I get the bridge since I’ll need to wait for my insurance credits to reset in January. The hygienist said something about how I probably don’t want to walk around toothless while I’m waiting for the insurance and I laughed.

Actually the dilemma I was feeling was B’s company holiday party in the beginning of December. The hygienist and I discussed having the wisdom teeth out this month and doing the lower front teeth after the party. She said that would work too because it would put me closer to the bridge.

The more I thought about it today though, it just makes more sense to do it all at the same time, deal with all the pain at once and get it over with. Not to mention the perfect timing of B’s usual November vacation time. It’s perfect because he can take me and he’ll be home for the recovery. If I wait until after the holiday party for the other two extractions, it won’t be nearly as convenient and I’ll have to go through the pain again.

So, it just makes more sense to have five teeth pulled mid November. Five teeth pulled. Before I’m thirty-five years old. See what I mean about wondering how I got so old? I’ve taken decent care of my teeth too, despite not seeing a dental professional regularly. I brush twice a day. If only I had known about the importance of daily flossing. If only.

Speaking of daily flossing, I haven’t done that today yet. Better post this and go floss.

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Kicking off NaBloPoMo with an Incomplete Dentist Story

Hello reader! It’s November first. So? It’s the day after Halloween? Yes, it is the day after Halloween but it’s also the day that officially kicks off National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo. I participate in this every year and you can click the NaBloPoMo links below to check out the last Novembers. Bloggers can submit their blog to a website to make it totally official but the first year I wanted to do this, the website wasn’t accessible. So I’m a rogue NaBloPoMo participant, or something.

Things aren’t kicking off the way I had planned because I have an emergency dentist appointment today that I scheduled yesterday due to increasingly unbearable mouth pain. Fun! Last night the pain was throbbing between my jawbone and up into my left ear. Can we say ow?

I have not been to a dentist since I was a teenager on my parents insurance. Actually that’s a lie. I had an emergency tooth yanked back in 2005 and not long after that, my first eye went blind (on the same side as the yanked tooth) with my first big MS Flair. So that’s a fun memory to have in the back of my mind going into today! Shut up, fear.

Why haven’t I been to a dentist regularly? It’s expensive. Even with my good job, my dental insurance was severely lacking. In fact when I went to have that tooth yanked, I was told my insurance covered that doctor but oopsie! We were wrong, you’ll need to pay us cash for that tooth extraction. When I worked for the doctor, I had fabulous dental! I had plans, so many plans, insurance was active after ninety days and I went blind a month later. Oh darn. Sorry teeth.

I now have this incredible insurance through United Healthcare for my part B coverage and they offer dental! Wait, dental on government insurance? That’s unheard of if you aren’t a child. I know, right? Unfortunately I haven’t taken advantage of it for the two or so years I’ve had it. I literally forget I can see a dentist now and have it covered. Sometimes all it takes is some intolerable pain to make you reach for the hand offering help.

Yesterday I called Carol’s dentist. She had given me his info quite awhile ago, having discovered him while she was dog sitting for her bestie. Carol and I have the same insurance, so it was awesome to take away the hurdle of trying to find a dentist. The receptionist was awesome, looking up my insurance while we were on the phone so I can walk in today and go immediately to x-ray. She wasn’t phased in the slightest when I mentioned the blind and guide dog thing.

So I’m excited for the novocaine. I’m putting the rest of the fear aside and focusing on the relief I’m hopefully going to have in a few hours. Not what I had planned for the first NaBloPoMo post, but it’ll do. I’ll hopefully add more to this tonight and post. It’s now 8:42am.

Ok so I got distracted and found a shiny link just now because I ran a quick edit of what I just wrote and while my computer kept auto correcting “bestie”, it left “novacaine” and just said misspelled. So I googled for the correct spelling and discovered that dentists no longer use novocaine and haven’t for thirty years. It’s now 8:53.

Ok I just turned the auto correct off on my Mac because it refused to leave the word “bestie” in that second time. What the heck is a bister? I’m not going to get distracted by that. It’s now 8:58am.

It’s 4:40pm and I’ve been home for forty minutes. I blame all my stupid time keeping in this post for my paratransit woes. I really do not want to write any more on this post after the day I had. What a kick off to NaBloPoMo haha!

Lesson for the day: Never leave the house without your debit card and/or $40 cash in case you need a cab.

Lesson Two: Floss every single day. Every day. Just do it.

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