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Hanging with Ro Episode 14 – New Year’s Eve in Flagstaff Style

On New Year’s Eve, B and Jayden and I piled into the car and drove up to Flagstaff, AZ. The band Quiet Riot was doing a show there so we had been planning the trip for about a month. When he first asked me if I’d want to go I thought it would be fun to chill in the hotel while he went to the concert, but then I considered going to the show. It had been years since I rang in the new year anywhere other than my bed haha! I ended up not going though because it would have just been too loud for Jayden and for me. I like my hearing, thank you very much.

The drive up was uneventful. I listened to Josh Groban non-stop. B started telling me about snow on the ground next to the highway the closer we got to Flagstaff. Snow! When we arrived at the hotel the temperature change was quite drastic and the breeze bit my skin as we walked to the lobby. Inside I quickly put my Rays hoodie on.

The room was great! It had a little kitchen with a full size coffee maker. I brewed the coffee they provided but it wasn’t good so we’d have to hit a Starbucks so I could get some instant.

We relaxed for a bit in the room and after I fed and relieved Jayden, we headed to the casino to eat. B had to pick up a player’s club card which was the ticket to the show. Sitting in a diner at a casino at 5pm is super creepy. Unless it was just this particular one. It sounded like the most depressing place. There was no laughing, no idle chatter, no music and I kept hearing what sounded to me like a zombified game of Marco Polo.

As we ate I listened and finally got that people were walking by the diner saying, “Kino,” and the staff at the diner parroted them back in a very lackluster voice. Alrighty then.

Then B noticed the band walking right by the diner! He named each member as they passed. The drummer was last, the only original member of Quiet Riot and B said he was the only one with an entourage. Me: Really? B: Yeah, two people.

They were carrying their own bags and everything. Life as a washed up old hair band? It was still cool though.

As we were walking onto the actual gaming floor to get B’s pass, a security guard stopped us. I couldn’t hear what he was saying so he spoke up. He was asking if Jayden had paperwork. I blurted that I have an ID for him but I think the guy could tell I was shocked at the question. He said something like, “what are those dogs called, I can never remember.”

“I’m blind and he’s my guide dog.”

He let us go then. It was bizarre.

The game floor was so smokey! It rather disgusted me and I couldn’t believe I used to do that. I guess I have become the grumpy ex-smoker haha! It’s not so bad outdoors but inside there? Whew!

B got his pass and we went back out into the cold. Wow cold. I mean, cold!

We headed back towards the hotel and I used Siri to locate a Starbucks. Now I had real coffee and was good to go. We hung out for a bit and B tried watching that awful duck show. He switched to New Year’s stuff and there was a year in review show that was rather interesting. We never watch TV other than sports, so it was an experience haha! They discussed things I had only read about on Twitter. Pop culture anyone? It’s lost on me.

After B left I decided on a whim to record a voice note and it morphed into a Hanging with Ro episode. It had been awhile since I recorded myself being a goofball haha!

Ok so now for Hanging with Ro Episode 14. How perfect is that? Episode 14, ringing in 2014. Whoa. *opera voice* Spoooooky! *end opera voice*

So there are two files. This first one is the longest. I think it’s around forty minutes or so. I had no idea where it was going when I started haha! Topics include but are not limited to:

*Breaking the rules with Jayden

*Being out on New Year’s Eve. I just remembered the last time. It was 2005/06 and Georgie and I went to an AA New Year’s event. We were both in our first year sober and we were so scared we’d get hit by a drunk driver.


*B stands for…

*Getting distracted and laughing at the TV

*Seriously? That’s CNN? Anderson Cooper giggling.

*Remotes hate me.

*2013 year in review. Colorado to see Chupa and my first Rays game. Feeling fabulous in Colorado.

*Hip pack humiliation.

*Bad summer, bad health oh who’s singing?

*Josh Groban. How I love the Josh Groban.

*We need to move. Teeth. Not move teeth. Ow.


*I don’t get TV.

*I make a cup of instant coffee but not in the closet.

*I sing la la la and the Josh Groban love begins with gusto.

*Flagstaff smells good.

*I try and describe the Grand Canyon.

*More Josh Groban drool only this time with songs on the iPad. I’m pathetic.

*Ok Josh maybe I didn’t hear that right from you I can’t be certain because you all talked a lot.

*Wow I was sniffling already. I got totally sick the next day.

*The song that made me cry in the car is a Stevie Wonder cover.

*Here is the translation to the song I was swooning over.

*I tell you to look up this clip on youtube so here it is.

*Ok wow I really am happy being me, trust me.

*Who’s outside the window?

*I wish I could shut up my humming.

*I waste time trying to play a song. I didn’t realize I had lost my wifi so I couldn’t get it from the cloud. Here’s the other Brave song by Sara Bareilles. You’ll probably recognize it from those Microsoft commercials.

*I wrap up this portion finally haha!

New Year’s Eve Part 1

And we’re back. This one is about sixteen minutes.

*I’m paranoid it’s not recording.

*Two minutes away from 2014.

*Loud upstairs neighbor.

*David DeJesus is mentioned. Baseball must be on the brain.

*Sleepy girl

*Midnight in New York phone call.

*A totally lame Arizona midnight but at least I checked the time at the exact right moment.

*Evan Longoria. He is seriously mentioned in every single one of my audios. You’d think I do nothing but talk about that man!

*I talk about the Phoenix trip I had forgotten to mention in my year review. Who got to go on the field at Chase Field? Thank you David Price!

*Phoenix killed me though. Well not really since I’m alive but you know.

*Disappointed girl in a Vanderbilt shirt.

*Dave and Andy!

*Learning from mistakes.

*Sleepy iPad scrolling. More talking about Josh Groban. Here’s the song I talk about where his voice becomes part of the instrumental. I really think that’s one of my favorites.

*Finally come to my senses and wrap it up. I also mess up a New Year blessing haha!

New Year’s Eve Part2

I was up when B got back. Just after I stopped recording, fireworks started and there were a lot of people outside the hotel. When I took Jayden out I couldn’t believe how cold it was! Wow. When I asked Siri she said, “brrrr, it’s twenty-two degrees.” B and I talked about the show and then I tried to sleep and failed miserably.

The next morning I woke up way too early and sat on the strange uncomfortable couch waiting for B to get up. Even he couldn’t sleep late. That hotel was so noisy!

We took our time getting ready and headed out to the Grand Canyon. I was sneezing a lot and wished I had taken some of the cold meds I brought with us. The Canyon was about an hour and a half from the hotel. On the road leading to the Canyon, there was suddenly a huge heard of elk! Do they roam in heards? Is it spelled that way? Hmmm.
Anyway, B had exclaimed, “deer! Wait, those are too big to be deer.”

“Are they elk?” I asked.

He said I was probably right and explained that a few crossed the road and several were on the side grazing on grass. Cool!

We parked and found the restroom and I had a total panic attack in there because it had hand dryers that sounded like freaking wind tunnels and they hurt my ears and Jayden was affected by them too and holy crap it was good to get out of there.

We made our way to where B could see the canyon and I listened to all the accents around us and children and different bird sounds. It was very cold and breezy. I did not feel well. There was much more walking than I had expected. I mean it’s a huge hole in the ground. It doesn’t seem like you should have to walk very much to find an edge. It had been sixteen years since I’d been there so couldn’t remember. I wanted to get to a good spot to get a picture with Jayden and me in front of the canyon but it was going to involve steps and there were too many people and yeah. Blah.

I snapped some pictures with my iPhone and sent one to Twitter and apparently it was lovely. Let me see if I can find the tweet. Ok I can’t find it so I asked Twitter. Might just have to upload it again. I should really figure out Word Press pictures haha. Here’s the picture. Thanks, @L_Squared!

So I just got sicker and sicker as we went back to the hotel. I collapsed for a bit and then we started trying to figure out food. The only two places that were open on New Year’s Day were The Outback and Sizzler. Sizzler? They still have those? That was my first ever job. I was a salad bar keeper. Fried shrimp entered my brain and that was all I could think about. So we went there and there was actually a huge snow drift in the parking lot! I had my fried shrimp but I was so miserable I hardly remember it. Bread pudding for dessert. I thought a rap in my head: I had dinner, at the Sizzler with my mister, on New year’s Day, while I had a fever. Wow. Um. Yeah hi. I won’t quit my day job. Oh wait, I don’t have one.

We went back to the hotel and I did some packing up and crashed. That was pretty much it! It was a really good time and I’m glad we did it. I felt pretty good there in Flagstaff, minus being sick of course. It was like how I felt better in Colorado. High elevation and cold, I tell ya. I used to think I’d like to live in Flagstaff but I don’t think so. Just too cold and there’s an odd feeling there. Just like in Sedona when I went with B several years ago. We both feel it in northern Arizona. Just an odd feeling. It’s a nice place to visit though!

Happy 2014 everyone! I hope you enjoyed the audio if you listened.

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The Latest

Singing hurts when your jaw hurts, did you know that? Whoa, why did my iTunes radio just stop? Odd. It’s like it knew I had just written that singing was painful. Oh well, I put on some local radio since I had just been thinking it would be nice to hear some other music mixed in with the Christmas music I had been listening to on iTunes radio.

Christmas music? You’re listening to Christmas music?

Why yes, yes I am. I don’t start listening to it as early as most seem to do, like right after Halloween, but I was in the festive spirit this morning and Christmas music lifts my spirits. I just need to remember that singing hurts. This station doesn’t seem to be playing regular music with Christmas music though. Anyway, I wanted to write an update about my dental hell, er health, not music.

I can’t remember what I last wrote about though, let me go take a gander. Oh so I did already write about irrigating the sockets and stuff. I had completely forgotten. Wow. Next time I whine about my normal MS fog, I need to remember the pain and Vicodin induced fog, ok?

I had decided to write a post while I was having some chocolate ice cream for lunch. Yum, right? Yes, when you are having ice cream as a treat. Not so much when you just need calories and sugar in you because you were dizzy but if you ate anything solid you’d have to irrigate your sockets so ice cream is just easier. Also, I really like additives in my ice cream like chocolate chips or brownies. My how I mis texture!

I am developing an addiction to Stouffer’s mac and cheese. I’ve always liked it but since it’s really the only thing thats comfortable to eat right now, I’m eating a lot of it. So wait, is this addiction or dependence? I am dependent on Stouffer’s mac and cheese. Hi, I’m Ro and I’m a Stouffer’s mac and cheese addict. Hi Ro!

Speaking of addiction, I’m keeping a very close eye on me and this Vicodin. When it comes time to take a pill I take stock of my pain to make sure it’s needed. I told my massage guy last night that one thing I’ve noticed about being on Vicodin is that the rest of my body benefits from it, too. However I hate hate hate the additional cognitive issues and it makes me sleepy.

My sleep has been all over the place. I’ve really noticed that my sleep seems to be effected whenever I introduce a new medication of any kind. Wednesday night I could not get to sleep, which is usually never a problem. After B came to bed I decided to get up for a bit thinking that would help but when I went back to bed I was still wide awake so I just didn’t sleep at all on Wednesday night. I had a massage at 4pm Thursday and luckily was able to doze for a bit in the afternoon before the appointment and last night I slept all the way through after waking briefly when B came to bed. We both said uh oh, but I fell back to sleep quickly.

This morning I thought I might be able to clean up my kitchen but no. Just making the bed and messing with some tangled computer cables wore me out. I’m just so under nourished! I forgot to ask B to grab some Ensure from the store yesterday. I started sweating while organizing the cables and had to turn the heater off.

The heater? In Arizona?

It’s rainy and cold out, yes. We do get cold weather sometimes. I turned the fan on and before long I was cold. I’m glad I’m having my thyroid checked next month though I suspect the elevated temperature sensitivity has to do with all the work my body is doing to heal my mouth and the narcotic in my system might have something to do with it as well.

So that’s where it stands. The left side of my mouth doesn’t hurt at all anymore but that pesky right side is taking forever to catch up. That’s the side that had a really deep root and the pain goes all the way down to my jaw and up into my ear. Woo hoo!

I have more dental work to get done next year but there’s no way there will be this much pain. I’m glad I did all the extractions at once so that when this is done, it’s just done.

You know what I can’t wait for? Chili Cheese Fritos!

Oh PS – My massage guy and his wife adopted a career changed dog from GDB and when she was dropping me off last night, A said Jayden always looks so happy. She said she’s been paying more attention to the guide dogs at work and some of them look so sad. She said whatever I’m doing keep doing it. That made me happy because it was a great compliment, but sad knowing there are miserable looking guide dogs. I remember hearing a woman talking to her guide dog one day at the blind center and the angry edge in her voice was sharp as glass and I thought, poor dog.

I got to thinking last night about Jayden being a happy dog and beyond the fact that I love him more than life, I think I just always remember that he’s a living being first and a service dog second. I’m just so glad he looks happy! He has been such a rock for me during this last really really difficult couple months, as always.

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Irrigating Sockets. Huh?

Yesterday was a week since my tooth extraction surgery and the pain had gotten so bad that I literally listened to my phone count down until 8am when I could call the oral surgeon. I was still having my phone wake me up every three hours to take over-the-counter medication and when I couldn’t get back to sleep after the 3:30am Advil due to the pain not going away I lay in bed and decided that come hell or high water I was seeing a dental professional no matter what or who I had to do and if I had to find a dragon to fly me to the appointment. Geesh what is with my run-ons lately?

Unfortunately the surgeon wasn’t at the office near me yesterday since he splits his time between that and another office. Too bad for my dragon, the other office was on the complete other side of town. I got an appointment for 2:30 and began trying to find a ride. B couldn’t take off like he normally can since he was giving a training. He had suggested my Aunt B (haha hey, Aunt B) but I thought she was in Phoenix working a show. I thought my uncle was off though so I called him. Turns out he was at work but he said to call Aunt B. Wow, my fog had been so thick after Gamma died that I really had things messed up about who was here and who wasn’t. Aunt B was more than happy to be my dragon.

It took us forever to get clear across town and we were slightly late but that didn’t matter since I wasn’t called back until 3:30 anyway. Sitting in the lobby was just starting to get my anxiety up when I heard my name. It was Leah! I wondered if she went with the surgeon when he did time at this location and sure enough, there she was. Jayden immediately recognized her and all his uncertainty about this new location melted away as he followed her.

The surgeon looked at my mouth and said there was no infection which was great. I was concerned about infection since this awful taste was coming out of the right socket. Gross, I know, so sorry. He irrigated the hole and said a lot of debris came out of it. I asked why I had gotten dry socket even though I had done everything I was supposed to and he said sometimes that just happens. Just my luck, eh?

He put some clove oil in the socket (heaven!) and repacked it. I asked if he was going to do the left side. He said no since I said it was the right side that hurt worse. Um yes, but the left side is still sore so while I’m here, let’s take care of that one too, shall we? Lots of debris came out of that side as well. He packed that one and sent me on my way.

I was impressed with the place last week. This week? Not so much. I think it might have been the difference in locations. This place seemed totally unorganized. They’d had six hours since I called to get my chart from the other office but they hadn’t gotten it. I just really hope this whole thing is done and I can move on to just getting normal work done at the normal dentist.

Something I had completely forgotten about came back to me after yesterday. When I was a phlebotomist working in the lab at the air force base years ago, an airman dared me to draw my own blood so I did. That skill came in handy years later when I ran a draw station and needed fasting labs done haha! Anyway, I had picked a light blue tube to use that day so the techs went ahead and ran a prothrombin time test on me. That checks your clotting factors. The tech told me that according to results, I clot just fine on the outside, but if I ever have any bleeding internally, there might be problems. I wonder if this dry socket has anything to do with that, since dry socket happens because the clot in the wound is lost too quickly. Perhaps I didn’t make a strong enough clot. The mouth isn’t technically internal, but the blood isn’t fully exposed to air so who knows? Me and my medical mind haha!

The surgeon sent me home with a syringe to irrigate my sockets after every meal. Aunt B and I laughed on the way home because Leah explained everything to Aunt B, saying I’d need help aiming the needle-like tip on the syringe into the socket. There was no point in explaining that Aunt B doesn’t live with me and that I can do it just fine on my own, thank you very much. In fact it’s really not hard at all. I just wash my hands and feel where the syringe tip is and put it right near the socket. It seems like it would be harder for someone else to do for me, especially since I stand over the sink so the water runs out.

It’s not very pleasant so I didn’t eat very often today haha! It might just turn out to be a decent diet plan. 😉

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Pancake Soup

I have a post to write about a trilogy I just finished called The Grimnoir Chronicles that I loved so much I immediately went back and started the first book over again even though I’m practically swimming in audio books. When I finished the third book however, I couldn’t imagine beginning something else. I don’t think I’ll read the entire trilogy again right now. I’ll probably finish the first book and then read the book Amanda got me. When you really want someone to read a book and they don’t do it, just buy it for them. 😉

Another reason I didn’t want to start a new book was because I’ve gotten foggier and foggier as time went on after the tooth extraction. Yesterday I almost decided to go to the ER after scrambled eggs caused agonizing pain and many tears but I decided I didn’t want to pick up someone’s flu or wait there for six hours.

What I have learned through this experience is that I need to remember that everyone is different and just because everyone else I talked to ate solid food right away without a problem, didn’t mean I could. Wednesday was an enigma. I don’t know why the pain didn’t kill me then but wow did it set in. I’ve since read that the older you get before having your wisdom teeth out, the harder it is for the surgeon and the more pain. I took all the Vicodin and prescription Advil the surgeon gave me. Luckily B and I had some leftover Tylenol with codeine from our past tooth issues so I’ve been alternating four regular Advil and the Codeine with two hours in between. B picked me up a bottle of Advil Liquigels yesterday because my generic ibuprofin didn’t work nearly as well as the prescription stuff had even at the same miligrams. The real stuff most definitely works better. Gamma, you were right all those times I tried to tell you how much cheaper generic pain relief was. “It doesn’t work as well,” you’d say. I believe you now.

I finally figured out that the only “food” I can handle is food with the same consistency as baby food. I actually thought about getting some of that but those jars are so tiny it would be a huge waste of money. So today I’ll get more yogurt and apple sauce since I blew through that like it was water, along with Cream of Wheat and ice cream. I tried oatmeal but even that didn’t work. The oats separate too much and get stuck in the holes. Ow.

On Sundays B and I get Breakfast from The Good Egg, an Arizona based breakfast/lunch restaurant that ROCKS. It’s usually my favorite meal of the week and I get the veggie skillet yum! I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat that today though so I got a short stack of pancakes, ripped them up into small pieces, mixed them with the butter and syrup provided, heated it up again and basically turned the whole thing into pancake soup. It was perfect! You don’t need teeth to mash that up and swallow. It was wonderful! I’m full for the first time in quite awhile. I only wish they had put a little more syrup in there though since I didn’t have any and it really could have used some more.

So that’s the update. I hope I don’t jinx myself when I say that today the pain has either been bearable or I’m just getting used to it. The right side is the worst because that wisdom tooth was almost completely impacted and sideways. When it was in there I could feel it trying to protrude out of the gum sideways. So no wonder it hurts like a bitch and is completely swollen still. The left side is beginning to Heal. It almost feels like it wants to itch like skin does when it’s healing. It’s the most bizarre feeling!

I can honestly say that December has been my worst month of 2013, with Gamma dying and now all this pain. At least I know that in this calendar year at least, I can’t have a worst month. 😉

Wow, that took forever to proof read haha! I make a lot more mistakes when I’m in pain and drugged.I forgot to mention how wonderful chamomile tea is. It is so very soothing on my mouth. Last week the store was out of Celestial Seasonings and this other brand doesn’t taste as good but it’s still wonderful.

T minus 13 minutes till Advil

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The pain! The pain!

So the fact that I didn’t sleep much yesterday since I slept a ton the day of surgery meant that I didn’t miss a single dose of pain meds. Every two hours I was either taking one Vicodin or one prescription Advil. The pain never had a chance to set in.

I was a little afraid to sleep but I honestly thought I would wake up magically like I had during the brief time I slept the night before. Unfortunately not. I fell asleep around 9:30 last night and woke up at 5:30 this morning in the most agony I have ever felt. I probably shouldn’t say that because after every health problem this year I’ve said it was the worst and something worst happened. Can I get a reset in 2014 please?

I fumbled for a Vicodin and collapsed back in bed waiting for it to kick in but it did nothing. The pain had had hours to settle in, after all. I took another one and propped my head up since laying down in any position made the pain worse. I tried to focus on my breathing and listen to Jayden and B breathing on either side of me. The pain began to dull. Slightly. I dozed.

At around 7:15 I decided to take a prescription Advil and get up to ice my jaw. I did that yesterday after a twenty minute conversation with Georgie on the phone left it aching. I stayed on the couch for awhile listening to a book and taking turns icing both sides of my face. The only part that doesn’t hurt is the upper right part. Everything else in my mouth screamed.

I started asking on Twitter what people do in the night when they’re on a pain medication. Carrot said she had an alarm wake her up. I was leaning towards that so I decided that would be a good idea. She suggested spacing it out a bit so I could sleep but that idea scared me so I agreed on three hours. The typical sleep cycle is ninety minutes so I figure an alarm that goes off every three hours should allow me to get in some good sleep cycles.

The pain is under control now. I’ve started adding a Tylenol to the Vicodin since I’m allowed two Vicodin but that makes me way too sleepy. I figure it won’t overdo Tylenol if I take one with the Vicodin.

Yesterday certainly lulled me into a false sense of okness around this whole thing. What sheer agony. I have never felt pain like that, ever. It’s worth it though because I know when this is over my mouth will be in much better shape.

My doctor’s office called just a bit ago letting me know I’m due for a checkup and wanting to discuss my home nurse visit. I mumbled that I just had massive dental surgery and could I call back next week? Her tone of voice suggested she knew just what I’m going through haha.

This too shall pass. And please keep this post in mind if you ever have surgery and are on a meds schedule. It’s a good idea not to sleep for hours and let the pain set in. I should have known since I used to have to wake Mom up on a schedule and give her meds. Time to do the same for myself.

Advil in five minutes. Thanks for distracting me, post.

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Now I definitely know I don’t want to be drunk and blind

Not that there has been any doubt. When I got out of the hospital after going blind my uncle asked If I wanted to drink and I said, “then I’d be blind AND falling on my ass.”

It’s pretty scary when you have a hard time walking under your own power and you kind of rely on your legs and stuff to help you negotiate the world around you that you can’t see because when you can’t see the horizon you need the rest of you to tell you which way is up and when you’re drunk, this doesn’t work too well.

Wait wait wait, back up, drunk? What?

Yeah no, not drunk on alcohol, drunk on the remnants of anesthesia. Rejoice! The teeth finally came out! The poisonous teeth and even though it hasn’t even been twenty-four hours since they were cracked and pried from my skull, I already feel better. Yes yes yes yes yes! Surgeon’s office called Thursday with the insurance approval and I got the first available appointment yesterday. yes!!!

Ok, deep breath. Really did just take one. I’ve been awake since 2:30am because I got too much sleep yesterday and that kills my “non-military regimented sleep schedule”. First I had the nap thanks to a needle in my arm and then I had a nap on my bed at home later while my body adjusted to the vicodin it had never experienced plus the half a cup of coffee I nursed in bed that wasn’t enough to keep me awake. I couldn’t even have water before the surgery. I had to wake up without coffee. Any time B asked me the night before if I was nervous I just said only about waking up without coffee.

The no water was actually harder though. My throat was so dry and I felt like there was a lump there. I gargled when I brushed my teeth and I was allowed a sip to take morning meds but I’m used to twenty ounces of water in the mornings so I was parched like fall foliage.

B and I got to the surgeon’s office ten minutes before my 10:45am appointment. It was nearing 11am when I said to B they probably schedule you for 10:45am so you won’t be late for your 11am appointment and then I had an internal rant about how we punctual people are being punished thanks to the chronically late. It was then that I noticed I was getting anxious. I was ready to get this over with, I had survived the no coffee and now it was time to face the fact that they’d be knocking me out and crunching five teeth out of my head. Ok to be fair they probably only had to crunch two out, the two impacted wisdom teeth. The top wisdom tooth was just a leftover root of the tooth that broke while I ate Lucky Charms years ago before i had dental insurance and the other two were the bottom front teeth that I ruined with a steal tongue ring all those years ago when I didn’t listen to my dental hygienist friend and replace the balls with acrylic. Those teeth have been loose for years so they probably popped out no problem. So I’m sure there was only crunching on two teeth but man my neck and shoulders feel it today. What did they do to me while I was asleep? I had the idea to start a voice note on my phone in my pocket but I felt too much like an NSA spy so I didn’t do it. I mean what if the surgeon and his assistants discussed deep life issues?

They had told me at the consult that the anesthesia would be just like when I had the colonoscopy so I was expecting to come out of it asking questions, not with the remnants of my dream about manipulating gravity.

When they were hooking me up to the hard monitor and such, the pitch of the beep beep beep kept changing when I moved. At one point they all left the room so I started playing with the beeping, slowing down and holding my breath so the beeping got slow and then taking a quick deep breath to speed up the beeping. I’m weird, but it distracted me from the fact that I had left Jayden in the lobby with B and this patient who had been seriously interested in him. (Jayden, not B.)

The main assistant was the woman who did the brunt of my consultation and I remembered her telling me she’d be there the day of surgery. She told me her name was Leah but said I probably wouldn’t remember but I said I would because my friend Amanda has a guide dog named Leah and Leah the woman asked if Leah the dog was a good dog and I said yes.

So I kept waiting for Leah yesterday and she finally got there and I got happy and she rubbed my shoulders. Everyone there was so personable and they made the experience less than scary, just like the people at the colonoscopy. Medical professionals are awesome. I should know, I used to be one. I made them all laugh when I heard a woman say, “heart rate is…” she trailed off and I said, “elevated”. I was nervous haha.

So Leah asked if anything had changed since I was there and I said no and she asked when I was there and when I told her she said, “Oh, the day before I found out I was pregnant!” So we had a squealy girlie moment and she empathized with the no coffee since she can’t drink coffee now either. “At least you get to have some when you get home,” she joked.

Then the surgeon was there and he started my IV and I told Leah to make sure nothing fell down my throat and she said they’d put in a throat cup and then I was waking up from my dream about manipulating gravity. And freezing. I was shivering so hard and it’s a good thing my mouth was full of gauze. I tried to talk. Ha!

The rest was a whirlwind. They brought B and Jayden in and were giving B instructions because obviously I was way too out of it. I was still thinking about gravity and wondering why I couldn’t talk and was that my lip? Holy crap that’s my lip! Is there a baseball where my chin should be?

They got me to a wheelchair and Jayden gave me a once over and they were wheeling me out and to B’s car and Leah and B helped me to the car and Jayden got in and I looked at Leah and muttered through gauze,” ngats ong te aby.” and I gestured at my stomach. Leah was awesome! I think I might send the office a card or something.

I barely remember the drive home. I tried to take a picture of myself but the camera wouldn’t work. It was probably drunk user error.

B and Jayden helped me in the house and then we took Jay out to pee and then I collapsed on the couch and I told B I wouldn’t move until he got back from getting my prescriptions and some mac and cheese. But pain started setting in right after he left so I got up to look for the codeine I still had from the dentist but I couldn’t find it so I took two Tylenol. That could have been bad because the vicodin the surgeon gave me has Tylenol in it. I did my drug research this morning now that I’m coherant. It was fine though. I was still cold so I changed into warm house clothes and climbed into bed, using Gamma’s cane to get around and when B got home he brought everything into the bedroom. I took a Vicodin and we discussed that I also had prescription Advil and I was to alternate the two every two hours. This has held the pain no problem and even when I slept last night, I magically awoke when it was time for the next dose. I’ve hardly felt any pain at all, thank God! I also noticed last night that the pressure in my lower jaw is gone and the vertigo is already subsiding! Those teeth were poison! I swear, medical and dental needs to be covered by the same money. Even flossing was easier without those two wisdom teeth pushing everything together.

I settled into bed and Jayden sat right by the bed even though his bed was right there in the corner. He wouldn’t leave my side. So I pulled is bed right next to me and he curled up. Such a protective boy!

I had started coffee right when we got home and had a cup by the bed that literally took me hours to drink. I got hungry and got up and as I walked out of the room B said, “whatcha doin, you ok?” Such a protective boy!

Eating hard boiled eggs with a partially numb mouth was a bad idea. It was hard to tell what was egg white and what was cheek. I had two cups of apple sauce after that (apple sauce is crack on a sore mouth yum) and when I put my book on it wasn’t long before I turned it off and went to sleep. B woke me at 4:30 since he was going to get some dinner and I was like oh it’s time to feed Jayden! So I got Jayden fed and relieved and then got back into bed. I dictated some tweets and then ate a big thing of Stouffer’s mac and cheese and listened to my book and took my meds every two hours and went to sleep at 10:30 and then magically woke up at 12:30 for my next dose and then again at 2:30 for my next dose but then I couldn’t sleep again so I finally got up at 4 am and I’ve been up ever since. I just checked and it’s 10:18am. I think I’ll get back into bed soon.

Jayden was adorable when I got out of bed at 4am to get some caffeine since a caffeine headache was breaking through the meds. Jayden got up on the couch and methodically sniffed my jawbone. He knows it hurts in there. I swear to God it was like he was making sure I was ok! Either that or it just smelled different and interesting.

When B got up and was heading to work I asked him something, I can’t remember what, and he needed me to repeat it since I now sound funny. You know the beaver from Lady and the tramp? I sound like that now. Ok maybe not quite to that extreme. 😉

It’s time for Jayden to pee and split a banana with me and then I think I’ll retire to listen to the book and the character who manipulates gravity.

Speaking of gravity”

Random Coolness

Tucson is Epicenter of Meteorite Strike

That explains the boom I heard last night that rattled the bedroom window. I didn’t say anything to B because I thought it was just the drugs talking. When he cane in later and read the story of the mysterious boom on his phone I sat up in bed and exclaimed, “that’s what that was!?” B was bummed he hadn’t heard it.

Oh PS – Yesterday was Mom’s birthday! I used to drink a daiquiri or five on her birthday, then when I got sober I switched to some kind of food she would have liked but yesterday there was no eating Greek food or blackened chicken but she did used to like Stouffer’s mac and cheese! I also found out on Twitter today that she shared a birthday with Michael Dorn a.k.a Worf.

PPS – Georgie called as I was previewing this post. She had seen my posts on Facebook and was calling to check on me so we traded wisdom teeth stories. I wish I had asked her if she heard the boom last night. When we hung up my jaw ached. It is hard to talk without those lower teeth. I have to work harder to get the words out. Fun!

PPPS – How are all my run-on sentences? That’s how I think when I’m sleep deprived. Or maybe all the time. Is it time for my next dose? Not yet.


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Thanks for the Bone, Universe. It’s delicious.

This morning I had a house call with a nurse practitioner. This is a program my insurance participated in a couple months ago but it’s not actually new, just new here. Basically her visit was just meant to supplement my regular doctor visits and the point of the program is to try and keep people out of the hospital. I was incredibly impressed with her and the program and they’re “mission statement” if you will, keep people out of hospitals, keep people healthier, the better for all of us.

The visit was very comprehensive including the normal sort of checklist you might fill out at the doctor, but more brief. She got to know all about my medical history just by asking questions and having a conversation. She was easy to communicate with, knowledgeable about MS, not at all condescending, understanding about my choice not to get a flu shot, not distracted by my dog and ignoring her patient, not rushing, just all around a good experience.

I was impressed when she said, “I bet you’re happier than most that summer is over.” She knows!!! She gets it! When I explained that I’m on gabapentin for my pain and that I’m trying not to go the narcotic route for as long as possible, she gently but firmly explained that pain can trigger my MS just like heat so I should not live with pain. I mentioned medical pot and she told me how to go about opening up the dialogue with my doctor and what to expect about the process. We talked about how B and I are both in recovery so there’s that to contend with. She just understood it all.

When I mentioned the tooth problems and how much Advil I’ve been taking she asked if I had tried calling the insurance to speed up the process. When I explained that I had and it didn’t go well, she gave me a phone number to try and basically gave me the courage to keep trying until I found someone who could and would help. I’m going to try again tomorrow. If at first you don’t succeed and all that.

She tested my urine to check my sugar and kidneys which came back normal despite all the Advil. We talked about my vertigo and I told her I wanted to get a cane and she agreed that would be a good idea. She told me to call that same number to get assistance finding a neurologist.

Gosh, what else did we discuss? Oh she gave me a physical and everything looked good on the outside and sounded good on the inside. She checked my feet for neuropathy and even though I’m having tingling in the right one, that came back ok too. I did fail the three word test though. I could only remember two of the words. So I don’t know what that means. I also drew a clock haha!

“Can you draw the face of a clock?”

“I’m blind!”

“Do you remember what a clock looks like? Here, draw it.” Hahaha! I giggled. She said my circle was perfect. I drew the hands to the time she wanted but they were a little off since I couldn’t remember exactly where I had drawn the numbers. Good times!

I am exhausted this afternoon but it was such a good experience. She really helped. It’s like she picked up on exactly what has been a stressor and gave me solutions. Oh and we talked about therapy too, which is funny because this morning I was thinking I wanted to get back into it. She gave me a phone number for that too, a number that will help me find the right kind of help. She iterated how important it is to have that outside party that won’t judge what you say. It was like this woman was reading my mind!

So wow, maybe the universe heard me when I asked if a bone could be thrown my way. I definitely don’t feel so lost at sea now. I feel like now I can just focus on not feeling well at the time being and can just relax. I feel like she was my spotter while lifting heavy weights. Which oh man have I gained weight. We talked about that, too. About how easy it is to get out of the habit of daily exercising especially when you don’t feel well.

Anyway, yay! As I was catching up on Twitter after I had some lunch, I read the following tweet:

@BMcCarthy32 I have a painful wisdom tooth situation happening, so I apologize if I’ve been cynical and sarcastic on this website recently.

Wow, I get to have a painful wisdom tooth situation at the same time as Brandon McCarthy! How lucky am I? Wait Ro, I clicked that link, he doesn’t nor has he ever pitched for the Rays. I know, but I admire him. Dude got his head split open by a line drive, fell into a coma, came out of it and is pitching again. I’m honored to share wisdom tooth misery with him. Though something tells me he doesn’t have to wait for insurance to tell him he can have it removed.

Random Happy

If you read my review of “The Fault in Our Stars”, you know how much I adored it. If you follow me on Twitter, you know how much I like Mental Floss. So when I found out that John Green himself (author of aforementioned novel) does videos for Mental Floss, I was thrilled! That man talks so fast. Seriously.

So today, how happy was I to open a video full of outtakes from Mental Floss and John Green? It was the perfect way to unwind after the house call this morning. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time.


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If you have a bone, can you throw it my way?

Today did not start well. In fact it was steadily beginning to look ugly for anyone I might accidentally come into contact with, online, in person or over the phone so I unplugged from the internet, downloaded “11-22-63” from my Audible library and cuddled on the couch with Jayden for the rest of the day until it was time to make some dinner. I started crocheting Jayden a new mat for his spot under the breakfast bar, too.

I saw the oral surgeon back on the sixth and we came up with a plan for getting my extractions. Unfortunately, the bombshell was dropped at the end of the appointment that the insurance had to approve the procedure and that could take four to six weeks.

When I finished up with the antibiotics and discovered the soothing power of tea, it was looking like waiting wouldn’t be a problem. But the last few days the pain has begun to come back in the upper left part of my mouth because of the broken wisdom tooth there. The pain is going up into my ear and cheekbone. I’m not sure if the horrible vertigo I’ve been experiencing is all because of that or not but luckily I have my first house call tomorrow with my new nurse practitioner. Maybe she can give me some suggestions.

I called the oral surgeon’s office this morning to see if they had heard anything back from the insurance but they didn’t answer so I tried calling the insurance and by the fourth person who couldn’t help me, I was seriously close to a meltdown. I called the oral surgeon again and she checked to see if they had gotten the approval but of course not. So I asked if I can just pay to have the one tooth out that’s causing all these problems.

“Yes we can do that, not a problem.”

“Oh great!”

“Unfortunately our computers are down right now so I can’t do any scheduling or price checking. Can I call you back when they’re up?”

Deep breath.

“Of course, not a problem.”

I never heard back from her. Escaping life and dissolving into the story of the man who goes back in time to save Kennedy helped me calm down. Luckily the nurse tomorrow is taking a urine sample, which is good since I’ve been eating Advil like it’s candy. This too shall pass, right? I mean, right?

My friend Ricardo had mentioned that he wanted to reread “11-22-63” again after JFK has been all over social media and what not lately so he planted the seed. I ran across my post about it not long after and had to laugh when I read the part where I asked if the post would influence my reading the book again this year. Not sure it did, but I’m grateful for the book.

You guys, I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. Oh yeah, I need a new neurologist and the one I wanted to see doesn’t take my insurance. What next, universe?

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What’s a Newspaper?

first thing this morning I noticed the sounds of workers out behind my apartment and thought, great, I get to blindly search for dog poop in front of strangers. If only I had known that would be the least of my problems. The noise, oh the noise! The sounds of rocks thumping together, men shouting, eventually a loud machine doing God only knows what and it would have been fine if it weren’t for that meddling tooth pain that is back with a vengeance today going up into my ear hurry up insurance suits hurry up I need my ear! Thank God I’m on Lexapro, seriously. I called the apartment office to find out what the workers were doing and of course no one answered. They never answer. I called Carol. She told me the cutest story!

Friday Carol went to Starbucks with the intention of enjoying some coffee while doing a crossword before hitting the book store. There weren’t any tables available but she noticed two little girls sitting beside each other at a small table, playing on an iPad. Carol asked the two women next to the girls if they belonged to them and then asked if it would be ok if she sat on the other side to do her crossword. The older of the two girls hardly paid any attention but the younger girl was very interested in Carol. The following is what happened, told from the best of my memory of the conversation.

Carol: I only need this much space. (She drew a square around her coffee cup, making the girls giggle)

Youngest girl: What’s that?

Carol: This is a newspaper. (The younger girl came over to get a better look)

Youngest girl: What’s a newspaper?

(I groan at this point. How old do I feel?)

Carol: (Points to the iPad) It’s like that, but made out of paper. (The moms laugh)

The youngest girl is then interested in the crossword. Luckily the perfect clue presents itself.

Carol: How does every single fairy tale start?

Youngest girl: Once upon a time!

Carol: So that’s the clue for this four letter word, do you think the word is once, upon or time?

I can’t remember if she told me the rest but I just loved that story. Yes, the child not knowing what a newspaper is was a bit depressing, but the story of the interaction was happy making. I love random encounters with kids! I knew I had to share in today’s post.

There was also a funny part about the men working outside. At one point I heard a song being sung in spanish as one of the men worked. A little while later a phone rang and the ring tone was the “mine! mine! mine!” from Finding Nemo, which made me think of Tropicana Field.

It’s the little things.

Happy birthday, Ricardo!!!

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She’s got a Mustache Starting Here

I’m remembering now what a lot of typing does to my right shoulder muscle. Ow! I just worked it out a bit with my foam roller but it’s still giving me big twinges as I type this. So I’m going to write about a short dream I remember.

I rarely remember dreams and this one is sticking with me because it’s just so weird, though aren’t all dreams weird? Anyway, you know how at the dentist there’s no doors on the rooms? Why is that? Everyone can hear the dentist lecturing you about not flossing every day and you can hear the kid in the next room laughing with a wide open mouth.

In my dream I was at the dentist’s office, laying back in the chair, mouth wide open when the dentist says to his assistant, “she’s got a mustache starting here, we’re going to need the wax.”

My eyes widen in mortification that the entire office heard that I have the beginnings of a mustache and that’s where the dream ends.

This one is pretty simple to interpret. I’ve been to the dentist a lot recently, it’s Muvember (is that how they spell it?) so mustaches are talked about constantly on social networks, and I’m terrified of one day growing a ladystache (I just made that up) and I won’t know it and no one will tell me. Good times, dreams.

Random Happy

Grab the tissues! Beyonce makes young blind fan’s night with tear jerking dedication and duet ~ Direct youtube link to the video if you can’t play it in the article.

I secretly hoped this would happen to me when I went to the Carrie Underwood concert when I was six days blind but alas, hehe.


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