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Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 27 – Falling dog and errands

Last year was when I experienced falling dog effect that happens when a dog is so asleep he doesn’t even know he’s falling haha! We went to the mail and had a mild adventure, and Jayden met Lish for the first time.

Today was nice. Since B is still on vacation, I had him for running errands. I absolutely despise running errands on the weekends. Despise it. Everyone and their mother is out on weekends. So I love getting stuff done during the week.

I finally shipped out Carin’s blanket, one of the winners of the puppy pool. I’m sorry I didn’t ship them all out together, but I need to space it out. I’ll be getting the others out soon, since now I know more of what I’m looking at price wise, and I know the shipping place so theoretically I could take paratransit to get those out. Carin’s blanket was the largest one, since I made it more textured for her. The other two I should be able to carry on my own. So yay, finally getting a move on those.

We also went and got some yarn for the blankets for Japan. The idea is getting quite a response on Twitter and L^2’s blog. So we’ll see how many people we get to make blankets. I’m thinking right now, money is the best, but for the rebuilding phase, people have lost everything. So if we send blankets of all sizes, it’ll just be something a little personal for the people as they rebuild.

Jayden was very happy to get out today and had a romp fest with B and the Wubba when we got home, running all over the house. Good times.

Oh yeah, it’s weird that last year I was fighting a migraine and I am today too. Kinda strange haha.

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What do you think about crocheting/knitting blankets for Japan?

This morning I woke up to the news about the earthquake in Japan, and just like with any other natural disaster, I immediately wanted to help, but how? Suddenly I thought about what my skills are and I wondered if the people would need blankets. Then I thought that would be silly; they could probably use the money we’d put into yarn and the money would get there faster. My whole train of thought was being jotted down on Twitter, and someone pointed out that if we were to send a ton of blankets, we’d know the government couldn’t take it like they would money. Not to accuse the government of anything, but it makes sense. Like giving a beggar a sandwich, you know he’s not gonna spend the money for it on a beer, right? So we’d know the people were getting blankets…

So what if we use the power of the net to rally all the crocheters and knitters we know to furiously start working on the fastest patterns we know? What if we all got those one pounders of Red heart and just went to town? If I did a simple ripple in all one color, I could crochet up those blankets fast. I know how bad I am at finishing blankets and getting them shipped, as the puppy pool winners know, but for a cause like this? Those people will need all kinds of things, right? Of course they’d need blankets?

So, crocheters/knitters, what do you think? Could we do this?


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Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 17 – Final week and today’s vet visit

Today was a fun day. But first, one of the posts from last year answered some questions I had been getting about training at GDB. The second post is about winding down and doing fine tuning work in the last week, so really focusing more on what kinds of things I’d actually encounter back home. I had taken most of the day off since the class was going to San Fran again, and I was conserving spoons for that night’s redemption route.

Now on to today. It was time for Jay’s year check-up at the vet. Crazy how time flies! It was at 9am this morning so yesterday I scheduled a cab for 8:30. I had opted not to use paratransit since they’d pick me up incredibly early and I didn’t know how long the appointment would last. I was going to go with the cab company Gamma uses but I looked them up and the phone number I called led to a different company. Not sure if the name just changed, because both numbers I called had incredibly rude people. So I went with Yellow Cab.

I asked for a van this morning since those are more comfortable and he showed up about 8:40. He was much friendlier than the last guy haha. Though, he still didn’t let me know he was there. I think he called my cell, but I didn’t hear it in my backpack.

We got to the vet and Jayden was all wiggly happy. He tried to say hi to the vet cat by trying to jump on the counter. A no and a sit put a stop to that. Just too fun though, with all the animal smells and sounds.

The receptionist asked me some questions and then looked through my GDB booklet for me to find the health check form GDB likes to get from grads. They said only about fifty percent of grads actually send in these forms, and I vowed I’d be one of them.

We sat briefly and the vet cat came and curled up in my lap. He was so sweet! Then another person and her dog came out of the exam room and I had to get firm with Jayden, so the cat bolted.

We were led into the exam room where the tech asked if I had any questions for the vet and I said I just wanted to make sure Jay’s body was conditioned well and at a healthy weight. I was concerned because he weighed in at 71 pounds, same as he had at Petsmart, but I had believed their scales to be wrong. He just didn’t feel all that different from the 64 pounds he had been when I brought him home.

They took him to do his nails and it was so weird, having him gone. I sat waiting, afraid I’d hear a yelp or something but none came. When the tech brought him back, I thought he’d be all excited to see me.

He wasn’t. He was all about the tech. I’d been replaced. *sob*

We sat a little while longer and the vet came in and I helped him get Jayden on the table. It’s one of those that raises, but Jay was hesitant to climb up the three inches till I told him it was ok.

Sure enough, the vet said Jay could lose a few pounds. I was crestfallen. I swore I wouldn’t have a guide dog who gained weight. I watch his food so closely and feel the BMI all the time like they taught us. The vet assured me Jayden is by no means overweight and looks absolutely fine, he’d just like to see a few pounds come off so there’s more of a ridge between the last rib and the belly. I had noticed a little thickening there, but couldn’t remember if that was the way it was supposed to be. So now I know. It won’t take too much of a decrease. I’ve been giving him a heaping cup, twice a day so now I’ll just level it out. We’ve been getting out a lot more too, so I’m still proud of his weight even though he’s a few pounds over.

Everything else checked out perfect. Ears, eyes, nodes, coat, feet, teeth, everything is perfect. Yay!

The vet followed the info from GDB to a T, giving him parvo and distemper and not telling me I needed all kinds of extra stuff. I had brought in the empty heart worm and flea boxes since I couldn’t remember exactly what GDB had given me. Talk about a gulp when they told me how much the meeds are. WOW! The check-up and nail clipping and shot was nothing in comparison. Crazy.

Jayden didn’t squeal at all over the shot, but he sure hated having his temp checked. I felt so bad. But the vet was like, I’ll make all that go away with these low cal high fiber treats. Jayden went nuts over them as the vet gave him a few and handed me one to give Jay. Sure enough, all thoughts of the thermometer were gone.

And guess who else got a treat? Yep, me! I got a box of Girl Scout cookies! I don’t know why they are giving those away, but I snatched a box of Simoas. If that’s how they’re spelled. Yummm!

They checked me out while we sat in the exam room because some more dogs were in the lobby and it was crazy, so they kept us where it was calm. I called the cab and the dispatcher asked if the driver should come in for me. Yes please. I didn’t ask for a van, because you have to wait longer for those.

After we paid, I used the restroom and Jayden had fun guiding me through the maze. He did great even with all the animal sounds and a mean dog in a cage. There was even a bird squaking. But he guided me like a champ.

He lay quietly at my feet and I chatted with a lady who had come in to buy treats. She said my dog was beautiful and her sister has a yellow lab guide from GDB. The lady commented on how beautiful Jay’s coat is and what do I feed him and I explained about switching from Science Diet after Jay was scratching a lot. She said her sister has the same problem, so she’d tell her about Blue Buffalo.

This lady is a substitute braille teacher at the school for the deaf and blind.

I also chatted with the receptionist about a few of their patients being career changed dogs. She said she can see why one of them didn’t make it. She said it seems like he has ADD or something haha!

We weren’t waiting long when a man came in and said, taxi! We went out to the car and I played around until I found the best way to get us in the back seat. Works best if I get in first and scoot over for him. We got home after a pleasant conversation with the cabbie about Labrador, Canada where he used to live.

When we got home I gave Jay a Wobbler with the rest of the kibble from the treat pouch and midway through he practically yelled at me letting me know that he needed to go outside. All the excitement of the morning made things move haha!

After he finished the Wobbler he was all hyper so I got out the Wubba and he tore all over the house squeaking like mad. Then he passed out on the floor. I changed into sweats and when I made my way to the computer, I stopped to smooth out the towel on Jay’s couch and he proceeded to jump on it and fall instantly to sleep, breathing heavy.

The vet was way too much fun haha! That staff really makes it more like a party and you can tell they love animals. He got tons of compliments and pets and gave lots of kisses and wiggles. As it was wrapping up I was getting sooooo sleepy.

After Jay crashed I made some calls then collapsed on the couch to crochet for awhile. Afternoon coffee and girl scout cookies after lunch was perfect.

It was a great day!


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Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 15 – I’m mad at my past self for not writing

I didn’t write on the twenty seventh from GDB. I’m really mad at my old self hahaha! I don’t even mention it the next day, so I have no idea what happened on that Saturday. Grrrr, oh well. I’m kinda surprised since Saturdays were only a half day. Why didn’t I write?

Today we’re staying home instead of the usual trip to Gamma’s on Sunday because B’s car is in the shop. The clutch went out. It’s also cold and rainy today so I’m hurting. I’ve got another spring training game soon so I’ll probably crochet some squares while I listen to that and just relax.

There was indeed snow in the metro area this morning. I only know because of what people have said on FB. Pretty crazy!

Last night Jayden played tug with me for a good thirty minutes. He usually conks out after ten minutes but not last night. He’s about to destroy another Wubba. It’s so cute, since I’ve got two in a drawer, I hold them both out for him and he always grabs the one that’s about to die and takes off running. Fun stuff.


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Doggy Diaries – Year ago recap 4 – Dog Day Eve

Oh man, a year ago was the day before I met Jayden! Crazy! That first Tuesday, I still hadn’t figured out the internet so Carin posted this post for me to let everyone know I had made it safely. Thanks again Carin!

So the Tuesday post was again posted on Sunday and I’m reading through it right now and I had to stop to write really quickly, because I mention in the post that doing Juno work with the rolled up carpet, I kept saying “good boy”. I remember when I had thought Insert would be a black female, but then when I worked with Juno, I called it a boy. Interesting.

I knew I wanted to write about the two dogs I got to work with that Tuesday. It’s been on my mind the last couple days, remembering the dogs. They were both male and I just heeled them up and down the hall with my instructor. We were told it was to give us a taste of working a dog, but thinking back on it, it must have helped the instructors know their choice was correct.

When they asked me what I wanted in a dog, I said I just needed a chill dog who wouldn’t wear my energy down. That was really all I had known I needed. The first dog I heeled that day was very chill and easy to handle. The second dog was a little more energetic and playful and while I had a good time with him, I’m sure I was more focused with the first dog, who turned out to be just like Jayden. I wish I could remember those dog’s names! I couldn’t share their names on the blog so I never wrote them down. Bummer!

That day we went to the downtown lounge for the first time and got an orientation, then did some Juno work with the short handle in San Rafael. It was much warmer than I had thought and it got me pretty sick. That night we had yoga. Oh man I miss the yoga! I need to find the cd I bought from the instructor. I’ve been thinking about that the last few days and can’t remember where I put it.

I mention in the post that I had hoped the yoga would help me sleep that night but it didn’t. I wonder if anyone sleeps well the day before dog day?

Oh, I was about to forget the link to the post haha!

Today hasn’t been the best of days and I’m just glad I was able to remember to post. Aunt Flo came pounding on my door in the middle of the night, showering me with pain. I absolutely despise when she does that. I had to cancel the gym today and have just been crocheting and reading “The Bullpen Gospels” by Dirk Hayhurst for the second time. Finished that up and managed a shower. I’ve got the insurance people coming tomorrow. I wish I had thought about that when he asked if Thursday would work. It’s my anniversary with Jayden and I’ve got insurance people coming??? Ugh. Bad planning on my part haha! We’ll be able to go for a walk after they leave though. It’ll be great to compare the walk from a year ago to the one we’ll take tomorrow, though I don’t remember much a bout that first walk with him.

I just hope I’m feeling better tomorrow. I can’t believe tomorrow is the first anniversary of Dog Day! Wow!

PS – I think rain is coming or something because man to my bones ache. I don’t like being a human barometer!


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Stuck between sick and not sick

It’s really hard to try and do a post every day when I’m under the weather and not doing much. Hmmm. What to write? Maybe I should write about being under the weather.

I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong. I almost feel like I’m getting a cold or flu, but have none of the regular symptoms. I kinda felt like that last week but it passed and then Tuesday afternoon I started feeling it again. Actually I really noticed it on the lesson with Dave. I got really fatigued and winded but I had chalked it up to the route not going well at all and having to do a lot of correcting. Ever since I’ve just been drained. My muscles feel weak and my head feels stuffy but there’s only been some sneezing, not really anything else.

So it’s been a really boring week. Today I’ve just been crocheting. I finished Maddie’s blanket yesterday so soon I’ll wash it up and mail it out. I think the worst part about being under the weather is being worried about Jayden. He seems totally fine with being laxy, snuggling with me on the couch under Carin’s blanket.

I hate it though, being down and out like this. The smallest thing wears me out, even talking. My kitchen is becoming a disaster. I really want to walk the route this weekend with B while Jayden is out of harness and off duty, hoping to show him iit’s a nice walk. I won’t push it though if I’m still really icky, but not being active is not going to help if I’m not really sick. That’s why I wish I had some classic symptoms so I’d know how to treat this, whatever it is. Cold? Flue? MS? Who knows.

Sorry for such a boring post haha.


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Crochet phase update

The puppy pool projects are nearing completion. Carin’s blanket has one or two phase 3’s to go in combination with phase 5. Toby’s raiser’s scarf is in phase 5 still but almost done. Maddie’s blanket has been the fastest, flying through the phases. Her blanket is in phase 6. I’ve been working furiously on it today in hopes that phase 7 can be done tomorrow at Gamma’s. She likes to see my finished projects.

If you’re wondering what the heck the phases are, go here.

I love Saturdays, as they are really my only day off from responsibility. I get to kind of zone out of life on Saturdays. Jayden had a blast this afternoon doing our new “fast obedience game”. I’ll have to describe that some time, but I don’t have the energy right now. He ran around the house like crazy, though.

I’m feeling a bit of a migraine threatening again. Coffee seems to be keeping it at bay, but I’m glad I just have a quiet day today.

Ok, back to the blanket. 😉


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Doggy Diaries – Windy noisy weird positions leave it thank you

Today was pretty much just a typical day, but I was especially grateful for Jayden. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, just laundry. After we put the loads in and came back home, I left just the security door closed to let some fresh air in. It’s still fairly warm in Arizona, even this morning.

Suddenly there was major racket outside. It sounded like some kind of big truck but I couldn’t tell what on earth it was doing. All I can say is it was loud, very loud. Jayden ran to the door and I put on a silly accent asking him what all the noise was about. I like to get silly when things are loud, to keep Jayden from getting afraid. The other day I stepped on some bubble wrap on the tile floor, giggling as I did so. Jayden just stood next to me, wanting to play with it. I was so glad he wasn’t afraid of the popping.

Anyway, back to today. So it was getting near time to switch to the dryer and the racket seemed to have faded in the distance. When we left to go back down to the laundry room, the wind had kicked up and there was no way I’d be able to hear a vehicle. I was glad to have Jayden’s eyes. We switched the loads and left; the racket from the truck was off in the distance.

When it was time to go get the laundry, I could tell whatever it was was really close. I was going to have to rely solely on Jayden to get us to the laundry safely as there was no way I’d hear danger. He was a champ, acting as though it were totally normal out. When we got to the laundry room, another resident was in there and I asked her what the racket was. It was a street sweeper of all things. Neither of us had ever seen one in the complex before. She said it was like a mini street sweeper. There was also a guy with a leaf blower. I had to laugh and commented how silly it was to be blowing debri when it was incredibly windy out. The lady laughed and said it looked as though the man with the blower and the mini street sweeper were working together. The man blew stuff into piles and the sweeper came and sucked it up. They were right outside the laundry room at this point and it was so loud we couldn’t talk. Luckily by the time I was ready to leave, the pair had gone off to blow/vacuum another area.

I had to laugh when I left because I could hear the wind blowing leaves and twigs around on the pavement. Obviously they weren’t able to get it all since the wind was probably just blowing the piles around.

I don’t think I would have ventured out with just my cane during all that noise. My clothes probably would ahve just stayed in the laundry room. Thank God for guide dogs.

The rest of the day has been pretty chill. I wanted to get my floors done since I’ll be working out tomorrow, but I’ve been fighting a migraine. Carol stopped by but I couldn’t hang out for long, feeling the migraine being too pesky to make a departure, even with the pain fighting Advil soldiers attacking it.

I’ve been crocheting, trying to get the puppy pool projects done. Think it’s taken long enough? Jayden was laying next to me on the couch and when it was almost feeding time, I reached over and burst out laughing.

I had my legs on the coffee table, Maddie’s blanket stretched across them as I worked. Jayden had his rear end on the couch, his front feet on the floor, and his head resting on my shins hahahahahhaa!!! I reached for my iPod to take video, but forgot I’ve been listening to a book in bed, so it was in the other room. Darnit!

Oh, almost forgot I wanted to write about yesterday, too. I washed out the Vittles Vault after getting rid of the last of the SD food and after it was dry, I poured the Blue Buffalo into it. I still had some in a rubbermaid on the counter. Jayden was sitting next to the food container, almost completely full of food, lid off. I had to turn my back to grab the rubbermaid and pour the food from it into the bin. I told Jayden ‘leave it’ and turned my back to grab the other container. Jayden just sat there, right next to the uncovered food bin. So he got a few pieces of kibble from it. What a good boy! That’s all in the raising, folks. Thank you, puppy raisers!


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Doggy Diaries – Jayden’s den

Ever since I was replaced by a comforter, I will occasionally find Jayden passed out in his little area in my room.

Over the last few days, I’ve made some additional improvements to that area, and thought I’d share. It’s more fun than writing the Medicare nightmare I really want to get down.

So, let me explain the layout of his spot. In the far corner of my room, there is an old fashioned recliner that my parents had way back in the seventies. It’s got a low back and a foot rest that pops out, and the chair kind of rocks. That was, however, until it broke. The only way it can be used now is propped in a corner, and I really only use it for holding my nightgown and comfy clothes lol. Next to that is my night stand, which is really my dad’s very old high chair. It’s all wooden with no padding on the seat, no fancy straps or leg holes or anything. I guess you could kind of call it antique. It makes a great night stand, though. Next to that is my bed.

Parallel to my bed is the window, and right below that is the kennel I bought for Jayden, which he used for about a month. There is just enough space between the kennel opening and the chair to open the door and let a 65 pound dog enter. On the floor in front of the chair and the night stand and next to my bed, is the comforter. I tried putting a sheet over it because I can’t easily wash the comforter, but Jayden just moves it to suit him lol. I want to get a twin size duvet cover to put the comforter in.

A few weeks ago, I put some stuff inside the kennel for storage, and then created a cat bed on top of it. I draped a smallish crochet blanket on it for stability, then put two old decorative couch pillows on top. I then took my ginormous scrump crochet blanket and folded it in half, the perfect length of the kennel, and put that on top of the kennel, so that the blanket goes down to the floor and covers the kennel. The door remained easily accessible. The cats just love the bed, as it’s right by the window, so when the blinds are open, they can look out.

A few days ago I got the idea to cover up the kennel door, because I’d hear Jayden’s feet against it at night when he lay on his back. I didn’t want his feet getting caught in the door. So I found an old tight t-shirt and stretched it across the door. The arms are the perfect spot to let the prongs close the door. Then I took an old abandoned crochet project that I had done when I first went blind, just to see if I could still crochet, and stuffed it into the shirt, so now the door is all nice and padded.

Yesterday I decided to go through my dresser drawers and get rid of old clothes that are too worn to donate. I got out two old pillow cases and stuffed them with the clothes and tied a knot in the opening.

Jayden had taken my decorative pillow for himself once, when I had taken it off the bed and propped it next to the night stand like I had always done. It made a nice soft “wall” there, creating a corner for him with the night stand and the bed. I wanted that pillow back, so I washed the sham and replaced it with the clothes stuffed pillow case.

I put the other one near the wall, where I have a changing screen thing folded up and propped up agains the wall between the chair. It’s got pockets in it, so I use it to keep my hat and hang stuff on.

So last night after we went to bed, I felt him and he had curled up between the chair and the kennel, with his butt against the padded door, and his head on the clothes stuffed pillow case haha! It was too cute!

He’s got that sheet there in the space between the comforter and the wall, and I think he starts out on that at first because it’s cooler. Then as the night goes on, he gets on the comforter right next to me.

Hopefully some day I’ll be able to get the duvet cover for his comforter. That will complete his little den.

He’s not spoiled, not at all. 😉


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Doggy Diaries – A gym, a mat and a Cuz oh my!

Oh I love my Saturday mornings when I get to catch up on my blog haha! Flooding much? Just knocking all this out before the fog sets in. I really am at my best before noon.

So anyway, Tuesday morning Dave and I set off to the university to check out the route to the gym where Goalball will be. I will have to let Jayden tell you about the route from the car where we had to park. I won’t tell him he’ll probably never see that route again except for the next and last time we go to learn the route to the gym. My ride won’t have to park and therefor we won’t have to walk that part again. He had waaaaay too much fun haha!

We couldn’t practice where I’ll need to walk from where I’ll get dropped off because they were working on the pavement so we had to go around in a way we’ll never have to go. It was only 8am but it was already hot, and since there’s grass on campus, it was really humid since it’s been so rainy this week. I had to use a restroom that’s off an outside wall and it was like a sauna in there. By the time we got to the gym, it felt so nice. Dave showed me where the water fountain is, and the long bench where people put their dogs on tie down during practice. I got on my hands and knees to feel where the tie down spot is and instantly knew I’d have to crochet Jayden a mat to lay on.

Now I know that since the beginning of time, dogs have laid on hard surfaces. But he’s my dog and I’ll spoil him if I want to haha! I remembered L^2 writing about crocheting a guide dog’s resting mat, and decided I’d try it.

I modified it a bit, since she uses an ‘M” hook I think, and I don’t have one that large. I think I’m using an “H” size, though I can’t remember. It’s the biggest one I have.

I had some yarn for a blanket I never made. It’s solid white, and a variegated with bright magenta and pinks and blues. Very very bright. Since you work with two strands of yarn, I figured it would work nicely. I also modified the starting row. I chained however many I thought I’d need and I made it pretty wide, oops. Instead of using the two strands for the foundation, I just did one row of the half double crochet in the solid white. I then started using the two strands. When it’s done, I’ll add a row of white half double crochet to the other three edges, and then slip stitch around the whole thing with the variegated.

It’s coming out rather thick, which will be comfortable for Jayden. I had to set aside the doggy pool projects to get this done by next month. It was really slow going to start, since I’ve never worked with two strands of yarn, and I’ve never used a half double crochet stitch, which requires you pulling yarn through three loops at once. It creates a short fat stitch, so it doesn’t work as fast as a double crochet, plus I’m working in every stitch. I’ve been pretty much working on it straight this whole week, since pretty much all I’ve been able to manage in the afternoons is crocheting to a movie or a game.

So, long story short, Jayden will have a comfy mat to lay on during practice.

Yesterday, Dave took us back to Petsmart. I told him I had a lame request in going there with him even though I can get there independently, but really what else were we gonna do? We’ve been stuck indoors on Fridays because of the weather and I needed dog food. I haven’t been so good at planning to get it delivered haha. I also wanted to finally find a Cuz toy for Jayden and I needed a backup Kong and tug rope. The tug rope Mimi gave him is about to meet it’s demise and Jayden just loves it so I knew I needed another.

On the way there, Dave explained to me that by getting a ride with him doesn’t mean I’m not independent. He said whatever means we use to get things done gives us independence, if that makes sense. Just because I might go with a sightie doesn’t mean I’m not doing things on my own. Basically I just used him as transportation. So that helped me feel a little better about asking to use a lesson for that. I just cringe at the thought of having to wait on paratransit for a twenty minute shopping trip, especially with my energy levels this week.

So we went to Petsmart and couldn’t find the Cuz. I finally asked an associate and she found them. They are called Good Cuz and Bad Cuz now lol. I got the bad cuz with the horns but really the horns don’t last long. Now I know guide dogs aren’t supposed to have balls and these are shaped like a ball. But they’ve also got feet so when you toss it, it goes every which way. It also squeaks and he’s not supposed to have a squeaker, but it doesn’t have a squeaker he can get. It’s the kind with the hole that lets air out all funny. I’m only doing supervised play with it and so far the horns were the only thing to show evidence of wear. The horns are just little pieces of rubber that he bit off and left on the carpet.

Anyway, he looooooooooves it!!!! Holy crap. I would toss it and he’d run after it and then run around the house with it, while it squeaked with every gallop. The thing sounds like he’s murdering a seal hahahaha!!

He loves to play keep away with me but then he’ll let me have it so I’ll toss it. Then he’ll take it into the corner and squeak it hahaha!!! It cracks me up, until I’ve had enough of the squeaking and put it away. We’ve only had two play sessions with it. I showed B last night and while he said the squeaking didn’t bother him, I still would rather play with it when Jayden and I are alone.

It’s most certainly a hit, though. I can’t wait to get it out today. I’m able to manage short burst of energy, so luckily Jayden gets the benefit of it.

Other than that, it’s life as normal. Workouts and stuff, did laundry on Thursday. Met a lady in the laundry who has a sister who is blind, so we talked a lot. She also gave me her number in case I need anything. Really nice lady.

I’ll end here and then let Jayden tell you about Tuesday morning. 🙂

Oh, I should say that Jayden did great in Petsmart with the dog distractions, even when twelve dogs peered at him through the window into the classroom haha! Dave said it was really cute.


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