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Nothing nothing tra la la

I’m bored. I’m caught up on my social networking. I spent like an hour on my stat counter today just checking out page loads. Quite a few people seem to be reading my entire blog haha. Really? It’s that entertaining? Cool. I mean one of the readers is actually looking at all the comments too. Wow. Thanks for having such a good time lol. I did that when I first started reading blogs. Going every single post. I do that now when I finda new one too, though that’s been awhile.

There is no Rays game tonight. I feel empty. I feel like I’ve lost a part of me. I miss Evan. I miss Matt. I miss Jeremy and David and Carl and Ben. Ok not gonna name all the players. That would bore you. Does all my baseball talk bore you? Hmmm. Oh well, I like it. I kinda doubt we’ll win tomorrow. It’s the 5th day of the week. We’re at home on a concert night. And we’re playing the Orioles who are 9 and 1 since getting a new manager. Yikes.

Pre-season football is on. Joy. B has a game on because he’s doing the ESPN Streak for the Cash thing and he picked the football game. I’ve tried it but forget most of the time. I picked the Marlins over the Nationals tonight.

Timmy is in the kitchen window cowling. Meow. Meow!! Meeeeeow meeeeow meow. Let me out. Let me out!!!! Let me ooooooout! Pleeeeeese? He got out on me the other morning. I couldn’t find him to lock him up so I took the cane out with me when I took Jayden to relieve. Timmy was howling at the door and he got passed the cane. B got up and went and got him. Yesterday I couldn’t find him and my ride was gonna be here. So I took Jayden and the cane but when I heard Timmy howling at the door, I crouched in front of it and opened it a crack and he tried to get out but walked right into my hands. Bwah ha ha!!! Gotcha. He’s gonna give me grays. Good thing I color.

Jayden destroyed a paper towel roll today. It’s a very fun while very temporary toy. It all started one day when I used the last paper towel and got silly, calling Jayden through the roll. Jayden got all crazy and I ended up getting on the floor and he grabbed it and ran all over the house. So now I make it a 5 minute toy when I get an empty one. I’ll throw it and he’ll grab it and run and bring it to me. He wants to tug with it but that’s not possible so I tell him “drop it”, he lets go and I throw it. Repeat. So fun! I also do this with empty half gallon milk jugs. The temporary toys are the most fun! Of course I constantly check it all for choke hazards and you know what a hovering dog mom I am, so no worries.

Timmy has stopped his howling.

I cringe when I hear a helicopter. We had a helicopter fall out of the sky about a month or so ago. Just fell right out of the sky. Killed the three people on board. So now when I hear a helicopter I duck. Like ducking would save me.

I wacked my head in the laundry room today. I bent over to get the clothes out of the cart and forgot about the high wall shelf thing. Wack! Rounded corner luckily, but ouch. It still hurts if I touch it. Don’t touch it.

There haven’t been any new blog posts in hours. No email, nothing new on FB or Twitter. Where is everyone? Sheesh don’t you know I’m killing time before I can go to bed and there’s no baseball to keep me from reading all my social networking so that I have plenty to read before bed? Gah!

It sucks that football is back. It’s so nice when baseball is the only sport going because then that’s all that’s on tv when B is home. Now it’s back to whistles blowing and clock watching and halftime. All things baseball doesn’t have.

Jayden just sighed.

It’s almost time for our nightly game of tug.

Just heard a motorcycle on the road outside. I’m not incredibly close to the road but sometimes you hear loud vehicles. And you can always hear the crotch rockets racing each other. I’m surprised we don’t hear more crashes.

I’ve been voting for the Rays’ Pepsi Refresh Project idea to get a grant for the Moffet (I think?) Cancer Center to teach kids about cancer prevention. You can vote by text by texting ‘Rays’ to 76462. I think voting ends Saturday. I should have written that sooner. But if a Rays fan reads this, I’m sure they’ve already been voting or know how to vote. I vote constantly. It’s so easy to do by text.

A cat is in the window saying hi to the desert bugs.

Did you know you can actually train your dog to be a rattlesnake alert dog? I never knew that. But I won’t do it because it requires a shock collar. They get a de-fanged rattlesnake and when the dog goes to check it out, they get shocked. So it makes them jump when they smell it. It’s really good for hikers and stuff and Dave’s dog actually kept him away from a rattlesnake. She smelled it and jumped and he knew to follow her and she got them way around it. Handy. Just wish it didn’t require a shock.

Alrighty then, that’s what came out of my brain while I’m killing time before sleep. I got uber fatigued after just one load of laundry today so I’ve been just waiting for bed the whole rest of the day. Sleeeeeeeep! After Jayden’s play session of course. 😉

Thanks for reading the nothing!

And I don’t feel like editing, so typos, you may stay, rent free. You’re welcome.


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Blind blunders #1

I do a lot of things in my blindness that just make me laugh and shake my head. I don’t know why I haven’t thought to blog about these things. Maybe I have in certain posts, but I thought it would be fun to have a whole label dedicated to my blind blunders. So, I suppose this is the inaugural post.

A woman once said to me that if I share my vulnerabilities in meetings, that people will relate to me more. Isn’t that true? A person who seems perfect in every way isn’t very relateable since none of us are perfect. I can relate to a blind blogger when she talks about having a stain on her shirt for the entire day, only to have it pointed out when she gets home. I can relate and warm up to that person because they didn’t break down because of it. I need to know other blind people who shrug off their blunders, because it helps me to know that it’s ok to be silly. As for me and stains, I don’t know they’re there so I just don’t really care. 😉

I had the idea for this post because of a comment I left on a friend’s FB update. She mentioned she moved a lamp and reminded herself not to trip on the cord, only to trip on it immediately. So I commented about my laundry cart, and then decided to write about it in more detail here.

Every Thursday I do laundry. I use a laundry cart to transport the clothes to and from the laundry room. Things have changed a little now that it’s hot, because I get the laundry ready on Wednesdays so I can start it early on Thursday mornings.

When I first started doing the laundry on my own, I would roll the cart out into my entry way and then promptly forget it was there. How many times I ran into it…eventually I started trying to keep it in one specific place, but that never seemed to work. When Jayden was newly home and I had to keep him on leash in the apartment, he actually kept me from running into the cart once.

I would park the cart and tell myself, ‘remember the cart is there’, only to run into it five minutes later.

Now that I prepare the laundry on Wednesdays, I leave the cart full between my hamper and dresser, pretty much out of the way. For the most part it works, until the time that I go to my dresser and promptly run into the cart.

The worst is when I’m preparing the laundry. I’ll have the card unfolded between the end of my bed and the tv. There’s a small space to get around it. If something happens that makes me move from the spot, like grabbing something from another room to throw in the cart, I will almost always walk back into the room and kick the cart. Howling ensues. I rarely wear shoes in the house.

One time this happened while I was on the phone with Carol. I walked back into the room, kicked the cart, started screaming, collapsed on the bed holding my throbbing foot, Jayden runs in to make sure I’m ok, I’m near tears, Carol doesn’t know what’s going on, I can barely breathe, I’m telling Jayden I’m ok, while trying to tell Carol “cart…ouch…kicked…no shoes…”

Obviously it’s not that bad every time I kick it, sometimes I’ll suddenly remember it’s there and slow my pace so the impact isn’t as bad. Sometimes I’m lucky and I’m wearing my Crocs when I run into it.

I just am so used to wear things are in my house that I move around rather quickly. On rare occasions, B will eave a chair pulled out accidentally, or the vacuum in my path. But there’s just something a little humiliating about doing it to myself.

I thought I’d include several blind blunders in this post, but it’s already fairly long, so I’ll write some more at another time. Hope you enjoyed. =D


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