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Heard from Facebook

Well, this is the last of the 30 in 30 posts thank goodness haha. I’m totally brain fogged and spooned out today, so I’m just gonna paste the email from FB. I had nother really cute post in mind today but just don’t have the energy.

Now I won’t have to post if I’m brain foggy and out of spoons 😉 Was fun writing a post a day, and probably will write close to that anyway, but not having to anymore will bea relief.

FB reply:

We appreciate your email. We provide an audio captcha alternative on the main site for any instance of a text captcha. This should allow you to post the link. Posting some links may require that you complete a captcha. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.


User Operations

He’s lucky I have no spoons. I just wrote back that I guess I’m out of luck then since I can’t use the mains ite. I can, but hate it. This fight is not over. I will keep on this when I have energy again.


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What the huh? This turned ut long

I have no idea what I’m going to write. I’m not even giving this a title yet, so that will be a mystery revealed to me when I’m done writing. I’m in a weird space today. I just commented on a blog yesterday, someone second guessing themselves, and I wrrote the painting story which I love and can normally apply. The gist is if you stand too close to a painting, you can’t see the whole thing until you back away. Normally I can apply that to my life and situations. But not right now. I have to remember that I’m in the moment, and more will be revealed. Its so easy to make sense of it when its someone else’s life.

After the whole pack rat car thing yesterday, I started feeling like maybe I’d been taken. The whole thing just seemed really odd. Yeah, the girl got lost looking for a friend’s and happened to see my car sitting there, looking abandoned. Thing is, I’m not on the beaten path. Even my Sunvan drivers have a hard time finding my place, and I had another passenger once say she never even knew this complex was here. So that got my doubts going. Then, just the way the whole thing went down. I really thought after the pack rats that they wouldn’t want the car. But it became clear that they came here with the intention of leaving with that car, paying for it or not.

Last night B went out and made sure the car was locked and the alarm was set. I’ve never seen him paranoid about his car. He said he just kinda felt like he couldn’t trust those people, like it felt like a con. I hadn’t voiced my feelings about it until he did. I said, but you saw the damage right? He assured me that he didn’t think they conned us out of the car, he saw the damage, we never would have gotten anything for it. But we both just had this shady feeling. Especially after I tried calling the girl just after they left, to make sure the guy was ok, since he backed the car out of the drive and I was worried about the brake lines. She didn’t answer, and never called back, after telling me she’d keep in touch. I had visions of hearing from her about the progress of the car, kinda like a puppy raiser hopes to hear from the dog’s person lol. But I have a feeling I’m never gonna hear from her again.

I’m pretty sure if they were shady, all they wanted was the car. And it worked out well for me because I don’t have to worry about it anymore. And I think they’ll get it running again. I’m glad I took the plate off. I’m wishing though that I had made them sign the title in front of Brian. I had it notorized months ago, so it was an open title. And when I mentioned doing a sold notice, dude was like, oh you don’t have to do that since you donated it. I’m calling DMV tomorrow just to tell them what’s up. I don’t want to be liable for that car. I tried doing a reverse look-up on the phone number, but you’re gotta pay to get details. At least I have the phone number. I can give that to DMV. But, if its pre paid, it will have no info.

I even started thinking, well, the newest finger prints will be dude’s if a crime is commited with the car. I watch to damn many crime shows.

So I’m just feeling a little neurotic about that at the moment. I kept thinking, did I mention the car on the blog? Did some reader who’s never participated here come after my car? I don’t think I ever mentioned it. My paranoia definitely gets the better of me.

On to other just random stuff. Yesterday I think Blogger was high. There were no new posts for hours, and then all of the sudden there were about eight new posts. Carin must be super woman, because she posted two blogs at exactly the same time. This morning there is only one new post, so I’m wondering if the same thing will happen.

My friend L had a Thanksgiving party last night and she posted on FB that collectibles got smashed and she won’t be having another party for awhile. I’m righteously angry for her. I will get the scoop on tuesday.

FB is really aggravating me. Someone did this group invitation so I go look at the group and it says something like, totally pointless, but if you add all your friends, you can then change the color scheme and get extra points in games. A total hack. And I’ve rejected it a million times and the notification won’t go away. Its incredibly annoying. And for some reason, I don’t get a bunch of my friend’s updates. I’m thinking about walking away, but someone told me I can’t.
I love medical shows. After yesterday there was no way in hell I was gonna put on my usual Investigation Discovery, so I checked Discovery health and caught a Mystery Diagnosis I hadn’t seen before. And I diagnosed her! I was so incredibly proud of myself. Whenever I diagnose these people on these shows before the conclusion, I’m so happy. I had the advantage on this one though. Patient presented with numbness and tingling in her foot and extreme fatigue. I of course immediately thought of MS and so did the docs. They put her on IV steroids and called it MS even though the spinal tap was inconclusive, and her MRI showed a lesion on the spinal column but not the brain. My first clue. Could it be Devick’s? But, ascending paralysis followed, so I thought Geeyon Bahret Syndrom which I can’t spell, but that doesn’t usually cause lesions. So I went back to Devick’s. And sure enough, thats what it was. But see I’ve got the advantage there, because they thought I had Devick’s when I went blind, but I tested negative for it, and didn’t have the spinal lesion. The other night I diagnosed a Dr. G too, but again, had close knowledge of the disease in question. I just love it. I’m not a doctor, but I play one on my blog.

I found an amazing blog yesterday. Is it mean that I’m not ready to share her? I just feel like I found a diamond in the rough. First I found her family blog and in it was a link to her personal blog, where she feels more free to write about her feelings and just whatever randomness plagues her. Those kind of posts are my favorite, and she’s a great writer. And I’m just not ready to share her. She’s mine haha! I did share her with Carol, but that’s as far as I’ll go. I’m mean. I’m sorry. But for now I feel like that blog is all mine to read, that only I am reading, that she’s sharing this stuf with just me.

I had a horrible dream last night that we took Spinelli away, because she was in heat and we couldn’t do anything for her. I woke up in a panic until she jumped on the bed. Horrible, horrible dream. Ok, I don’t want to remember dreams if they’re gonna be like that. I know I said the other day I was glad I remembered that dream, but I don’t want to remember any if there’s gonna be ones like that. I love that cat.

Its raining today. Apparently it hailed because a friend on FB said she drove through a hail storm at 2am.

2am haha! Oh I remember those days. She calls me granny because I go lay down at 8. Just wait, it’ll hit her too. She won’t want to be out at 2am in a few years.

I’m considering getting my hair professionally done for B’s Christmas party. Georgie is gonna take me out to find a fancy dress, and I’m really thinking about going to a salon to get my hair done. I used to be able to do really cute up do’s but not anymore. It looks great just long and straight, but I think it would be fun to treat myself and get it done. Not sure though. That’s expensive…

Oh last night I was talking to Carol filling her in on the car thing and she was like, you didn’t shower after all the pack rat stuff? And it made me totally paranoid and I had to shower. I also balled up the sweatshirt I was wearing and stuck it in the hamper. Its my around the house sweatshirt, so I had to dig out another one. those medical shows I talked about? Well there was one where this guy almost died because of exposure to pack rats. Maybe I need to stop watching tv all together. And go back to just reading Harry Potter. I internalize too much.

I even fantasized that Harry Potter is real. That J.K Rowling is a witch and she wrote the stories from truth and we’re just mere muggles so she knew we’d never know it was truth.

I wonder if its cold out. I’m going to Gamma’s today. It’ll be nice to be out in rain. It hardly ever rains here. I missed the rain smell. You have to catch the smell as the rain first starts falling. After its been raining awhile, its not the same.

Its good to just write about whatever again. I think its been a little while since I’ve done this. Kudos to you if you’ve made it this far haha.

These posts are hard to label. Why does blogger put a limit on labels? I mean, this post is gonna have a lot of labels. But blogger will squack. It’ll say ah overload too many characters too many characters! Why? come on, I can write as long a blog as I want, but you’re gonna limit my labels? How does that make sense?

Miss Function is bringing some of us together over on Vomit Comet. Ah hell I don’t feel like linking. I link them all the time, so you can find them if you want. Anyway though, we’ve got this huge comment thread going on the post about Miss Function and its really cool because we’re all just talking randomness to see how many comments we can get to before the thread dies.
Haha I just threw a title on this monster and I had a typo I have to leave in. Instead of typing “out” I typed “ut” and it sounds like a Canadian saying out haha! Carin, do you say out like ut? How does Jaws handle that? It sounds just like oot. Oot and aboot. 😉

I know you have made it this far, because you’re me and I would make it this far in a post like this. Watch you prove me wrong and you didn’t read my oot and aboot.

Ding ding ding goes the email. Something really horrible happened to a woman’s daughter on the email list. Stupid yip yip dog attacked her daughter. I want to strangle that dog. seems like bad stuff everywhere. Or maybe thats what I’m focused on, so thats what I’m gonna see. Which one wins? The one you feed.

Holy cow cats going bonkers again. I swear they sound like freakin horses galloping in the house. Hey maybe thats why there was a horse in my dream the other night. Maybe the cats were going bonkers at 3am and so I thought of horses.

Oh, have I mentioned Pop Secret Homestyle microwave popcorn? Carol told me try it. Try it at your own risk. I ate 2 bags yesterday. See what happens when I stuff myself on Thanksgiving my stomach expands and then I want to keep eating like that. Good thing I’m working out.

timmy is absolutely howling. Hahaha oh i wish you could hear this. Its like he’s saying leave me the hell alone, please! Please? Oh please?? Aahhh please please aaah! Poor Timmy.

Now he’s trying to get into a kitchen cabinet. He’s too big to hide anywhere to get away from Spinelli.

I think I’m wrapping up. Just writing about nothing has kinda gotten me out of the mindframe I was in. That’s always a good thing. I’m really trying to watch the apostrophe when I write that’s. I rarely use an apostrophe when I write its. I can never remember when you’re supposed to use it for its. Is it all the time, hmmm. Its like it is. So its a contraction. So I should use it. And sometimes it has ownership, so I should use it. Is it ever appropriate not to use an apostrophe in its? It’s. Hmmm. JayNoi? I kinda don’t think you’ve lasted this long. You always say something like, wow long post girl. 😉

I said I was wrapping up. did I lie? I need more coffee.

Holy crap I just realized its almost December 1st. That means its almost Alex’s birthday. I got him in early December last year, wow! Maybe I should get him an upgrade. But I’m paranoid about upgrading to Snow. I mean, just look at what happened with Vista. I know, 2 totally different operating systems, but someone told me they’re reading reviews of Snow and people are saying its Apple’s Vista. So I’m scared of it. Its seriously cheap to upgrade a Mac but I’m scared. Maybe I’ll just give him a good grooming.

K I think I’ve beaten this post with a stick. I should really go and edit now. though I wouldn’t be surprised if more ideas strike me while I’m editing.

Well, edited and have no more ideas, so I guess I’m done done done.


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I hope the animal rights people don’t come after me

Ok Natalie this is for you.

Yesterday I did my cliffhanger thing and ended a post saying something really cool was in the works for today, and Natalie wasn’t too happy with me 😉

So when I went blind, I had this cute little 93 Honda Civic, white, moon roof, 5-speed, stereo with detachable face plate. I loved that car. Grandma had bought it for me when I was about 6 months sober, replacing my old 68 Chevy Impala, not the cool kind, the 4 door huge clunker kind.

My little Honda and I went everywhere together and I named her Serenity. I drove that car to Prescott and Phoenix and all over town. So when I went blind, one of the hardest things was not driving that car.

After I accepted that the blindness was permanent, I knew I needed to sell the car. The task was so daunting, as I didn’t want to run an add and have strangers showing up. Georgie looked up the blue book about this time last year, entering in that it would need tires and probably hoeses and such, since it was sitting. Blue book said it was worth $2,300. Grandma had bought it for $4000 in excellent condition.

So the maintenence guy told me he was interested in the car, and he wanted to give me $500 for it. Ha! Yeah, no. So I didn’t sell it to him.

B had driven it when his alternator died, and it was fine, then the battery died, but it was working for him until he got his alternator fixed.

Fast forward to now. I’ve decided to study braille at home now that I know grade 1, because I don’t like having someone else’s schedule be reliant upon mine when I’m having a bad day. So I was talking to Carin in email about how I want to buy a braille writer, and she did her investigatory thing, and found a guy selling his hardly used Perkins braille writer.

Then, B found a note on my car, someone saying she’s interested in the car if I’m selling it, she’ll buy it as is. So I call her and we make plans to meet today.

So that was the cliffhanger deal yesterday. I’m like, whoa! I had been emailing with the brailler guy and told him I wouldn’t be able to buy it until after Christmas, then it was looking like I might just sell the car today. I told her it had been sitting for awhile, she said she’s been saving up money to buy a car for her sister who just got out of a bad marriage, their aunt will help them put work into the car, and she has $700 cash. I’m like, cool. Easy peazy. I can buy that writer, a nice girl gets a car that needs some work, I’m done with the whole thing.

So she comes today with her sister and her mechanic neighbor guy. We’re all standing around, the guy opens the hood, the girls start screaming and running, the guys go OH MY GOD!! and I’m like what! What!! What is it!!??

Pack rat. Huge packrat. They said he looked up, eyes got huge and then he scurried off, leaving his mansion behind in my car.

Everyone is in shock, kinda nervously giggling. B is exclaiming that he’s never seen anything like it. The guy is going, man, thats a house!

He gets a stick and starts poking around and I could hear stuff falling. Falling falling, out of my car. He gets a majority of the crud away and takes a closer look.

Oh man, holy crap, oh geez, come on, oh no not the computer, oh man the clutch lines oooh not that part, damn rat you just had to eat the important stuff, oh where’s that rat I want to shoot him!

The girls are exclaiming, B is laughing, I’m laughing and I say, well, its definitely not worth blue book…

So basically the car is toast. He gets on the phone with another mechanic friend and the mechanic friend tells him to run away. He says donated cars with pack rat damage get ignored and left to rot. Mechanics won’t touch them. Dude here says yeah man, but she really needs this car.

He gets off the phone and tells us what we already knew. Car is toast. Not worth a penny. They still want it though. He says it’ll take a lot of money and a lot of time, but he can make it run again, whereas if I donate it, it’ll sit and rot.

My Serenity wasn’t meant to rot. So I gave them the car.

I was worried about what Grandma would say, so I agonized in calling her. I told her packrats ate the whole car, but they took it anyway. She says, you didn’t get anything for it? I say no. She says, yeah I didn’t think so. Phew. She wasn’t mad.

So, the braille writer will wait until Christmas, and I demolished the poor pack rat’s home. Well, I didn’t demolish it, dude did.

I feel totally fine with it. I thought I’d be sad, seeing it go, because it was kinda the last thing from the old sighted life. But I didn’t feel sad at all. I’m sad the rat killed it, but dude swore he can make it work someday. So hopefully she’ll ride again, and I’m trading her in for 4 legs and a tail 😉


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Doggy Diaries – First dream and some thoughts

Well, I have no real update, but I wanted to put this under the diaries header anyway. I had my first guide dog dream last night, and it was really bizarre haha. I was just happy I finally had one, and first thing this morning I wrote it to my email list. So I decided to describe it here. I’ve gotta start off by saying that in my dreams, I can see, but I’m blind and use my cane, so it makes for very bizarre dreams lol!

So the dream started off in the house I grew up in and I had a horse in the living room. Yep, a horse. A short horse, but a horse. I realized I hadn’t taken it for a walk in awhile and it probably needed to use the bathroom. There were kids outside though, and the horse didn’t like kids, so I was going to take it to the bathroom in the house.

I harnessed it up, and then it was a guide dog. I had to tell it how to get to the bathroom. At this point its no longer the house I grew up in, but I knew where to go, and I could see. So I’m shouting right! left! right! to the guide dog and we get to the bathroom and I say hop up even though that command just doesn’t fit in this situation haha. I go over and knock on the toilet and say “don’t you have to go?” and then the dog is a pomeranian circling around the bathroom, and that was the dream.

Crazy eh? But I’ve been wanting a guide dog dream since I’ve heard others talk about them, and I finally had one and remembered it, so I had to post it.

A few days ago, I thought about doing a diaries post, just to share my thoughts, so I’m glad I had the opportunity. There’s no real update. This week I’m going to follow up again and see about those 2 people who hadn’t gotten their paperwork in. Its really not a rush, since I’ve got more work to do with Dave, but I’d still like to know where I’m at at in the process.

Last week several dogs were matched with their people. I found out on the email list and on the blogs, and its so cool! And then it just makes me day dream about dog day even more. I sit and think about what my fiture dog might be and at first a black lab came to mind, but now it just morphs. Black to tan to black again and then a big yellow one with lots of hair, and then a little black one again.

I see names on the phase report and some of them are so cute! But I kinda doubt my dog is on the reports yet. It might be…but I’m just not expecting to go any time soon. A girl from the list is going in March, and that would be so cool if we went together, but who knows, right? My gut really keeps telling me it’ll be next fall. So I just don’t know.

Sometimes I read stuff and it scares me. Especially the labs eating everything in sight. I keep thinking man, I’m gonna need to figure out what to do with cat food. I’m gonna need to buy trash cans with tight fitting lids. For awhile it seemed like all the dog stories I heard didn’t include this kind of stuff, but there was a thread on the email list about the dogs eating stuff they shouldn’t, and it freaked me out. What if we can’t have cat toys laying around? I hate all those fears and doubts, but they are gonna come no matter what I do.

So, I guess thats where I’m at. Not really anywhere new, but I did have some people ask what was up, so I thought I’d write and say nothing really new lol!


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Thanksgiving wrap-up

Yesterday was pretty great. The only minor set back was Timmy waking me up early, which caused me to lay in bed with the wheels in my head turning, and I thought about the parking at the meeting place for the first gathering and freaked out. I know parking can be an issue there, and Carol and I had talked about going at noon when everyone would be in the meeting, making the food more accessible for her. So I sent her a text freaking out about parking, and then called at ten and she didn’t answer so I left a message freaking out about parking. What a way to wake up. I felt like a tool lol. She called when she woke up and said we’d just see how it went. So I finished getting ready, put on some make-up and my brown dress, and she picked me up.

Parking was almost an issue, but as we were driving in the parking lot, Carol spotted 2 guys and asked if they were leaving. They were, so we got their spot. We walked up and I ran into a friend who I hadn’t seen in awhile and she almost didn’t recognize me. It was so good to see her!

After some finagaling to grab chairs and put them in a good spot outside, we could finally sit and relax. Not too much was going on, and there weren’t a whole lot of people I knew, but i got to see Lish and the friend who bought me that iPod. He said I’ve lost a lot of weight and am I ok lol. I assured him I’m doing it the right way. It was really great to see him and let him know what I’ve been up to. It was that iPod that led to this Apple that has led to all the amazing things I’m doing online. We reminisced about the trick he played on me with the iPod, and in reading the post just now when I dug it up, I realized that I really did talk nice about him. When I mentioned my blog, he said to be sure and tell you all what a jerk he is. He really isn’t, but I thought I’d honor him.

Carol and I hung out a bit longer, and then I came home and had about an hour to kill before meeting the family. My friend had called to say she was so happy to run into me, and I called her back and was chatting when B came in and said I had to watch this thing on the sports channel he was watching. So I went and watched.

It was the most amazing story. A guy went blind when he was 5 from a brain tumor, and his grandfather was a pro football player in his day. The kid wanted to play football, and he’s playing football. Blind. He’s a freshman in high school, and his coach and teammates help him play football. He plays on the defensive line, and he said when guys find out he’s blind, they go easy on him until he hits them for the first time haha! He was asked if he’s afraid of getting hurt, and he said his biggest fear is getting his sight back, to which I said out loud, yes! He said to him, the world is pretty perfect. He doesn’t see despair and slums and such, and he thinks if he got his sight back, it would devestate him. I certainly don’t think the world is perfect, but I know what he means. My life today is pretty great, and I actually do think about how mundane it would be again if I could see. So that was a great story. I should try and find his story somewhere online.

After that B and I went to meet the family at this old historic hotel that was doing a Thanksgiving buffet. It was great! Awesome food. I had turkey and prime rib and salmon and crab and mashed potatos and stuffing and sweet potatos and shrimp and the most amazing to die for chocolate dessert EVER. The place had a pianist and it was really nice, though a little loud. It was kinda hard to hear over it, and I was afraid my Grandma wouldn’t like it, but she said she enjoyed the music. And this reminds me of a puppy raiser hahahaha, because when my family said there were children there, I was shocked. I had no idea there were children there. Usually in restaurants, the kids are allowed to run wild and be loud, but not in this place. There really are some good parents in the world lol!

I ate so much I swore I’d never eat again. I came home and called my friend G because it was his birthday and we hadn’t talked in awhile. So we caught up on the phone for quite awhile while my food started to settle haha.

So in a nutshell, that was my day. It was really nice, seeing friends and family. I’m so grateful for my life. I can’t even say specific things. All of it. I’m grateful for all of it!

Today I’ve just been relaxing. I finally got B to pick up Pop Secret Homestyle microwave popcorn, since Carol told me its the best and I’ve wanted it for days. I had that for lunch and it is really really really good haha! I talked to Carol for a bit and just did whatever; my favorite kind of day.

Something really cool is in the works and will hopefully become solid tomorrow, so I’ll write about it if it all works out.

Hope everyone is recovering from their triptofan hangovers!


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Thanksgiving award – passing it on

I’m having some problems attempting this, so I’m gonna try it this way and see how it goes.

Yesterday I read a blog post by Jennifer, and she had been given an award! The way it works, I’m gathering, is if you’re named, you post the award image, name 5 other blogs, then those 5 take the image and post it and name another 5 blogs.

So, I saved the image and this morning attempted to add it. So first I tried the URL and then tried to go in and write my post, but I wasn’t getting my keyboard echo, couldn’t enter or delete. Very odd. So I tried uploading the photo, and had the same problem. So now I’m gonna write the post and try adding the image last lol. I sure hope this works.

So now to pick 5 blogs to pass the award to. One of the blogs I thought of got the award from someone else, so I’m not gonna double dip lol. So here are the 5 I picked.

Of course I gotta pick Carin and Steve because they have quickly become friends, and Carin and I are now email pals and soon to be braille pals. I just love these two!
Emily and the Labradors was one of the first blogs I started reading, and I read the entire story of Douglas, who just got his person on Wednesday! Also, its because of this blog that Carin and I met. And, emily is a puppy raiser 🙂
L^2 is another blogger I feel I’ve gotten to know, and plug often. She’s an amazing woman, and doesn’t let her visual impairment get in the way of life. She also does great photography and image descriptions, and she’s just plain cool 😉
Sadia has the most fun blog about her twin girls who are just so cute. I love reading about their adventures, and I love the way her blog is written. Hers is one that when she appears on the reading list I’m like yeah!!!
And Natalie is a sighted girl with a blind boyfriend. I’m only writing that, because since I’m a blind girl with a sighted boyfriend, I feel a kind of kinship to Natalie. She’s also a puppy raiser and you know how much I love puppy raisers!

Ok, gonna try to add the award now, I hope it goes ok. So, if you were named here, take the award and post it, and name 5 more blogs. Thank you all for being a part of my life!


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Timmy thinks I should practice

I had the alarm set for 8am so I’d have time to sit around and stuff before getting ready for the day. I fell asleep rather quickly last night and then B came in and didn’t know I was alseep and woke me up, then Fi was scratching at the door to get out, and then I slept again.

This morning Timmy decided to walk on my head. He never does that. Sometimes he’ll cuddle up with me and his purring will make me wake up a little but he’s cozy so I’ll cuddle up with him and pass back out. This morning he decided to literally walk on my head, and then plop down on the pillow, laying right on my hair. I grabbed him and moved him and he crawled right back on the pillow and purred. I didn’t know what time it was, because sometimes I can tell if its light out, but not all the time. The nature called so I stumbled to the bathroom and fell back into bed, but couldn’t fall asleep again. I lay there thinking he’s getting me ready for when I have a guide dog haha. Finally I checked the time and it was 6:30 so I said screw it and got up. I was really hoping for more sleep today.

Carol and I are going to the meeting place to hang out; they have meetings all day and a room full of food, so she’s gonna eat and I’m gonna drink coffee. Saving room for the buffet at 4 haha. I’m excited to wear my brown dress. Haven’t been able to wear it since April of last year. Hope it’ll be warm enough in the sun, since I’m wearing sandals lol. Gotta love the desert.

I’m kinda glad I was up early cuz I got to catch up with Carin and we were talking about exchanging braille letters, and she was telling me about getting a Perkins braille writer. They are expensive, but so much better than a slate and stylus, and well worth the cost. I can get it re-conditioned, so hopefully I’ll find one I can afford with Christmas money. That’ll be so cool, to exhange braille letters.

K, just fired this off quickly to get in my post for the day. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Oh, wanted to say congrats to Douglas for getting his person yesterday!!! WTG Emily!


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Random randomness and maybe a rant

Oh I’ll be relieved when November is over. I mean, I know I didn’t actually officially commit to writing a post every day for national blog month or whatever it was, but I told myself I’d do it, and I hate letting me down.

but man, I’ll all of the sudden get this panic like, oh crap I haven’t written today. I think yesterday I just copied and pasted an email lol. But today I guess I’ve got some random stuff to write.

I think I’ve officially forgotten to write about Silicon Sassy and the vacuum. I’ve just lost the urge.

this week has been busy. Well, really most of last week, the weekend, and this week have been busy.

I think I wrote about hanging out with Kevin and Georgie on Saturday. And then it was the normal Gamma on Sunday, and then it got interesting Monday.

I had braille scheduled for 10am. I hadn’t been for 2 weeks since I had been sick. And that guy had rearranged his schedule, since I had to be paired up with an over 55 for funding reasons. We hadn’t had our first lesson together yet, so Monday was supposed to be it.

I scheduled my transit, told them I had to be to Saavi by 10am so they scheduled me an 8:50 to 9:20 window. Ick.

After being sick, getting up and being ready to go for braille and a workout by 8:50 pretty much zapped my spoons. I get to Saavi at like 9:15 and have 45 minutes to kill. I decide to get on the couch and rest and try to get some spoons back.

Well, there’s this guy who takes a lady to Saavi and then hangs out. I don’t know why he hangs out there all day, but he does. And he’s taken to wanting to talk to me. Every time. How’s your MS? How does it affect you? I used to be a caregiver blah blah I delt with MS blah blah I knew so and so with MS and all of the sudden they were in a chair blah blah.

I’m slumped on the couch, eyes closed, nodding and grunting. Finally I say, I don’t listen to other stories about MS. MS is so different with every patient, that I don’t dwell on what could happen to me. My doctor told me from the get go not to go online. Don’t get over educated on MS. I took his advice. I know enough, I know how it effects me, I don’t want to hear about a thirty year old woman who couldn’t walk one day.

I was nice about it. I wasn’t like, shut up!! Just shut up!! But he got the hint and said, I’ll let you rest now.

So finally I can just rest my eyes. Now, I hadn’t looked at my braille. I’m realizing that I can’t do braille on command. Sometimes at 7am I feel like looking at braille. Sometimes at 5 pm. But I can’t be guaranteed to be able to do it at 10am on a Monday. So its about 9:45 and I remember that last time, we met in the back module, which I need help getting to. I haven’t mastered the route on my own yet. So I go up to the desk and ask if I’m meeting back in the back module. She’s like oh I don’t know, let me call. She calls my teacher and is not getting her on the phone. She’s like, maybe they took you off the schedule since you weren’t here. I’m like, no, she knows I’m gonna be here. I sit back down. Then she’s like, I’ve got her on the phone! So I pick up the phone and my teacher’s like, I totally spaced that I had a lesson today, I’m so sorry, I’m helping with the planning for the parade of lights. But L is there right? I want you to sit with him and go over punctuation.

At this point I’m thinking, I’m exausted. I could have caught my ride at 10 and avoided the last 45 minutes of falling asleep on the couch. I say, no. I’m here, but I’m not here mentally. I think I’ll just head back to the gym. She says oh, ok. And gets on the phone with L to let him know she spaced the lesson and I went back to the gym.

I pretty much decided right then and there that I’m gonna do self–taught grade 2 braille. I talked to another teacher and she was like, yeah once you have grade 1 down, you could do grade 2 yourself no problem. So that problem solved. I don’t like having someone else’s life being contingent on my spoons like L was, and I don’t want to feel guilty when I have a bad couple of weeks. So I’ll get the book and learn at my own pace.

The workout kicked my arse, but it felt good, and I was able to do everything I’d been doing, just a tad slower.

Yesterday I went to a meeting at noon, then was looking at some stuff for the job, then Carol and I had an impromptu diner meal before choir. Went to choir, came home exausted and passed out.

Go to Saavi today just for the workout and I like that, because I can head straight to the gym and bypass the guy that hangs out in the lobby. I worked out and i twas great! Weighed in, and lost 5 pounds! Even though I had been sick, I still lost 5 pounds, yippee!!

Go out to wait for my ride and MR. How’s the MS is there, but he doesn’t say anything. So the other how’s the MS guy asked how the MS is today. I’m like, oh I’m fine, just sore from working out. Oh, how does MS affect the workouts for your legs? I’m like, not really any differently knock on wood. I only have fatigue and blindness, knock on wood, and I”m knocking on the coffee table there. I like this guy though, and I was able to steer the conversation to computers. He’s really struggling because he used to program and really misses computers since going blind, and he feels like Saavi is taking too long to teach him. I told him he should say something and he has. He was told everyone in the class gets started off slow. Man, did I dodge a bullet there by teaching myself the Apple. I’d hate it if I was held back. I asked if he has Jaws at home, and I told him practice, try and find online help, you’ll get it, you’ll be amazed, its tedious, but you’ll get it. He thanked me for my positive attitude. I want to help this guy, man. I can’t imagine feeling all stunted with the computer. When I made the decision to learn the Mac, I dove right in. I didn’t have to wait on anyone.

So thats it. I really wanted to title this something like I’m not MS. I’m not dammit. And I never feel that way any place but Saavi. Its like, come on, we’re all blind, can we focus on that? Guess I need to just get used to it. Some days it bothers me more than others.

Oh yeah, there’s only one more official choir rehearsal before the concert. Yikes! Hope we can pull it together.

Oh, and I’m going to B’s fancy company party on the 19th, so my girlie girl part of me is getting excited about getting a new dress hehe.

Going to a nice buffet with the family tomorrow for Thanksgiving, where I plan on putting on those 5 pounds I lost. Yummmm turkey and prime rib and lamb and stuffing and desserts oh my!

Oh yeah, B just called and I got sidetracked. I forgot I was writing a blog. I decided to try on the brown dress that I tried on a month and a half ago that fit, but was too tight. Guess what? It fits perfect! So I can wear it for Thanksgiving yay!!

Oh yeah, I caught my microwave on fire today. That takes talent 😉


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ACB – captain GPS from ILA

Wow. I want I want I want!!!!


Kapten Personal GPS Voice Navigator
ILA Item 240460

The city is best when it’s never the same

The Concept
The first voice GPS for smart urbanites

GPS is great – until you get out of your car….
Which is why Kapsys is introducing the very first smart urban navigator with
no screen!
The ultra-compact Kapten is 100% voice interactive and incredibly simple.
Enjoying life in the city has never been so easy…!

The backstory…

Back in 2006, Kapsys creator Aram Hekimian was visiting Tokyo when he had kind of a
wild idea. What if you were lost in a city where the streets didn’t have numbers- or even
names, for that matter- and you were desperate to get to that little hotel that promised to
save the last room for you? And that’s how Aram came up with concept of a GPS that
would be so light and so small and compact, you could just carry in your pocket and find
your way around any city in the world.
The idea was one thing, but he admittedly had doubts, not to mention quite a few questions
to be answered. He sought out advice. Some said the concept was risky, others thought
it was bold. He became convinced that there was a real need for a GPS that would in
fact be a little more than just a GPS. And he became persuaded that navigating without
a screen was a powerful asset, because he knew that a device like this would really be
useful when people weren’t in a car. So he decided it was time for action.
In 2007 he founded Kapsys, a 100-percent French company that’s totally independent and
100-percent equity financed. He put together a tight-knit team of the best people and the
best partners. A year later, he unveiled Kapten: the first voice GPS for smart urbanites.

More than just a GPS…
Multi-transport navigation
Audio guide
MP3 player 1 GB/FM radio
USB key
Community website

The benefits of screenless…
Ultra-compact size
(7cm high, only 50 grams)
Record autonomy
(4-5 hours of operation)
Optimum safety
(eyes are always on the sidewalk or street)
(voice control)


Multifunction friend in the city for huge fun

K-multimove: Life is about more than cars…

Kapten adapts to the way you get around – on foot, bicycle, motorcycle, public transportation or car. It automatically adjusts your itinerary and directs you using the navigation mode you choose with a simple voice command.

If you’re walking, for example, one-way streets or cutting through the park aren’t a problem. Kapten never routes you the long way around…or just default to big highways. On a bicycle, it knows you need to avoid highways and chooses bike paths whenever they’re available. And of course it has more “conventional” GPS functions when you do use a motorcycle or car, but with simple and safer voice controls.

K-tag: The new must for “Urban Trotters”!

Just press a button and Kapten records a place you’ve spotted-a restaurant, bar, store or meeting point. Once you record it, all you need to do is add a voice memo with a simple voice command. Then just say the name and Kapten leads you
right where you want to go. It’s as simple as that.

Plus, the Openshare community on lets you post and add comments for your geotags, keeping them private or sharing them with others if you like. You can also download and use geotags posted by other “urban trotters”. A great way to rediscover your own city or other cities that quickly become as familiar as your home town!

K-connect: Phone too (yes! you really can!)

Kapten connects to your mobile phone via a Bluetooth® coonection so you don’t have to change earphones. Just synchronize and say the name of the person you want to call. If you receive a call while your Kapten is
in navigation or MP3/FM mode it tells you who’s calling and you just press a key to answer.

That’s not all- you can sync your Kapten to display your route right on your phone screen too.

K-play: The city is your playground…

MP3/FM radio:
Choose from all of your downloaded songs or tune into your favorite FM station in seconds, all hands-free of course, thanks to voice
commands. You’ll love the exceptional superior audio quality too.

USB key:
Store up to 1 GB in the USB flash memory.

Audio Guide:
Discover or rediscover monuments and
places of interest in the world’s great
cities without weighing yourself down
with guide books.



Multi-transport navigation:
Pedestrian, public transportation, bicycle, motorcycle, car. Public transportation maps for major cities.

Mobile phone call management
Bluetooth® mobile phone interface

Voice control interface:
Destination input
Navigation instructions
Radio station selection
Artist or album selection (from MP3 files)
Call management (take a call, call back etc.)

Optional user interface via mobile phone (see list of compatible Bluetooth®handsets on

Create K-tags

FM radio
MP3 player and USB flash drive (1 GB capacity)

Technical specifications:

• size 74 x 44 x 13 mm (H x L x D)
• weight 50 grams
• memory 1 GB
• antennas Built-in
• maps Tele Atlas
• Bluetooth® 2.0
• micro USB 2.0 FullSpeed
• battery 750 mA
• audio player MP3 Format
• warranty 1 year
• speech recognition & text-to-speech: Nuance®
• Will work with PC’s running (Windows 2000, XP, Vista) and on the Mac running (OS X 10.4)
• USB Charger
• stereo earphones with built-in microphone
USB cable
• portable speaker
• battery backup: extra 17 hours of rechargeable battery life
• carrying case

For Technical Support on the Kapten purchased through Independent Living Aids, please contact:

Technical Support
Phone: (800) 537-2118



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Someone was bored at Nestle Crunch

I got the following status update on FB. The not giving away the surprise applies to comments here too. Try it. Someone must have put some weed in the chocolate over there at Nestle!

Call the Nestle Crunch Hotline at 1-800-295-0051. When you are asked if you want to continue in English or Spanish, just wait quietly for about 10 seconds and you will smile. Promise! (if you comment on this status after listening, don’t give away the surprise…) keep going and press 4 it gets even better…. Try it (keep trying if it’s busy)


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