Carrie plus B equals teary

B pre-ordered the new Carrie Underwood album for me and it arrived yesterday. I kept forgetting all day to import it and listen, so about an hour ago I popped it in. I just love her. I’m not an american Idol fan, so I never knew about her until she was on the radio.

I saw her in concert when I was like a week blind. I sat and cried when she sang my favorite songs, and got to sing along with her. I was sad not to be able to see her, but really when its music, you don’t need to see.

Ok I wasn’t quite ready to write about B but he just called and could hear that I’m sick I haven’t felt well all day. I’ve been thinking about this soup from Olive Garden, its chicken with dumplings and its all creamy good. Anyway, as soon as B heard that I’m sick he said, “We’ll get Olive Garden tonight so you can have that soup.” Wow. I love him so much.

Which leads me to the new Carrie song that had me in tears. Its a song to a mom telling mom all about the wonderful man the daughter is with. It had me in tears, missing my Mom, thinking about B and the fact that she would be so happy I found him.

roses the other day, the Carrie cd and now the soup. I just love this man of mine!


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  1. Aww. B sounds pretty cool.

  2. R

    Yeah, he’s pretty great. We were only together a year when I went blind. He’s been such a trooper. He really is something special 🙂

    And now he’s sneezing, 5 in a row. Oh dear. Oh there’s the 6th one. Its gonna be a sick house in our place this weekend blech.

  3. I hope you both feel better and get plenty of rest.Sneezy peasy makes me queasy. lol

    Rest R, take good care of her B. Yes pamper her. You sound like a great guy.
    Be blessed,

  4. R

    Ugh, no rest for the wicked. B was up coughing and sneezing most of the night and I kept checking the time to see if I could just get up. Finally at 6:50 when another coughing fit woke me up, it was a reasonable time to get up. Its gonna be a long weekend, blech! Sick sucks.

  5. Neocitrin baby. Neocitrin is your friend. At least it’s mine. You get sleep and don’t hacka hacka hacka all night long. Get better, you two.

  6. R

    Hmmm, maybe I’ll tell him to look for it. I wasn’t even coughing, it was him. He’s got asthma, and when he gets sick, the asthma gets aggravated, so I don’t know if cough syrup even helps him.

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