Carl Crawford Cringing *edited*

I am going to paraphrase this as I don’t remember the play by play word for word.

BJ Upton was up to bat and showed bunt. Oh he’s hurt, he dropped down into a catcher’s stance. Oh no, oh you know where it hit him. Oh man. Oh, oh he’s hurting. Showed bunt and the fouled off the ball and it hit him. Oh man. The trainer is out there but all you can do is give him time. At least men know that takes time so they’re giving him time. Oh Crawford, look at him in the dugout, he’s squirming. Ok, it looks like BJ is gonna be ok. You know you don’t have to do everything Crawford does haha. Oh man. You know catchers and pitchers and infielders wear cups but most outfielders don’t. Oh man.

That was totally paraphrased, but that’s basically how it went. They also made comments about how groin injuries are plaguing the Rays. Price got hit there just playing catch one day. Then Crawford and now Upton.

Oh man. Ouch. Oh man. You know where it hit him.



The home plate umpire just got hit by a foul ball. A look at the replay and you know where it hit him. Oh man, oh man. It’s an epidemic! Hahaha!


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  1. There’s a blind guy baseball game made for the PC made by Jim Kitchen, and randomly, “Oh man. You know where that hit him.” will happen in that game. You hear the guy go “Hooohhh!” and then “I don’t even want to tell you where that foul ball hit the catcher. That must have hurt real bad.” is spoken by the SAPI voice. Thought ya might get a kick out of that.

  2. Oh, Man! I hope that they leave that epidemic where they are, don’t be bringing to the Rangers series lol.

  3. I don’t understand how guys who have been dinged still can justify not wearing a cup. One ball to the balls is enough for me, thanks. There has to be one that doesn’t profoundly impact your game, and if there isn’t, let’s get figuring one out, sports scientists!

  4. I love that game. I haven’t played it in forever. I probably suck at it again.

  5. Hey. If I suck as bad as I used to, and as a pitcher, walk too many people, I’ll have to call myself Kevin Greg.

  6. Ro

    That game sounds awesome lol. Wonder if there’s one for Mac. This sucks. I’m waiting for the archive game but they must still be playing. When I get a text I have to hit delete as soon as I hear seventy nine thousand lol. Gah! Waiting is murder! It’s over three hours now. Ack!!

  7. I don’t think there are Mac versions. There’s a Windows one and a really old Dos one.

    I’ve thought about subscribing to the Jays text alerts since it would be so handy for times when I can’t catch the games. I do a similar thing for buddies sometimes when they need updates, but I can’t get the jerkfaces to pay me $3.50 a month or whatever the cost is.

  8. Ro

    Pay? They’re free at ESPN. Just find the search and search “text alerts” and you customize and everything. I get updates for every scoring play and the end of the thirt sixth and final innings. It just rolled over from last year so I haven’t even had to update it.

  9. I was thinking of the ones from Might have to check into the ESPN ones and see if they send to Canada. They may not because of international messaging rates.

  10. Ro

    Ah shit that’s right. I didn’t think about that.

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