Careful of those typos

On my ACB email list, we were talking about that new show on USA that has a CIA agent who’s blind. I wrote:

“It would be cool to lay a CIA agent.”

Oops. Yeah, um, meant “play” one….hahahaha!

I’m usually pretty good at catching typos. Guess I was in a hurry. Someone replied and asked what I meant and then asked if the actor is blind. I didn’t catch the first question. I said I didn’t think eh was blind, that it would e cool if they actually cast blind actors, that it would be cool to play a CIA agent. This morning someone replied, “that’s not what your last message said”. So I scrolled down through the old messages and caught what I had written. Lots of laughter ensued. Oops!


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3 Responses to Careful of those typos

  1. That’s like one time a lady on the dog list said that it hurt her 609-year-old back to do something. We were like gees how old are ya? But I like your typo better.

  2. Anonymous

    I so told you about that ages ago, LOL! He’s pretty cute though, I’d lay him, or play him, whichever…


  3. I’m not so sure it would really be that cool to lay a CIA agent. If the relationship ever goes south or if your agent friend gets obsessed after a 1 night stand there’s a pretty good chance you could disappear.

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