Care to describe this commercial for me?

There’s a new Pepsi Max commercial that’s a play on the movie Field of Dreams. From what I gather, CC Sabathia wanders in to a corn field and finds a bunch of guys in a club house setting. I know it’s Evan Longoria asking for a braut because I know that voice and my friend confirmed it on Twitter, but will some of you fill in the blanks for me? You don’t need to know who the players are, just explain what they’re doing. From the sound effects, I’m guessing that some things are getting thrown around. I’d really appreciate it!

Are the guys in uniform? Is Evan Longoria just asking a guy at the cart for a braut? Is he in uniform? Any details would be awesome; thanks in advance!

Pepsi Max Commercial


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  1. Anonymous

    Guy wanders into cornfield baseball diamond.
    Lots of players huddled around.
    Guy is spelling his name to players.
    Cubs coach and umpire bonding over drink.
    3 players doing rock paper scissors.
    Your husband gets a hamburger from a mascot? that looks like a hot dog, asks for the braut.
    Guy that used to play for AZ pitching Pepsi can into trash can with heat, coach clocking it with a gun.
    Guy does back flips up to machine.
    Penny organ player give thumbs up.
    And, scene!


  2. Ro

    Yay!!! Thanks! That’s awesome haha! My husband…cute. Oh yeah, pitcher that used to play for AZ is Randy Johnson. Former Cubs manager is Lou Pinniella, if I spelled his name right… 😉

  3. Ro

    Oh and I don’t know their voices, just read somewhere who’s in the commercial.

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