Call for Sparks

Ok here’s your weekly call for Sparks. In a nutshell, leave me three objects or a few words in the comments of this post for the next short story, if you’d like to participate. I’m gonna use a random number generator this Friday, so just leave your comment by the end of Thursday this week.

The Sparks that inspired the last story were a surgical scrub brush, headphones and a Post-It note.

This is really fun for me so I hope it’s fun for you too. Thanks in advance!


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15 Responses to Call for Sparks

  1. A speed bump, a battery, and a baseball.

  2. It sure is. Hmmm. a cookie, a doorknob, and…a broom. Yeah ok then.

  3. snowstorm, penny-jar, Grandfather clock

    (love this, Ro!)

  4. An apple, a Rubik’s Cube and a shovel.

  5. Ro

    Yay! These are great! We got some new contributors too, sweet! Wonder how many we’ll get this time around?

  6. turtle, leash, spanish book.

  7. Just to give you a taste of the class I’m taking here goes…going to do a persons name is that ok?
    Chuck Berry, a Bond girl(not sure of a name), and hmm, special brownies if Chuck Berry won’t work lets go with a guitar (a gibson Les Paul) 🙂 enjoy!

  8. Ro

    Ack who is Chuck Berry? Haha!

    So can we make it a Bond girl, special brownies and a Gibson guitar?

  9. What? You don’t know who Chuck Berry is!! You better hit google missy like now! and while you are at it hit up some youtube too…I can’t believe you are sooo sheltered! lmao! Sure, its whatever you are the writer

  10. Ro

    The name sounds familiar. It’s not whatever I want lol, just wanted to trim it down so I knew exactly what the sparks were.

  11. Wow, you don’t know who Chuck Berry is? Maybe this’ll help.

  12. Ok, so we will do a Bond Girl, a special brownie, and a gibson Les Paul guitar 🙂

  13. Ro

    Yes I now know who the man is. This is teaching me that authors must do research lol!

  14. transaction ticket, scissors, wireless modem

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