Buying for B and other Christmas musings

Buying for B is a severe pain in the arse. The man wants something, he buys it. So there’s no buying every day little things, or cds or anything. His hobbies really are only sports, rock music and sports. I can’t afford to Christmas shop for everyone, but I like to get something for B. He does so much for me through the whole year so it would suck to not get him anything. For his birthday I saved up to take him to The Melting Pot yummm. But heck, that benefits me too. So I really wanted to get him something for Christmas that is just for him. I don’t think he reads this, but just in case, I’m not gonna say what my idea finally was. I had been putting off getting anything because nothing sounded right. Then Thursday I finally had an idea. Oh, this would be good.

So I was browsing Amazon. I love Amazon. I never really noticed what a pain it is with a screen reader until Carin pointed it out lol. But I was able to see that my idea could come to fruition. But something was still holding me back. I didn’t know if I’d get it in time, thought about going to a store to get it, but Amazon is always much more affordable usually. I talked to Georgie about it and she said to wait a bit then, if I wasn’t sure.

So this morning I got back on Amazon and entered in the exact same search terms, and found an even better one. Ah, that is why my gut said to wait! So I ordered it. I got 2 day shipping, so it should be here by Tuesday. That’s not 2 days, but whatever, it’ll be here before Christmas. And then I can tell you all what it is 😉

We don’t make a big deal of Christmas. I didn’t decorate last year because well, what’s the point? I can’t see it and B doesn’t care. This year I thought about donating my decorations, but years ago in my drinking, I sold all my Christmas stuff. All my child hood ornaments. All of it. And I’ve deeply regretted it ever since, so I won’t give up the few decorations I have since collected. Maybe some day I’ll decorate again.

Not having money to buy for everyone since my disabilities struck, has really taken a lot of joy out of Christmas. A few years ago, I bought card stock and rubber stamps, and made personalized cards for everyone. But that’s the extent of what I’ve done over the last few years. I can’t even remember what I got B last year.

So I’m excited to have really ordered something cool. At least I think it’s cool. I will say that it is *not* Guitar Hero. I thought about it, but why would I buy him something that will torture me? Sorry, love you B, but you’ll have to get that one on your own, so I don’t hate myself for buying it.

The other night, he asked me what I want for Christmas. I just looked at him. He said, “I know I should be more intuitive. You had mentioned you wanted another iPod but then said no.” I said, “For girls, electronics are not romantic gifts.” This isn’t entirely true. I’m a geek. I will never ever say no to electronics, but I’m also a girl, and while I can’t see it, I like sparklies, I like jewlery. Santa Baby, forgot to mention one little thing, a ring, I don’t mean on the phone. I want a ring for my left hand. I don’t care if it’s an engagement ring. I just want a ring for that finger to show I’m committed. I don’t want to force him into buying something like that though.

Last year we were in West Virginia for Christmas. He had already gotten me Spinelli, but took me to Kohl’s for me to pick out something for my birthday. I know this is a convenient way to shop for someone. If they pick it out, you know they like it. I picked out a small champagne diamond necklace. He found out I prefer white gold. Before that, as we were driving there, he said he didn’t know what to get for his family. I said, “We could get engaged and surprise the whole family.” He said “I’m not buying an engagement ring”. Ok, I understood. We had been together a little over a year and a half. But now, we’re going on 3 years. Isn’t it time for a ring? Am I just being a whiney girl? I mean, we probably can’t even legally get married, because it would seriously screw me with my benefits. But I want the committment ring. Ok, I’ve admitted it. Any ideas of how I could hint to that?

Tonight is his holiday party for work. I’ve got a new red dress to wear and can’t wait. But he was sick this week, and it made his asthma flair up really bad. Last night he was considering going to urgent care. Today he might go to a minute clinic and see about getting some prednisone. So today is rather up in the air about the party. The employee he nomiated for employee of the year won, so he is doing the presentation, so hopefully we can make it.
On another note, I am so grateful we live in the desert. Hearing about all the horrible winter weather makes me so so so glad I’m in Arizona. Maybe I should write an ode to the desert lol!

Ick, he’s coughing really bad right now. Cross your fingers that this passes.

Oh yeah, the other thing I want for Christmas is a call from GDB with a class date. Got 3 more days where they might call. Hoping hoping hoping!


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  1. Darrell and I did commitment rings for our anniversary last year. He didn’t know what to get me, but after I told him I wanted to give him one he really liked the idea. We didn’t get ones that were too expensive… neither of us spent over 100. I wear mine on my middle finger of my left hand. He wears his on his right because he says its more comfortable (he has big knuckes but skinny fingers so he’s weird lol.) I don’t care though because it is just something to symbolize. Mine came from Kay and his came from James Avery. Well, hope it helps.

  2. My Christmas presents are all very boring this year. Nobody’s getting anything exciting. I love getting electronic things and music, but people can never buy me the right things so I usually get clothes, which is fine because I hate buying them.

    So at your guide dog school do you just get a class date first and then a dog? Like here, your matched with the right dog first and your class date depends on when your matching visit happens and when the next class is after that.

  3. Ro

    Natalie, that’s really cool. Who’s idea was it? I don’t know why I want it to be his idea lol.

    Jennifer, yeah. They have a good selection of dogs at the school at any given time, so it’s usually pretty easy to find a good match. So we get a class date, go to school which starts on a Monday, and then “dog day” is on Wednesday, when you meet the dog the trainers have matched for you. It’s an extensive process. they find out a lot about me before I’m even accepted, and then I think the trainers talk with me those first 2 days, and do Juno walks and such. Then they make the match. The number of success stories far outweigh the not so successful matches.

  4. Fun you found “the gift” for B. Love the internet for shopping has made my life much easier.

  5. Ro

    Oh I know. The internet is such a blessing haha!

    Ok, I was struck with an idea. I made my status update on Facebook read, “Santa Baby, forgot to mention one little thing, a ring, I don’t mean on the phone, though a call from GDB would be cool too ;)”.

    So, we’ll see tee hee!

  6. Well it was kind of both our ideas lol. A couple months after we started dating he gave me one of his rings to wear. It was a simple silver band, but it never fit so I had it on a necklace.. He never really liked that I couldn’t wear it so when I mentioned getting him a ring for anniversary he told me he had been wanting to get me a ring ever since his didn’t work out. So yeah.. Technically getting them was my idea but he had the original idea first I guess lol. Confusing I know, sorry haha. I agree with you wanting it to be his idea. I would have never suggested it if I didn’t have his first one.. Its kind of awkward.. like making the first move haha. I actually had to do that. Poor boy he had no idea I was flirting with him haha. Long story, another day.

  7. ok Ro listen up!
    “Honey, does my finger look naked?”
    “Are we committed to each other? Then WHY is my finger naked???” lol

    oh and it really doesn’t mean marriage per se, I’ve been wearing an engagement ring for seven x-mas’ now! Still no wedding! lol Ok long story there but dang, speak up! Tell him and THEN give him his great gift. lol

    Merry Christmas Ro and B!
    *preparing for a live entertainment evening here!* 🙂

  8. Ro

    Hehe I could do that. But it’s still telling him what I want. Apparently he ordered something on Amazon for me. So, who knows.

  9. Oh nooo! Both your packages are from Amazon! He could open the wrong one…oh yeah, he can see who it’s to. *slaps head*.

  10. Gimme his email, I’ll give him a wake up call for ya! lol *smile*

  11. Ro

    Haha I doubt the thing he got me from amazon is as big as the thing I got him from amazon lol!

    JayNoi, might take you up on that lol!

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