“Brilliance” (The Brilliance Saga Book One) by Marcus Sakey – narrated by Luke Daniels

This book was one of the Audible daily deals I hit a home run on. I enjoyed it so much, just preordered the second book in the saga which is due out this month. Getting ready to write this post reminded me to check on the next book. I can’t wait for it!

Since 1980, 1% of the population has been born with strange gifts. Called brilliants, these people are sought after and feared. After all, if someone has the talent to know exactly which stocks to sell and when, wouldn’t that be dangerous to our economy? On the other hand, doesn’t a talent to know what an opponent will do a split second before they do it come in especially handy for a law enforcement officer?

This book is highly entertaining as well as a social commentary on what it’s like to be different and in many ways, persecuted. Imagine what it must be like for parents to worry when they’re child exhibits special talents. What must it be like to fear for your child in that case instead of feeling only pride?

The narrator was excellent and I’m so glad he was brought back for book two! I hope he does the whole series.

Rating: So good!

“Brilliance” at Audible ~ I will no longer be providing Amazon links. If you are interested in this title in print, please visit your local small bookstore.

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