Brad Pitt asking, “what’s in the box?”

I am insanely tired today which is a major bummer since yesterday was a pretty good day. I slept great so there is no reason I should be this exhausted other than the stupid MS.

Ok it was way too hard to type that tiny paragraph. It’s like my fingers won’t obey the signals my brain is sending them as I type.

For some reason, WordPress refuses to email me my comment notifications and pending approvals. I’ve checked the settings and they still won’t come to my gmail. Anyone have any ideas?

That’s all I have to type today. Check out audio of my crazy friends Amanda and Taylor as they unbox a four pound boa constrictor. Well I shouldn’t say they. Taylor is the crazy one but since it’s Amanda’s Christmas present , she can’t interact with the snake until Christmas so Taylor did it. Oh yeah, they’re both blind too.


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2 Responses to Brad Pitt asking, “what’s in the box?”

  1. HAHA, I feel honored we made a post! 🙂
    She’s actually somewhere between 9 and 10 pounds silly. 🙂
    Not sure if that makes us even crazier!

  2. Your comment notifications not going to GMail, I wonder if GMail is flagging things from your domain as spam. That happens to everyone at times, and it’s especially easy when the domain isn’t a super well known one. If you can, check the spam folder in GMail and see if that’s where the missing emails from WordPress went. If yes, mark them all as not spam and hopefully that’ll be enough for GMail to figure out that you actually do want those. You may want to go in there from time to time just to make sure it’s actually getting the hint. I’m not sure how easy that is in GMail since I don’t use it, but I know it’s possible.

    And I’m not sure if it has a safelist or whitelist feature, but if it does, put the address that your notifications come from on it and that should take care of everything but the lost ones.

    Oh, and the irony of leaving this as a comment is not lost on me, in case anyone was wondering hahaha.
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