Boredom leading to blogging

***Warning: This post is incredibly long and holds no real value except for entertainment for myself, so don’t feel obligated to read***

This is gonna be more nothing, because I’m still totally brain dead, but now I’m bored and starting to get stir crazy. I’ve been able to sit up most of the day, so thats a good sign. B went and got me Lipton Noodle Soup because I was really craving it. He was going to get it yesterday when he ran to the store, but he forgot it, so I asked him if he could get it today, and he obliged. I really think it helped. After sitting over the hot bowl, I had a ginormous coughing fit, and now my lungs don’t feel so tight. The sneezing has slowed down. Oh please, please let this be the home stretch. I hate that I couldn’t make it to Gamma’s again today; this makes two Sundays in a row. I’m also skipping Saavi tomorrow, which bumms me out, but I’m playing it safe. I have to make it to choir on Tuesday. We’ll be finding out about solos, and she might have narrowed it down to a few who will run through the solo when we rehearse the songs, so if I made the cut, I really hope I can sing come Tuesday. I sound a bit like a frog though, so hopefully I don’t pull a Carlotta on Tuesday.

Its a seriously slow internet day. Hardly any new blog posts or emails. I’m too brain foggy to find any new blogs. I did find one blog written by a guy caring for his wife with MS, and it sounds like she’s legally blind from it too. I couldn’t tell if her blindness was caused by something else, though.

Oh, football Sundays. Oh oh, football Sundays. B watches Red Zone or something, where they recap every game going on. They cut to whatever game looks like might have a score. B is severely ADHD, so its heaven for him. I was eating my soup and I told him that channel is a non-football fan ADHD nightmare. It sounds so frantic. I don’t envy the guys that have to run that channel.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today. 67 degrees and sunny. It rained yesterday, and I had no clue it was nice out. Our electric bill has already dropped dramatically. I had to put the heater on to get the chill out today. Gamma asked if I got that rain smell, which unfortunately I didn’t because I can’t really smell right now. There is no smell like rain on the desert floor. None like it. The smell coming up from the creosote getting moist is a smell I can’t even describe. Earthy, yet almost sweet. That doesn’t even begin to do it justice. I hope I get to smell it next time.

Timmy lkes to get under the blanket I have covering the couch. Its his favorite place to sleep. Spinelli likes to attack him when she notices he’s there, and they had a romp fest on the couch a bit ago and B said it was WWE. The other day, B sat right down on Timmy under the blanket. I said I’m the blind one, thats my job. Though I’m pretty good at the hand sweep to check for cats. I didn’t do it the other day on the bed, and sat on Timmy. He gets the brunt of the butts around here. The other cats seem to know where to sit where its safe. Poor Timmy!

Man, this blog is feeling so dull to me. this is why I’ve avoided writing while not feeling well, but I honestly didn’t know what else to do right now. I can’t even manage to try anything new with the computer or iTunes because I’m so brain foggy I just get frustrated. I need to import those Frank Mccourt books, but every time I think of it, my brain moans. Its not hard. But it takes attention that I just don’t have right now.

Well, this is just silly. I’ve got nothing to say and I can’t even manage to be silly. I’ve got no quick stories. I haven’t left the house since Tuesday. So no fun adventure stories. Just sick stories. Oh speaking of sick, my kitchen, holy God is it a mess. Thats the worst part of being sick, not keeping up on house work. That kitchen is going to be hell to clean. And I bought a Swiffer Wet Jet a few weeks ago, and its still sitting in the box in a corner. I keep forgetting to have B put it together. I bet I can figure it out. I put together a portable DVD player last year, I bet I can handle the Wet Jet. Dunno though, there might be lots of little pieces.

I’m inflicting my boredom on others. I’m so mean. though, you did choose to read this. Carin, where are you? I talked to Steve today. But you’ve been MIA. Did he eat you? Are you really the same person, pretending to be 2 people? Is Steve really your alter ego?

Third and a yard. Thats what the TV just said. Oh he said it again. First and goal. Yay. I don’t like football. I miss baseball.

Ding ding ding goes the email. I keep wanting to eat chocolate. All day I want chocolate. And unfortunately we have chocolate. So I eat it. It tastes so good with coffee. Give me a break give me a break break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar. Yum.

We got Red Lobster last night. I need to remember that I only need 2 items when I do that create your own deal. 3 items is too much. It was pretty good. How can anyone not like seafood? I can’t imagine being allergic to it. Did you know if you’re allergic to shell fish, you should never allow anyone to clean you with iodine?

Kitty eating. Spinelli cracks me up at night. Actually all the cats do at night, but especially spinelli. I usually go in and lay down with the telli at about 8 and I shut the door, because B starts his nightly ritual of playing baseball on the Playstation and listening to music. If I don’t shut the door, I hear the music. Some of it is ok, like Nirvana and other grunge bands, but not when I’m watching tv and especially not when a death metal song comes on. I hate death metal. It makes my heart race. The cats know when I’m heading into the room, and Fi is usually already on the bed. Timmy meows and follows me in there and cuddles, and then Spinelli realizes I’m not in the living room and scratches at the door. As soon as she’s in, the other 2 want out. Fi scratches at the door and meows and Timmy gets on the dresser and bumps the handle so it rattles. I get up and let them out, sometimes I’m lucky and B hears it and lets them out. Its just Spinelli and me and she meows and walks all over me for awhile and then she has to bathe. At 9 on the dot, B comes in to take his Flonase and Spinelli jumps like a gun went off and follows him into the bathroom. She knows its food time. B leaves the door open for a bit so Spinelli can eat and come back in. Then he closes the door and starts the music again, and she curls up and goes to sleep. We are definitely a family of routines. The cats will be so incredibly confused when I start taking a dog outside at 9 or 10 ha!

Spinelli is now on my lap bathing herself. She fits in well with her neurosis.

B just said John Lachey is the big free agent this year, and it doesn’t look like he’s coming back to the Angels. Man, ok I hate the Yankees, but at least some of their players are seriously loyal. Though, I bet they’re only loyal to the Yankees because of money and fame, so forget I said that.

B’s fantasy football team is doing well. Its his first year doing it, so it took awhile to get the hang of it. He was in last place for awhile and now he’s tied for fourth. I’m thinking of doing fantasy baseball next year, but I’m not sure. I’d hate to have to root against my teams.

Sniff sniff goes the nose. I hate the word nose. Its ugly. But only nose on the face, not knows like she knows. Why do I hate the word nose? I think I don’t like noses. Kevin wanted me to feel his teeth last week because he got them cleaned. He was like, feel my teeth I got them cleaned! I’m like no I’m not touching your teeth. I don’t like touching noses or teeth. I’m totally fine with feet, just not noses or teeth.

Ding. Probably more emails on the email list. I enjoy the list, but sometimes its just topics I don’t really care about. this one guy got snarky yesterday. Out of the blue. Snark. wow. Same with the accessibility list. It got kinda snarky there too, when I asked some questions about Jaws and Window Eyes for my boss. It got snarky, a blink saying something about developers don’t know anything about websites or something, and they should hire blind people. I had to defend my boss, and then she had to come defend herself and I felt like a tool. She told me not to worry, that thats why she just reads the list, but doesn’t post anymore.

Snarky. I like that word. Snarky snark. Meep meep.

Crap. I shouldn’t have said earlier that I think I’m in the home stretch. The coughing and sneezing is starting again. crap crap crap, shut up about it quit jinxing.

Oh, saying jinx makes me think of X, the letter, and I”m wondering something. Flexi. Ah! Thats it! Ok, I’ve heard people referring to “putting the dog on the flexi” but Alex says flexi like flessi, and I’ve never interacted to spell it out, so I thought they were saying flexi but maybe it was really flessi and it was a brand or something. I’m assuming flexi is that leash that comes out so the dog can run around while still being tethered. Flexi. Ha!

Think I’ve killed enough time. Maybe now there are some fun emails or blog posts.


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  1. I can assure you that Carin and I are not the same person. She’s been away most of today because she went to the Santa parade with the neighbour and her baby, it’s the little guy’s first Christmas.

    Meanwhile I stayed here and got supper going, a nice pasta and salad. We just ate and it was beautiful stuff.

    Other than that, I’ve been watching football, the real stuff…the Canadian CFL game. Today is the East and West semi-final games. Today has been awesome. I don’t watch the NFL, I like the CFL so much better. the game is much more wide open and exciting. but yeah, we have those highlight things here too, especially on the hockey channel, they call it NHL On the Fly.

    Sorry for not posting much, you deserve to be entertained. then again, that would require entertaining people…which I am not hahaha. Let’s be honest, Carin is the only reason anybody reads anything we have to say. I’m just garnish,the stuff everybody picks off their plate so they don’t ingest it by accident.

    If none of this makes any sense it’s because I’m kind of…um…uh…influenced lol.

  2. R

    Holy crap, you read that? Must be good beer!

    I want pasta salad. And yes, it is your job as writers of Vomit Comet, to entertain me. Because its all about me. Ha!

    Hmmm, wonder if Carin will have a Trixie post about the santa thing.

    Didn’t know you have different football. Interesting.

  3. I know Carin is working on a post about dog stuff that should hopefully be up in the next few days, not sure if the parade is part of that.

    The beer is good, but it’s the whiskey that got me through the post hahahahahaha. Seriously, it wasn’t bad at all. You’re one of those people who I can read write about pretty well anything.

    I will do my best to get back to entertaining you tomorrow. You’ll have to settle for me because Carin is out of town doing some contract work for a website company.

    Yeah…we have different football up here. Our stuff rules.

  4. R

    Ah I could never really do whiskey. I was a beer girl. Whisky set my throat on fire, and since I always drank beer, when I mixed, it was not pretty *ralph*

    I’m glad my rambles about nothing are entertaining to someone other than me haha maybe that just means you and Karen really are my best friends in Canada not that I have other friends in Canada. I’m curious about this football. I thought Canada was all curling and hockey. If Karen is going out of town, she should ahve some good Trixie stuff. I’m sure she runs into some idiots on trips like that.

    Ah, B is off to get the best burgers in town.

    Do you think I should assign me and B some names? Like some R name for me. Or maybe “the artist formerly known as R”. Or am I stuck with being R now that the blog is kinda taking off. Whenever someone links me, I feel silly that I’m just R. Maybe I should be Rascal. Or Rapier, or Ro. Hmmm.

  5. Oh my god Blogger I think said I wrote too much. Am splitting this mo fo in two.

    Good lord I’m gonna have to write a monster comment. Gorsh, where do I begin?

    Yes, you have to feel better by Tuesday…after all, we’re all staying tuned, you know! hahaha!

    I love cuppa soup when I’m sick. That stuff has mystical powers.

    The swiffer wet jet should be uber simple to put together. Herm. Where’s mine? Maybe I should go look at it. Oh what do you have to do to snap the jug on. there’s something weird. Ok…it’s basically a pole with a button on the handle that you press to shoot the swiffer juice out. Swiffer juice? Ick! Anyway. Then at the bottom of the pole is a plastic part with a little spot with spiky things where you attach the jug. I think you just take the jug, put it upside-down and poke the top with the spiky things. That simultaneously breaks the seal and attaches swiffer juice jug to wet jet. To get the jug out, you should now see a button more protruding than it was before. Just push, and the jug goes boyng and comes up. Now behind that is the battery cover. I believe it takes 6 double a’s. That was the hardest part…getting the batteries in right…because there seem to be little knobby bobby doodles going each direction. I figured out a long time ago that springy things were what you pressed the flat end of a battery to. But there are bumples on either end. And even if you put the batteries in wrong in the swiffer, it tries to make noise. It just doesn’t make the right noise and no swiffer juice comes out. So that was the hardest part. Then you take one of the pads out and stick it to the bottom of the swiffer. It has velcro, the swiffer has rough stuff, smush, that’s all there is to that. It’s been a while since I’ve taken a swiffer out of the box and put it together. I think you should do it when you feel better as a test to see if you got all your spoons back from the cold hahaha!

    Yup I was out with Huppy and mommy at

  6. the parade. Silly Huppy slept through Santa coming around. Oh well, he’s only five months old. I guess we can forgive the little cutey pie. God he’s cute. He still won’t let me record him, but will ba bla ba blalala-eeee-aaaa! when I have nothing to record him with! And yup, there’ll be puppy stuff coming up…with a little part about the parade for sure. And I may have more stories since I’ll be out of town, but luckily I have a car pool, so I won’t have to ride bus after bus after bus just to drive a half-hour’s distance.

    Hey…the guy you’re referring to…does his name rhyme with snark? Hahahhehe! If it was, twas fun putting him in his place. Goofhead.

    Your cats sound like the cutest cats ever! All those times they wanted in and out were making me laugh.

    Oh, flexi. Yep. It’s an x. It’s the leash with the handle and the leash can retract and stuff and they can run around.

    Hey, can anyone tell me if Neocitrin and Thera-flu are the same thing? Cause I’ve seen them both advertised with almost identical commercials. Weird.

    I was joking with Steve that you are R, and B is B…so you’re R and B! Har, har, har. That was bad.

    And please don’t be offended, but I’m dead curious as to why you never use an apostrophe. Honest I’m not trying to be mean, I’m seriously curious. Does Alex eat them?

  7. R

    I think B thinks I’m crazy because I was sitting here laughing my arse off. I had to read this comment twice, first in the email notification, and then again after I posted them.

    Ok, Triple As sounded just like triple ass so it sounded like I need to put triple ass in my Swiffer after I break the seal and let the juice out hahahaha!!!! I think you should email that description to Swiffer, with thing a ma boobles or whatever you called it lol!! It had me rooling. Also, is the baby’s name Huppy? I thought you said hubby slept through santa but Steve didn’t go and he’s not your hubby, and I think I remember Trixie calling the baby Huppy and I thought she was saying puppy.

    Yes, the person rhymes with Snark. I didn’t even realize that when I typed it. Wow. Too funny. And I think I use apostrophies. Don’t I? I’m confused. Where didn’t I use an apostrophie?

    Holy crap what else did you say. I should have left the emails there so I could refer back lol. You have some memory.

    Blogger limits comments? I hate that blogger limits characters in tags. Sometimes I want a lot of tags. Sheesh.

    Oh I know I use apostrophies, cuz I always notice when people don’t cuz I’ll hear dont and wont all the time instead of don’t and won’t and it drives me nuts.

  8. R

    PS – Don’t worry, I’ve thought of the R and B thing too, and its funny because we both despise R and B lol. I had an ex who’s name started with G so we were G and R and I always liked that one.

  9. L^2

    Wow, I totally forgot what I was going to say now after reading all these hilarious comments. So I’ll just say hi to let you know I read your post too! 🙂

    Oh yeah, I was going to say something about the cats…. Hearing that you guys accidentally sit on your cats makes me not feel quite so bad about tripping over my dogs. LOL

    Also, to answer Carin’s question: Yes, TheraFlu is the US version of Canada’s Neo Citrin – the ingredients are the same.

  10. His name isn’t huppy. but that’s what I had Trixie calling him. The human puppy. The huppy. His name is Matthew, but I like calling him huppy. Hahaha. It’s usually when you write that’s. JAWS always says it funny. Maybe you’re like me and accidentally write t h a t s ‘ instead of that’s. Maybe I should look at how it looks hahaha. Hahhhaah about the double ass. That’s a big battery compartment. Yeah it didn’t even tell me what it’s problem was. It just said “problem processing your request.”

  11. R

    I just post so that Carin and Steve will make my comments funny tee hee. Thats twice now Carin has had me laughing so hard I cried. Scary when bettling a chest cold.

    Good to know the two drugs are the same. We use the liquid in the bottle. I used to always use the kind you heat up, but B started getting liquid, which scares me cuz there’s some alcohol in it, but it hasn’t tempted me, and it works. Though I had to pour it on Friday night and the bottle is shaped just like a bottle of liquor lol. I can’t take it during the day, only at night so I can pass out. Ok ramble ramble ramble about Thera Flu, geez.

    Oh, glad timmy getting sat on is helping you with the dog tripping 😉 At least his grunts are helpful, though he always seems to purr like mad when I fawn all over him and apologize 🙂

  12. R

    Ooooh human puppy, got it. Yeah I prolly forgot the a in that’s or something. Or maybe I forgot the apostrophie in that’s. Who knows. Did you see L^2’s comment?

  13. There you go again, and I’m not crazy! Look at how you wrote thats. Not trying to be an ass. I’m just happy I’m not insane. I was wondering if I had lost my marbles. Hahahah yeah and I just saw that comment. Yeah, Steve and I have tripped over the Trixter a few times. Silly poochers has beds all over the place, but where does she flop? Right in the middle of the friggin floor! And good to know I’m not crazy about thera-flu/neocitrin.

  14. R

    Wtf? Where?? I looked at the times I said that’s in the last post. Where are you seeing this??? Why are we getting nuts about this???

    I pointed out her comment to make sure you noticed the drugs are the same since you posted at the same time just about and then I realized duh you would see it since you probably subscribe to comments. I think I need to put this day to bed.

  15. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be nuts. No biggus dealus. And I wasn’t mad that you said that l^2 thing. In fact it happened so fast that I had to look up to find it. I must be doing too many things at once. I didn’t mean to snark. Honest. Just so you know where I saw it. This is what I saw. Thats twice now Carin has had me laughing so hard I … but I was honestly only curious if Alex and safari were having some kind of munch munch war over apostrophes or something. I wasn’t meaning to pick on you. I swear. Get some rest and watch out for the kitties.

  16. R

    Oh hey! I didn’t think you were being snarky! I was laughing at trying to find where I wrote thats. Seriously I thought it was hilarious that we were talking about apostrophies hahaha. I didn’t think you were picking on me, and I didn’t think you were being snarky snark. I didn’t even put that together iwth marky mark, what was that group called?

    When I said I had to put this day to bed its cuz my brain is all crazy and foggy and I feel like I’m talking out my arse. I actually went back and read my entire original post again trying to find thats. And now the post is funny because of comments here. Wow. I never thought when I joined blogger that I’d have so much fun!

  17. R

    Oh wow I read my comment before the last one and yikes, I sounded snarky. Eek! Ok yeah, its time to do the kitty door dance and go to zzzz.

  18. Oh good. I know some people get all weird-o-rific when people point out their typos.
    Hahhah Mark E Mark and the Funky Bunch? Hmmm…wonder who the funky bunch’d be.
    I wonder if your foggy brain will produce weird dreams. That’s one thing that’s different about us. I think you said you hardly ever dream. When I dream,
    they’re doozers.

  19. Writing is such a funny thing, isn’t it? Two people can look at the same passage and take two totally different meanings from it. Language is a beast. That’s why I always pray that when I speak French, I don’t screw it up and say something totally unintentionally bad. Kinda like my brother. He worked with a deaf dude. Once, he thought he’d mastered the thank you sign. So after the deaf dude did something nice for him, he proudly signed “thank you!” except…erm…it wasn’t. The deaf dude went red in the face and gave my brother a dirty look. So my brother’s like whaaaat? And the guy wrote “you said f you!” so my brother had to explain. No no no. I meant “thank you.” Hahahha my poor brother. So…if you ever learn to sign, learn the difference between thank you and f you!

  20. R

    I was getting ready for bed last night and thought about our communication over that’s and laughed while brushing my teeth lol. Then I got to thinking about how I use 🙂 or 😉 or haha a lot, and its because its almost impossible to tell tone sometimes in writing, especially with a screen reader, and then I thought about my post that sounded snarky and there was no 😉 or 🙂 or haha. Sometimes I think I haha too much or lol too much, but I’m realizing how important it is.

    As for dreams, I did have a really weird one last night, and as I’m waking up this smorning, I’m trying to remember it, but its all foggy. It had to do with my friend S from Saavi who is 20 and us contemplating doing, well, you know. And then we were talking about invisibility cloaks and other things from Harry Potter. I’m wondering if I should call him to see how he’s doing, not mentioning that I had a somewhat risque dream about him hehe.

    Oh and I’m gonna tell my friend Lish about the sign language, she’s studying it.

    Alex doesn’t say risque right. He says risk. wish I could do the accent.

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