Books Fifteen and Sixteen in 2012 – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” – Seth Grahame-Smith and “Zero Day” – David Baldacci

I have gotten massively behind in updating my book list on the blog. Luckily I keep track in a text document, so I’ve got them all written down. I’m breaking it up a bit and combining books fifteen and sixteen in this post since I didn’t care for either book.

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” caught my attention when the book was mentioned in an email from Audible. Several staff members recommended books in this one was listed and the concept sounded pretty cool. I later found out that a movie was being made so I tucked the book away in my wishlist and purchased during a sale I think.

I didn’t care for it. I really should have written something up right after I read it, because nothing really sticks since it’s been awhile. I do know that several times I felt like Lincoln’s memory was sort of, oh what’s the word…insulted? Ok, ***spoiler.***

Basically the book is saying that the major reason Lincoln wanted to get rid of slavery was to get rid of vampires. Yeah, that wasn’t his only reason, but that was the basis for the whole book. It just kind of left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

***End Spoiler***

I also just had problems with some of the ways the book was written. It was mostly third person except “exerts” from Lincoln’s diary, which were first person. There were times however, that the narrative slipped into omniscient. It was very subtle, but it was there and it annoyed me. I just didn’t like this book. I suppose it’s entertaining for a lot of people, just not me.

“Zero Day” was just bad. It started great. I really liked it. But then the main character, a military police officer sent to West Virginia to investigate a homicide, just happens to have a paramedic kit in his trunk and runs a saline IV on an old woman who is having a heart attack, he concludes, after doing some triage on her based on what he learned in Afghanistan.

Ok, I liked MacGyver, a lot, but this was too extreme.

It just continued with the whatever factors. I just didn’t like it. A story has to be at least somewhat believable and I just couldn’t turn the logic part of my brain off long enough to enjoy it.

Actually, the time I spent rolling my eyes and laughing at the insane creativity of the author, made the book at least somewhat worth it, and I had quite a few chuckles telling Carol about it.

It made me absolutely crave getting back to Harry Bosch, though.

I started this post about a week ago or so, maybe longer. Finally updating this list today since there’s no baseball tonight. Last thing I just remembered that I didn’t like about both these books is the production, adding music in at random times. I don’t think audio books need music to let us know when something suspenseful is going to happen. The Baldacci book even had gunfire. I’m not watching a movie, it’s a book. Let me use my own imagination, thanks. The Lincoln book had random music play during times it just didn’t make sense. It’s mostly Hatchett Audio that does this I’ve noticed, though the last Connelly book I recently read had it too. No like!

012 Audio Book List (all unabridged):

1. “IT” – Stephen King – Began end of 2011, finished 1/4/12

2. “The Concrete Blonde” – Michael Connelly – Finished 1/9/12

3. “Under the Dome” – Stephen King – Finished 1/22/12

4. “The Black Echo” (Bosch #1) – Michael Connelly – Finished 1/24/12

5. “The Black Ice” (Bosch #2) – Michael Connelly – Finished 1/27/12

6.* “The Concrete Blonde” (Bosch #3) – Michael Connelly – Finished 2/2/12

7. “Stories I Only Tell My Friends” – Rob Lowe – Finished 2/6/12

8.** “So Yesterday” – Scott Westerfeld – Finished 2/10/12

9.** “Peeps” – Scott Westerfeld – Finished 2/15/12

10. “1Q84” – Haruki Murakami – Finished 3/12/12

11. “The Stand” – Stephen King – Finished 4/2/12

12.** “Uglies” – Scott Westerfeld – Finished 4/9/12

13.** “Pretties” – Scott Westerfeld – Finished 4/15/12

14. “The Last Coyote” (Bosch #4) – Michael Connelly – Finished 4/20/12

15. “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” – Seth Grahame-Smith – Finished 4/25/12

16. “Zero Day” – David Baldacci – Finished 5/1/12

*Audio book previously listened to.

** Audio book previously listened to multiple times.

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