Book Twenty in 2012 – “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir) – Jenny Lawson

Some background on how I found the author of this book. Have I ever mentioned that I grew up a trekkie? I was too young to be a fan of the original Star Trek, but when it came to The Next Generation I was hooked. I don’t remember how old I was when I started watching but it must have been in my very early teens. I was in love with Wesley Crusher, played by Wil Wheaton. I don’t remember when I found out that he’s on Twitter but I “almost died” as the tweens are fond of saying when they have a fangirl attack.

I began following him and eventually his wife and eventually their friend The Bloggess.

The Bloggess cracked me up with her tweets. Oh, she has a name? Wait, she wrote a book? Sweet! It hasn’t been released yet? Bummer. She’s recording the audio book? Glad there’s an audio version but she narrated it, uh oh. Books narrated by the author are seldom read well. The book is out? Great! It’s on Audible? Fabulous! I’ll go preview it. hahahhahahaahahahaahhahahaahhah!!!!! Yes, all that laughing during like, a two minute preview. I know what I’m using my next credit on!

When it finally came time to get this book I couldn’t wait. When I started it that first night I laughed so hard I was afraid I’d pee the bed. B could hear me laughing from the other room, over his music, with my door shut. It was that funny!

She sings her chapter titles. Yep, sings them. Imagine a random chapter title sung in a high pitched, clear voice. Oh and there’s sound effects, but not the kind that drive me nuts in audio books, sound effects that totally make sense with the content.

This book is just fabulous. She tells her life story, growing up with a dad who stuffed dead animals. Yep. Squirrel in the cereal box. Hahahahahaha!!! Ok, cracking myself up remembering random parts.

I’m not gonna write anymore in case I end up blowing all the funny stuff. I will just add that most funny people I’ve ever known have suffered hardship and Jenny is no exception. I know I related to her and I think most women would. I’m sure guys would enjoy it, too.

Deer sweater. Hahhahahaha!!!!

2012 Audio Book List (all unabridged):

1. “IT” – Stephen King – Began end of 2011, finished 1/4/12

2. “The Concrete Blonde” – Michael Connelly – Finished 1/9/12

3. “Under the Dome” – Stephen King – Finished 1/22/12

4. “The Black Echo” (Bosch #1) – Michael Connelly – Finished 1/24/12

5. “The Black Ice” (Harry Bosch #2) – Michael Connelly – Finished 1/27/12

6.* “The Concrete Blonde” (Harry Bosch #3) – Michael Connelly – Finished 2/2/12

7. “Stories I Only Tell My Friends” – Rob Lowe – Finished 2/6/12

8.** “So Yesterday” – Scott Westerfeld – Finished 2/10/12

9.** “Peeps” – Scott Westerfeld – Finished 2/15/12

10. “1Q84” – Haruki Murakami – Finished 3/12/12

11. “The Stand” – Stephen King – Finished 4/2/12

12.** “Uglies” – Scott Westerfeld – Finished 4/9/12

13.** “Pretties” – Scott Westerfeld – Finished 4/15/12

14. “The Last Coyote” (Harry Bosch #4) – Michael Connelly – Finished 4/20/12

15. “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” – Seth Grahame-Smith – Finished 4/25/12

16. “Zero Day” – David Baldacci – Finished 5/1/12

17** “Specials” – Scott Westerfeld – Finished 5/7/12

18.** “Extras” – Scott Westerfeld – Finished 5/13/12

19. “77 Shadow Street” – Dean Koontz – Finished 5/21/12

20. “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir)” – Jenny Lawson – Finished 5/25/12


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  1. I have actually wantes to get the audio version. I love her work.

  2. Ro

    Oh, you totally should! At the end there are “outtakes”. It’s so awesome to hear her voice and how she reads her own book. I adore it!

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