Book Eight in 2012 – “So Yesterday”

So yeah, I’m catching up on the book list since I had fallen behind. Luckily I’m keeping track in a text document so I don’t lose completion dates and such. So, I’ve turned back to Scott Westerfeld because his books are always comforting to me. So yeah, for some reason young adult books are what I crave when life gets hard. So, maybe I should get on to explaining why I’m suddenly jumping from King to cop dramas to autobiographies back to the Westerfeld books I love so much.

“So Yesterday” is just a fun read. It’s all about fads and things that are “cool”. When did the first person link their wallet to their pants on a big chain, when was it cool to wear jeans falling down around your arse and showing off yer undies? And why would these things lead to a kidnapping that two seventeen year olds have to solve in time to save the head cool hunter?

There are several laugh out loud moments and many references to products we all know and love without being named. My favorite two words that crack me up every time I listen to this book are, “fittle lucker”. Now you want to read it to find that, don’t you? So go on then.

I’ve decided to read my Scott Westerfeld books between Audible credits. Gamma is in the hospital after breaking her hip and everything has changed. Luckily she’s doing ok, but our Sundays will never again be what they were and we haven’t been able to talk much this week. Those who know us know how close we are. This has been very difficult adjusting to for both of us.

So I crave the books that entertain and comfort me at night. No one does that better than Scott Westerfeld for me. I’m so grateful I collect books. They are one of the only constants in life, if you think about it. The words don’t change once the book is published. Well, unless the book is abridged and that is the only format you can find it in…

2012 Audio Book List (all unabridged):

1. “IT” – Stephen King – Began end of 2011,finished 1/4/12

2. “The Concrete Blonde” – Michael Connelly – Finished 1/9/12

3. “Under the Dome” – Stephen King – Finished 1/22/12

4. “The Black Echo” (Bosch #1) – Michael Connelly – Finished 1/24/12

5. “The Black Ice” (Bosch #2) – Michael Connelly – Finished 1/27/12

6.* “The Concrete Blonde” (Bosch #3) – Michael Connelly – Finished 2/2/12

7. “Stories I Only Tell My Friends” – Rob Lowe – Finished 2/6/12

8.** “So Yesterday” – Scott Westerfeld – Finished 2/10/12

*Audio book previously listened to.
** Audio book previously listened to multiple times.

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