Blogger’s next “improvement”

Better get my last few books up here in the next few days since Blogger is changing things yet again. I’ve been able to hold on to the old interface for awhile but not for much longer.

This page discusses Blogger’s coming “improvements”. If I sound less than thrilled it’s only because after the last “improvement”, just about every other blogger I still keep in touch with moved to WordPress. I didn’t, but if this next change is horrible, I will.

After the last failure I held out hope that Blogger simply could not just ignore all the complaints, that they had to improve things. Hopefully my hope was warranted though lately when it comes to hope, I’m afraid. Seems when you stop hoping, you don’t get disappointed.

The above link mentions Google’s free screen reader (huh?) working with Blogger. I’m afraid of that implication. Is Google saying we’ll have to use that to use Blogger? If that turns out to the be the case, WordPress here I come.


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  1. The way I read it is that they’ve added some screenreader support. Their mention of the one they’ve produced is just a plug, not a requirement.

    It’ll be interesting to see what sorts of things they’ve actually done. They mention a couple, but when last I saw the new interface it was such a mess that it needed more than a few things done to it. Google’s accessibility record being what it is, I won’t believe they’ve fixed it until I see it, or more likely, until some people I trust with things like this tell me it’s fixed since I jumped ship and really have no reason to look at it anymore.

    One of the little things that concerns me about what they wrote is that they say they’ve made accessibility improvements to many parts of the interface. Many? Why not all of them? Maybe I’m reading too much into that, but I’ve learned not to trust Google when it comes to accessibility.

  2. Ro

    Yeah, I’m definitely nervous. Before I got the old interface back, I was at least able to post using Chrome. But They had done this ridiculous thing with comments and email publishing them that I hope they don’t do again. I’m definitely nervous about this.

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