Blogger might be kicking me off my own blog, so just in case…

…here’s a post explaining things in case I never post here again. I’m hopeful this won’t happen, but it is highly possible unfortunately.

For months now, Blogger has been telling us our dashboard is changing. Several screen reader users gave the new set up a test drive only to come back and report that we will not be able to use it. Apparently sighted people don’t even like it. I never tried to check it, hoping that Blogger would listen to complaints and suggestions and tweak it before they force it on us, which they are doing at some point this month.

I firmly believe that if the new interface is inaccessible, Blogger will fix it eventually. Several Blogger users have imported their blogs to WordPress, a move I’m not going to make unless it becomes absolutely necessary. I just don’t like those blogs as much.

So…if there’s no post here for months, this is why. I should still be able to post via email if it gets to the point where I’ll be getting a new blog elsewhere, to let you know.

I won’t be importing this blog if I have to move. I am a very sentimental person and I want to leave this blog as is. If I have to move, I’ll be starting fresh, but I’ll be sure to somehow add the new address here if it happens.

My fingers are crossed I get to stay! This blog has been such a huge part of my blind life. I hope I don’t have to leave it just because Blogger wants to go and be fancy.


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3 Responses to Blogger might be kicking me off my own blog, so just in case…

  1. I was hoping that this wasn’t true. I don’t like the other blogging websites as much either. Let’s hope Blogger listens.

  2. I don’t think so as I am using it frequently and it is very easy site for blog posting with new features.

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  3. Ro

    Yes, it’s easy now, but Blogger will soon make us switch to the new design and the editor is not accessible, from the ones who have tested it. It’s sounding like soon, Blogger will not longer be easy for us.

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