Blog addiction

oI found another fabulous blog today, and have spent pretty much the entire day reading the posts. I got to thinking, am I blog addicted? Hmmm….

My 12 Steps of Blog Addiction

1. Ok, I admit that I am powerless over the reading list. I know its not really necessary to reload the page every hour or so, because the new posts will be there regardless of when they load on my reading list. I don’t really think my life is becoming unmanageable…though I do have a messy kitchen to clean up, and I really need to keep reading the brailled Goldilocks story. So ok, yes, I am powerless over blogs. When I’m going to bed at night, I think, I can’t wait to get up and read the blogs. I’m not really seeing unmanageability though. Unless I never do chores or read braille again.

2. In order for me to believe that I will be restored to sanity, I have to first believe that my blog addiction is insane. I don’t really think it is. Maybe…the fact that sometimes I post 4 blogs a day is a bit insane, or posting from the point of view of my cats, but thats just cute, and I got that idea from another blog. So while I accept step 2 and believe that my higher power will restore me to sanity should the need arise, I don’t think I’ve lost sanity yet.

3. Yes, I can make the decision to turn my will and my blog over to the care of God as I understand God. But my God is hella cool, and I think that whatever makes me happy as long as steps 1 and 2 don’t flair up, should be fine with my God.

4. Ok, I’ll make a searching and fearless moral inventory of my blog. I am definitely resentful at the CAPTCHA’s, but who wouldn’t be? Ok, justified resentment. But I’ll work through it anyway. Resentful at: CAPTCHA. Affects my: Blog security and ego, because I can’t leave insightful and witty comments on blogs with said monsters. My part: Pride, because *I* wouldn’t have one of those… Aside from those, I can’t think of any more resentments, except maybe by proxy resentments at owners with CAPTCHA’s.

5. I most definitely admit to myself, God and other human beings of my blog addiction because i talk about blogging all the time, and I even shared my resentment at the CAPTCHAs in a blog post.

6. I would be willing to turn over my blog defects to my higher power, but I don’t really think its too much to worry about right now.

7. I’m not ready to humbly ask for these things to be removed, because I still feel justified in hating CAPTCHAs. And I don’t want to give up blogging, not that I think my God would have me do so, for above mentioned reasons.

8. I could make a list of all the people I’ve harmed, but so far I don’t think I have? I don’t swear in my blogs, I don’t share really mean things, I keep talk of politics to a minimum, and I don’t think I’m preachy. As far as IRL people, my boyfriend doesn’t mind the blog addiction because it makes me happy, and he’s busy reading a huge thread on his metal forum.

9. Hmmm, made direct amends to those people I’ve harmed. Well, I haven’t harmed anyone that I know of, but I would sure as heck be willing if I did. Maybe I owe the cats an amends, for talking about them, and pretending I know what they are thinking?

10. I’ll continue to take personal inventory, and if I write something horrible, I’ll remove it.

11. I will continue to work on my conscious contact with God, and actually in some posts, this is easier, especially backtracking and talking about how awful I used to be.

12. I would love to help others with their blog addictions, even though I don’t really know if any of us need help I mean because its so fun and theraputic and educational and whats so wrong about meeting new people?

Ok, after going through the steps on my blog addiction, I don’t really think there is anything wrong with it. I hope that doesn’t mean I am constitutionally incapable of being honest with myself, but I don’t think so. I have concluded that blogging is the next step in my acceptance of my new life, and darnit, I’m gonna enjoy it 😉


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2 Responses to Blog addiction

  1. L^2

    Just wanted to say hello, and thanks again for checking out my blog today. I’m skimming through yours now, and I have already added it to my feed reader, so I can keep up with your adventures.

    As for blog addiction, I think all of us bloggers go through that phase where we can’t get enough. For some it lasts longer than for others, but I think as long as blogging and reading blogs stays fun and doesn’t start to feel like a chore or that it’s controlling your life then there’s no harm in it. 🙂 And, like you said, it is a great way to connect with other people and learn about new things.

  2. R

    Blogging is somehwat of a chore with blogger haha. There are so many things I would change to make it more accessible. Simple things, just having some links some places and stuff like that. Its fairly simple from the outside, doing simple tasks, but the way I have to navigate is pretty cumbersome. So in that regard, its a chore hehe. But I think I will compose an email to blogger about all my issues. Part of the problem with web accessibility is that a lot of screen reader users just accept things, instead of standing up and saying, hey, if you just did this one little thing, it would be a lot easier.

    Oh and as far as your wanting an Apple, I do hope you can get one. They’re great for graphics too, and my photographer friend only uses Apple. I’ve heard the screen magnifier is excellent too, and thats included with every Apple, so definitely something to think about, great investment, in my eyes. And the customer service is fantastic!

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