Blink and blur

Somehow in a comment thread on Facebook, the term ‘blinks’ got mentioned and someone wondered where that term came from. Someone else said it didn’t make sense to call us blinks, then someone else said she’d heard that total blind = blinks and partially blind = blurs. I thought this was funny. Then another friend replied that he used to be a blur and now he was a blink.

So I described my loss of sight progression using blink and blur:

i was a sightie. Then a sightie and half a blur, then a sightie and half a blink. Then a half a sightie, half a blur and a blink. Then a blink.

I had to laugh at how that sounded when the screen reader read it. 😉


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5 Responses to Blink and blur

  1. I had to read word by word to understand that lol.

  2. I guess I’ve been all blink all the way. No screenreader fun for me.

  3. Jen

    Its not a word used much here in Ireland to describe blind people, and not something I’d use myself but have seen it a lot online.

  4. Ro

    I think when I first heard it, I thought it wasn’t very politically correct lol. But it’s fun to be silly about, for me anyway.

  5. Wow. You are a poet! I’m serious. You should go to a poetry slam with your “Blink and Blur” poem. The audience would eat it up.

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