Blind blunders #1

I do a lot of things in my blindness that just make me laugh and shake my head. I don’t know why I haven’t thought to blog about these things. Maybe I have in certain posts, but I thought it would be fun to have a whole label dedicated to my blind blunders. So, I suppose this is the inaugural post.

A woman once said to me that if I share my vulnerabilities in meetings, that people will relate to me more. Isn’t that true? A person who seems perfect in every way isn’t very relateable since none of us are perfect. I can relate to a blind blogger when she talks about having a stain on her shirt for the entire day, only to have it pointed out when she gets home. I can relate and warm up to that person because they didn’t break down because of it. I need to know other blind people who shrug off their blunders, because it helps me to know that it’s ok to be silly. As for me and stains, I don’t know they’re there so I just don’t really care. 😉

I had the idea for this post because of a comment I left on a friend’s FB update. She mentioned she moved a lamp and reminded herself not to trip on the cord, only to trip on it immediately. So I commented about my laundry cart, and then decided to write about it in more detail here.

Every Thursday I do laundry. I use a laundry cart to transport the clothes to and from the laundry room. Things have changed a little now that it’s hot, because I get the laundry ready on Wednesdays so I can start it early on Thursday mornings.

When I first started doing the laundry on my own, I would roll the cart out into my entry way and then promptly forget it was there. How many times I ran into it…eventually I started trying to keep it in one specific place, but that never seemed to work. When Jayden was newly home and I had to keep him on leash in the apartment, he actually kept me from running into the cart once.

I would park the cart and tell myself, ‘remember the cart is there’, only to run into it five minutes later.

Now that I prepare the laundry on Wednesdays, I leave the cart full between my hamper and dresser, pretty much out of the way. For the most part it works, until the time that I go to my dresser and promptly run into the cart.

The worst is when I’m preparing the laundry. I’ll have the card unfolded between the end of my bed and the tv. There’s a small space to get around it. If something happens that makes me move from the spot, like grabbing something from another room to throw in the cart, I will almost always walk back into the room and kick the cart. Howling ensues. I rarely wear shoes in the house.

One time this happened while I was on the phone with Carol. I walked back into the room, kicked the cart, started screaming, collapsed on the bed holding my throbbing foot, Jayden runs in to make sure I’m ok, I’m near tears, Carol doesn’t know what’s going on, I can barely breathe, I’m telling Jayden I’m ok, while trying to tell Carol “cart…ouch…kicked…no shoes…”

Obviously it’s not that bad every time I kick it, sometimes I’ll suddenly remember it’s there and slow my pace so the impact isn’t as bad. Sometimes I’m lucky and I’m wearing my Crocs when I run into it.

I just am so used to wear things are in my house that I move around rather quickly. On rare occasions, B will eave a chair pulled out accidentally, or the vacuum in my path. But there’s just something a little humiliating about doing it to myself.

I thought I’d include several blind blunders in this post, but it’s already fairly long, so I’ll write some more at another time. Hope you enjoyed. =D


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  1. L^2

    Oh, I can totally relate to this. It seems like every time I move something from it’s usual place I end up crashing into it, even after reminding myself a hundred times that it’s there. Sometimes all we can do is just laugh.

  2. haha I can so relate! Mine are usually doors that I forget I closed completely or the baby gate I forgot that I actually latched. Pretty quickly I will go CRASH! and smack into them and gosh that hurts! But I never learn LOL My other one is if I leave the spare bathroom door slightly ajar so it can air out and I come around the corner and forgot I’ve left it ajar, wham, yeah that one hurts too LOL. At the time I am certainly not laughing but I can giggle afterwards.

  3. I’ve got one for ya. When Steve and I lived with another blind dude, third blind dude bought a treadmill and we set it up in our apartment. Steve and I kept saying, who’s going to trip over the treadmill? Wanna bet on who’s going to be the first one to do it? I loudly proclaimed it would be third blind dude. He kept bumping into stuff. Then, it wasn’t a day later, I ran down the hall, and fell hard on the treadmill. Steve asked me what happened, and all I could manage was “I lost the bet!”

    The funniest thing I’ve done is, while talking to another blind person, point like a sighty! Woooops!

  4. Ro

    Ah these comments are reminding me of other blunders. Hahaha!! I think this will be fun. The closed doors thing is a big one.

  5. Another one is I’ll leave a cupboard door open while I’m washing dishes, and then like a tool, I’ll forget to tell Steve. Wack!

  6. Oh man, you losing the bet was hilarious. Best part was that we had company at the time, so we got to explain the bet to them so they could laugh at you along with the 2 of us.

    I hate the stains thing. I’m generally quite good about not dropping things on myself, but every now and then I’ll have a helpful friend or family member point out to me with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer that dude, you’ve got barbecue sauce on your nuts. What can you do, you just have to laugh.

    Kicking stuff is awful, and it’s always stuff that you put there for yourself to run into, or things that have been in the same spot forever. I’ve broken at least a couple of toes doing that…at least it sure felt like they were broken.

    Another thing I sometimes do if I’m in a hurry is start frantically looking for something…only to discover that I’m either sitting on it or it’s in my other hand.

  7. I’m actually convinced you do the cupboard thing on purpose. It makes sense if you think about it. If you get your revenge in advance and make it look like an accident, you don’t have to yell at me when I act like an idiot. That way you get to look like the nice, forgiving girlfriend while still getting your licks in. I’m on to you, woman!

  8. I don’t plan that well.

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