Big Love

Do you ever go to write a post about something you haven’t written about and think, hmmm, do I want to write this, because I’ll need a new label? Hehe, my crazy brain.

Anyway, when Big Love came out a few years ago, B and I had just started dating, and he ordered HBO just for that show. Looking back, it surprises me, because he’s not really in to tv shows, especially not ones I enjoy. So we started watching it religiously when it was on weekly and were all bummed when the season ended. It was “our show” haha!

So when we moved in together, I convinved him to dump DirecTV and switch over to the cable company I had, which is good because now we have On Demand. We could watch Big Love whenever we wanted. Oh I just had a memory. We didn’t start watching Big Love in the first season, so we went and rented the first season to get caught up.

Anyway, I knew it had started again Because Carol mentioned it. Friday night I told B that it was back and he didn’t believe me, he thought it was back in February haha. So we had already missed two episodes, but that’s ok, we have On Demand haha!

So we watched the first show last night. I just love it! I’m not gonna go into detail because I know Carol reads, and she likes to save it all up and watch it all back to back to back. But I just wanted to Say that I love Big Love and it started off with a bang. All the quirkiness mixed with seriousness was back as usual and I just love it. I also like shows that I used to watch as a sightie, because I can still picture most of the characters. Carol, just wait till you see what Alby is up to 😉

Not to mention it’s the one thing that B and I enjoy watching together, aside from baseball, which is just around the corner woo hoo!

Anyone else watch Big Love?

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