Better have your birth certificate if you’re not white in Arizona

meI was gonna title this something like, I better keep my birth certificate on me, since I live in Arizona, but I’m white so I won’t have the problem this truck driver did.

I’m embarassed to call myself an Arizonan. This is ridiculous.

This man was stopped at a weighing center and asked to provide his birth certificate, after officials found out his mom lives in Mexico. Like any smart person, he keeps that at home. His wife had to come with his documents, proving he was born in Fresno, CA and she brought hers just in case. Hearing the anguish in her voice made me so sad.

I agree that something needs to be done, but racial profiling is not the answer. How bout cracking down on the companies who hire illegals to save money?


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  1. This one has been bugging me. A LOT. I can prove that I’m in the US legally, since I carry my Green Card with me. But my kids, who are US-born of an American father, don’t carry proof that they belong, and they’re nearly as brown as I am. I’m just so mad about this I can’t think straight.

  2. That’s so dumb. It’s about as dumb as random black people getting stopped for no reason. It makes me think of that comedian Dave Chappelle talking about a cop coming into a house, assuming the black guy broke in there, beating him up, then realizing that it was his own house and he did nothing wrong, and so they say “Sprinkle some crack on him, and let’s go!”

  3. Ro

    It’s really sick. Sadia, you sund american though, and so do your girls. I have a feeling once they hear an accent, like on that video, that’s when they make assumptions. I don’t know but it’s so disgusting. Wtf does american look like, anyway???? Ugh.

    Carin, that actually happened, I don’t remember how long ago. I think it was a judge who is black and entering his own home, but he had locked his keys inside or something, I don’t remember. A neighbor called the cops and even though the man had the address on his license, he was still arrested for breaking into his own home.

    Carin, do you and Steve have an extra room? I think I might become a Canadian citizen.

  4. You and Ann might have to fight over it hahaah!

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