Beeping cat update

Ever since I wrote about how Timmy beeps at my command, I’ve gotten tons of search queries for “beeping cat collar”. Wonder how much money I would have made if I were an Amazon associate? Enough for the iPhone?

Anyway, thought I’d give an update. It works like an absolute charm! I can’t speak for all cats, but Timmy has gotten completely used to the collar.

There are a few times when I beep him that he makes me give chase, but it’s kind of a fun challenge and it increases my ear/hand coordination and helps with my agility. He gives up after a few minutes and remains still.

On most occasions however, he puts himself in a room. Here’s where it gets fascinating.

In the mornings, I put him in the spare room since B is still sleeping. In the afternoons, I put him in the bedroom. It’s been that way since before I got the pet locator. So now here’s what happens.

In the mornings when I beep him, he’s either already in the spare room, or he runs in there on his own. In the afternoons when I beep him, if he’s not asleep on the couch, he puts himself in the bedroom. He is such a smart cat. It’s like he thinks he wins if he puts himself in a room rather than giving me the satisfaction of finding him.

The freedom has completely taken away the stress of leaving my apartment. I highly recommend for anyone struggling with an escape artist cat.


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2 Responses to Beeping cat update

  1. Such a smart cat to go to the proper room upon beeping! That’s very cool!

  2. I lost my cat last night…i wish it had a beeping collar so that i could atleast know where it is…i really dont know what do to…how much does a beeping collar cost?

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