Because I’ve made myself write daily

I’m writing just to report that I’m not really writing today since I’ve decided to post every day through December because I like having a good record of my life but I am completely miserable tonight with my tweaked back and hopefully seeing my massage guy tomorrow will help but for now the pain is so bad it’s making me dizzy and nauseous and I managed to fake a good mood getting my hair cut but right now I want to crawl into bed and not wake up until January second. Goodnight.


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  1. I can relate to the Jan. 2nd even without physical pain. hope you feel better soon darlin..big hugz. i miss you!

  2. Ro

    I’ve missed you too! It’s been great chatting tonight. Don’t be a stranger!! *gigantic tight hugs*

  3. Aw, RO! Hope things get better soon, I’m no stranger to the physical pain! In fact, I’m proud to report that I have managed 2 whole days with no muscle relaxers or pain meds! This might change soon because I some how tweeked my oblique muscle on my right side again. Not sure how I did it this time, but trying to just stay with Advil! Sending you hugs and healing thoughts!

  4. Aww dude, no fair. I hope your back feels better.

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