Baseball and tank tops

Normally twice a year, I enlist Georgie to take me shopping for seasonal apparel. Really in Arizona, I only need tank tops for summer and then some light weight sweaters for winter haha.

This morning I got an email from L^2 telling me about a sale at Cafe Press’. If you want some cool stuff, check out her shop. Her store is hosted at Cafe Press and is accessible. She has a wide variety of her photographs on all sorts of stuff from clothing to bags to cups to magnets. It’s a really fun shop.

I needed a hoodie, so I ordered one from her with a photograph of a braille book laying open illuminated by sunlight. I had seen the photo on her blog, and her photos all have great descriptions, so I was really happy she put that photo in the shop. I’ve also ordered some of her prints which came in really nice frames.

So aside from the hoodie, I got a few tank tops. She’s got some really fun non-photo stuff and you can choose the thing you want in that style. So I got all the same tank top, which will be really fun because I don’t usually mark my clothes, so it’ll be the collection of mystery tank tops hehe! I got one that says “I’m blogging this” which she had recommended awhile back, one that says “I am away from my computer” and one that says “Property of a labrador retriever”. I might not have those word for word. Oh and I also got one that says “What are you looking at?” in braille hahaha! Not raised dots, just dots. Love it!!

So then I remembered that has the Gameday Audio Player Lite and since I selected to automatically renew my subscription this year, I’d have access to spring training games. So I listened to a bit of my Tampa Bay Rays play the Florida Marlins and lose. In case you’re wondering, Gameday audio, which was recently renamed but I can’t remember what it’s called now, is only $14.95 a season. You get access to radio broadcasts of all the games no matter what market you’re in. It’s really cool. Last season I was able to listen to any game I wanted no matter what B wanted to watch, and radio broadcasts are so much more descrptive than tv, obviously.

Last year I ordered a Tampa Bay Rays tank top and cap from the shop at and it was my first online purchase since using a screen reader. So I decided to go back and get a few more. So I got another Rays tank as well as an Angels tank and a Cubs tank. I just got the cheapest ones they had. Yay baseball!!

So I suppose that’s my “treat for me” purchase for March and April lol. I haven’t ordered anything since January, so I was due tee hee!

And now I’m all stocked up on tank tops. Unfortunately I can’t buy jeans online, and I’ll need those since all mine are too big now. Fun stuff.


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  1. You should have ordered yourself a Blue Jays tank top, because nothing says tank like the Toronto blue Jays…at least for the last decade and a half and counting.

    I shouldn’t be so hard on the Jays, they won today and have actually had quite a good spring. All bets are off when the season starts, but being a fan of Toronto teams I have to take whatever hope scraps I can get.

    You’re seriously trying to sell me Game Day Audio, aren’t you? And I could be wrong about this because I haven’t looked it up, but isn’t the new name At Bat or something along that line?

  2. Your hoodie sounds so cute. I also LOVE my picture from L2. Just got home from shopping — Gap was having a sale on jeans — if you brought in a pair of your old jeans then they were 30% off. I love their jeans – very comfy.

  3. Ro

    Steve, yes, yes I am. I can’t imagine baseball without it now that I have it and I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want it at only fifteen bucks lol. And hey, B is a Jays fan too. Maybe they won’t tank this year. Funny joke though, tank top har har.

    Becky, I’ve never worn Gap jeans. Call it an aversion to the store from my adolescent years. Maybe I should give them a chance. I like Old Navy jeans best. But they tend to fit great out of the wash and then stretch. Hmmm. Have you ever ordered jeans online? I don’t think it would work. Maybe from Old Navy but I don’t even know what size I am now.

  4. L^2

    Wow, you really did go on a shopping spree! LOL Thanks for shopping at my store and promoting it on your blog again too. I hope you love your new clothes. 🙂

    Actually, I’m surprised I haven’t received an order notification about this yet. I’ll have to log in and check out my sales later, just to be sure. Have you logged into Cafepress to check on your order?

  5. Ro

    I wasn’t gonna bug you about it while you’re away but I forgot you get notifications. I’m calling Cafe Press today because the submit button has disappeared so I can’t get my order through. The coupon code was also rejected. Sooo… hehe. Don’t you worry about it though. This is a Cafe Press issue and they have a customer service phone number. Something has changed there since my last order, so this will be an opportunity to talk to them about accessibility 😉

    I’ll get it straightened out. I did want to ask though, I got the L^2 logo shirt but what does the logo look like? And for all the tank tops, I have no idea what color they are lol!!

  6. L^2

    Sorry you had so much trouble, but I’m sure you’ll teach them a thing or two about their website. Also, I know the code is spelled P I (not like the food, but like the number), if that helps.

  7. Ro

    I just copy and pasted the code from your email. So I don’t know what the problem was. Hopefully I’ll have time to call them today, but definitely I’ll call this week. I want those tops 😉

  8. When you’re cutting and pasting from the email, make sure there are no extra blank spaces at the end of it. that’s happened to me a time or 2.

  9. Ro

    Ok I got it ordered through the phone. They’ve been having website problems that they’re working on. I gotta tell you, it’s kinda embarassing to have someone read off all the things you’ve ordered lol! I’d forgotten how much I appreciate the anonymity of the internet. Not that I’m embarassed by the products, but when someone else is reading them without knowing what they mean, it’s kinda funny.

    Oh and I checked, and there wasn’t anything in with the code like an extra space or punctuation. The guy on the phone couldn’t get it to work, so he knocked off the cash for me.

    So long story short, the order is placed hehe!

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