Back injury update

Just a quick post to say that my massage therapist is a miracle worker. It was intense when he first began working on the problem area. It has to hurt to get better. I was on my stomach when he first began working on it, and then he did the rest of my back and such.

My hamstrings were definitely tight as heck and he laughed when I told him I blogged about how he’d scold me. When I flipped over on to my back he did my legs and then went back at the problem area. This was when I nearly passed out. He got his fingers under my hip bone and then had me lift the leg. I could barely do it. He let me rest and then I had to lift the leg again and that time, he really got in there and we both felt the nerve bundle release. My palms were sweaty and I was dizzy even though I was laying down.

It was amazing how much better I could move afterward but I still have to be very careful and rehab this injury. He wanted me back on the heat when I got home to keep it from tightening up again. It has tightened up a little even though I’ve had the heating pad strapped to my back. I’ll have to keep babying it for sure. I have no idea what aggravated this old injury but this time it’s worse than the first, wow.

Tomorrow I’ll soak in the tub for awhile and do some stretching. I was telling him I’m glad my legs are strong, because they’ve definitely had to pick up the slack since I can’t bend. He said being strong helps injuries heal faster, because you have other areas of the body to compensate. So glad I’ve worked so hard in the gym!

Tonight I was able to eat dinner without wanting to vomit. Last night I ended the day in tears and today started with tears. Maybe my eyes will stay dry now. Time will tell, but this sure was a doozy!

I want to thank those of you on Twitter last night who sent me virtual hugs and support. It helped get me through until I could get to bed and just cry. Tonight will be better when I go lay down, I’m almost sure of it. Glad I have one last thermal patch to put on so hopefully I won’t tighten up too badly while sleeping. We’ve got another storm rolling in, so now it’s all about preventative measures to keep this thing healing.

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  1. I’m so glad to hear your back is feeling much better!

    Brandon’s Raiser

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