Back in the short story saddle

Thanks to Amanda, Carin and Steve, I’m jumping back in the saddle on the short story challenge even though in my mind, I dragged the first story through the mud because I thought there was no interest and it sucked. Yes, yes, I stomped my feet and acted like a prima donna even though B kept telling me it was the first one and that nothing means I can’t write.

So what do you do when you fall off the bike? Get back on. I want to do another one this weekend, so here comes your part. In the comments on this post, if you want, no pressure haha, leave me three words/objects/ideas.

The ones selected for the last one were mountain, string and goldfish bowl. Some of the comments included colors and seasons as well as animals, so just leave me one or two words. I’ll keep them in the order received and Saturday morning I’ll have a non reader pick a number to select the objects by phone.

Amanda reminded me to write for myself and she’s right. I just like having ideas sparked by random words from yawl. 🙂

Deadline for comments is through Friday. Wait I had changed it to pick the objects on Friday. So yeah, leave me comments through Thursday and I’ll have Georgie pick the number Friday morning. I’ll get this down; practice makes perfect, right? 😉

Thanks!! The last story was really great practice.


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13 Responses to Back in the short story saddle

  1. Hmmm. objects. Hmmm. A bunch of bananas, a wrench and a pile of dirty clothes. No idea.

  2. Ro

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! Love it hahahah!

  3. Do we need to keep the objects or ideas PG? lol…Ok let me think A guide dog that loves things that squeak, a tall dark mysterious man(from twitter this
    morning), and hm…A talking Panda…there is some random ideas lol

  4. I haven’t been able to read your goldfish bowl story, so kind of missed all the drama you are talking about in your post, glad you were able to talk yourself into “getting back in the saddle” so to speak 🙂

    3 items- surgical scrub brush, headphones, post it note.

  5. Ro

    You didn’t miss any drama haha, it was all drama in my head, it’s not like anyone said anything hehe.

    Thanks for the ideas, and yeah, I prefer PG haha.

  6. Well, I kept it PG was my ideas good or too out there?

  7. Ro

    Haha they’re fine. If yours gets picked, it’ll be interesting to get the exact phrase in haha!

  8. Turtle, Psychology, and… mushrooms!

  9. Ro

    Thanks! Now I want mushroom pizza….

  10. Ro

    Yay! B wanted pizza so I’m getting mushrooms thanks to your comment hehehe yummmmm

  11. Ew, how can you eat mushrooms…those are gross…Gawd, I’m now ready for Friday!

  12. You don’t like mushrooms? A pizza without mushrooms is like…um…uh…er…well…it’s kinda like something good without something else that makes that good thing much more gooder. This is why Ro is writing and I’m not.

    Sorry I’m too late to get objects in for this one. Next time I hope.

  13. Ro

    Pizza without mushrooms is like asking for the rich creamy sweetness of the chocolate whip cream to be removed from the luscious thick chocolate pie with crumbling cocoa graham cracker crust.

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