B is a carpenter!

I’m still pretty sick, and just don’t have the mental capacity to tackle the blogs I want to write, but I just had to write quickly about B building a cd rack, because I find it so cute.

B is not the kind of man who does building and car repairs and fix it up stuff. He enjoys sports and heavy metal and internet forums. But he loves his music. Even when we switched to iPods, I convinced him to still purchase his music the old fashioned way, because part of the joy in that for him is peeling the plastic off and reading the booklet. and I love Apple, but I think it sucks that if you lose your hard drive, you lose your music. I am still a hard copy kind of gal. So today he’s building a cd rack.

He asked if I had a Phillips screw driver because he only has a flathead, so I found my trusty dusty dollar store screw driver thing with all different heads, and he began furiously building.

Its almost done now, as I took a break on this post to talk on the phone. Football and cd rack building, and I’m reading about guide dogs.

Knock on wood, I think I’m in the home stretch of this cold from hell. Hope I didn’t just jinx myself.


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  1. I completely agree. I still buy cds all the time and my friends laugh at me. They wonder why I do because they are more expensive, I can’t see the covers to read the booklets and I put most of them on my external harddrive anyway, but I still like them. I often get to meet some of the Irish musicians that I like after gigs and sometimes get album covers signed, and its nice to be able to keep things like that, even though I can’t see the signatures!
    Could B make me a cd rack too? I’ve been trying to find a really big one that holds all my cds and doesn’t take up unnecessary space.

  2. R

    Haha he’s got several racks. For awhile, all he could find were small ones. today he found a large one, and now he’s got the small ones for when the collection grows some more. He was so funny when he got into the iPods, after I got my talking one. He started importing his cds onto the desktop and before long, the computer was screaming, no more room! He was at a loss, me being the computer geek in the family. I told him to get an external harddrive. Huh? I explain and he’s goes to Best Buy and calls me from the store to make sure he’s getting the right thing. Before he lived iwth me, he had no computer, no iPod, no thing. Now he’s got my old Windows desktop and the new Windows laptop I had bought just before going blind. Don’t know how he survived haha!

    I think for music lovers, the actual cd will always be a part of the library. I know for me, I’ll get the random song on iTunes, but I still get cds too.

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