Aye your sparks matey!

Ok time for more sparks. Just leave them in the comments on this post. Hopefully I’m back on schedule and will pick the number Friday and post Sunday. Knock on wood? God willing? Maybe?

I’ve just been vegging out to ‘Friends’ today. Definitely in recovery mode this week. We’re not getting hit nearly as bad as most of the country, but we had a major weather change so add that to the emotional wreckage of last week and can we say holy ow Batman?

Recovery week progressing well and hopefully I’ll be back up to full steam before long. Refining a short story this morning helped tremendously.

So, leave your sparks if you wish. Remember, those who aren’t picked are going into a pool to be used at a later date, so you just never know when your ideas will spark something for me.

Countdown to baseball is on…pitchers and catchers report in about two weeks! Yay!

Oh, Jayden went so nuts during a game of hide and seek this afternoon that I thought he hurt himself when he suddenly stopped. Everything seems fine though. Gonna try and get out tomorrow since it’s apparent he’s got some major pent up energy. Poor guy, he’s so patient with me.!


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11 Responses to Aye your sparks matey!

  1. Ok, I liked the 20s theme so lets see, a speak easy, a flapper dress, and a piano yep those are my sparks for this week

  2. Grapes, sneeze, lillies, and a lamp.

  3. Hmmmm. A TV remote, a telephone, and a shoe. Steve, any guesses on what caused those sparks?

  4. Karen, that almost reminds me of a James Bond movie…or was it Drag net where the guy had the phone in his shoe?

  5. L^2

    Tooth paste, a marble, and sunshine.

  6. oak leaf, sunshine, mist

  7. A tower, a photo album, and a plastic bag.

    My family has been on a “Friends” kick lately too!

    And yay for spring training soon.

  8. Worms, Vira Bradly, hamburgers

  9. Why yes Carin, I think I do. So on your same theme…

    Cookies, a bottle and an exercise ball.

  10. iPhone, Laptop, and Car

    Perhaps a continuation of your last story 🙂

  11. Ro

    Thanks everyone! This is the most so far hehe. Submissions are closed now and story should be up Sunday. 🙂

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