Autism friendly movie experience

SA huge thanks goes out to Sadia for emailing me the link about this. This is soooooooo cool!

“Children with sensory challenges may have a hard time processing the dark cavern of a movie theater, the flashing ads from the screen, and the loud boom of surround sound. Sensory sensitivities can also be exaggerated by certain foods and a movie theater is not typically a source of healthy alternatives nor do they usually allow patrons to pack their own snacks. Add to that the social pressure of having to sit still and quiet and a movie is suddenly not an attractive option for some families.”

So what are AMC theatre’s doing?

“What is different in a ‘sensory-friendly’ film?

an accepting environment for viewers who may have a hard time sitting still or staying quiet

house lights are brought up

movie volume is turned down

supportive staff

whenever possible, less advertisements

permission to bring snacks that cater to special diets

All are welcome to attend and enjoy the family movie presentations!”

How’s that for service? I think this is pretty damn sweet. Check out this page for more information about show times etc. This page is specifically for Austin, TX, but it gives information about how to find these showings locally.

Pretty cool huh? I wish I had found more stuff like this. Thanks again Sadia!

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